Friday, June 30, 2017


Bruce:  Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Let us talk a little bit about where we are in this situation in the blessing we are waiting for. I am very positive right now where we are. I have heard some really good things the last couple of days since our Tuesday night call. I want to say that finally we do believe Iraq has completed everything they needed to do. They did complete a series of announcements yesterday. We heard about that first hand. 

We do not know the exact content of all the announcements, but we do know they were done and we know they were the announcements we were looking to have happen.  They did happen. The flag raising in Mosul, the fireworks celebrations ended last night in Iraq. They had 5 days of celebrations. They completed EID after the holiday of Ramadan.  They had a very filling number of days of fireworks, entertainment, actors, music people came in and they actually had that happening all over the country especially in Mosul.  

Don’t worry about it. They have taken their country back.  They are sovereign, and they do have a reinstated rate. They do have complete in all terms of their currency so on, and it is actually going up and is being traded up in value over the last several days. It is pretty positive things that are happening,

Bruce:  We have heard even this morning from our contacts in Iraq that very few things were said today.  One thing that was said today was only 3 words “It is finished”. That is what came from Iraq and I believe that is absolutely the case.

Bruce:  The rest of the world can essentially go forward with a total Global Currency Reset.
Now we have called this thing a Global Release, use the term GCR, and use the term Global Reset. Here is the thing. Remember we talked about the currencies in the first basket, the ones we have and talked about for years? We also talked about a 1st basket, 2nd basket, 3rd basket, and 4th basket in the future, sometime in the future.  Now what we are hearing we do not expect a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th basket of a revaluation and devaluation.

What we do expect is a total Global Currency Rest.  That means some currencies around the world will revalue and go up in value and some will go down slightly in value.  This part of what will level the playing field and we believe this all going to happen at the same time. This is something that will occur without another basket 2, 3 or 4th basket.  That is interesting. That is something we just learned in the last couple of days.

Bruce:  What is going on right now is we understand as of 4:30 EST today, the bank screens reflected the new rates for all the currencies.  They are on there now, and they are able to be seen by the banks. That is something that is new including the currencies that we hold. That is good and is looking more and more this is truly international for us and a true Global Reset is taking place.

Bruce:  Beyond that we understand where we are right now as of that time, a lot of the SKRs that have been issued the past years, months, and lots of years have started to be liquidated. Their money from those SKRs have been deposited into their bank accounts. The people will have access to those funds in a couple of days, matter of days. Some are saying July 1st, some are saying July 2nd, and some are saying July 3rd in that time frame when we are looking for true liquidity in those SKRs.  Those are being handled and put in place in people personal and business accounts as we speak. As far as what is happening with the groups, we believe the Groups are moving along nicely with payment coming if not now but should see payment here shortly in a couple of days on those.  That is what I am hearing.

Bruce:  Also I heard and you may remember there was a bank stress test that was talked about in the news.  We heard about it yesterday. This was something that is done every year. It was done the last 7 years. This year what happened is they were trying to get the banks where they have a greater amount of assets on hand as far per Basel 3 and to be Basel 4 compliant.

Our banks did very well this time around. Guess what?  A lot of that liquidity that the banks have came from early exchanges. That is what got a lot of these banks the liquidity they needed to get them where they could have 12 percent of their assets liquid and available. We only lost one bank which was Fiabelt Bank in Illinois (sorry I do not know how to spell it correctly) which was shut down and closed doors this morning. Also we had one bank that didn’t quite make the grade and that bank was given one week to 10 days to get their reserves up.

The thinking is as the results of these exchanges we are going to be experiencing that bank would achieve that status that they need of liquidity. That bank was Capital One Bank. They would achieve that status of liquidity in a week to 10 days.  They were given sort of a pass.  Otherwise all the other banks passed.  That was really positive. Now did that have anything to do with where we are in our timing? It might have been incidental, but it is interesting to know that what was taking place and that what occurred.

Bruce:  The other thing related to the banking is do you guys remember we had the Dodd Frank Act and they were going to make changes to that?  The Dodd Frank Act had a number of changes made.  President Trump issued a Presidential Order that allowed certain aspects of that act to end tomorrow night at 11:55 pm. That is significant for us because no longer was the kind of hidden tax in there, in the Dodd Frank Act, to actually fund Obama Care.  That tax is gone and will be gone effected tomorrow night at midnight. Let’s call it 11:59 pm tomorrow night. That change is positive for us. Without going into details of that, trust me it is better that many of us didn’t exchanged before that expires.

Bruce:  What I am saying is things are looking very good for us here in the next few days because even though I have a thought when this would go, I wouldn’t be responsible to put out a time frame because we never tried to do that on the Big Call. We might have done it accidently, but never intended to give a time or rate even though we have talked about rates in the past. I don’t want to start now to trying to call it. I just know we are at the end of this ride. I know that there are some dates coming up and I know some of you have heard about them. I know a timeline has been put out that is interesting.  I think part of it is true, and part of it was not true. I could say was true because that time line included a start that was two days ago.  That did not occur at least for us, and it did not occur for the groups either.

Bruce:  We know in our opinion we are looking for a shot-gun start.  It may not at the exact time but we believe it will be more of a shot-gun start where pretty much all goes at the same time because there has been people were thinking they would be funded. There were people thinking they be paid out.  It just hasn’t happened yet. They been expecting it every day for two weeks now.  I think realistically the timing is such pretty much everything is going to be released at the same time. I think you can feel pretty good about that.

Bruce:  When does John Q Public going to go as oppose to us the Internet group? I think we will a have a few days, 4 to 5 days head start before they actually get stated at the banks.

​One thing to remember though when I get the toll free number I will be it out on thebigcall.net. Then I will put it at couple of other sites online.

