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Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

WOW! It’s the end of July already and still no RV. Hey xxxxxx – Where is the RV? Since you have been telling everyone everyday /any day over and over again it was going to happen. Are you ashamed? How can anyone believe you anymore? Where do you get your intel from anyhow?

Many complain that I take so much time clarifying nonsense rumors and hype we are hearing about on these conference calls and reading on the forums. I will say one thing about these objections. THIS NEWSLETTER IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU! but WHAT WE ALL NEED TO HEAR! There are over 10,000 speculators worldwide reading each issue of this newsletter. Can we at least be a little less selfish, more considerate and let others learn too?

So now let’s get real and look at the news from Iraq not some “secret” source. The news just keep pouring in.

Now we see the shift in the news to cover the “de-centralization” and local taxation efforts.
Do you remember these efforts? I presented tons of articles to you on this topic in the past under the PM Abadi administration. So now it’s all about the economy and implementing the reforms.

The International Monetary Fund has called on Iraq to make fundamental adjustments in its economic and financial sectors, especially the banking sector, which needs to restructure and new policies in line with the reforms called for by the Fund as a condition to support Iraq. (This is all in the Standby Agreement of 2015 (SBA) and Iraq has been working hard to implement everything the IMF asks for in this agreement. So don’t think there is still tons of work to be done.)

(This is the new development in the CBI) -àThe Council of Ministers and Representatives is working to introduce amendments to the Central Bank's law aimed at increasing its capital and keeping abreast of the global economic development, granting powers to the bank, increasing the number of members of the Board of Directors from outside the bank and forming a committee to audit the interest on loans granted by the bank to commercial banks. Issued by judicial decisions.

The new law allows the bank to hold transactions on foreign assets and manage the official reserves of the foreign exchange of the country in accordance with international best practices and monetary policy objectives. The Council may also invest this reserve in gold and foreign currency and coins, which are usually used in performing international accounts held by the Central Bank Or for its account, credit balances payable on demand or short-term foreign exchange repayments, which are normally used to perform international accounts maintained by the Bank in its accounts or those invested through agreements Repurchase, repurchase and fixed-term deposits.

What’s holding up the RV?

If it got any clearer in today’s newsletter it would walk across your face…lol…lol….

So we still know that ISIS is not yet all cleared out of Iraq. It is estimated by the Iraqi generals that ISIS still controls some major territory in their stronghold in Nineveh. It is now projected to take a couple weeks to clear them out. Remember also the situation with Iran must be worked out to rid Iraq of the Iranian militias, as I believe there will never be a viable peace in Iraq as long as they are present.

But we also know that to get “fully: out of Chapter VII Iraq must not only repay war reparations to Kuwait but also fully implement their new constitution. We see in the new budget expenses for this purpose in full for the remaining balance. This is very good news. So what is left to implement? You all should know this by now as this is nothing new. I have talked about the remaining issues over and over again. One of the major areas of concern, now coming on the radar again, is the de-centralization efforts. So let’s address that today in detail.

One cannot say that the denial of the decentralization principle by Iraq’s political circle, as a philosophy upon which the Iraqi Constitution is based, led to all of the political and security failures that Iraq is seeing today. But remember the hold up of the RV is not contributed to any one issue that must be resolved.

I want you to challenge any one of these so called intel “gurus” when they tell you decentralization does not matter or that it is all done already. You can take this information I give you today and reference it. Then tell them they are full of it. You are now the expert…lol….lol….

As speculators in the dinar currency, we always try to target only one more issue and concentrate on that completion to look for the RV. Really?

This too was the case with the liberation of Mosul. Now it too is done and so where is the RV?

Then when the RV doesn’t happen as usual we get disappointed again and move on to the next issue. Again and again we repeat these false expectations. These intel “gurus” tell us and try to fit in their RV scheme to make us believe it happened according to this event. This is their latest tactic to keep us hooked on their sites and calls. And so once again we are hearing the RV is done and the new currency is launched. No! None of this has happened I can assure you it is not true.

This the wrong approach in the attempt to get a timeline for the RV. It is an entire country that had to take a step back by the war and was seriously evaluated by the IMF for its potential to move ahead in its current post- war state. However, in June 2014, I guess the war with ISIS was a turning point, a tipping point for the IMF. Something has to be done to clearly enforce the goals moving forward since the Iraqi government (as it was) was not interested in implementing its constitution and moving forward.

I need everyone to remember that today’s newsletter is almost all about de-centralization and its importance to us as speculators in the currency. But this is not the only target we should be looking at.

So let’s not go off half-cocked and say that Mnt Goat said this or that and we will get the RV once they pass this or that law. No – I am not saying this. But what I am saying is there will definitely be no lifting of financial sanctions until Iraq de-centralizes their government. This is democracy. They must show an effort to move in this direction. This is all interconnected with the rest and we seem to have forgotten that this still must be on our radar.

Now with the oil price devaluation hitting Iraq (I believe it was intentional blamed on the market but who controls the markets?) and expense of the ISIS war (also intentionally done), realization set in that Iraq is susceptible to the global whelms of economic downturns. Are they seeing the BIG picture now too and finally the necessity to de-centralize for the economic and financial benefits?

Decentralization is a long process. Sometimes the people of the region do not understand it and get it until they experience devastation and then they realize afterwards it could have been avoided. Is Iraq now at this point going into the next phase of their post-ISIS? Are they going to set themselves up for success or more failure? Can they breakthrough these barriers that we will take a look at in today’s newsletter?

We have to think of these underdeveloped countries, like India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and others as the last of the great frontiers. The UN orchestrates the pioneers to go come into these countries and help develop them. These pioneers are the western society bankers and businessmen. There always has to be frontiers. In one way or another the frontier will exist. Now it’s the frontier of technology. Converting these countries to the 21st century way of life. Oh – but the resistance will be high and it will not be easy.

The UN has proven practices for economic growth and sustainability and they know how to make this conversion.

Link to their strategy and philosophy:


But these countries must cooperate and this is breaking down sectarianism, religious, cultural barriers and “the way it was always done” attitudes. These are ancient people and their way of life. Their cultures provided for their way of life for many thousands of years way before the time of Christ even. Our western societies are new and strange to them. Can they even change? ​
​But why do all this?
Why do the western societies make all this effort?
Why not just leave them alone to live as they want (in war or peace) ?

It is all about great wealth $$$. It is not really about human welfare so forget all those nice speeches at the UN about saving lives, feeding people and providing housing. These are just side benefits after all the financial barons make their billions. They are all just a coverup and something that sounds all so grand. Kind of like there excuse and reasoning for exploiting these frontier countries in the first place. It makes their conscious feel better so they can sleep at night…..lol….lol…..

Here is my analogy - It is like seeing a $20 bill on the ground. What do you do? Do you pick it up and put it in your pocket? Or do you ignore it and walk away and let someone else find it?

Just as the pioneers and explorers of North America came from Europe so now they come too to the Middle East from North America and Europe. The wealth is there for the taking. As in the 1600’s - 1800’s in America they has to fight revolting native populations, wilderness and obstacles, fight a civil war and industrialize the nation, so now too this same applies in these underdeveloped countries. It is the challenge of these great financial barons. If the potential is there, they must “go for it”. Like the apple dangling on the tree that temped Adam and Eve. Oh – it looks so good and tempting…

Why am I so sure about myself when I tell you this?

Because of one word. Do you know what this word is? It is the same word going way back in the 1600’s, 1700’s, 1800’s and is still true today. History repeats itself and man really never changes. The word is “wealth” – money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. The wealthy invest in these countries to make yet more money. There is never enough. Now with stockholders demanding yet more returns on their investment the pressure is greater than ever.  

I’ve always asked why these multi-billionaires do what they do. Why can’t  they just be satisfied, happy and enjoy their wealth as it is? The answer that always comes back to me is –

“I will because I can”

So when will we see the RV?

