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Blinkster:  Sounds pretty DEFINITIVE to me! What do you guys think?

MilitiaMan:  Now that is impressive! Oh man.. I was looking for this to be a true article.. Credit where due!! Look at that.. All of those Home Boyz, Together in UNITY!! Praying Together! God Bless them all. Rock On KTFA!~ ~ MM

Don961:  Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi: Iraqis united in the fight against terrorism and succeeded

4 of June 2017

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al - Abadi said that the Iraqis are united in the fight against terrorism , and they succeeded, and we hope that our unity will continue to maintain what has been achieved, and walk for the good of the country and citizens.
This came during a meeting sovereignty of a group of clerics from the Shiite and Sunni Endowments, where Park sovereignty and the holy month of Ramadan , the holy month of mercy , which is enhanced through unity after the Iraqis have come a long way from the victories they are on the doors of the final victory.

He added that Dr. Abadi , what hurts our hearts that the religion of mercy is kidnapped by terrorists who tarnish the image of Islam and Islam is innocent of them, noting that the Iraqis will not let them and we're going to eliminate them and not co - opt them.

He stressed the importance of a whistleblower and the preachers a major role in raising awareness of the dangers of extremism and terrorist ideology.

According to sovereignty , we do not want our forces and our sons to take part to fight outside the borders we do not want to destabilize the security of the States, we are not permitted Our Constitution.

Dr. Al- Abadi said Iraq was keen to cooperate with others in order to fight terrorism, noting that we spent on military terrorism and security and remains the intellectual and practical realistic challenge.

Information Office of the Prime Minister 4 - June --2017


Cole:  WOWOWOWOW FINAL ARTICLE!!!!!!! Basic currency? Sure, they'll be international soon! Once they win the war on terrorism! DUH

Don961:  Leadership of the private sector

05/06/2017 12:00   Hamid penal

Sure, Iraq will be in the next phase of an effective member of the international community through its role in the fight against terrorism and the victory over the dark forces and activate the role of Iraq in the next few era in the Arab League (Economic Unity Council) and intra-OIC trade, as well as its effective role with the United Nations, international organizations including the World Bank for Development & Construction and the international Monetary Fund and the World trade Organization.

We hope that the state of the process of economic reform to highlight the most important legislative decisions in the economic, political and social stations away from the state of the effects of disruption of economic and social infrastructure, here is the need to determine the thorny in the life of the Iraqi citizen to the extent that led oil revenues and accumulations, and trends and themes of monetary policy in the problems part of the so-called monetary policy and financial antiquities (whether public financial dominance to create a basic currency, the Central Bank of Iraq being the national currency in circulation outside the cover of the Central Bank).

The private capital and financial Trakmath and the intensity of its composition did not reflect the operational elements or consumer born sectors commercially consumable externally was not expressing his reaction to harsh against the remnants of privacy and starvation Ian conditions experienced by the Iraqi society was and still represent the loss of investment opportunity and to maximize production and economic progress.

Iraq today the behavior of turbulent in various economic and social trends as still oil revenues , financial, administrative and organizational structures inherited the private sector is unable to influence the actor to move the Iraqi economy , in spite of being an incubator to contain unemployment, poverty and activating the economy and society and the transition to a market economy through peoples ' experiences in the management of the process of economic reform.

The administrative structures and the institution of the state still needs to activate performance from here we have to define the methods and means by which to contribute to the private sector along with the public sector, institutions, companies and international organizations to achieve the desired goal in the discussion of the work and reconstruction and investment in the liberated areas of the central and southern regions where a safe haven.

The private sector Faihrs to interact with developments in the Iraqi arena , in particular , international and generally towards building the Iraqi economy process and in the orientation for the reconstruction of the affected areas and to create and support communication between Iraqi businessmen and businessmen , Arab and foreign local and foreign investors and to discuss and explore projects that ensure the flow of investment in the arteries of the Iraqi economy and promote the development of the national economy, and the size of our natural resources and possess enormous wealth in addition to the human energies substantially lead to the revitalization of economic cycle and the adoption of a free economy policy Through the leading role of the private sector in various economic fields.

