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I bring you much news today.  

So now Mnt Goat has to clarify yet more of these ridiculous rumors.

One rumors is Mosul is “fully” liberated. We all know, by the dozens of recent articles as of lately, this is simply not the case. So why even spread such rumors? 

The next rumor is some say the RV will be “wrapping up by this coming weekend, at the edge of Ramadan”. Really? So just how do you think they plan to do this? Where are the FACTS and PROOF? 

There is not even, as of yet, any significant change in the value of the dinar (revaluation) in-country or elsewhere and certainly no lower denominations or new coins have been made public. 

More nonsense being spread by people who need to get a life. Again this is just a rumor.

Read my lips – The lower denominations will do the citizens absolutely no good unless there is a coinciding significant rate change. Get it? Oh – however some of these liars also lie and say there has been a rate change….only they are hiding it from us! Really!  This is so ridiculous  Again no PROOF or FACTS to back it up.

Even when the rate change does occur, the CBI does not plan to launch all the lower denoms together all at once. They simply can’t do this. So this alone tells us this information we are now hearing is misinformation. 

Instead this is what they do plan to do:

They will be careful to launch the lower denoms slowly, as the economy grows and drives the process. This will be a slower process then imagined and could take weeks or even months. It is not a sudden triggered event such as launching all the new lower denoms out on the population all at once. Get it? I have explained all this to everyone many times already.

The CBI has told us many times over and over again that the older 3 zero notes will coincide with the new lower denoms for up to 10 years. So what does this mean to you? It means to me they are going to slowly roll out the newer notes and slowly draw in the remaining 3 zero notes as shop keepers refuse to make change for the very large old 3 zero notes. The citizens will then have no alternative but to take them to the bank and exchange them for the new notes so that the stores and shop can accept and make change for.

Incidentally, what are they supposed to do with these new lower denom notes when the prices still reflect the larger three zero notes. So they will need a rate change first and then adjust prices.

For example today in Iraq - 1,000 dinars will still buy a dozen eggs or 50,000 dinars will pay for a week’s worth of groceries.  So now without a rate change and coinciding price adjustments in the stores, the citizens will have to carry yet more of the notes (the lower denoms) to purchase anything? For instance instead of carrying a 1,000 note they will have to carry 10 of the 100 notes. Folks this is counterproductive to the intent of the newer lower denoms. Get it?   Come’on let’s all use our common sense. There is no way the CBI would launch any lower denoms without a significant rate change first. 

I am also hearing rumors by the same liars that “we could exchange before this Saturday. . . stretching it out to Sunday or Saturday”. Really? Are these the same reliable sources that have been telling you intel over the past 6 years? How many times must we listen to these rumors without any real FACTS to back it up. Oh – they say there sources are so reliable. Really? You have to be kidding me! Are you still listening to them? Why? Again this is not just a mistake.

More news…. 

So we heard from news channels on Sunday that only Al-Qayrawan region in western Mosul remained to be liberated. Within this region only one small village remained. This news appeared in three different articles. Are they all lying to us?

They then told us ISIS was isolated and surrounded and they were moving in for the kill. I quote from this past article – “The remaining neighborhoods of the right coast of the city of Mosul are completely surrounded by all sides and there is a constant targeting of elements of the organization calling the terrorist, and he is currently losing the system of leadership,” Rasul said. Time, and very soon the Iraqis will be happy to hear the news.”

So out pops news on Tuesday morning that joint operations officially announced Al-Qayrawan region west Mosulcompletely liberated in a night special operation. So is Mosul now “fully” liberated? No – they did not say it was. We still wait for the “official” word to tell us from the govt. So please do not go off half-cocked screaming this news and spreading rumors. This news does us absolutely no good until the govt tells us the news. I say this because some very ignorant people have done just this in the past each time a battle was won. They don’t see to realize there is an entire region to liberate and not just one or two villages…..lol…lol….

Then on Wednesday morning out pops another article telling us that they are in the final battle as General of the Armed Forces, Major General Maan Al-Saadi, announced that the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces Haider Al-Abadi directed, with the participation of the anti-terrorist forces, in the liberation of the remaining areas. (So folks I think this is it. ISIS liberation should be completed this week and may already be completed)  

More news….

Iraq backed a proposal from Saudi Arabia and Russia to extend output cuts for nine months, removing one of the last remaining obstacles to an agreement at the OPEC meeting in Vienna this week.