We will see the RV for Iraq when the country is finally tamed and can allow the free flow of the necessary wealth and riches to the ones who sponsored the exploration and pioneering in the first place…..it is that simple…. yet that complicated. Then they will take them out of financial sanctions. They got themselves into this mess (by attacking Kuwait) now they have to dig themselves out of it.

Articles are below. As always my comments are in italic RED.
Articles Begin

No exit for Iraq without decentralization

Author: Mushreq Abbas
 October 7, 2014
(Please, please everyone read this article today. Note the date on this article. It is 2014. All these so called intel “gurus” should read this article too.)
Exit from what? So what “exit” do you think they are referring to in this article?
Folks they are taking about existing from Chapter VII sanctions. Oh – but didn’t they exit in June 2013? No – not completely and this is what I have been trying desperately to get across to everyone. Iraq is still under financial sanctions resulting from Chapter VII sanctions under the UN charter for member nations, who disobey the articles of membership. Iraq attacked Kuwait also a member nation. Once under sanctions it is very hard to get out of them especially once they go to war and are occupied. This puts the country under an entire umbrella of scrutiny. Its like the have to start all over. Kuwait reinstated their currency but Kuwait was not under sanctions. They just had their currency shut off due to the war so Saddam Hussein could not use it for his aims. Remember how quickly is was reinstated? This has not and is not going to be the case with Iraq. They must first “start over” with an entirely new government – like it or not. They must institute and implement their constitution “fully”. Don’t believe me. Read this articles closely.
So is the decentralization effort important to move towards getting the RV? You tell me after reading this article today. It is all here in black and white for everyone to read today. Funny how soon we forget what has been said in the past. Oh- but they have “secret” sources telling them otherwise. Who the hell are you going to believe – some secret source or the government of Iraq and what the reality actually in is Iraq? Stop dreaming of some GCR that will never happen and is not even real.)

One cannot say that the denial of the decentralization principle by Iraq’s political circle, as a philosophy upon which the Iraqi Constitution is basedled to all of the political and security failures that Iraq is seeing today.
Yet, the previous government’s experiment, which was built upon reconsidering the constitution in a way that supports “the state’s centralization” has undoubtedly contributed to this fall.

The new government (of Abadi) has the difficult task of redefining the state in accordance with the framework of the Iraqi Constitution. (WOW! Did you read this? Do you think they need the Iraqi constitution implemented in full prior to any RV?)

Summary- Iraq’s failure to abide by its constitution, which stipulates federalism with greater powers for provinces, is part of the reason why it is in turmoil today. (Do you think this has to be done to create more SECURITY and STABILITY? What did the CBI say they needed to go ahead with the project to delete the zeros. Yes, you guessed it. More SECURITY and STABILITY! It is so much more than just fighting ISIS.)

Author Mushreq Abbas
Posted October 7, 2014
The government, headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, has found itself facing an extremely similar situation as the previous government in the way the state is characterized. This situation is supported by an administrative and political class that has reached key decision-making posts, and still believes that Iraq can only be governed through a strong unitary system of government that resembles the existing form of government in most Middle Eastern countries.

The government alone was not behind this defect. All of the political forces that have neglected the implementation of the constitution and the proper establishment of a decentralized system have also contributed. Today, this oversight has led to the possibility of partition or civil war between the components instead of ensuring the country’s unity.

Article 1 of the constitution defines Iraq as “a federal state.” However, the Iraqi legislature has tried to consolidate the concept of a decentralized state. It presents a series of articles and creates bodies and institutions that are all intended to properly establish the concept of “a decentralized state.”

The most prominent clash between the Iraqi parliament and government regarding this issue took place in 2008, when parliament passed the Provincial Powers Act (PPA, also known as Law 21 of 2008), which was subject to a series of amendments in 2010, 2012 and 2013. These amendments have all resulted in giving consideration to the philosophy of a decentralized system of government in Iraq. Yet, the original text and its amendments were objected to by the government, which rejected its application and considered that it decreases its powers.

****-à The dispute centered on granting the provinces, as administrative entities in Iraq, security, political, economic and service powers, and on abolishing federal ministries and transferring their budgets and powers to the provinces.
Had the law been genuinely implemented, a lot of security, economic, administrative and service crises would have been resolved, or at least their effects would have been contained. (this is at the heart of the problem. The law is not being implemented. They are going to be FORCED now to do it)
**** WOW! -àThe talk in Iraq about the formation of a military force under the title of “a national guard” that is managed within each province to preserve its security is a move that was imposed by the Islamic State’s occupation of large Iraqi areas. This could have been resolved through Law 21 of 2008, which had granted local governments broad powers to preserve their internal security.

With the formation of Abadi’s government, the urgent need to reinterpret the Iraqi political situation separately from the Nouri al-Maliki governments’ experience has emerged.

Parliament speaker Salim al-Jabouri told Al-Monitor, “Iraq needs a legislative revolution that re-establishes ties within the state and sets up the basis of the decentralized system as the foundation upon which the Iraqi Constitution is based.” (Folks  it can’t get any clearer)
He said, “We have visualized an approach for a [road map] of laws that need to be passed quickly, most prominently a Federation Council Act, the Oil and Gas Act, and Federal Court Act, in addition to the National Guard Act.” (So now let there be no doubt in your mind the criticality of these laws. We now know the list of the laws. Here they are in black and white. No disputing it now you intel gurus! Don’t believe me,,,well will you believe them? Aren’t these the same ones I keep harping on over and over again needed for the RV to happen? Oh- but many say they don’t matter. Many even lie and say they are already passed. Really? So let’s get the FACTS straight today!)

The Federation Council is included in constitutional Article 48, as part of the legislative power, and is detailed in Article 65. This stipulates that the legislative council, known as the Federation Council, shall be established and include representatives from the regions and the governorates that are not incorporated into a region. A law, enacted by a majority of the members of the Council of Representatives, shall regulate the formation of the Federation Council, its membership conditions, its competencies and all that is connected with it. (So we know this Federation Council too must be implemented for the Iraq constitution to be fully implemented. They are even telling us the legal backing for it.)

This council, which parliament is considering creating, falls behind the constitutional date that was set for its establishment. It cannot accomplish its task unless accompanied by additional laws and procedures in support for the decentralized system of government. (oh – but the laws don’t matter. Really? What are you talking about? Of course they mattered!)
According to constitutional Article 105, a public commission shall be established by parliament to guarantee “the rights of the regions and governorates that are not incorporated into a region to ensure the fair participation in the management of the various federal state’s institutions, missions, fellowships, delegations and regional and international conferences. The commission shall be comprised of representatives of the federal government and representatives of the regions and governorates that are not incorporated into a region.”

Moreover, Article 106 stipulates, “A public commission shall be established by a law to audit and appropriate federal revenues. The commission shall be comprised of experts from the federal government, the regions, the governorates and their representatives.”

In addition, Article 107 stipulates that a council, known as the Federal Public Service Council, shall be establishedto regulate the affairs of the federal public service. There is also the Oil and Gas Act, which stipulates that wealth is fairly distributed among the provinces and regions, on the one hand, and the federal government on the other. It also provides investment laws that need to take into account the particularity and needs of every province. All of these laws not originally passed, were passed without being implemented or without being properly implemented.

The reinterpretation of the Iraqi Constitution’s philosophy, as it unequivocally adopts a decentralized system, and grants additional powers to the provinces — which are administrative entities that already exist and have an acceptable level of stability in their governing bodies, formations and borders — is the only available outlet today to bring Iraq out of its crisis. This alternative is safer than the establishment of regions with a sectarian nature, which would leave serious consequences for political stability in Iraq and the region.
Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2014/10/iraq-decentralization-security-constitution-changes.html#ixzz4oEBflzqD
​Here is another source of information from 2011 on this topic:

(Everyone needs to remember its 2017 and so much progress has already been made for the needed laws to implement these articles of the constitution. But his “decentralization” effort is huge and we can see how huge as is encompasses many laws. When politicians tell us we will see a “basket” of laws in the last days before getting “fully” out of sanctions, these laws in this article are the ones they are referring to. Get it?
So maybe we should also look for more news coming out on this “de-centralization” effort too to give us a  sign as to how close the RV really is? Just my thoughts. Maybe this is better than listening to all these so called intel “gurus” for an RV each weekend? Just my thoughts….)

