Sunday, May 28, 2017

TNT: Elmerf123456 "From Across the Pond" 5/27/17

Elmerf123456:  From across the Pond....A call with one of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism fighters in west Mosul ended quickly. "This is zero hour, this is the end, gotta go bro"

DollarBill9:  ELMER who said this is ZERO hour please ......you or the contact

Elmerf123456:  Contact of course…. I'm only the messenger! But in terms of the defeat of their enemy, I couldn't be more excited.....what follows next? We shall certainly see.

Elmerf123456:  It's officially over when in your hands you see a deposit slip. Then the work really begins.

CharlieOK:  CNN reporting that the GOI is saying the 100 percent of Mosul imminent and will report when they are ready to report it…… saying that the 100 percent liberation.... Getting exciting when CNN is reporting it.

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