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Remember June 10th is this coming Saturday....

The Joint Operations Command announced 
the imminent announcement of what it called the "Iraqi Victory Week" after the liberation of the entire city of Mosul from the grip of the "Daash" organization. This comes at a time when the forces of the Iraqi popular crowd liberated the area of ​​Baaj from the organization "Daash" near the Syrian border. (Remember Abadi publicly announced he wanted June 10th to be a national holiday called “Liberation Day”. This is noted as the same day ISIS began its movement in Iraq in June of 2014. Will they be able to meet this target?)

The Central Bank of Iraq came out in 2013 and said that more 
SECURITY and STABILITY are needed to continue with the project to delete the zeros. WE know that this project will ultimately lead to a significant increase in the value of the dinar. 

Okay, so what did I tell you Iraq is targeting for goals to get the level of needed SECURITY?

​1)Defeat existing ISIS terrorist,

2)Get rid of Iranian influence and militias,
3)secure the boarders of Iraq.

I have talked about all three of these targeted goals many times already in my many of my newsletters. Now we see yet more articles proving this is true and actions being taken to fix these issues.

Why are these issues so important for the RV?

Iraq is not about to RV until they are very certain of their countries STABILITY and SECURITY. We have been told this many times.

Are you tired of hearing this already from all the intel channels?

I am sorry if I am boring so many of you in repeating these issues. But they are at the mainstay of the targets that Iraq desperately needs to accomplish prior to the RV. To what level must they be accomplished is to me a matter of common sense and so I leave that up to you. Should I leave it up to you? 

Now we see yet more of these pieces being put in place to ensure these capabilities. This is all very good for our RV saga.

So today articles on securing the boarders. Many of you keep asking to what level of SECURITY does Iraq need. Well I am trying to explain to you this level. Are you listening?

Baghdad Mawazine News Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi, announced on Tuesday a plan under his supervision and coordination with the popular crowd to secure the border with Syria, stressing that the Iraqi forces managed to besiege “terrorism” and control of his movement, while promising not to keep any ”, pointing out that terrorism will not be able to carry out terrorist attacks against Iraqis.

The Shia-led paramilitary troops have said that crossing the Iraqi borders to other countries requires parliament approval in advance.
In press remarks, Ahmed al-Assadi, spokesperson of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units) said “armed troops either from army, al-Hashd al-Shaabi or the army’s elite Counter-Terrorism Service crossing the Iraqi borders requires voting by Iraqi parliament as constitution does not allow intervention in other countries’ affairs.”

More news….

Oh- look at this topic!  Reforms for STABILITY

On Wednesday, Al-Nasiri said in an interview with “Economy News” that “the strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq aims to draw a road map for the next five years to achieve stability in the financial system to contribute to access to financial coverage and banking reform,” wondering what mechanisms and new policies that can be adopted by the Central Bank and banks The government and private and related parties in terms of banking reform in accordance with the approach of fundamental change desired for the Iraqi economy in the next stage, which constitutes the banking sector the first and the main link. 

“The main objectives of the strategy are to support and achieve financial stability and activate the role of the banking sector and financial institutions and the development of organizational structure and organizational structure.”

Economy News Baghdad: Iraq’s central bank governor Ali al-Alaq on Wednesday prepared a plan to rehabilitate his branch in the province of Nineveh after the terrorist organization “Da’ash” caused great damage to it and stole its contents(What contents did ISIS steal? How about $$$$?)

He added that “gangs before carrying out sabotage operations in the building was to steal the contents of the time, which consists of treasures estimated at 500 billion Iraqi dinars and 80 million dollars.”

More news……

The Kurdistan Democratic Party led by the region's president, Massoud Barzani, the application of Article 140 to the areas liberated by the Peshmerga forces from the terrorist organization Daesh said.

The MP said the party Princess Karim Zangana told the «Journal News», on Sunday that "the Peshmerga forces provided martyrs in the battles fought with al Daesh in Mosul and can not withdraw from the areas liberated by or delivered to any destination." (So is Article 140 being applied? This article says it is, so it must be completed?)