Is it time to formally decentralize Iraq?

Author: Mustafa al-Kadhimi
September 16, 2015

(Again note the date of the article. This decentralization effort is nothing new)

A series of protests in the streets of Iraq has been going on since July 15. The protestors demand the improvement of services and the elimination of administrative and financial corruption prevailing in the state institutions. In light of these protests and following the pressure exerted by the religious authority in Najaf, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced Aug. 10 a reform package in the state’s administrative, economic and political structure.

Although Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi proposed a reform project to cut down government size, and thus government expenses, Iraq is in need of a decentralized plan.

Author Mustafa al-Kadhimi
September 16, 2015
Yet what is missing in this whole reform process is a comprehensive solution to resolve the problem of the Iraqi state, which is still suffering from the effects of the centralized system. The Iraqi state cannot rise without a proper decentralized foundation.
On the one hand, Iraq suffers from a deformed administrative structure that draws its survival from the centralized state. On the other, there is a constant struggle between the central government, Iraqi Kurdistan and the Sunni region. The redistribution of powers and competences within a decentralized nonsectarian system is a key condition for any reform project designed to achieve successful reforms.

Planning Minister Salman al-Jumaili announced in December 2014 that the number of civil servants who are affiliated with the central government reached 3 million people(Wow! imagine the payroll each month. No wonder the payroll is always late. What about the pensions too?) This figure is the equivalent of nearly 45% of the total Iraqi workforce, according to a study by the Commission of Integrity, an Iraqi government body. In addition to the huge financial cost, the management of such a large staff is a big burden for the central government.
Abadi has repeatedly said that it is necessary to reduce government size in order to improve its performance. He had announced this move as part of his agenda in a statement issued on Aug.15, 2014, when he agreed to become prime minister. It stated: “There is a desire to reduce government size in order to reduce expenditures in the financial budget and manage state institutions based on a new strategy."

However, Abadi did not succeed in taking any step in this regard before the recent protests hit the Iraqi streets. What happened was nothing more than canceling a very limited number of positions on Aug. 16, such as the positions of deputies to the prime minister and ministerial positions affiliated with the Ministry of Human Rights, the State Ministry for Women’s Affairs and the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs. ( so now we know the basis for many of these large protests too)
Abadi also merged some ministries, combining the Ministry of Science and Technology with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, the Ministry of Environment with the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Municipalities with the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities with the Ministry of Culture.

These steps did not exceed the mere reduction of employee numbers and distribution of government management among the provinces to alleviate the heavy burden of the administrative structure on the central state.

The distribution of roles between the central government and the provinces within a decentralized administrative system helps improve the state institutions’ performance on the one hand and takes into account the social and economic particularities of the different Iraqi areas on the other. By giving up the heavy administrative, economic and service burdens, the central government will be able to focus on the country’s public affairs, improve security and military performances, and liberate the occupied territories from the Islamic State (IS).
*** à However, administrative decentralization alone is not enough to achieve fundamental reform in the Iraqi state structure to meet the existing challenges. The reason behind this is that since the modern state was founded in 1921, Iraq has been witnessing different ethnic and zonal conflicts that prevented all Iraqi factions from finding a national agreement on the central state system. This issue cannot be resolved without a decentralized distribution of power at the political and military aspects. ( now we her of another reason to decentralize. Central govt is tied to ethnic and zonal sectarianism conflicts)
The Iraqi Constitution has clearly adopted the federal system and granted broad powers to the authorities in the provinces in “the practice of legislative, executive and judicial powers,” according to Article 121. Yet the implementation of this perception requires a package of laws and legislation in addition to a series of procedures, which were already initiated in the constitution adopted on Dec. 7, 2005, without being implemented so far.
Most important in Abadi’s reform package is the National Guard draft law, which grants the provinces the right to establish their own security forces that are affiliated with the Iraqi army. This idea is based on the need to involve the people in the provinces in defending their areas from terrorist groups, particularly in liberating the Sunni areas from IS.

The Cabinet voted on the bill in February and referred it to parliament. Yet the political differences and ambiguities in the bill have prevented the vote and its implementation.
In addition to the need to take into consideration the perception of decentralization in the existing reform project, major challenges require attention so that the federation or decentralization do not lead to further division and conflict, which would be the end of Iraq’s unity.

Most important among these challenges is the adoption of federalism on the basis of ethnic and religious divisions, which could grant or strengthen the sectarian identity in the provinces. But this would cause further displacements and conflicts among the Iraqi components.

The federal partition plan based on geographical and economic requirements and on the proportion of the population is considered an alternative project devoid of sectarian division. Thus, rather than putting forward the idea of a Shiite region and a Sunni region, administrative, political and security powers will be distributed among regions and provinces that have various geographic, economic and demographic particularities, including the above-mentioned aspects, not only the presence of a religious or ethnic majority there. This is confirmed by the fact that the economic and demographic reality of the Sunni and Shiite areas are not harmonious to even support the idea of giving each sect its own region. There is even a different reality for each region, which requires the consideration of this issue with professionalism and economic and political objectivity.

Abadi’s reform project cannot succeed unless there is a drastic solution to the problem of the weak and inefficient centralized state system that has the various powers. This requires efforts to find a national agreement on the distribution of powers in accordance with practically studied mechanisms and to not slide into sectarian divisions that would drag Iraq into additional problems.
The real decentralized system could eventually lead to more extreme options such as the formation of sectarian and nationalist regions(This is a hazard of the decentralization if not done correctly. The 3 state solution is NOT the answer as Joe Biden wanted. Obviously old Joe did not think it through enough..lol…lol….). This requires hard work in order to achieve a real decentralization in the state administration in the long run to ensure that each province has its particularity and ability to manage its own work and investments and to develop its potentials without the curatorship of the central state.
Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2015/09/iraq-abadi-reform-decentralized-state.html#ixzz4oEgUtHeD
​Abadi calls attention to the "rumors" and confirms the move to transfer powers to the provinces

Baghdad News Agency
26 Jul. 2017 - 17:37
Baghdad today - Baghdad

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday called attention to "rumors and suspicious campaigns" aimed at destabilizing the security of society, while stressing the government's move to transfer powers to the provinces.
"The fighters who started from the provinces to liberate Anbar, Salah al-Din and Mosul have exceeded sectarianism and achieved national unity and victory in their finest sense," Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said during a meeting of the Higher Inter-Provincial Coordination Committee. "We have the honor as Iraqis to eliminate the oppressor. The rest of the land in Tal Afar, Hawija and West Anbar with the same strength and determination. "
 Abadi called for "investing in national unity and working with devotion and sacrifice like the fighters who carried their lives on their shoulders." He stressed the importance of "cooperation and coordination between the provinces and stability and attention to rumors and suspicious campaigns aimed at destabilizing the security and terrorism of society.
 "Protecting citizens from the responsibility and duty of the government, especially doctors," he said, "is important to clarify the circumstances of these crimes that occur as a result of individual actions and family disputes and not organized crimes as rumored."
On the transfer of powers to the provinces, the Prime Minister, "continue to insist on the transfer of powers properly and according to clear instructions and non-interference of politicians in executive matters."

Drawing up of the financial basis of  decentralization to local governments

27/7/2017 12:00 am
Baghdad/Emad Emirate
Activation of the administrative structures to maximize provincial resources require the independence of local governments in Iraq (provinces), basically, the availability of administrative and financial autonomy, so as to be able to provide services at the county level, the judiciary and the village, and a number of experts finds that the shift towards decentralization in governance process needs efforts are great.

Some countries have managed to shift towards decentralization, as Indonesia's experience in a single batch in other countries several decades as in the case of India. (this is part of the UN sustainable development goals for these countries. Iraq is included and must shift to decentralized govt. By the way this also within the Iraqi constitution and we know the constitution must be implemented in FULL prior to any RV and being taken FULLY out of Chapter VII sanctions.)
In this regard he saw competent economic d. m. Hosni it is necessary to know and identify posts under the responsibility of the Central Government to be possible to transfer authority to local governments in areas that have been identified. (we witnesses this huge effort a year ago under Abadi and his ministers. Do you remember all the articles I presented to you on this topic?)