The new circumstances impose on the Iraqi private sector to reconsider placing the current professional its systems, and methods of work and relationships with third parties and adapt to the new reality , which is hoped faithful of the Iraqi private sector that the requirements of moving aggressively to do its leadership role desired and ensure his sustainability after suffering was still more than four decades.

The sectors and government institutions have a responsibility to cycle the success of this task in the next stage of going private - sector movement and the establishment of institutions that maintain the market mechanisms and monitors the performance of the role of the Iraqi economy , which is one of the most important roles that we have been and continue to seek its establishment and rehabilitation of Iraqi businessmen capabilities financially after losses which befell them because of the difficult conditions experienced by Iraq and give them wider opportunities in economic decision - making process and what is required to finance future trends and sources of funding appropriate assumptions.

As I mentioned in a large article in the newspaper "morning" in 2007 , the establishment of the Ministry of or involved in the affairs of the Iraqi private sector body and remains the state and is the sponsor against him.
President of the International Federation of businessmen in Iraq


Iobey777:  They just keep talking! They must be feeling really proud of themselves about now! So just go ahead and post that rate and get it completed!!

Don961:  Ramadan evenings .. political dialogues victory with flavor

06/05/2017 0:00   BAGHDAD / morning

Is not new to hold the country's leaders and political blocs bilateral meetings or trilateral or even extended meetings during the holy month of Ramadan to discuss various files, but it's this year, came the victories achieved by our security forces the heroine and the mujahideen of the popular crowd welcomed flavor than expected by the people of the areas that were usurped from before terrorists "Daesh".

After meetings of the National Alliance in the presence of Dr. Haider al - Abadi Prime Minister to discuss the security situation and political files, the president continued his meetings Ramadan, yesterday , meeting House Speaker Dr. Salim al - Jubouri , leader of the Supreme Council , Adel Abdul Mahdi, both separately. The search infallible Jubouri, according to the presidential statement, " the efforts of the legislative authority to issue a number of important laws, especially concerning the forthcoming elections, as well as ways to strengthen Iraq's strategic position at the regional and international levels."

The meeting praised " the victories of our armed forces in all formations battle to liberate the city of Mosul from terrorist gangs Daesh," infallible Jubouri stressed " the importance of intensifying the consultative meetings between the three presidencies guarantee for the supreme national interest at all levels."



Don961:  So Iraq news is now copying/pasting the CCs .... ""complete liberation of Mosul has become a matter of no time more, they are in fact it liberal, and what is left of some pockets of resistance,   They are in fact liberal (liberated)

Cole:  How many more ways can they tell us?!?!?!

This is the date of the final victory over the "Daesh" Mosul

2017/6/4 12:14:23 PM

To enter the second phase of the liberalization west side areas of the city of Mosul, five months, since last February and solutions June this, the joint Iraqi forces have stepped up military operations against "Daesh" in order to complete liberalization last areas and the declaration of the final victory over this organization that swept the cities of the country in the summer the same month in 2014.

Since the 19 of last February 2017 Iraqi forces engaged in the battle to liberate the right coast of the city, the smaller area of ​​the left, but the denser population, which was edited by the joint security forces at the end of the month of January this year after the fighting lasted nearly four months.

Iraqi forces have managed since then editing most of the right areas of the coast of Mosul was left to organize the "Daesh", only neighborhoods (second health and healing and Zndjeli) and a few parts of the old Mosul.

The tightly popular crowd forces, on Sunday, its control fully Baaj district west of Mosul, the Iraqi-Syrian border, after a quick also military attack did not stand in front of militants "Daesh", the announcement of the Federal Police chief, team Raed Shaker, Sunday, June 4 current, control over 60% of the Zndjeli neighborhood, located in the right coast of the city of Mosul, did not keep the control of the terrorist organization, the only simple Mosul Trace.
Only 3 percent in front of the full restoration of Mosul

And the size of the areas that are still under the control of "Daesh", which Iraqi forces are working to fully edit them, said a spokesman for the Ministry of Defense of Iraq, Brigadier General Mohammad Vegetative, said that "only seven percent of the city of Mosul, an area completely is still under the control of militants Daesh who are losing gradually after another day before the progress of security forces, "noting that" the victory over Daesh Verifier military sense. "

He said in a televised interview that "the Iraqi street is eager to hear the statement of the final victory over Daesh but delay military operations and slow down, we sought to preserve citizens," noting that "the directives of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defense and the commander of field be careful hundred percent."
Brigadier vegetative stressed that "victory over the organization Daesh around the corner and Astdal curtain on crimes in the country and the restoration of the city of Mosul humpback."


