Monday, June 5, 2017


Good morning, the current attacks on England is in retaliation for there Brexit exodus. The Middle East finger pointing on Qatar is just the beginning of things to come, for the real 911 involved group is now being exposed by the western media, US involved group are now rather nervous for there names are about to hit the fan. 

Main stream media mongols are exiting the lime light quickly for the to will hit the fan. Impeachment is fast tracking but will not resonate, the outcome will be of congressmen stepping down for there names shall also hit the fan. The GCR and all RV are now officially in the exchange playing field and the 800 number will be issued promptly. 

NESARA and GESARA were put into play at the G20 meeting and all measures were accepted and sign ed on. Our go to banks are all on high alert, and all internal emails have been delivered, instructions were given. Anonymous

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