Friday, June 9, 2017

ADAM MONTANA TIDBIT: Adam Montana's members fear turning their dinar over to banks for authentication , 9 JUNE

[...This does concern me as to how we could be safe in turning over our dinar to banks for proof of it being real.]  
Verifying the currency is as simple as using a De La Rue machine...

Adam Montana

   [...2 questions: First, is our current president's actions and intentions going to help the dinar RV....

part B: did he buy any dinar that anyone knows of?  

SECOND: Help me understand why the Iraqi would RV when they know so many of us possess their money?] 

  1. Yes, I believe so. Part B - that's going to be speculation regardless, unless he personally announces it.   

 2. What we hold is insignificant to them. Yes, we will benefit... but they will benefit much, much more.



   ...know that the GOI is working harder this Ramadan than ever before...   Article:  "Headed by Abadi .. Council of Ministers will hold its regular"  

 I see that as a very positive thing! Need I say more? (nope!)


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