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

The delegation of Iraq today begins its negotiations with the International Monetary Fund

Economy News Baghdad : 

It begins today the delegation of Iraq , headed by the Minister of Finance Abdul Razzaq al- Essa, negotiations in the capital of Jordan Amman, with the Fund Monetary International to complete talks on agreement of cooperation credit , which was signed by Iraq in the year 2015 .

The source of a government 's " economy News " , that " the delegation of Iraq , which includes a number of officials , most notably Minister of Finance Abdul Razzaq al- Issa and the Governor of the Bank of Central Ali Keywords Advisor Financial Prime Council of Ministers the appearance of Mohammed Saleh begins today its negotiations with the Fund Monetary and Bank International on agreement of cooperation credit that signed by Iraq in the year 2015 ".

The source , who preferred not to disclosure of his name, the " Fund Monetary International praised the policy of Iraq 's economic over the past two years in all meetings of recent, especially in the case of maintaining the reserves of foreign bank 's central " , explaining that " fund criticism of international rejection of any idea to float the dinar of Iraq because of the crisis economic that experienced by the country , which affect the poor . "

The chancellor 's financial Prime Council of Ministers, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, 8 May 2017 confirmed that Iraq will receive during the year current on 3 billions of dollars from the Fund Monetary World Bank World countries industrial seven 

Economist: The strategy of the Central Bank painted the way for banking reform

Economy News _ Baghdad: Economic expert Samir al-Nusairi said Wednesday that the central bank’s strategy for the years 2016-2020 paved the way for banking reform.

Al-Nasiri said in an interview with “Economy News” that “the strategy of the Central Bank of Iraq aims to draw a road map for the next five years to achieve stability in the financial system to contribute to access to financial coverage and banking reform,” wondering what mechanisms and new policies that can be adopted by the Central Bank and banks The government and private and related parties in terms of banking reform in accordance with the approach of fundamental change desired for the Iraqi economy in the next stage, which constitutes the banking sector the first and the main link.

“The main objectives of the strategy are to support and achieve financial stability and activate the role of the banking sector and financial institutions and the development of organizational structure and organizational structure.”

National Alliance: Iraq will become a regional power after the completion of Daesh

(This is one of those WOW articles. Good read and is very encouraging for our investment)

Baghdad Scales News

The National Alliance MP Abbas Al-Bayati, Iraq with peaceful solution in Syria,  noting that Iraq will become a regional power after the completion of ISIS.

Al-Bayati said in an interview with the Iranian, tasnim "Iraq after ISIS diverted towards building and reconstruction and to take advantage of economic resources to promote service to the Iraqi people actually" return and rebuild infrastructure in Iraq all first in areas where ISIS II, this will be our priority and then internally, we need to strengthen internal unity and national unity and therefore must not return to the sharp political differences".

He added that "acute political differences were entering ISIS which exploited the opportunity of political controversy to find footing in the connector and then threaten the political system and democracy in Iraq", alluding to the importance of eliminating corruption who had a role in the collapse of part of the security and military system and must work to eliminate corruption in the various organs of the State and is a war not unlike ferocity and strength for the war against terrorism".

Bayati drew that "Iraq after ISIS will turn into a regional power with a military force with experience and popular mobilization and a great experience with counterterrorism and therefore all this will support Iraq in its regional role as a power besides Iran and Turkey and Saudi Arabia.".

And continued "We in the National Alliance call for forming a regional umbrella system consisting of Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey in order to safeguard the interests of the States of the region and not to get sidetracked more differences we've seen in the past period the differences between the major powers in the region led to wars and polarizations and drained all the peoples of the region and in Iraq that interference in Iraqi Affairs and finance ISIS and ISIS and ISIS help enabled access to Iraq two years ago and we are now entering the third year of our human and physical resources All employee to fight ISIS .

On the liberation of the Iraqi-Syrian border control organization of ISIS, said Bayati: "we're not dealing only with States, we recognize that the Syrian regime is still the official system and the dominant political and deal with clearly and explicitly and therefore we wish and we hope when we get to the Syrian border by Tal Afar and Anbar side connector and hope to deal with the Syrian side with the Syrian regime and Syrian army and not with esoteric opposition ".   

Confirmed: "Iraq with peaceful solution in Syria and call for a peaceful solution and does not interfere in Syria's political Syria ".