Experts in the security affairs of Iraq and believes that an increase in the pace of battles to complete the liberation last areas and the declaration of the final victory over the "Daesh" during the current days, has nothing to do with the anniversary of June in 2014 when militants invaded the terrorist organization of the country's cities.

The security expert is confident Hashemi Tbarkh special for (and News), the "edit old city declaration in Mosul in the coming days will probably be a statement followed by the Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi," ruling that "the delay in the battles for the declaration of final victory over Daesh Mosul in June relative to June in 2014, "adding that it" no more chance. "

He stressed that "the joint Iraqi forces have other tasks after Mosul, freeing areas of Hawija and the high separation and the existing dominated by Daesh, accounting for 5 percent of Iraqi territory as a whole, which was located within the control of the organization."

Referred to areas of the coast right from the city of Mosul, numbering about 55 alive, managed to Iraqi forces from freeing more than 52 of them since the start of the second page of the liberation of Mosul operations on 19 February last, and only shy of the second health and healing and a small part of the Zndjeli neighborhood of Mosul remains old where the militants are holed up in front of the organization of Iraqi security forces, who fire, mostly from Arab and foreign and local leaders.

"Mosul" on the doors of liberation

In addition, writer sees Hadi JLo Mari, that the "complete liberation of Mosul has become a matter of no time more, they are in fact it liberal, and what is left of some pockets of resistance, and if we calculated the liberated territories, which reached the Jordanian border area, this means that the organization has It ended, and the battle of Mosul has now become relevant after more powerful, and became the battle of the territory. "

He added that the "popular crowd forces freed dozens of areas and arrived at the Syrian border, and met with the side of the Syrian, thus there are two dimensions in the battle, after connected to coalition forces and Iraqi forces fighting inside the city and the bombing of the organization" Daesh ", after another connected to the popular crowd forces that penetrated much in the desert and remote areas, the depth, and thus became part of a major regional battle, and thus the political interactions in the coming days will cast a shadow over the battle of the popular crowd, and this is what would provoke reactions American and regional. "

The city of Mosul, the Nineveh province, with an area of ​​180 square kilometers, is the second largest city in Iraq in terms of population, and away from Baghdad, approximately about 465 kilometers, fell completely, however, the organization Daesh on June 10, 2014, and announced the organization's leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of the resurrection of the city so-called "caliphate State", the state hybrid will not complete its third year, or perhaps the best case will overtake a few days before the end, the inevitable and complete dissipation of the organization in Syria and Iraq.

Bunker:  I love the word "final" in this article and some of the other articles seem to be saying everything is in closure..or in beginning "implementation"!! YES! exciting times right now! Praise God! 

MilitiaMan:  A lot of "Activate" words are popping up in the articles as well.. very very promising indeed!!

Samson:  Parliamentary Finance plans to discuss the final accounts of previous years with the Office of Oversight

 06/05/2017 - 10:10

Parliamentary Finance Committee, announced on Monday, close to convene a special meeting of the Committee with the Audit Court to discuss the previous budgets, which the parliament did not vote on the final accounts.

The committee member said Magda Tamimi in an interview seen by the "Economy News", "The Committee intends to end the previous budgets file and the settlement of final accounts to the knowledge of negligence and activating the public prosecution against them."

Tamimi added that "the parliament approved the final accounts until 2011," noting that it "discussed with the head of the Office of Financial Supervision to hold the forthcoming meeting brings together the Commission with the Bureau to discuss the budgets of previous years and vote on the final accounts.


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