Financial independence
Noting the importance of focusing on the subject of the independence of local governments in the financial field, because local governments in Iraq do not have any independent resources they depend on public budget in matter of funding, it is under the Central Government in check all its activities finance. (The central govt must get the provinces and make them financially independent to a point. They need to decrease the GOI spending)
And between Hosni that though provincial legislation 12/2008 but the local governments did not get independence, resulting in the State Ministry for previous provinces first proposed amendment to provincial law enacted by law number 15 of 2010, this amendment also included several legal intersections prevented enables local governments to achieve independence(So the Iraq constitution article was enacted into a new law and passed in parliament. This is good, but now they need to implement it fully)

Resolve the interference.
And there were attempts to address these problems was the enactment of the second amendment No 13 year 2013 which gave wide powers to local governments to strengthen their independence and orientation towards decentralization, indicating that the second amendment indeed concurs need to amend other legislation, including local sources of revenue and budget implementation instructions and other legal and legislative interventions. (So there was a second amendment to the Iraqi constitution on the decentralization matter. It now also needs a new law to back it up so they can implement it. So do the laws matter? Of course they do and they must be passed and implemented prior to any RV, get it?)

Revenue planning
He continued: I've been proposing and adopting a number of indicators on the levels and the level of public revenues and the level of planning and implementation and execution control level.

Hosni noted that there are several insights in this area, including that of local governments many tasks of sectors such as education, health, culture, sports and Social Affairs and that their implementation requires the availability of financial resources and to be growing on a yearly basis commensurate with the increasing burden for development local. (it always comes down to getting the funding)

Provide resources
He stressed the need for financial resources for local governments and more to come so that they can meet the requirements of local development and the needs of citizens and the community participation in the planning and allocation of available resources and control their use and supervise implementation.

Called Hosni to Governments to make arrangements to achieve these goals gradually to initially focus on activities to achieve an increase in local revenue for the provinces, stressing the importance of developing the capacity of local administrations and the collection of revenue and develop its role in the process of making decisions on the local level.
Sincere intentions between the Center: Al Nassiri and stimulate national economy by fair taxation

Economy News _ Baghdad
28 July 2017

Iraqi private banks Association Adviser Samir Al Nassiri, Friday, that genuine national intentions were present at the meeting of the general body of federal taxes and the Directorate General of taxes in Kurdistan and was the primary objective of major national interest and stimulate the national economy and the financial and economic crisis in the country.

Al Nassiri said in the interview for "economy" that "during the meeting held between the representatives of the general body of federal taxes and the Directorate General of taxes in the Kurdistan region and sponsored by the Association of Iraqi private banks was discussing ways to prevent double taxation on the borders in the private banking sector", stating that "a body of higher patriotism for the banking sector as a major initial funding loop loops help economy if the work environment is safe and suitable and stable."

Al Nassiri, praised the efforts made by the benevolent departments to reach many points of agreement yielded clear and specific recommendations emanate from the National Guard to enable banks to financial and investment role in revitalizing the economic cycle in all provinces, notably unifying annual controls and tax rates and work within a unified audit committees and uniformity which will increase tax revenues and diversify its sources of revenue. "

It was a recognition of departmental disclaimers and other documents issued by them as well as to standardize tax number ", noting that" the Center promised the territory's staff training systems and programs that serve the tax work and willingness to modify legal articles in law No 113 of 1982 and currently supported in the region with respect to tax brackets and Tolerancing in line with federal law origin and economic conditions experienced by Iraq. "

He noted that "there will be tax accounting with Iraqi private banks based on the main website of the Bank and all its subsidiaries operating in Iraq."

He urged the Federal Government agencies, Al Nassiri territory to adopt the most updated mechanism the taxes administrations of agreements and understandings for the purpose of serving the greater good of the national economy and use them to address other matters was invited to form a permanent coordination committees to follow the authentication from the references and start execution speed for our dear Arab and all its components.
Central Bank of Iraq, for the adoption of new mechanisms to facilitate procedures in using foreign currency

Samir Al Nassiri
July 28, 2017

Recent instructions issued by the Central Bank of Iraq, for the adoption of new mechanisms to facilitate procedures in using foreign currency to cover imports and emphasize the last beneficiary identification with a view to maintaining Iraq funds from misuse as Central Bank Governor on improved relations, during a meeting with Bank leaders: "the keeper will depend in 2017 new visions for monetary policy applications for the purpose of achieving specific objectives in its 56 year 2004 mainly maintain the dinar and foreign currency-covered value, by building Foreign cash reserve in accordance with the criteria.

Calculate international external cash reserve to cover the dinar and cover imports into Iraq; "and the other main objective is to maintain the foreign currency used for non-economic and developmental purposes.

So the Central Bank during the past two years with deliberate steps and sequenced and coordinated with the Government agencies concerned, while maintaining his independence contained in its law, where procedural and organizational policy and structural and issued his strategy for the years (2016 2020) and select their targets to achieve financial stability and banking development

Technically and structurally and organizationally towards financial inclusion, where the 2016 year of preparation and appropriate financial and technical foundations for the reality of the Iraqi economy banking mechanisms form a solid base led to the transfer of the Iraqi economy basic workshops, notably the financial sector, from proceeding to grey phase based on the ILO report.

All that led to a new stage begins, the year 2017 based cornerstones from which new mechanisms dealing with banks lifted the former radical and given instructions pressure elasticities and numerous facilities and Tolerancing to achieve the central objectives in economic and banking reform based on transparency and disclosure.
The other pillar is dealing with banks based on that of new banking products and services of high level and restore public confidence in the banking sector, as well as the results of their work and their commitment to the implementation of the Central Bank's monetary policy orientations and flip it.

The actual contribution to a gross domestic product and its contribution to sustainable development and its role in development banking role;

Besides dealing with banks as standard rated central supports.

Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat


7-31-2017   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23   The fact is Iraq is going to lift the 3 zeros at some point in time, and the speculation is on how the 3 zero notes will be treated at exchange...The IMF has gone to great lengths to protect the CBI reserves...it is for that reason I have confidence that the currency will be honored...at what cost to us is another question...should we be required to use a dealer to exchange it back to the CBI...

7-31-2017   Newshound Guru Enorrste
   Article:  "Hakim meets with Governor of the Central Bank of the economic reality and the reconstruction of the liberated areas"   What is clear to us all is that nothing of any consequence is going to happen without large foreign investment.  The damage is too great.  Furthermore, foreign investment won't occur unless the dinar is internationally accepted.  Therefore it appears clear to me that they are preparing to open the dinar to the world.


Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday
Sparky: @foxmulder elections what we need to watch
foxmulder: watched the previous ones !

Sparky: @foxmulder in Or out, Iran in, I'm out
foxmulder: @Sparky Iran will always be a factor no way around it they are neighbors !

Sparky: @foxmulder Mr too,yhen
foxmulder: @Sparky Im just amazed why Iraq bows to them it seems

Sparky: @foxmulder Isis
foxmulder: Maliki

Sparky: @foxmulder yes
foxmulder: or to those that love and adore him fred flinstone of the middle east

Sparky: @foxmulder Iranian influence
Sparky: @foxmulder peasants

foxmulder: SHIA majority after yrs of Saddam and sunni its payback time I guess
​Cree: @tman23 Does not make any sense... How can a Central Bank FORCE you to do something.... Walkingstick -1 on credability

tman23: @foxmulder ...Amazing.....
foxmulder: @Cree concerning the flow of money and policy they have the biggest stick

Cree: @foxmulder OK, but once the money is in the Bank - they are out of it, unless they change the valuation of the currency and it is announced.....

foxmulder: @Cree THE CBI has major control as in the aspect of monetary policy
Sparky: @Cree not time the bank my friend

foxmulder: @Cree The CBI can at any time wipe clean the notes we hold and start of as they seem fit period

Cree: @foxmulder Think of it. IT is like you walking into your bank say BofA or Chase and Wells, and without an announcement for the Central Bank to tell not the Bank but the owner of the bank account what he/she has to do..... This is NOT what a Central Bank would do....

foxmulder: @Cree The CBI can at any time wipe clean the notes we hold and start of as they seem fit period

Cree: @foxmulder Think of it. IT is like you walking into your bank say BofA or Chase and Wells, and without an announcement for the Central Bank to tell not the Bank but the owner of the bank account what he/she has to do..... This is NOT what a Central Bank would do....

