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"Intel Dinar Chronicles & The 2nd GCR" - One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr. 5/25/17

Intel Dinar Chronicles & The 2nd GCR

Let it be known that there is a "GCR Safe Haven" for Light Workers here on http://www.dinardaily.net/  It is important to know that Light Workers can come here and GET THE TRUTH. This is so important in these times when so many other websites are being corrupted and infested by the Cabal Minions, Trolls, and their "Last Minute" disinformation tactics. 

Minions At Work

In the last few days I have gotten so many reports of Cabal Scum putting out lies that there will be no GCR, no zim redemption, no NESARA/GESARA and No Republic. Of course we know these are all LIES of the most heinous nature. These Minions could cause good people to lose confidence in the GCR, get rid of their zim and other currencies, and make a multi-Trillion dollar mistake. This is the last ditch effort for the dying Cabal to stop us from having money, and for them to survive another day before being arrested. But it is already too late for them, but not for us.

GCR Safe Haven

We as a community have done an outstanding job running the Trolls out of our House, and even getting many of them arrested as well. I am very proud of this... BUT IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT THAT ALONE. With these increased disinformation attacks elsewhere on the web, people are being scared into believing that there will be no GCR, that the ZIM won't revalue, and they are searching for Comfort and a safe place where others still believe.... That is us my friends. We are the "Safe Haven" where frantic disillusioned, and frightened Light Workers can see posts that confirm that all is well, that the New Golden Age is a "Go" after all. This is an important thing that we do here.

To: Seekers Of Truth

Here on Intel Dinar Chronicles, we not only believe in the GCR, the Republic, NESARA/GESARA, & Disclosure, we are EXPECTING it to happen very soon. YES, the ZIM, the Dinar, The Dong, and the other First Basket Currencies WILL REVALUE at VERY HIGH RATES FOR US, THE LIGHT WORKERS. For those who are just arriving from other Cabal infested websites, Video sites, and conference calls, there will be a short time period when we will be Offered VERY HIGH rates for our currencies to do Humanitarian works. Keep this website book marked as your Go-To place of TRUTH.

To: The Cabal Scum

I have heard that many of you (Cabal agents) already know that you will not be exchanging and you want to take it out on others, but you are the one to blame. Your days are numbered and if you think anonymity keeps you safe, think again. There is no place and no way you can hide from the Republic Forces, the Galactic Forces, or the White Knights. By spreading these Cabal LIES that the zim won't revalue, or that there will be no GCR is only making it worse for you when you do get picked up. But, you should know we have a way to counter your evil lies and deeds..... The 2nd GCR.

The "IDC 2nd CGR"

Clearly many of our fellow Light Workers have been hurt by this last ditch Cabal effort to discredit the GCR and make people think that it won't happen. I personally know of people who have actually given up their currency and some burned it as well. I say that we should get the very high rates so that we can take care of these victims of the Cabal Disinformation. Remember, that if we don't have income taxes any more, and we won't, then you can transfer huge chunks of money to these Cabal victims as if they had kept their currency. We as a Light Worker Community can reverse the damage these minions have caused! This would be like a second GCR, for those who missed the first GCR. 

There will be NOTHING that the CABAL can do to stop us from helping their disinformation victims after the GCR has ended. The Cabal minions will be picked up by then and out of our way, and we will be the ones reversing all the damage They have done to our fellow Light Workers. I am going to get even higher rates myself, just for this reason. Let there be a 2nd GCR for those who missed out on the first one!

Watch Out For "Official" News Articles

As a special note, Remember that the Cabal still control the news sources. So when you see an "Official" article from some news site in this country or another, it is HIGHLY SUSPECT! It is going to be mostly "Show" and will have an "AGENDA" no matter who they are. There are many who rely heavily on these sources of information and intel, BUT, they are controlled by the Cabal Media Corporations and most likely wrong. I don't trust ANY of them. Remember we have been "Trained" by the Cabal to trust what we see on the news and in print, because they control what is on the news and in print. If it is in print, be VERY SKEPTICAL until after the Good guys have taken back our media. 

Recent Disinformation

So, we still have disinformation and Fear Mongering that is being put out to OUR WORLD. This includes the nonsense of Martial Law and shortages. These are CABAL strategies to both cause Fear among us and increase their profits to their big corporations. Their regular money sources have all but dried up and their stores are all they have left. ANYONE WHO SAYS THERE WILL BE MARTIAL LAW AND SHORTAGES IS PUSHING THE CABAL AGENDA. Do you hear me Kent?

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Cabal are fighting the GCR with disinformation like NEVER before. It is their last ditch effort to stay out of jail for yet another day. So the Light Workers who are freaking out at the Disinformation are looking for truth and are finding our Home here on IDC, to be a Safe Haven, where TRUTH is paramount! We need to keep our house clean of these pesky vermin so that there is at least ONE place on the web that has the REAL truth. That is our work here in these last days, to maintain a Safe Haven Of Truth."

Many have already given up their currency or will find out that the group they joined was Cabal. If we get an even higher rate ourselves, we can create a Second GCR for those who missed out on the first one due to the Cabal Disinformation attacks. This way we can reverse the damage they have done to "our people," and hydrate the World that much faster. We have the Power and the numbers to do this. Let's screw the Cabal and their last ditch efforts by reversing everything they have done to us!

Be very careful what places you get your information in these last days of the GCR roll out. Any news source is suspect, as the Cabal still own and run them. If it is promoting Fear and worry, and/or it says that we are not going to get what we are expecting, it is CABAL AGENDA. Know that the Elders, the NPTB, and the Galactics have the power and ability to make sure that NOTHING BAD happens, and they have proved it over and over. FEAR IS NOT their plan. Their plan is a SUPER SMOOTH transition with all the LOVE they can show, after all, that is the HIGHER VIBRATION. In short, they don’t fear and they don't want you to fear either. They will make sure that Fearful Events do not happen.... AND THEY HAVE THE POWER AND MONEY TO SEE THAT IT DOESN'T. KNOW IT!

Other than that, we are closing in on the VERY END of this roll out where the rates will become public. When that happens.. It is Over! Of course that is when our joyous work begins! 

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows/Richard Lee McKim, Jr.

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