OPEC’s second-largest producer, which only reluctantly agreed last year to cut output, had previously favored prolonging the historic deal by just six months. Saudi Minister of Energy and Industry Khalid Al-Falih secured the backing after talks in Baghdad with his Iraqi counterpart Jabbar Al-Luaibi. Non-OPEC nations Oman and Mexico also confirmed their support for a nine-month extension.

(So then what followed next?)

Crude oil prices continued to rise Monday, and Brent crude rose to $ 54 a barrel for the first time since April 18. (So Iraq was going to pull out of the OPEC agreement to cut oil production since they need the money desperately to fill the budget gap and fight ISIS. If they cut back in production the prices will rise (same demand, cut supply, shortage of product, prices rise) however this will mean less oil revenue but in the long term it may mean more revenue if they can get the oil prices beyond the baseline for the 2017 budget. It is a double edged sword…OPECs actions seem to be working)

As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

Eye of Iraq” publishes the final communiqué of the Arab-American Islamic Summit

The Arab summit held in Riyadh on Sunday called for building a close partnership between countries to confront “extremism and terrorism” and welcoming 34,000 troops as a reserve force to support operations against “terrorism” in Iraq and Syria. (So when the news media feeds you this crap about only 5,000 US troops in Iraq and Syria, just remember this article and say “rubbish”  as I know the truth its really 34,000. I am also NOT including all the private mercenaries the US hires out for this purpose too)

“We must build a close partnership between the participating countries to confront extremism and terrorism, and the leaders reaffirm their countries’ firm commitment to fighting terrorism in all its forms,” ​​the statement said.

It also included “an agreement among the participating countries to address the intellectual roots of terrorism and the drying up of its sources of funding, and to commend the exchange of information on foreign fighters and movements of terrorist organizations.”

The leaders welcomed the “establishment of a global center based in Riyadh to counter extremist ideology.”

The final statement “commends the exchange of information on foreign fighters and the movements of terrorist organizations, as well as the importance of progress towards a political settlement of conflicts.”

The statement also included “welcoming 34,000 troops as a reserve force to support operations against terrorism in Iraq and Syria.”

The Arab American Islamic Summit in Saudi Arabia ended on Sunday evening.

The summit took place on Sunday afternoon in the presence of leaders from more than 50 countries, including President Fuad Masum and US President Donald Trump. 

Joint operations of “Iraq Eye”: these remaining neighborhoods of Ayman Mosul

Baghdad / .. The spokesman for the Joint Operations Command Brigadier Yahya Rasul, Sunday, that the victory is very soon, specifying the neighborhoods that separate from the Mosul Declaration is fully liberated.

“The remaining neighborhoods of the right coast of the city of Mosul are completely surrounded by all sides and there is a constant targeting of elements of the organization calling the terrorist, and he is currently losing the system of leadership,” Rasul said. Time, and very soon the Iraqis will be happy to hear the news. ”

He pointed out that “the remaining neighborhoods, which are still under the control of Dahesh, the first recovery and health and Bab Sinjar, the field and the Farouk and simple parts of the brick door,” explaining that “these areas are densely populated and adjacent and difficult to advance the armored cars, so the forces progress slowly to protect civilians”.

“Iraqi oil”: the process of exporting Kirkuk oil is not clear and beyond the control of the central government

A spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Asim Jihad, during his conversation with Roudao correspondent, Mustafa Koran

The spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad, that “despite disagreements and differences in views on the subject of oil agreement between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the central government, but hope remains always, and seek to accelerate the creation of a new agreement to serve the national interest.”

“We are always seeking an agreement that serves the citizens in all Iraqi provinces, as well as the Kurdistan region, and therefore we must work on this subject in a common national spirit, and look for the national stage,” Jihad told the network.

Jihad said that “despite the lack of implementation and commitment from both sides on the previous oil agreements, but the people remain one, and therefore must always remain hope because we are all Iraqis in the end.”

On the issue of non-disbursement of the “Petrodollar” of the province of Kirkuk, the spokesman for the Ministry of Oil, “Kirkuk province has become a complex and difficult issue, and there are a lot of things out of control, and the federal government does not have authority over all the oil fields in Kirkuk, Not clear, and all this leads to the non-disbursement of (petrodollar) of the province of Kirkuk. ”

(they are telling us why the Kirkuk region has not yet received its share of oil revenues from its oil. This is not saying that the entire Kurdistan region has not received its 17% share of its oil revenue.)