Cree: @foxmulder I agree, and it could happen, but they would announce it first. The notice of what the Central Bank wants would come from your local bank not the CBI.

foxmulder: They alone control the aspect in which they deal with their currency thy are their own entity

tman23: @Cree .... I try to keep it simple....... The fact is Iraq is going to lift the 3 zeros at some point in time, and the speculation is on how the 3 zero notes will be treated at exchange......

Spectra: National Internet Project: Monthly subscription will not exceed 43 thousand dinars
Director of the National Project for the Internet, supervised by the Ministry of Communications Alaa Musa, Sunday, the completion of the project end of the year 2017, while confirmed that the monthly subscription will not exceed 43 thousand dinars.

Moussa said in a statement to the "Information" that "there are obstacles facing the work of cadres implementation of the project because of the release of lies and rumors intended to illusions of citizens about the disadvantages of the project to block it,"

noting that "monthly subscription to the Internet will be 35 thousand dinars, while the total services provided 43 thousand Dinars, which includes watching TV channels as it exists in the European Union and the United States. "

Moussa added that "the ministry has developed alternatives in the case of the presence of pieces in the Internet to enable the continuation of the service in an emergency as well as the project will reach all homes at the end of this year and will be starting service officially,"

 stressing that "the fourth license of the project was withdrawn from the ministry by a decision of the Council Ministers ". And started on Sunday, the work of the National Project of the Internet at the headquarters of the Ministry of Communications downtown Baghdad to introduce the project.

tman23: @foxmulder ..... The IMF has gone to great lengths to protect the CBI reserves ..... it is for that reason I have confidence that the currency will be honored..... at what cost to us is another question should we be required to use a dealer to exchange it back to the CBI..... Odds are pretty good Guru will post the first half of this statement and cut out the last part..... Seems to be how they all operate !!

Spectra: That price of internet is cheaper than mine!-lol
Spectra: :ft:
​foxmulder: @tman23 I go by which in my small mind ! I purchased all my dinar through 5 %? third bank hope it was a good choice

foxmulder: @tman23 goes to reason at some point exchange with same institution

chattels: good afternoon all

Spectra: @chattels hello! :)

chattels: Disputed territories pose major challenge to Kurdish referendum In a July 19 statement, Kurdistan Regional Government President Massoud Barzani said that holding a referendum is a natural right of the people of Kurdistan that they will not back down from.

According to the spokesperson for the Independent High Electoral and Referendum Commission (IHERC) in Kurdistan, around 6 million people in the Kurdistan Region and the disputed territories such as the oil-rich city of Kirkuk, Sinjar, Makhmour and Khanaqin have the right to vote in the referendum.

Forty-eight percent of the Kurdistan Region’s land is still disputed between Baghdad and Erbil and some 2.7 million people live in the disputed territories.

Read more: http://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2017/07/kurdish-referendum-disputed-areas-iraq.html#ixzz4oLnLvMio

chattels: Summary : The upcoming Iraqi Kurdistan’s referendum will include the disputed territories, but given the practical and technical challenges, holding the referendum on Sept. 25 will be highly unlikely. Author Nahwi Saeed - Posted July 29, 2017

chattels: Apart from Baghdad’s discontent and the opposition of the local Arabs and Turkmens to the planned referendum, there are regional and international challenges. Regionally, the influence of neighboring powers such as Turkey and Iran can affect the trend of the referendum.

Iran can influence the Kurdistan Region not only because it is bordering the region, but also through its allies from the central government and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU). The PMU contains different groups, but the most powerful factions are those that maintain strong links with Tehran.

chattels: The Kurdish internal discord cannot be overlooked either. The rivalry between the PUK that has dominated Kirkuk — the epicenter of the disputed territories — politically and the KDP that has controlled a lot of Kirkuk's oil infrastructure can affect the timing and the possibility of holding a referendum in general and in those areas in particular.

jackflash: @chattels good to see you again..Thanks for coming in and sharing the news

chattels: In the past, due to the difficulty of determining who will be eligible to vote, neither census nor referendum (two crucial stages of Article 140) was implemented. In other words, due to the history of forced displacement from Kirkuk under the Arabization process and returning a large number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) since 2003, defining a voter registry was particularly challenging.

Further complicating the matter, since the emergence of the Islamic State in the last three years, a new group of IDPs has emerged in Kirkuk governorate.

Not only because IHERC doesn't have enough time to figure out this complex matter, but also the commission is sharply divided over Barzani’s call for the referendum. One of the nine members of IHERC resigned on July 24, claiming that there is no serious intent by the commission to hold parliamentary and presidential elections in the Kurdistan Region as well as the upcoming referendum.

Amid all of these practical and technical challenges, holding a referendum on Sept. 25 will be difficult — if not impossible. These challenges can prevent the referendum from taking place in the first place or they might oblige Barzani to postpone the referendum, particularly in the disputed territories.

chattels: Yes sir. My pleasure. Happy to have you here.

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Kurdistan’s top diplomat has warned the United Nations that they should not expect the Kurdistan Region to implement agreements the UN signs with Baghdad, calling on the UN to instead work directly with Erbil and consider the Kurdish government as its “main partner.”


chattels: The UN Mission in Iraq, UNAMI, stated in mid June that they do not intend to take part, support or oversee the referendum on September 25.

chattels: The spokesperson for the UN Secretary General later clarified to Rudaw in July that their decision to not “engage” with the Kurdistan referendum on independence is not a stance against the vote, but is part of their “standing principle” to participate in votes only at the request of national governments.

Acerginnala: Recaps posted an article on the new sanctions being placed on Iran with the purpose of getting them to pull back from Iraq amongst others. Any thoughts? http://economy-news.net/content.php?id=8491
​chattels: @Acerginnala Sanctions have been ineffective with Iran on other issues. One has to wonder whether these will be any different.


chattels: This month Iraq signed “a significant contract for a large batch” of Russian T-90 main battle tanks for its armoured forces. The manufacturer of the tank said 73 are going to be delivered to Iraq: which would give Baghdad a large number of formidable tanks to bolster its already sizable fleet of American-made M1 Abrams and T-72s, the T-90's older brother. Michael Knights, an Iraq analyst and the Lafer Fellow at the Washington Institute, is skeptical at this early stage about whether this deal will actually see the light of day.

chattels: “The veteran journalist reaction to any Russian arms deal announcement is to note that many deals in the past have taken a long time, if ever, to become reality, especially in large numbers of new-build items,” Knights told Rudaw English. “So I would say that such a deal will only be a reality when tanks are delivered and money changes hands.” “Iraq will need to negotiate generous financing to afford this many tanks,” he added.

chattels: Iraq is favouring Russian equipment given the fact it's usually cheaper and easier to operate than the American equipment. Furthermore, Moscow seldom has strings attached to their deals regarding how their arms are used by their buyers. “Iraq may want to use old repair and maintenance facilities left from the Soviet times,” Akhmetov pointed out.

