Friday, June 9, 2017

Real Truth Call - Yosef Explains "In Plain Sight" Post 6/9/17

Hi All:

Yosef came onto the RTC at about the 32 minute mark...he had Show Me read his "In Plain Sight" Sit Rep, and explained each paragraph. Thank you Yosef!

Also, thank you for letting some of us, who spend the time to transcribe you, know that the SITREP was the Intel and it would be coming out at midnight (meaning we did not have to transcribe the Intel portion..) That definitely saved me some sleep time...

Yosef did say initially the following (paraphrased):

1) He was told to lay low for a bit, which he did

2) he was told he can say whatever he wants now, since the RV has started!!!

3) The "segment" redemptions have started (like OWK has been saying).

4) He generally gets his intel by trading financial/banking intel/info with Republic folks, who generally point him in the right "geopolitical" intel direction, but since the RV is going now, basically they gave him the Intel directly (that is the Intel in the "In Plain Sight" SitRep)

Thank you Yosef, I/we appreciate all the time you spend...I still listen to your songs and get a huge positive energy charge...CALM makes me weep...

On a personal note, the SitRep "MUD" was so apropos for my situation too..(and for many. here with IQD, ZIM, VND and knowledge of the real truth). I've been beat up pretty good in my business life, and now even once trusted fellow professionals/attorneys, friends, and close family just don't want to hang out with me or listen to me anymore...it is lonely watching all of the corruption and cabal activities still taking place in our everyday life...as OWK has said, the cabal minions are still quite active, in state, local and federal governments, the courts, the police, in Main Stream news, Hollywood,etc. and will be taken down post-RV and during Disclosure...

As Yosef always says, Surrender!



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