Bruce:  One thing to remember when you do call and set your appointment mention the fact when they ask what currencies you have, let them know you do have ZIM. That you do have the Zimbabwe ZIM. It may not matter if you call it a bond or a gold back bond.  I don’t think it will hurt to mention that either. Obviously the currency is a gold back bond. Let the people know you know that. That is all I am going to say. They will also want to know what other currency you have.

Bruce:  We know there will be a different rate that would be given for the so called screen rate if you will, on the ZIM may vary whether or not the people perceive whether it is a currency versus a bond.  By saying it is a gold back bond at least when you get there, at least when you get to your appointment it lets them know you know something. It lets them know you know a lot more than people out there know. I know I am not the first person to mention that. I know I am not, but I am someone who has mentioned that several times in the last year.

Bruce:  I am excited about where we are. I don’t know exactly when the toll free number is going to come out. I don’t know if it going to come out prior to any other release of anything.  
​All I know my phone is always charged up so I can get that call and be able to put it out, and that is what I will do.

Bruce:  I believe the Redemption Centers are still on active status. I believe we are looking for them to go to engage status.  They are not on engaged yet that I know of.  I believe they will be memoed when to expect to go to that status. Let me tell you something when the 800 number comes out there shouldn’t be any real delay.  They should be ready to take appointments as soon as you can call within in a half hour to hour of the 800 number going out appointments to be made. I do believe that. I don’t think there will be this distinguish wait before appointments can be set. I think you will have a simultaneous start from the time we get a call to the call center to the time the Redemption Centers are ready for us for those appointments.

Bruce:  Who knows. I do not know if they will start in the middle of the night or they will start or in the morning.  I do not know what they are going to do on that. I been told both things are possible.  I am just going to be available 24/7.  When it happens it happens and I will act on it immediately. I am a light sleeper and boom I can wake up like that. Don’t worry about that.

Bruce:  As far as Intel I made it sound more that what it was because there is not much to do.  Just let this thing play out. A lot of people have gone quiet. A lot of people have gone dark. Calls have stopped.  A lot of blogging has reduced.  I think it is we are at the end of the ride.  I am excited for us. I am excited for Big Call Universe. I am excited for the future and for the projects we are going to do.

Bruce:  Remember now if you don’t have a project of your own, and you want to be part of one, of course we would love to have you be part of Rebuild America which is going to be huge. It will involve cities around the country.  We want at least 5,000 people from the Big Call and maybe more that want to be part of  Rebuild America to have a legacy to rebuild a city, town, and community. Then we will help outside this country, but let’s get started here first. Let’s get our cities with the infrastructure that they need.

Bruce:  I know the Trump Administration is hearing this call and I know they have heard us and are interested in helping us and create some type of bonds for infrastructure that we can invest in. I think that to me I suggested that months ago, and I think that is something that has been heard and I hope that is something that is going to be acted on. That is absolutely the coolest way to that we can get started in the way of financing the rebuilding of this country. We want to rebuild America. We want to help our veterans. We will be the largest employer of Veterans in the country with the Veteran Retreat Network, with the Veterans Resource Network that I am going to create, and everything else we will be doing.  We will be hiring veterans with VRN and also for Rebuild America.

Bruce:  We will have an apprentice program, have people learn skills, and have a mentor program in the inner cities. Also Aqua poncis, water filtration, and all kinds of things such as desalination. The Administration wants us to be energy independent and be energy dominant.  I think we can be dominate in water conservation, in agriculture, in technology, in health, in healing, well being, and brain science. All these things we are on the leading edge of it. Stay tune to the Big Call.

Bruce:  We are going to take a month or so off to retool, to better format podcasts. We will have a lot of new things we will be able to do.  I am excited about that and I want you to be excited too. You realize we have been called for a purpose.  We have been called for a purpose and to a purpose. In a very real sense we are the COs, Chosen Ones. Let’s make this time count for you your family, for your immediate community, and for the United States and the rest of the world. We are not going to say we only going to do things only in the United States. We are going to do things in Central, South America, in the Caribbean, Africa, wherever it is needed we will try to reach out and help.

Bruce:  I want you guys to be there. Don’t forget about us after this goes down. We hope we don’t have another Big Call for at least a month because we plan to get exchanged, plan to get meetings with our CPAs, attorneys, and wealth advisors. We will need 2nd and 3rd meetings with these individuals.  We all are going to get started.  We all have things to do to set it up. We got to get our structures set up then we can get together.

Bruce:  Check in from time to time for thebigcall.net website not only for the 800 number but for our future plans.  Once we get the handle on some new URLS, new plans for our calls, we will let you know.  We don’t want to lose track of everybody. I know we will lose some people. I know there are some people that only tune in for the Intel. I get that, but many of you guys understand my heart and the heart of my team where we are now and where we plan to go.

Bruce:  I just appreciate you. We love you. We want the very best for you, for you future, and we want meaningful partnerships with our banking community, and whoever it is we work with to build out our leadership teams as we take these projects and execute. I just want everybody to know we have a lot more we plan to put out in the way of pod casts, interviews and so on. A lot more technology, a lot more fun. Yes we are going to have fun. Everybody, I want you to be healthy. Why do you think I preach the thing about mind, body and spirit. I want you to be around.  I want you to be around to enjoy this, to be the healthiest happy individual you were created to be. That is what I want for you.

Bruce:  Thank you everybody for tuning in for the Big Call tonight. I look forward to hearing some very good news shortly and I know you are too. Stand in faith, stay in faith for this, and believe in this.  Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent behind the scenes. Thank you all the Big Call listeners for tuning in tonight and the last 5 ½ years or so. It has been 51/2 years and we are in our 6th year. I think we are in a good place to receive.  Good night everybody.

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