“Some people also pay attention to technical details,” he added. “Russian arms are easy to use, repair and change. Spare parts are cheap, low-educated people can easily apprehend how to use them and so forth.”

chattels: Knights also alluded to this point: “Iraqi soldiers like the T-series Russian tanks because they are familiar to them, they are easier to maintain and can easily be loaded on tank-transporting trucks and are light enough for most Iraqi bridges.”

chattels: Knights concludes that the T-90 deal is little more than “a political announcement.” “Iraq doesn't need tanks.”

chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – Iraqi intelligence officials say they have foiled an attempt by ISIS to attack the home of Shiite cleric Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani. Two officers, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that they foiled an attempt by ISIS to carry out a series of suicide attacks in Karbala and Najaf where the home of Sistani is located, as well as shrines which are revered by the Shiite community, The Associated Press reported on Sunday. Sistani has been a leader of Shiite opposition to ISIS in Iraq.


chattels: Committee of Experts: 33 candidates for the new round of interviews to nominate members of the new Board of Commissioners


chattels: The parliamentary committee of experts ended last week's interviews of candidates to the new Board of Commissioners of the Electoral Commission, The House of Representatives vote on the wording of the decision not to accept the nomination of the members of the Board of Commissioners (current) to the membership of the new Board of Commissioners until the Committee of parliamentary experts to take action in this regard, and if the inability of the Committee of Experts to resolve the matter, the resolution will be submitted to the House of Representatives to vote T it.

Dave: too help eliminate electoral fraud.........Hmm

chattels: Sunday, July 30, 2017 Post Mosul Liberation Day 19 Jul 29 2017 http://musingsoniraq.blogspot.com/2017/07/post-mosul-liberation-day-19-jul-29-2017.html

Duke77: Is there any significance to this??
Duke77: The International Monetary Fund has called on Iraq to make fundamental adjustments in its economic and financial sectors, especially the banking sector, which needs to restructure and new policies in line with the reforms called for by the Fund as a condition to support Iraq. http://www.alhayat.com/Articles

chattels: There were more political recriminations about the fall of Mosul. Former Ninewa Governor Atheel Nujafi blamed Baghdad for everything. According to him, the central government gave the city to the Islamic State in 2014, allowed the group to carry out massacres, and then destroyed it while liberating it. This was just the latest in several accusations by politicians about the 2014 events.

As more time passes, more will throw in their version of events, and attack their opponents at the same time. This also comes as elections are planned for next year. What will not come out of this will be anyone being held responsible.

Duke77: Delta and Frank are having a hayday with this one

chattels: @Duke77 What happened with the connected site to the CBI and the 1.2 value " bovine scatology " ?

Duke77: Haven't looked. Is it still around?
Duke77: I did link though. I checked that one out but did it mean anything... I have no idea.

chattels: @Duke77 No idea, but my dinar is not worth any more than it was.

Duke77: http://cbi.3eyon-host.net the USD AND THE EUR are highlighted now

Hoss: I don't see them as highlighted ?

Duke77: They are in white the others are in green
Spectra: no highlight to be seen on my pc!

Hoss: the top 3 are in white including the GBP

Tebow: CBI site showing 1.2 to US dollar not the 1186.

Duke77: Amazing! Delta posted an article about the IMF and now it's nowhere to be found. Been looking for it and it's gone. Wonder if he found that or created it..

Duke77: @Tebow this is the HOST site. It's been up like that for 5 or 6 weeks

Tebow: yes and it had 1186 before

Duke77: @Hoss the GBP is green on my screen
Duke77: @Tebow that's the CBI.iq site. This site has never shown 1.2

Dave: I am waiting till Forex posts 1.2

Duke77: @Dave yep me too!
Duke77: Stupid phone! Grrr.

Duke77: LINK

Duke77: That's the link to the article Delta posted. It's real.

Spectra: he Association of Iraqi Private Banks confirmed the importance of recent amendments to the Central Bank of Iraq Law for the banking sector, which is looking for more opportunities to contribute to the development of the national economy and enhance its role in the Iraqi capital market.

"The increase in the number of members of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank from outside the bank is an important step that will be positively reflected in the level of decisions taken by the bank," said Wadih Nouri Al-Hanal, Of the 9 members, which means that there is a majority of outside the bank, which will push to benefit more than the support provided by the bank to banks in expanding their contribution to sustainable development and investment ».

He pointed out that «the recent amendments of the Central Bank reflected his desire to develop the sector's work and mechanism of dealing with developments in the world, as well as to address the problems related to the activity of financing and lending and in a way to simplify the procedures related to it».

He added that «the increase of the capital of the Central to one trillion dinars ($ 850 million) confirms the desire to activate its role on the level of investment of his funds and his intention to find large outlets in the acquisition of new products take into account the needs of investment and development sectors», adding that «the reality of private banks Needs a vision and strategy to help them touch the new reality that the sector aspires to communicate with the important objectives contained in the recent amendments to the Center ».

 The International Monetary Fund has called on Iraq to make fundamental adjustments in its economic and financial sectors, especially the banking sector, which needs to restructure and new policies in line with the reforms called for by the Fund as a condition to support Iraq ». The Council of Ministers and Representatives is working to introduce amendments to the Central Bank's law aime

Spectra: There now they can read -DELTA'S article!

Spectra: Thank you frank26 and delta!
Spectra: exceeded the ceiling of the IMF's expectations ...I Like this line-lol

foxmulder: @Spectra more bull****

Spectra: so it is a good article !

Dave: ....they are still at war though

DinarResearcher: Here is a good article that just came out. I won't bring the whole article but just what is the juiciest part

Spectra: I like the article! No matter what else is going on!

DinarResearcher: Central Bank: Our financial situation is good for four years to come even as oil prices do not recover

Spectra: ok

DinarResearcher: The central bank explained that the reserve of gold that it has, is part of the cover of the national currency, and its function is not the transition time hard to dollars to strengthen the budget as some believe,

and stressed by saying, it is not practical to liquidate that reserve and convert it to the dollar in front of any financial problem passes Said that even if Iraq does not recover oil prices, its financial position will be good for four years to come.

An economist confirmed that the central bank has good reserves and does not raise the burden of deductions from the citizen, as some believe, indicating that the reserve is used to finance imports. Not for domestic spending This is the case in all countries of the world.

DinarResearcher: "Iraq is not the fifth country in the gold reserves," says Ihsan Shamran, director of the Treasury and Issuance Department. "The central bank has built the gold reserve, which now has about 89 tonnes of gold as part of the national currency cap,

 "When we say that the source of the circulation amounted to" such "billion of the Iraqi dinar, I mean that this source is supported by the dollar and gold as well as the rest of the bonds and others, and here may be liquidated this Reserve any transfer to liquid funds from the dollar in front of any

A difficult problem in the country, especially as his job to support the Iraqi currency and make it a very strong currency, thanks to the presence of cash reserves of the dollar and another gold. ​
Spectra: Iraqi currency and make it a very strong currency, thanks to the presence of cash reserves of the dollar and another gold.-----I LIKE THIS LINE!

DinarResearcher:   LINK

Spectra: @DinarResearcher TY ! :) :yes: :h5

Dave: great art Spectra....... I hope the IMF will give an extension on the ceiling

Spectra: @Dave EVENTUALLY we will know
Spectra: strong currency does not negate============1164!

DinarResearcher: @ Spectra. I would like to see what they mean by Strong Currency

Dave: we shall see soon how committed they are

Spectra: 1164 is not strong ...That is weak!

DinarResearcher: @Spectra. That is grossly undervalued..

Spectra: @DinarResearcher We all know this That is why we are here!

DinarResearcher: 29/07/2017 11:31
Spectra: @DinarResearcher good
DinarResearcher: A city in the Kurdistan Region to set up a committee to monitor prices on the market and warn of the punishment of those who raise them

DinarResearcher: The mayor of Kallar district of Sulaymaniyah province on Saturday announced the formation of a committee to monitor prices in the local markets, while confirming that the goods and foodstuffs enter the Kurdistan Region smoothly from neighboring countries, warned of a deterrent punishment for those who raise prices

DinarResearcher: "The borders are open from Iran, Turkey, goods and foodstuffs to the markets in Kurdistan flowing smoothly," he said at a press conference held today. "There is no justification for raising prices.
​DinarResearcher: He added that we call on the citizens to cooperate with us to inform those who raise prices from traders, stressing that the committee will be punished by raising prices.