Tamimi calls for the public prosecutor to activate the follow-up issues of funds for which no accounting adjustments
(Some heads are going to roll.....Do you know what this saying means?)

Awagel Press - Baghdad
The Parliamentary Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi, said on Sunday, for the public prosecutor to activate the issues raised by the Office of Financial necks about the money on previous budgets you have no settlement of the previous budgets.
Said Tamimi's "Awagel Press" that "the parliament approved the previous budgets until 2011, while the budgets of other years remained so far," indicating that "some of this money has not been accounted for and there are no where qualifying calculations for these previous budgets, and submitted to the public prosecutor did not take out any action."
She added Tamimi that "the duty of the public prosecutor activating the cases referred to him the fact that those funds no have settlements so far," revealing "to meet with a prospective combines Supreme Audit and the Finance Committee in Parliament to discuss the vote on the previous budgets file." (Oh- aren’t these the years of Nori al-Maliki’s administration? I donot think that Iraq will be allowed to let Maliki go with justice in these matters. I am seeing finally pressure from the USA and the IMF to reconcile these budgets with full accountability)
Abadi and Acting Finance Minister
Baghdad / term 
He exonerated Minister Abdul Razak Al - Issa Prime Minister to take charge of the finance portfolio assumed by the agency earlier this year, at his request. 

The Abadi will bag the Minister of Finance , which refrains the Kurdistan Democratic Party to submit its candidate in protest against the way it was the dismissal of the minister , Hoshyar Zebari , last summer. 

The House voted, on 21 September 2016, the majority to withdraw confidence from the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari. 

Abdul Razzaq al- Essa, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, in a press release received (range) a copy of it, "It was a matter of national honor to assign the Ministry of Finance Agency, as well as my responsibility in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Science and Technology and Research", pointing out that "work at the Ministry of Finance was not easy because in this ministry of accumulated awaiting solutions as well as it is one of the institutions that pursued narrow interests and auctions and conflicts.
He added Al - Issa said , "What we have presented in the Ministry of Finance at this special stage was focused on the fight against corruption and surround the corrupt and narrow the circle on the dubious benefits owners." He continued by saying , "I am pleased to extend to the Prime Minister thanked the confidence in us , and I extend my cordial gratitude for his approval and response to our demand for the repeated Baafaia of the Ministry of Finance to allow me the Ministry of Higher Education and upgrading service." 

Furthermore, MP Magda Tamimi, a member of the parliamentary finance committee Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to called the exception of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank ", from the " party quotas ", in filling positions. 

She said Tamimi, in a statement received (range) a copy of it yesterday, said that" the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, an exception of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of quotas partisan and reconsider all of operating positions of Deputy Minister to the Director of the Department within these institutions. " 

She invited a member of the Finance Committee to" replace those positions independent personalities specialized carrying high and practical experience certificates of not less than for ten years in the field of specialization being one of the most important institutional affecting the fiscal and monetary policies in the country. ​ 

The Iraqi Government to form Committees to Resolve the 3000 High Function Managed by Proxy

Citizen revealed the mass of efforts made by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to resolve the three thousand senior government post is run by proxy. The government confirmed the formation of committees to establish special criteria for occupancy of these positions, he indicated that the coalition refused to name his representatives in these committees, preferring to leave it to the government and its president. (So here we go again with cleaning out these proxy posts but this time Abadi is aiming not as his own cabinet so much, as he is the rest of the regional governments. He needs to clean out these corrupt officials and get educated and qualified people in these positions. They must be “officially” appointed. Now there is massive favoritism and sectarianism to choose people for these positions, and the worst part is they cannot do the job, thus the govts are dysfunctional and lacking expertise. This a major part of the problem with the new Iraqi democracy)

In parallel, suggesting political blocs that the government completes its mandate without resolving the three ministries vacant file, due to preoccupation with all parties to the fate of the Commission and the electoral law.

Says mass coalition citizen member of Raad al – Haidari (range), ” The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi form of government committees mini to resolve the positions and sites managed by proxy file , ” revealing the Abadi to inform the leaders of the coalition, a month ago, the move and asked them to send his representatives to participate these committees in order to “standards and principles to be adopted in the new choices” mode.

