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RayRat Call Notes 6/14/17

TNT Call notes 14-June-2017

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RayRen: Good afternoon, super-fantastic TNT family! Today is Wednesday June 14, 2017, with RayRat98 here. What is there to discuss? Everything is all quiet. Citizens are still being told ‘reconciliation that the end of Ramadan’, and then there is a three-day holiday, which takes us to the end of the month. Everything is still saying the end of the month, with banks in special meetings/trainings. They are all geared up and supposedly have heard from government agencies to get ready to rock and roll. Some expected this to pop yesterday, but we are still here, waiting. It’s inevitable; we just don’t know the exact minute, hour, day, or week. However, we do believe it’s coming.

Information in Mosul? That’s all just window-dressing. We’re just waiting, hour by hour.

Questions from the TNT forum

Q: After negotiating a contract rate, what do we do if, upon returning to the bank at a later date, we don’t like the bank’s terms and fees for managing our money? [RR: Take your money somewhere else, unless your contract rate is based on those terms and go somewhere else.] Do we give the money back and try to go somewhere else? [No.] The bank will already have our currency in its possession by that point. I pose this as a serious, non-critical question. I genuinely would not know what to do.
A: If the contract rate is based on those terms and conditions, then the money has to stay there. If not, if it’s just about an NDA, then take it elsewhere.

Q: Do we now know what was being celebrated on Monday? Or if there were celebrations in Iraq?
A: The police are dealing with a few last skirmishes; it’s no longer a war, it’s a police action.

Q: Mosques, lower denoms and fils, bank stories?
A: Nothing new from mosques or about lower denoms. I did get reports of some banks exchanging dinar today at the unattractive rate. We now have 52 banks on our list. There is other stuff they are being tight-lipped about, but nothing major.

Q: I was wondering if the Rial has been dropped from the first basket conversation.
A: Not to my knowledge. It has been quiet, but I’ve not heard it’s been removed.

Live Q and A

770/684/404: That holiday, the second Eid, starts on 25. June; what are your Iraqi saying about that? If we have to wait that long, will it be at the beginning of that Eid or at the end?

RayRen: Scuttlebutt says that the banks will be closed during those three days, so that would push everything to the 27th, perhaps.

Caller: In TNT chat, someone mentioned exchanges in the Atlanta GA area…?

RayRen: I haven’t heard of any exchanges in Atlanta – or in Reno, for that matter.

951 caller: Do you think it will get out of this month? We’ve been expecting this for so long, all with high anticipation.

RayRen: Sure, I think it will happen this month. I’m curious where you’re getting that ‘same story’ from… You have to take into account what has really been happening, not just what gurus and other people say. Some of that frustration you cause yourself by listening to what everyone has to say. Look at the real data! It’s not the same as last year or even three months ago. Yes, we are being told to expect it by certain dates, and some of those expectations were not realistic. As far as Iraq is concerned we can only depend on what they tell their people, and what they do. Iraq did say at various times that they would revalue, and sometimes they did parts. They keep saying they will have reconciliation at the end of Ramadan, and they have been conditioning their citizens for the cashless society, so that they can revalue with a keystroke. We can only go on based on what they tell their people, and a month or a year ago they were saying something totally different. So watch, listen, analyze, and put all information in its proper place. Some things are just ridiculous, so let that go. But Iraq told their people ‘liberation of Mosul’, and now we’re waiting for the formal announcement although we all know Mosul is liberated. However, that is something they can stand behind, when they make that announcement. They may hold that announcement until the end of Ramadan. They are saying at that point everything will be hunky-dory, and citizens will love their neighbors, their money, and their country!

501 caller: We’ve been anticipating this for months, and now we are waiting for the end of Ramadan. Do you or your sources know who is in final control of this? It leaves us in a helpless situation.

RayRen: Just because I don’t know who will make this happen, that doesn’t leave me in a state of hopelessness; I am ready for this to be done. I feel it’s up to Iraq what they will do with their currency. I can’t speak on the other countries and what they are doing. At least Iraq is telling their people what they intend to do, even if they haven’t stuck to the schedule 100%. I’m just going along with that ride until it’s done. I’m going with the information that this will released by the end of June – that’s all I can go by, what Iraq is telling its citizens.

510 caller: I talked to my local Wells Fargo, and they said WF will not be doing anything with dinar in the state of California.

RayRen: We’ll just have to wait and see. You don’t have to move to do an exchange. Some of us may drive or fly elsewhere to transact this business, and that is perfectly fine. You might have to go outside your area, not just because your state might not deal with this currency… I may go somewhere else because they offer a better rate! Then you can go home to California after you’ve done your transaction. Sure, it’s convenient to go to your local bank, but maybe you’ll pick up an extra million if you go to some other location. So is that worth a flight and an overnight hotel, for an extra million or even 100K? Of course.

Caller: I talked to Chase, but they want you to come in and open up an account.

RayRen: Post-RV, that could be a good thing. Pre-RV, maybe you don’t want to open a lot of accounts if you don’t have the money. But post-RV, you may want a lot of bank accounts; that is called diversification. Whatever the bank says, let’s work with that.

Caller: I could go to Nevada or Arizona pretty easily.