DinarResearcher: "We will not turn a blind eye to the violators," Ahmed said. "The measures will include anyone who exploits some rumors to raise prices.

DinarResearcher: http://www.iraqidev.org/news/index.php/aktsadea/95948.html

Spectra: @DinarResearcher price gouging!

DinarResearcher: And now here is an article from today

DinarResearcher: Learn about the prices of vegetables and fruit for Sunday in Baghdad

DinarResearcher: 2017/7/30 08:29:21 AM

DinarResearcher: The site of (One News) detailed report on the prices of vegetables and fruits during his roaming in a number of popular markets in the capital Baghdad for Sunday.

DinarResearcher: Average prices for vegetables were recorded today:

DinarResearcher: Tomatoes: 500 Iraqi Dinars
DinarResearcher: Potatoes: 1000 dinars

DinarResearcher: Green pepper: 1000 dinars
DinarResearcher: The zucchini: 1000 dinars
DinarResearcher: Onions: 1000 dinars

DinarResearcher: Garlic: 5000 dinars
DinarResearcher: Umayyad: 1500 dinars

DinarResearcher: Green Beans: 1500
DinarResearcher: Eggplant: 1000 dinars
DinarResearcher: Option: 750 dinars

DinarResearcher: Fruit prices:
DinarResearcher: Bananas: 1000 to 1500 Iraqi Dinars
DinarResearcher: Orange: 1500 dinars
DinarResearcher: Apple types: 1000 to 1500 Iraqi dinars

DinarResearcher: Iraqi pass: 3000 dinars

DinarResearcher: http://oneiraqnews.com/?aa=news&id22=2077#.WX5YXkFOmaM

Spectra: @DinarResearcher NICE LIST!TY
jackflash: @DinarResearcher ..Thanks for the news great job!

DinarResearcher: Looks like prices seem to be slowly dropping, BUT we need to see them fall even more!

Spectra: @DinarResearcher ill say! Magnificent!
Spectra: @DinarResearcher yes they need to go down more!

Duke77: @DinarResearcher what prices have changed?

DinarResearcher: I've been watching the prices have been dropping in lots of different areas in Iraq. JUST A MATTER OF TIME. IMHO

DinarResearcher: Rental units for living, airplane fees, commodities to name a few

Spectra: @DinarResearcher I noticed you are doing a great job, getting down to the good facts..TY
Hoss: @DinarResearcher you've seen this? that's great!!

Spectra: @Hoss IT IS GREAT !

DinarResearcher: In articles I have been researching,, Hoss

DinarResearcher: Well I am off, be back whenever I can get some free time. Adios muchacho's


Spectra: Sometimes we let our views get clouded ! Too much emphasis on the negative !
Spectra: not good in my opinion! That is just me! :)

ElmerFudd: Not to mention car prices.

Spectra: yes and the 1.2 still remains on the cbi?
Spectra: This is all super great news!
Spectra: and you can see it with your own 2 eyes!

Spectra: not made up BS BUT ITS REAL----WAKE UP PEOPLE!-to the positive !
Spectra: Tomorrow brings more! :yes:

ElmerFudd: Do we have any updates on the IMF meeting on Tues?

Spectra: not that i know of?

ElmerFudd: Hope it involves getting them into Article 8.

Spectra: Now it might! we will see!
ElmerFudd: Have they paid Kuwait off?

Spectra: its going to get interesting this week!
Spectra: @ElmerFudd not sure?
ElmerFudd: Let's hope they get the green light to RV.

Spectra: @ElmerFudd Green Light yes!
ElmerFudd: You think they will?

Spectra: @ElmerFudd well tuesday is not that far off! Buckle up your seat belt-lol
Spectra: @ElmerFudd I have not the finance education to take a good guess! Not sure!

chattels: @ElmerFudd Kuwait has not been paid in full. Extended again by Kuwait in an effort to support Iraq's war against DAESH.

Spectra: @chattels thank you!
ElmerFudd: That was nice of them, but for how long?

ElmerFudd: When is the last payment supposed to come?

Baxter: didnt they give them another year or so?

Spectra: january i think
Spectra: just my guess

Baxter: that could be...

Spectra: I do recall reading it now!buts the timeframe is vague!
Baxter: Think that was a couple months ago when they gave them the extension

chattels: The last extension was indefinite in time as I recall.

Spectra: @chattels Hmm! interesting!

BlackGold: https://offgridsurvival.com/google-releases-20-million-genetically-engineered-mosquitos/

Spectra: @BlackGold i heard and a similar article yesterday!
Spectra: @BlackGold not good

ElmerFudd: So, article 8 isn't dependent on them making the payment?

Spectra: @ElmerFudd i really dought it! just my guess!
ElmerFudd: SO, when is electricity supposed to be going 24-7?

Spectra: hold on i was just reading along those lines!
ElmerFudd: Power lines? :)

Spectra: For his part, the director of the General Company for Services of the International Network and Informatics Engineer Ali Al-Qasab in the Ministry said in an exclusive interview to "Sabah" on the sidelines of the conference, that his company has completed 93% of the project of the optical network (National Project of the Internet), noting that it will achieve a huge economic return of the state In addition to his ministry, which will reflect positively on all sectors.

Spectra: thats internet !
Spectra: power lines? im not sure!

chattels: @ElmerFudd No time soon I would not expect.

tman23: Why did Barzani and the Kurds choose the date 9/25 for the referendum vote ?? ..... Why not the 26th or the 28th.....or 10/1

tman23: When did Barzani announce the date for the referendum ?

chattels: @tman23 I take it that the 25th has some significance for you / us / them ?

tman23: What is the significance of the IISD and what is their role regarding Iraq ?

ElmerFudd: I thought the referendum was essentially useless since the Kurds can't act unilaterally?

chattels: @tman23 You will have to tell me.

ElmerFudd: Latest poll I saw was that most of the Kurds want to stay anyway.

chattels: @ElmerFudd That information is contested, IMO.

ElmerFudd: But doesn't the constitution state that all of Iraq would have to vote on this, not just the Kurds?

Spectra: @ElmerFudd that is what i read too , besides this and talking about the kurds does not pacify me! WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE!

Spectra: Not for you elmert! sorry
Spectra: elmer!

chattels: @ElmerFudd Not IMO.

tman23: @chattels ..... Barzani announced the referendum date on July 9th..... The iisd post summit negotiations and signing of agreements take place starting the 25th of September and by close of 10/1 they finalize agreements... always before 10/7...... start of US fiscal year

Spectra: im not going to worry about the Kurds!
Spectra: is all i mean!

ElmerFudd: Wouldn't this put a lot of pressure to RV to keep them from leaving?

chattels: @tman23 What is your conjecture or conclusion ?

Spectra: :nuts:

foxmulder: No port of access land locked just like Armenia ! ask them how well that worked out for them with the Turks better yet ask the Kurds lol quite a qunumdrem
chattels: @ElmerFudd I doubt such.

tman23: @chattels .... This was at the High Political Forum at the UN held 7/10- 7/19 ........ on 7/19 this ... A Ministerial Declaration focusing on the theme of “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world” was adopted during the closing session, after voting on paragraphs relating to: peaceful, just and inclusive societies,

including the removal of obstacles to the full realization of the right of self-determination of peoples living under colonial and foreign occupation; and means of implementation, including promotion of a universal, rules-based, multilateral trading system. The Declaration was adopted with both paragraphs intact.

Spectra: In light of the fear of Kurdish parties that the referendum called for by the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani, in favor of independence to give undisputed support for the status quo in the region, as well as fears of the reactions of the rejection of neighboring countries and the international community, called the National Union Party Kurdistan, on Sunday,

 the provincial government to send a high-level delegation to Baghdad in order to transfer the dialogue between Baghdad and Erbil from the media to the official meetings, which was decided later a meeting held under the chairmanship of the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani.