As for the city of Basra, which is a source of the economy of Iraq, which suffers from marginalization in all respects, Assem Jihad said that “the Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Technical, and its work is to explore and the issuance and sale of oil, and the return of cash to the central government, The Petrodollar issue, where this amount is spent permanently.” (Why should the federal govt GOI pay revenue shares for this oil when they oil revenues have never been forwarded to the GOI in the first place when they sold it or more like stole it. Do you see the problem here? These regions are not living up to their part of the last oil agreement. So please stop blaming the GOI and feeling sorry for the Kurdistan region. Kurdistan is part of the problem too and this article is proof of it)

With regards to the establishment of a province in Basra, and its economic impact on Iraq, Jihad said: “We do not want to anticipate events and judge this issue, the subject was an idea, but not realized until this moment, and when it is realized there will be another talk about this subject.” (the GOI is saying they did not realize the full extent of the problems with the oil revenues until now and so they must go back to Kurdistan govt and expose the issues and talk more about resolutions)

Preparations in Baghdad for a reconciliation conference attended by figures wanted for the judiciary

(I can see many still don’t understand what the “reconciliation” process is all about. So let me explain. First of all it has nothing to do with fighting ISIS. It is not about the liberation of Mosul. It is a new law and effort to resolve sectarianism within Iraq once and for all. This effort has been a necessity for over 100’s of years. Only now with the new democratic govt it is apparent it will not work without national unity. It has been called many things over the years I have been in this investment. It is about healing the old wounds of all the secs and religions within Iraq and learning to live together in peace. But it goes a level deeper. It is also about bringing those corrupt politicians to justice, eliminating the obstacles and allowing the political process, how to handle the various militia groups, outlaw weapons and states who can be in the militias in the aftermath of Mosul. It is linked to the National Guard law too. It is all interconnected. Please take the time to read this article as it will inform you and educate you on just what the reconciliation process is.
They know they need to fill the gap once ISIS is gone. You see the ISIS attack just didn’t suddenly happen. This group was stirring in Iraq for many years. The corrupt political process in Iraq fed their cause and allowed them to exist. ISIS just filled the gap when the US troops left in 2011 and so now the gap exists once again. Who or what will fill it? Will it be a peaceful force conducive to a peaceful Iraq. So the very good news of this article it they are implementing it and they will have many meetings as this is a very long process and will take years to get it right. So there is no such thing as reconciliation and then the RV. Reconciliation is not a single triggered event. Get it?)



Baghdad is witnessing high-level preparations for a reconciliation conference. The list of invitees for the conference includes figures required for the Iraqi judiciary, such as Karefa al-Issawi, the former finance minister, Khamis al-Khanjar, the Arab project leader, and Athil al-Nujaifi, the former governor of Nineveh, and parties from the Baath party.

Efforts are under way to settle al-Issawi's file before the conference, which has not been set. But this conference faces the opposition of a Sunni group, led by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, who refuses to return wanted to the Iraqi judiciary to the political process.

It was not clear the relevance of this conference the efforts led by the leader of the National Coalition and Vice President Iyad Allawi to hold a reconciliation conference announced in his meeting with the head of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki.

A senior source in the Union of Forces for the (range) yesterday, "the establishment of internal and external Sunni parties to approach the government to agree to hold a conference in the capital Baghdad, attended by personalities required for the judiciary to discuss the situation of Iraq's post-post-urging."

The deputies of the rule of law have revealed, earlier this month, the date of two conferences of the Sunni forces in Brussels and Turkey under European auspices. Referring to the invitation to Rafie al-Issawi and Tariq al-Hashemi and 25 members of the House of Representatives.

The source, who preferred not to be named because of the sensitivity of the information he gave, said that "among the names invited to participate and attend the upcoming conference, each of Rafie al-Issawi, and succeeded the balance, and Ethel Nujaifi, and Khamis dagger."

On the prosecutions that prevent the participation of some invitees, the high source explains that "the parties sponsor the conference called on the government to provide security and legal immunity to enter and exit these figures from Iraq without any accountability."