Haidari said that ” the National Alliance response to the request of the prime minister turned down because the task of the jurisdiction of the government,” pointing out that “These committees will open the door for nomination for all locations and positions managed by proxy, which is estimated at more than three thousand site and the post distributed among independent bodies and Undersecretary of the Ministry, and degrees of special ambassadors, advisors and military sites. ”

The accused parties within the National Alliance , the Dawa party acquired 17 independent body, which denies the party and confirms that the positions belonging to the parties in the rule of law. ( Go figure that the DAWA party, Nori al-Maliki’s party is the largest culprit)
According to the political agreement, which entered into the blocks before the formation of the government Abadi, the National Alliance ‘s share of the bodies of 15 compared to 11 organizations distributed between the Sunnis and the Kurds, and a single body of the Christian component, in addition to the three positions of Awqaf (Sna- Hiei- Christian and other components).

He says a member of the mass citizen, led by Ammar al – Hakim, said that ” the committees will depend in the selection of competent to fill the positions of these sites and personalities , ” stressing that “preparations are in full swing for the end of the resolution of the sites managed by proxy file.”

And about the fate of the vacant ministries and disagreement about the candidates, al – Haidari said , “This file is from the broken files confirm and there is no negotiations between the blocs to be settled at the present time , ” he said, adding that “preoccupied with other files of political parties is more important than the vacant ministries file.” (referring to other problems in dealing with the rapid corruption that is felt this is more important to resolve than these proxy positions)

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Abd al – Razzaq al- Essa, announced on Wednesday, for the approval of the Prime Minister requested exemption from the Ministry of Finance.

Because of the preoccupation with legislation blocks the electoral law and the position of the Electoral Commission, MP Messenger Abu Hasna , asserts that ” the vacant ministries file is no longer on the list of priorities Abadi.” The three ministries are still managed by proxy , namely: finance, trade and industry. The Abadi and the first administration, while The Planning Minister Salman Jumaili ‘s second administration, while managing the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs , the third management.
He adds MP Obouhsnh, during an interview with the (range), that ” the vacant ministries file died clinically and blocks is not serious to discuss with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi , ” stressing that “security problems and disputes over election law led to the disposal of the blocks of these ministries vacant “.
Four months before the Council of Ministers refused to vote on the nomination of candidates for the ministries of industry and trade because of the different component of the Turkmen representatives on the one hand, and between the National Coalition and the Sunni powers on the other hand, on the nomination of the Minister of Commerce bag. And the exchange of deputies of the Turkmen component accusations over the candidate of Necmettin Mohsen failed to take over the Ministry of Industry.
But the MP for the rule of law expects the vacant ministries file move against the backdrop of the resignation of Abdul – Razzaq al- Issa for the management of the Ministry of Finance acting. ”
Says a member of the call block” The data indicate that the current government will complete its without naming the ministers of trade, industry and finance , “attributing it to that” blocs preoccupied with the concerns and preparations for parliamentary and local elections that will be a vote of one.” (Saying that the upcoming elections this year should take care of these proxy positions)
Concludes MP for the province of Muthanna to say that” the blocks is dedicated to engage in talks about the ministries will be the assumption is not enough to offer anything. ” Agrees MP Hassan Chuird, a member of the national coalition, with Abu Jsnh, as it confirms The blocs spent even consider thinking about the vacant ministries file, pointing out that ” the file has become the forgotten files of all parties.”
Says Chuird, in a statement (term) yesterday that “political problems, particularly the electoral law imposed on the parties and blocs to turn a blind eye for the vacant ministries file “, pointing out that” the priority is focused on choosing a new election Commission. ”
the uncertain fate of the electoral Commission after the House vote, the end of last April, the lack of conviction answers to the President of the board.
He favored one vote is not convinced of the camp answers UNHCR B119 voice against the latter, compared to 118 in its favor, and preferred 15 deputies Keep the white ballot papers.

​The political blocs are looking for a legal way out of the impasse faced by the Committee of Experts charged with choosing a new Office of the Council, after nominate six of the current staff of the Electoral Commission.

(Why is this important to the RV timing? It is important because a fully functional govt is STABILITY! I personally do not believe that a few proxy positions is going to hold up any RV, but maybe 3,000 of them might?)
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
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