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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday PM 7-09-17 
Sergio: @Noname sorry was looking for more info I have. What it says to me is Iraq is in full control of its currency. The restriction on the Dinar has always been there and only Iraq can lift it. I would also like to say that the weaker their currency the better off they are in rebuilding their infrastructure
tman23: Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Sunday said the victory in the battles against the Islamic State (IS) militants in Mosul is guaranteed and it is a matter of time to defeat the extremist militants and "declare great victory" in the city.

A statement by Abadi's office said "the victory is guaranteed" and the remnants of IS group are "besieged in the last inches," and it is a matter of time to declare to our people the great victory.
"We have come today (in Mosul) to be in the battleground and supervise the battle," said Abadi, adding that it is only a pocket or two left under control of IS remnants, who have "no escape except death or surrender themselves, and hence the battle is settled and the great victory is in the hand," Abadi said.
Elilali: ah crap
Elilali: guaranteed, meaning it's not done
Elilali: crap
tman23: In the afternoon, Abadi, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of Iraqi forces, paid a visit to Mosul and held meetings with the military commanders before he made a tour in the eastern side of Mosul, where hundreds of people welcomed his presence.
Abadi also hailed the high spirit of Iraqi forces and praised the cooperation of the people of Mosul and their celebration in the victory on the extremist militants, according to the statement.
During the visit, the Iraqiya channel and the official websites of Abadi's office said that Abadi was expected to declare victory in Mosul, despite the heavy clashes in the remaining pockets in the Old City of Mosul's western side.
The official Iraqiya channel aired live broadcast showing the people in many Iraqi cities, including the Iraqi capital Baghdad, started celebrations as hundreds of people gathered in main streets and squares raising the Iraqi flags and dancing.
Meatball: funny how short abadi is
Elilali: but he's humble.. so no little man syndrome there
Noname: @Sergio thank you
Romello: @Elilali lol
Romello: I think he really cares.
Meatball: @Sergio can you explain the rebuilding with the weaker dinar.... was thinking they would use USD
xyz: Britain: a good time for economic openness to Iraq


​Jaafari to adopt the draft reconstruction in Iraq is similar to the plan and the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Germany
Heron: Hmm -- I just heard from a friend that NBC news showed a story that Abadi has declared the battle for Mosul complete. Is that confirmed?
Romello: Even thoo those US bank account with millions in them are questionable...
Romello: lmaoff
Romello: In Abadi name
Sergio: @Meatball I will try to find that doc and bring it over
Noname: @Sergio yes meatball if they use the dinar that would not be good for what we seak
Meatball: @Sergio thank you sir
Meatball: @Sergio no heavy lifting lol
Spectra: @Sergio THANKS !
Romello: But he is getting the job done. Gotta lovum...
ElmerFudd: @Meatball If they use it on that scale they'll soon run out.
tman23: Think about it for a moment......They had these militants trapped in last 100 meters for a week or better..... But right after the conclusion of the G20 Abadi goes to Mosul to declare victory......
AND says......even though the fighting remains in pockets....the victory is guaranteed !!! Well they could have said that last week.....RIGHT ?? Somebody gave him the OKAY......IMO !

Noname: @Spectra he beats what we had. :)

Spectra: @tman23 right ! ? true!

Romello: @tman23 I agree

ElmerFudd: @tman23 Hummm, you're thinking there's something more going on here behind the scenes?

Spectra: @Sergio a great sport !he is helpful and generous with his time!

Romello: @tman23 Like liberating a block for weeks

Spectra: @tman23 i agree!

tman23: So it is not illogical to assume that there was some relevance between what was happening at the G20 and the timing of the announcement in Mosul........

Meatball: @Spectra agreed!

Romello: @tman23 But took larfge areas in the same amount of time.

Spectra: @tman23 relevance meaning what though ! just the liberation or more!

Romello: Also the weeks of not fighting at all
Romello: As if it was about the timing
Meatball: we will never know

Romello: @Meatball Yeah. But I like brain storming. Helps me relax. It's my therapy.
Savannah: @Elilali we all certainly hope so

Romello: lol
Spectra: dont hope ! Know so!-lol

Elilali: Romello knows what I mean
Romello: @Elilali I agree
Elilali: Spectra knows so

tman23: Then seeing a photo at the G20 with Trump saying something to Merkel and her placing her head in her hands looking down...... The first thought that came to mind was Trump said; NO SOUP FOR YOU !!

And today news reporting that Germany started today to pull it's troops........they will be moving to Jordan but out of commission for 3 months.........

Acerginnala: This was beautiful music to my ears about G-20. a cease fire in Syria. Hopefully this will keep Iraqi troops out of Syria and allow them to progress into Crapter 8: http://theduran.com/7-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-results-of-the-trump-putin-meeting/

Acerginnala: Article 8, I stand corrected

Elilali: it's okay Acergin
Elilali: We get ya
Heron: I like Chapter 8 better

chattels: Abadi, continues his tour in Mosul and oversees the cleansing operations http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=63693

chattels: " cleansing operations "
Spectra: @chattels ty for bringing me back to sanity

Meatball: @chattels got to love the pc term

chattels: Abadi, celebrates the liberation of Mosul before declaring victory http://www.alliraqnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storyid=63697

chattels: Small wonder we cannot get a straight answer on monetary reform in Iraq, we can't even get the Mosul narrative right. :)

Spectra: @chattels Absolutly its insanity really!

Heron: We're done -- we're not -- we are --- we will be
Spectra: libar nation
Noname: @chattels that's why I believe he will announce to the world

chattels: I wonder if one can be a little bit pregnant in Iraq ? :)
LJ: Or Lil bit drunk
Spectra: ?

chattels: @LJ There are degrees of drunkenness.

Spectra: @chattels so this is true!
LJ: @chattels lol

chattels: But in my experience one is either pregnant or they are not :)
Spectra: @chattels Abadi is drunk so is speech is cancelled-lol
LJ: @Spectra lol

chattels: @Spectra :)
Spectra: @chattels yep thats it!
Spectra: ok so tomarrow he has a hangover cancelled again

LJ: No ...he is waiting for Trump's Covfefe code word

Spectra: @LJ Hmm maybe!
LJ: @Spectra lol 
Romello: Abadi directs Mosul leaders to extend security and purge the city from the remnants of "Daesh" 4 minutes ago




MichelleL: Noname, no victory speech? awww

Heron: Abadi said it! ---- Wait, maybe not --- here's a link that says yes --- here's a link that says no --- it's GOTTA be true! Unless it's not.

Noname: That's what it says. If this isn't weird

Acerginnala: Still not the "official" declaration of victory but it has to be soon.


abangjadul: how much longer after mosul to rv....some said soon anyday within this week this july august sept...what do u waiting for cbi???

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