RayRen: I’ll give you the information I have; you need to take the best deal. A year or so ago, all banks said they wouldn’t touch it; now 52 banks are dealing with dinar. What you are being told today can change in the blink of an eye, so don’t let it affect you that much. The banks are saying No in part to avoid a lot of phone calls. When the time is right, you’ll hear them singing a different tune. You’ll have choices. After the RV they’ll love to have your business, and will open an account for you on the spot.

419 caller: There are a lot of rumors; have you heard anything about rates in-country going higher? Also, have you ever heard of a ten-day period where once it goes in Iraq, they have to tell the rest of the world.

RayRen: Most of the things I hear, I ask where it is in writing. That sounds familiar, but I can’t say ‘yes, that’s right’.

Caller: Anything from your sources saying the in-country rate will go up?

RayRen: No, but it wouldn’t surprise me. No comment at all about Chapter VII. I haven’t heard anything about Chapter VII on the Iraqi side. Some believed it would pop yesterday, from what they were hearing. They are telling their people ‘at the end of Ramadan’, so if Chapter VII is an issue, they are not telling their citizens.

610 caller: Please send your donations by mail to Ray Renfrow, PO Box 1748, Elm City NC 27822; that address is also on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, on the donation page.

301 caller: Back in 2010, I opened an account with WF, and the people who opened the account told me then that they wouldn’t handle dinar. They opened the account anyway, and the manager asked me how much dinar I had. There were some things he didn’t know, and he called me later and apologized. They are compartmentalized; that lady just needs to connect with the right people. My manager works for WF, and owns dinar. In TD yesterday, the manager was asking how this is going. So it’s all compartmentalized. This is a GLOBAL Currency Reset, and Iraq is significant as the starting point, but I think the delays and pauses are about more than Iraq. Also, there are people who want to mess this up, and they have impact on what it takes to stop it, like the cyber shenanigans a few weeks ago. That’s what I’ve been thinking about.

707 caller: First time on your call. Listening to the other callers, and I’m in California also. I have been told to wait on 800 numbers, then they will direct us to banks that will be exchanging. I have more than just dinar, so I would be directed to the most appropriate bank to exchange at that time. We need to do our homework, but maybe people don’t know that they will be directed after the revaluation.

RayRen: The homework was to find out which banks in your area that deal with any currencies; when the green light goes on, we are supposed to receive 800 numbers to use in addition to what you already have or know about banks in your vicinity. When the light goes green, THEN call those local banks and ask if they exchange whatever you have. Combine your local knowledge with the 800 numbers that I will give out, before you run down to the bank to do your exchange. You don’t have to rush to do anything unless you are going after contract rates, because those won’t last long. Otherwise, there is an anticipation that the dinar rate will move from market conditions after Iraq makes any rate adjustments. Move slowly; you can’t see things when you’re going fast. Slow down. We’ve all been waiting, so why should we rush when the light turns green? Wait a few days longer to assess the situation and find out who is doing what. Everyone is focused on the 800 numbers; we have 13 cities where we will have seminars with the banks giving us information. That will be a great opportunity for all of us.

Caller: I am keen to get on your website or the other calls – is there a way to do that?

RayRen: You’ll have to wait until someone gets banned, and there is an opening. But you won’t need that to happen, because I’ll put this information in the public access part of the site: banking seminars, the 52 banks already accepting the dinar, with states for the ones that I know. We’re also working on list of banks that verify on site. From all that, think about what is the most important thing to you. The 800 numbers won’t matter if they sent you to a place that doesn’t verify on site. If you already know will verify on site, you may not need the 800 numbers at all. You don’t have to exchange at any US bank if you don’t want to. It’s comfortable to use local banks, but sometimes a whole new world opens up when you are willing to leave your comfort zone. What if I tell you a NY bank will give you the best deal? If you can get a better rate, and the bank products can give you 3% more… that flight is so worth it. That’s why we are compiling this data. The best of us will sit back and wait for the best information on rates, data, and investments. They might not be in your back yard, but they will be in your country. Any other call can tell you anything, but our focus is on teaching. The 800 numbers don’t help unless you can get the best out of this deal. We need to do this right the first time, then relax and enjoy life.

Swedish caller: I wonder about exchanging Zim or dong – do you know which banks might be exchanging in Sweden?

RayRen: I’ve never looked into that; we’ve been focused on banks in the US only. I just don’t have any information on the situation in Sweden.

Closing Statement

People were looking for something to happen yesterday in Iraq, but I didn’t get too excited about it, because we keep reading material about ‘after Ramadan’. But if it happens today, that would not surprise me. For me, the next window is after Ramadan, because that’s what Iraq is saying to their people. Anything else is window-dressing – those skirmishes that are being reported. That’s Iraq; I don’t know about other countries like Vietnam. Everything else remains to be seen. All the currencies have favorable outlooks. US banks are quiet as a church mouse, although they are having trainings and getting ready. That’s all we can do: get ready, be ready. Slow down, don’t rush into things, and don’t jump to conclusions. Make sure it is real, and make plans to work with whatever that reality is. That’s how we can best benefit the TNT membership. There are couple more days in this week, and something might happen, or it might not. I’m just waiting, minute by minute and hour by hour, with my long-range plans for the end of the month. Hang in there; keep believing.

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