Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Pmac:  Crazy good CC tonight.  ( CC Highlights)  It would not be crazy real right now if they were not dealing with the corruption and talking about it openly no less.  Some where along the way... TPTB got the plan out and said OK... if we're going to do this we need S+S period.

Kuwait was our trial run with some success and failure's, but we have go to get this RIGHT... not Perfect... but enough to the point that satisfies the ME mindset and ultimately, the Western expectations of the ME markets considering all the "leg and skirt" show Iraq's been parading around.

"Whoo Hoo... Look at me International companies!!  Come in come in!!".

Who parades their lack-of-commerce around like that at a program rate?

Who's got banks with IBAN numbers?
​Where's our LD's at?

Who's getting their stinking Escrow account released back to them with interest?  June 30th huh?

Fascinating that it's literally the end of the month... on a Friday... leading into a Sunday going into a Monday (holiday weekend) with Tuesday off (and most people gone Monday).

 I don't know about you, but maybe that June 30th is a drop dead date with a Escrow account now leveraged to it's timeline.  If they blow past it... no matter.  They can't hide it forever... ... If they want that $$$

How's that speed of light looking now?? MOSUL I'm looking at you!!!


Chris95:  An amazing article Don, great find, once again.

I love what this says. IMO, They (Iraq) are shouting out from the top of their lungs the potential cause and effect of the problem - (corruption & bankruptcy), and at the same time, screaming out what the solution is - mechanics of money (currency) exchange for the citizens.

Keep 'em coming boys....IMO, They keep on spilling more and more of their beans, each day that goes by (June 2-June 9)
This is getting fun now, and so easy to see where Delta and Frank's latest recorded chit-chat (last night's CC), is leading us to.

Don961:   MPs attack government: every Iraqi "required" two thousand dollars in advance and most government business is going bribes!

BAGHDAD - The Journal

said the decision of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives Ahmed Hama Rashid, the disappearance of more than $ 112 billion of revenue impact. Rashid said in a statement Sahvi, that "the committees of integrity and financial Alniabaten had held accurate follow - up on the disappearance of government revenues , " adding that " the results are still not clear about how Iraqi revenues exchange."

Rashid said that "$ 312 billion of Iraq's revenues have been taken out of the country," alluding to "the disappearance of $ 112 billion of revenue and no one knows where she is." And Adav, that "the Iraqi government spent only $ 115 billion of the total revenue obtained by last year," he said, adding that it "spent another $ 58 billion in the private sector." He stressed that "the Commission has prepared six reports concerning the removal of Iraqi revenue abroad shows that 57% of those revenues were taken out of Iraq."
And that "the major problem of Iraq lies in the presence of large-scale corruption within government institutions included most of her joints," pointing out that "the bulk of government business is not going only through the payment of bribes." On the other hand, said the parliamentary finance committee member Haitham al-Jubouri, the debt Iraq's external and internal, amounting to $ 70 billion if it were divided on the sons of the Iraqi people, the indebtedness of each individual will be two thousand dollars.

Jubouri said in a press statement on Monday that "the bankruptcy of the Iraqi state under its debts it is unlikely that the Iraq-rich country and has oil reserves very large resources, in addition to the hard currency to cover almost equivalent to 1.3 of the local currency."

He added Jubouri, the "difficult economic situation will not cause bankruptcy of Iraq, but may suffer a severe crisis, perhaps we can say yes, may suffer from the inability to pay the employees' salaries or weaken the ability to fight terrorism without money," pointing out that "those challenges Iraq may push toward planning the mechanics of money exchange. "

He said Jubouri, that "if we divided the Iraqi debt, estimated at $ 70 billion on the number of citizens of Iraq's 35 million people, this means that every Iraqi individual is indebted to $ 2,000," he said. "This is a hard reality was supposed to successive governments pay a large portion of those amounts


Apmcrx:  :  Jubouri said in a press statement on Monday that "the bankruptcy of the Iraqi state under the debt resulting from it is unlikely because Iraq is a rich country and has resources and reserves of oil is very large, in addition to the coverage of hard currency equivalent to 1.3 of the local currency"

So... Jubouri is confirming the 1.3? Wow wow wow and mas WOW!!!!

Blinkster:  Yes my brother....MAS WOW for sure!  They are getting bolder and more transparent, aren't they?

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