The source added that "one of the most important things that will be discussed by the conference is how to drop the judicial charges for Issawi and Nujaifi, Najah al-Mizan and Said al-Lafi, and some of the figures who participated in the sit-ins and their return to the political process, as well as the establishment of the Sunni region, and balance and participation in decision-making.

According to the source, who is part of a team to prepare the historic settlement initiative, "the conference will adopt the confidence vote of the Sunni President of the Sunni forces, Salim al-Jubouri and his deputy, Ahmed al-Masari, and will look for new and alternative leaders." He pointed out that "the time of holding this conference is subject to the approval of the Iraqi government."

The Turkish capital, Ankara, last March, closed meetings lasted for two days, which included 25 political figures and tribesmen and businessmen of the Sunni component, ended with the selection of Salim al-Jubouri as the rotating president of the Sunni forces and Ahmad al-Masari as his deputy.

The rivalry between al-Jubouri and Osama al-Nujaifi, vice president of the republic, is dominated by the Sunni component, along with a sharp split between the Sunnis abroad and the Sunnis involved in the political process.

The source, who is responsible for the movements and meetings conducted by Sunni parties with the leaders of the National Alliance, which warned them to hold such a conference in the capital Baghdad, expressing concern that the conference gives legitimacy to parties adopting the internationalization of the issue of the year of Iraq.
"There is a fear that deputies and Sunni political figures invited to the conference will be legally accountable after the decision of the House of Representatives, which banned participation in conferences outside Iraq," said the senior source in the Union of Forces.

On April 30, the House of Representatives voted on a parliamentary resolution prohibiting Iraqi politicians and officials from attending or attending conferences and meetings that affect the security of the state and the political system and harm the national interest held outside or inside Iraq without the approval of the Iraqi authorities.

A group of Sunni figures recently concluded talks in Brussels, at the invitation of a Belgian civil society organization, to discuss crises and problems in western provinces.
The source pointed out that "this organization is competent to issues of conflicts and conflicts," noting that "Among the most important figures who attended the meeting is the head of the dialogue front Saleh al-Mutlaq."

"The invitations of the Belgian organization presented a month ago to Sunni political figures, including current and former parliamentarians, while the Sunni parties residing abroad represent independent figures, most of whom are in the Jordanian capital Amman," the senior Sunni politician said.

In this context, MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar, a member of the State of Law bloc, revealed the existence of negotiations led by Vice President Iyad Allawi to hold a national reconciliation conference attended by Rafie al-Issawi, Athil al-Nujaifi, Nasser al-Janabi and the Baath Party. "Allawi met a while ago with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and put forward the idea of ​​holding a conference in Baghdad in which many personalities participated in order to unify the visions and ideas," MP Jassem Mohammad Jaafar told Al-Mada. These characters required to the judiciary to decide before agreeing to participate. "

The deputy close to the Prime Minister that "the head of the coalition of the rule of law refused to return these figures back to Baghdad and told Iyad Allawi, during their last meeting, refused to return these figures to the political process, even if they are innocent," stressing that "Allawi is still leading negotiations with The majority of the political blocs to hold this conference. "

The Vice President of the Republic of Iyad Allawi, discussed with Nuri al-Maliki, in early May, the convening of a national conference of leaders in the country with the aim of "open the blockages experienced by the political process, and assess the course of the political process in the past phase and the development of perceptions and ideas to open the blockages, According to a statement by Allawi's office.

The deputy of the Dawa Party for the "file file Rafie al-Issawi and Ethel Nujaifi to the judiciary to reconsider them," stressing that the file, "the governor of Nineveh the former is almost one of the easiest files that are currently submitted to the judiciary to decide."

The member of the bloc of state law, "the presence of Sunni parties led by Parliament Speaker Salim Jubouri refuses to return these politicians, and is conducting negotiations with multiple forces to block the convening of this conference," likely "to choose Turkey as an alternative place for Baghdad to hold a national reconciliation.

In turn, Hassan Shuwaird, MP from the National Coalition, efforts of the leader of his bloc Iyad Allawi to hold a conference for national reconciliation. "The general situation in Iraq can not continue without community reconciliation," he said.

He said Shuwaird, in a statement to (range) yesterday, that "the head of the National Coalition Iyad Allawi sent messages to the presidents of the government and the parliament and heads of political blocs, stressing the need to hold the conference in Baghdad."

