Friday, June 30, 2017


[...I know that an RV, from all signs, is fairly imminent...Do you have a set of criteria or parameters that would convince you that the RV was legit and actually happening that you could share with us?]   

Legitimate confirmation from my sources, which include people of the highest  level. Will I share them?  Nope.   

   [Ok so what's the deal with this new CBI site?   ...is [it] a real test site for the new cbi.iq webpage and if it is what do you think about the 1.2 exchange rate for IQD/USD listed on the screen? Is it someone having a laugh at our expense or is it foretelling of things to come?]  

Short answer: It's possible that it's a real test site, but I doubt it. If it's still there in a couple days, then it's just someone screwing around. If it's gone... then we may have had a glimpse of something we weren't supposed to. 

We will see.

Ramadan is over, and so is Eid-al-Fitr. If you've been keeping up with the news...you'll agree that ISIS is just about over, too. Some are saying they have been crippled to the point that ISIS is barely recognizable as a "force" or "organization" any more.

 Either way, I think we're at a point where we don't even have to take "ISIS" into serious consideration when speculating on a potential increase in IQD value.  

We have some big items on the table right now - a vote at the UN, an IMF matter, some Iraqi Parliament meetings that are significant... 

I think I'd just be clouding the waters if I tried to explain ALL that is on my radar right now, so I'll suffice it to say this: We are at a potential crossroads right now, and it's looking GOOD

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