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TIM: Frank another great call last night thank you all for what you do for us. Frank, i have been thinking about this for the past few days and want to throw it out there to you on what you think about it.

I believe abadi is holding off announcing the liberation and independence of his nation because he wants to do it on the day that bagdahi or whatever that devils name is claimed cailphate at the ol mosque on the 10th of this month.

I believe you are going to see Abadi standing on the same balcony declaring liberation for his country and fellowman. They imo will make that day a new holiday, independence day just like our 4th of july.

But the reason i am projecting this is because of something else. what a great political move. when he address's his nation he will also tell the people that he rid of that cancer and that under his watch will never happen again.

He will be made to look like a hero just in time for the next election secureing a second term. this is imo only, what do you think teach? maybe some extra credit?
Frank26:  What i see ............. Is You Projecting ................ Our CC NOTES...... Almost Word for Word ....... TY Kindly.


Chris05:   Article:  Abadi, headed by a supreme committee for the rehabilitation of the vicinity of Baghdad airport and declared commercial city

Great find Samson, a super duper thank you for all your work!!!

Perfect timing PM Abadi...or shall I say, "Just in time, PM Abadi?"

Remember peeps, what's the first thing you see on the ground when you are an International tourist or business person, that lands in a new country??  (wink)    OK, check.

Oh, that's why you are perhaps rushing around PM Abadi, to make everything just perfect for that LL of International community and other International Airlines who need to provide the airplanes carrying the LL passengers, a suitable parking spot.

Is this perhaps an item on your checklist PM Abadi, that needs to be ticked off, before you open the flood gates.

Oh, and why is it that Iraqi Airways is being privatized?   (wink)

All this, IMO, not for a Program Rate, but for 'Internationalism', with a corresponding and appropriate IQD Rate.  (smile)

Enjoy  Cheers  Chris

Samson:  Abadi, headed by a supreme committee for the rehabilitation of the vicinity of Baghdad airport and declared commercial city

 06/06/2017 12:00

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords, Tuesday, revealed the formation of a supreme committee for investment and reconstruction, headed by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi file rehabilitation of the area surrounding the Baghdad International Airport.

He noted Keywords, according to a statement, "Economy News" received a copy of it, during a business meeting review of the preliminary designs for the file rehabilitation of the area surrounding the Baghdad International Airport team, that "the said Committee will start its work in the coming days," stressing "the importance of developing an urgent action plan to implement the team tasks, to be the first of the work of the Higher Committee for Investment and reconstruction. "

Keywords considered "the rehabilitation of the area surrounding the Baghdad International Airport, the process of declaration of a commercial zone as a city of the largest national projects in the country."

The Panel discussed chaired by the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and members include the head of the advisers and adviser to Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and President of the Secretariat of the Supreme Commission for coordination between the provinces and vice president of the National Investment Commission, as well as representatives of the ministries (Defense, Transport, Construction and Housing and Municipalities) and the secretariat of the Baghdad Division results General Secretariat, and the representative of the investment Authority reviewed the study prepared by the Commission earlier in collaboration with one of the advisory bodies on the re-revival of the area around the airport and turn it into a commercial zone to attract foreign capital and encourage companies trade Mieh to invest.

The meeting concluded with the following recommendations, "Updating previous designs in line with the developments, and focus on the importance of building an electronic village, as well as the identification of land size and review of previous work contexts out specific and detailed plan in accordance with the time bishop close to the start of operations of rehabilitation and in cooperation with consulting firms accredited.


Apmcrx:  Auctions to achieve monetary reform!!!   We're on track!!!!

MilitiaMan:  Now looky here!!! Just let this one sink in. They are using all the right words. I'll let everyone dig into this one and see how many you see that are from the CC..
I will start off:




Samson:  Parliamentary economy supports the central bank's recent measures to regulate the sale of currency window

  06/06/2017 - 13:26

Announced that the Committee on Economy parliamentary, Tuesday, support for the measures the bank 's central recent organization of the work of banks in the window selling currency foreign, indicating that the central bank held a classification in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Said a member of the Committee on Economy Parliamentary Najiba Najib 's " Economy News " , the " classification of the bank 's central banks involved in the window of selling the currency move is good too and its goal of reform cash " , indicating that the " Bank of the Central has taken these measures in coordination with the experts of foreign and specifically from the States of the United States as well to fund cash and bank international . "

She added that " the assessment of the new Bank of the Central adopted on seven items , notably the standards of transparency and the fight against laundering money that was given her degree 50 of 100 in addition to the top of the money and the granting of loans " , referring to that " some banks aimed at entering the window sell the currency to profit on the expense of the economy of the Iraqi which got the scores low in the classification .
She stressed that " the banks that got the centers last them to correct their status in order to remaining the window of selling the currency " , adding that " the development of the sector banking will lead to the development of the economy and therefore the Bank 's central began reform of through the window of selling the currency.


Frank26:  Parliament .....  .... PU PU PU !!! ............... U got no choice ..............

Frank26:  Article:  Wasting billions of dinars stopped in Iraq
IMF regulation .................. DONE............ GOI BUENO BUENO BUENO !!!

Samson:  Article:  Abadi, announces the return of normal life to Acer Mosul completely

Sounds like they are liberated

Frank26:  Then Celebrate in 4 days Sir.


JJonesMX:  Cbi...News & Announcements

To  / licensed banks all companies and all money transfer companies to broker the sale and purchase of foreign currency all ( forged documents ) 06/06/2017

Black lists of international financial institutions at the Central Bank of Iraq /  copy updated 



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