And on the presence of wanted on the list of invited to the conference, denied Schwaird knowledge of it, and said, "We expect the response of the heads of blocs and the three presidencies on the letters of Iyad Allawi." 

They Laughed When I Said "Buy Iraq."
Written Monday, May 22, 2017
Iraq is undervalued, booming, and about to win the war against ISIS.  Here is the bullish scenario for investors.
Iraq is considered to have the world’s second largest proven oil reserves with 140 billion barrels.  That said, it could be much higher as much of the data is 2-D seismic and predates the 2001 Gulf War.
Right now, Iraq's assets are severely undervalued for two reasons: the low oil price and the war with ISIS.  Both of those factors are changing.
The war against ISIS is winding down. 
The Atlantic reports: "The Scramble for Post-ISIS Syria Has Officially Begun."
The Guardian reports: "Isis Faces Exodus of Foreign Fighters as its ‘Caliphate’ Crumbles."
Business Insider reports: "ISIS is losing ground."
Military.com has reported that ISIS has lost 55,000 square kilometers of territory since its peak in 2014.  ISIS is losing on all fronts and as of last week controls less than 10% of Mosul.
The current goal of the U.S. military has switched from regaining territory to destroying ISIS fighters before they escape back to their home countries. 
The end result of this is that some three million people are returning to their homes in liberated cities.
Oil Production Up
Despite all of the violence, Iraqi oil production continues to climb and is now more than double Gulf War output.

US Asks Iraq to Suspend 785 Iranian-affiliated Officials
(All I can say are a couple remarks: 1) its about time!; 2) thank you president Trump! I hope this goes thru and I also hope they suspend al-Maliki too from any future govt affairs. This has been at the root of most of the violence in Iraq)

US says these officials are implementing Iran's agendas

ERBIL — The United States has asked Iraq to suspend the work of 785 officers in the ministries of defense and interior who are following the Iranian agendas, Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information, Haissam Bou Said said on Tuesday.

"The United States has called on the Iraqi official administration through President Trump's senior advisor Jared Kushner to suspend 785 senior officers in the army, security forces and directors of the key departments," Bou Said said in a statement.

He added that the US believes those officials are implementing the Iranian agendas, specifically the agendas drawn up by Major General Qassem Soleimani, Iran's Quds Force commanderwith support from the Iraqi VP Nuri al-Maliki.

Maliki served as the Iraqi PM from 2006 to 2014 and has been blamed for the security failure and corruption in the country. Moreover, during his reign, hundreds of Sunni figures and officials who opposed Iran's interventions in Iraqi internal affairs were assassinated.

(There is also a rumor that Nori al-Maliki had a heart attack and was rushed to Iran for open heart surgery to remove the blockage. I do not know all the facts as the news was sudden. I am sure we shall find the truth as time passes on. Between you and me….this would be a God sent blessing if it did occur…..) 

The central bank come the way for the financing of terrorism and our progress in the fight against money laundering

Economy News _ Special:

The Central Bank of Iraq, said on Tuesday, we have cut the way for the financing of terrorism at a time between the steps that had made the fight against money laundering. (This is worded as PAST Tense)

The bank adviser said Walid Idi in an interview for "Economy News", the Central Bank of Iraq, the first very great interest in the fight against money laundering file and the financing of terrorism, especially after the issuance of anti-money laundering law and the financing of terrorism efforts, prompting the bank to give more privacy to Moktab anti-money laundering testicular administrative and financial and even spatial.

Idi He pointed out that the Central Bank of Iraq and the recent part of its plans and procedures trimmed large proportions of money laundering as the anti-money laundering law and the financing of terrorism applied effectively and is in place at the present time

Eide noted that the Central Bank of Iraq has not and will not be subject to pressure in the fight against money laundering and is past this file until the end, where the bank managed to "cut off the financing of terrorist ways," through his tools in which it operates.

The House of Representatives voted, during its meeting held on 23 (16 September 2015), under the chairmanship of Vice-President of the Council Hamoudi and the presence of 195 deputies, the draft Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act.

(Why this article? Why is this article coming out now? This is all in the effort of the CBI to now convince the GOI that they have taken measures and to agree with them that they are now ready for the resumption of the project to delete the zeros, thus move towards an RV timeframe. I believe they are working together now with the finance ministry to set a timeline for this event. We should be seeing tons of articles on this topic shortly)

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen 
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