While the parliamentary bloc of change in the Federal Parliament confirmed its stand against what it called "party referendum" and that "it does not work for someone who remains in power and left our people," the Iraqi Turkmen Front considered that the referendum process "does not bring good and benefits to the region,"

asserting rejection for him. The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, in a statement received by "morning", said that the leadership council, during a meeting chaired by Deputy Secretary General of the party, Kosrat Rasul Ali,

stressed the "necessity of this visit to prepare a comprehensive project on the aspirations of the people of Kurdistan, including the legitimate rights, In addition to what he called the economic injustice suffered by the province in the past years, and investigating the violations of the law and the failure to implement the Constitution, especially article 140.

Spectra: theres one for you KURDISH WORRY worts!
Spectra: 31/7/2017 12:00 am Kurdish delegation to visit Baghdad soon .. And a decision to activate the parliament of the region

Spectra: The Council said in the final statement of the meeting: "After discussing the political situation and the latest developments and assess the positions of the international community and the political process within the region, it was decided Assigning Massoud Barzani and Kuzrat Rasul Ali to form a negotiating delegation with Baghdad and activate the parliament of Kurdistan within two weeks to resolve the differences and support the referendum.

foxmulder: another op ed or opinion
Spectra: @foxmulder is that opinion no the council said it!

Spectra: I LOVE kurds but? i for one am not going to fill my head with too much of it!
Spectra: I feel all wheels are already in motion,and whatever is coming cannot be stopped!
Spectra: IN EVERY way! 
​tman23: @chattels .... sounds familiar eh ? A Ministerial Declaration focusing on the theme of “Eradicating poverty and promoting prosperity in a changing world” was adopted during the closing session, after voting on paragraphs relating to: peaceful, just and inclusive societies, including the removal of obstacles to the full realization of the right of self-determination of peoples living under colonial and foreign occupation; and means of implementation, including promotion of a universal, rules-based, multilateral trading system. The Declaration was adopted with both paragraphs intact.

chattels: @tman23 Interesting timing.
tman23: @chattels ... Yes indeed !!

chattels: @tman23 Barzani is no fool and arguably a master manipulator of world opinion in this matter.

tman23: @chattels ..... You see at the Washington held Kurdistan synop where ex generals make it clear that Iraq is no longer viewed as an ally of the US..... Maybe their opinion ....but one could see the US looking for a fail safe plan B as plan A .... Abadi and Baghdad are a high risk bet to be placing all eggs in that basket

chattels: @tman23 I agree.

Wang Dang & Miss Kitty Iraq Dinar info

Restored Republic via a GCR as of July 31 2017

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 31 July 2017 by Judy Byington

Judy Note: The below six points is my own take on what's happening with the GCR/RV:

1. Most everyone seemed to want the Global Currency Reset/RV - which would put nations around the globe on a level playing field with their own asset/gold backed currency.

2. Many politicians appeared to be financially involved in the GCR/RV. However, some would be opposed because it would mean elimination of the fiat US dollar owned by the Cabal and thus forfeit their power over the world economy.

3. Congressional approval for return of US currency to the gold standard (the US RV) was said to be hidden in the healthcare reform bill - that didn't pass the Senate last Fri. July 29as expected because of the "no" vote by John McCain - who was said to head Cabal factions in the Republican party.

4. Now it appeared likely that the restored Republic would have to be in effect in order to gain official approval for US currency's return to the gold standard, or instigate the GCR/RV.

5. Other nations appeared to have already RV'd: Iraq had their turn last week - suspected to be effective internationally on Aug. 1, Zimbabwe announced theirs Thurs. July 28, while Iran was scheduled for Aug. 5, though all appeared to be waiting for the US to RV.

6. This coming week we were likely to see a lot of political drama play out and such should be very interesting. You might want to read this report to the very end and follow the week's political news in order to gain an understanding. It should help your stress level to be aware of what's really going on.


A. July 30 2017 7:00 pm EDT TNT RVAlready: "Still Excited" - Sun. PM TNT Thoughts/News

1. There is silence from Iraq and the IMF, but nobody is even hinting that the RV and the loan aren't happening.

2. A IMF meeting was announced for Aug 1 at Iraq's request.

3. I think there will be an RV because neither side wants a failure after 15 years of waiting.

4. This process is on absolute lockdown, behind big closed steel doors.

5. Don't become negative because of the silence. Imagine what would have happened if the Kuwait RV had been leaked early. There can be no leaks. Absolutely none.

6. I have been in this for 27 years. There is a lot of history here that practically none of you know.

7. We will be paid soon. There were precursors to this program..

8. There are others here that could tell the story. You could look back at the prosperity and farm claims programs and others. All now depends on the RV.

9. Dr.MJRandy: The President of Iran has stated that on or before Aug. 5th they are to "add value" to their currency.


B. July 30 2017 KTFA Frank26, Iraqi news announces Qi card payments early Aug:"We Await Activation" - Sun. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26, DELTA

The Iraqi Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs / Department of Retirement and Social Security for workers announced that in early Aug. they would begin to pay worker's salaries (manual exchange, smart card holders) for the months of July and Aug. 2017 in Baghdad and the Iraqi provinces.


C. July 30 2017 7:16 pm EDT GCR Geopolitical Overview: "Bedfellows" - GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview - Sunday - July 30, 2017

1. You're getting your "digits" and your "RV" and everything that has been projected in the astronomical amounts here on this site and others. So no worries about any of that.

2. What if McCain's "thumbs down" vote in favor of preserving Obamacare - that was utterly shocking for both sides of the aisle and entire world - was done to trap the remained Cabal minions in the Senate?

3. Some knew what McCain's positive vote would mean - the RV would be released this past weekend. Most went along with the RV just to profit from it. Did they lose their amnesty and money with his thumbs down? http://www.cbsnews.com/news/how-the-senates-health-care-vote-played-out-the-drama-on-the-floor/

4. John McCain always wanted to be the deciding vote on America's future as leader of the Washington political Cabal faction. He even negotiated his dramatic thumb's up or down vote as part of his own amnesty package. Did he at the last second, change his allegiance to force the remaining American faction of the Cabal to surrender penniless?

5. We can all see that scar is not a brain cancer surgery scar. That's blunt force trauma. So why the ruse Johnny Mac? Why did you abruptly leave the Senate right before the big vote which effectively released the RV because it rolled back capital gains tax and actually had nothing to do long term with healthcare? Why also did you so dramatically return, only to vote yes on the floor discussion, then to dramatically vote no on the passage of the bill that would have forever killed Obamacare?

6. In full truth, this week's healthcare vote was really about rescinding a hefty capital gains tax, and thus the beginning of US tax reform which would make the restored Republic GESARA compliant, and allow China to release the USN, effectively starting the RV.http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/06/22/senate-health-bill-gives-huge-tax-cuts-to-businesses-high-income-households.html

7. The press was saying that this equated to a tax break for the rich. In full truth, it was a tax break for the currency redeemers per GESARA mandates of a global flat tax.

8. Did John McCain screw the little guy voting down the new healthcare/tax reform bill? Or, did he screw remaining Cabal politicians who needed to pass the healthcare bill in order to get their amnesty packages made liquid just because they sided with the restored Republic concept?

9. Would crusty old John McCain actually screw his Occult Nazi loyalists before he was forever banished from public life? Was he really working for Obama as a double agent to penalize the entire Republican side of the Senate, who had fought tooth and nail to avoid the new Chinese financial system that would replace USD with USN, and effectively destroy all Cabal control of the free world?

10. The RV and Republic are one in the same. The real RV release plan that has now taken affect was soley military and must bring in the restored Republic government.

11. This was why a former Marine 4 Star General like John Kelly was placed into the White House after the healthcare vote because the Cabal wing of politics had effectively been eliminated.

13. This move also effectively lowered our post RV tax rate for any interest gained off our suddenly massive tax free sovereign currency exchange/bond redemption event.

14. We've been on a minute by minute standby all weekend for the chain reaction to start releasing the RV flash bang.

Now things were going to change fast and furious. Best not to hold onto the rails of this freight train because it was hurling at us with unprecedented speed.

Enjoy your blessing, folks, and go slower than your thinking. This is my last piece of brotherly advice. God is with us.