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May 31, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.  

Whoever would have thought we would still be here without an RV at the end of May in the year 2017? If you were to ask me this question last year I would have said – probably! But this would have been contingent upon the timing for the full liberalization of the Mosul region.

So now we are hearing that the “official” announcement is being PLANNED for about mid June or around June 10th. Let’s wait and see how this all plays out. Please do not expect this date to be some trigger for an RV. Just relax and let’s see what goodies the CBI brings us around this time. I fully expect them to begin their re-education campaign for currency reform/delete the zeros project and what they will do in the next phase of it.  ​
As always my comments are in italic RED.

Articles Begin

A security expert: nothing left to complete the liberation of Mosul Ayman

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} security expert Jassim Hanoun on Sunday, left a lot to complete edit the right side of the city of Mosul.
Said Hanoun, told {Euphrates News}, that "nothing was left to the right side of the Emancipation Proclamation," adding that " the federal police controls a lot of Zndjeli neighborhood."

He added that "half of the old city , however , the security forces, and the presence of eight safe corridors for the exit of residents in those places on the south side, west, and north, west and south, played down the momentum that was suffered by the security forces in those places."

He stressed that "Daesh can not stay more, have arrived at the scene of a narrow Vnan all the pieces of security operations up to it."

The leadership of the coming operations , O Nineveh, announced yesterday the launch of the process of liberalization of the remaining occupied in the right side of the city of Mosul Daesh terrorist gangs, pointing to the storming of Shifa hospital and the Republican neighborhood, inspired Zndjeli, as well as neighborhood health.

Mosul battle to be resolved within 72 hours

A spokesman for Iraqi Joint Operations said Monday the battle to recapture Mosul would be resolved within 72 hours, according to a video obtained by The Baghdad Post on Monday.

This comes at a time when an Iraqi military source confirmed 26 ISIS terrorists had been killed in battles in al-Zanjili district in Mosul.
He added the forces had destroyed a number of car bombs and fully controlled vital buildings.

The Iraqi forces are fiercely battling to oust ISIS remnants from three major districts in Iraq’s second largest city.

Economists divided over deletion of zeros on Iraqi dinar

(Please look at the date of this article. I am trying to make a point here that many attempts to get this project to the next phase have been tried and the GOI, not the CBI comes up with excuse after excuse as to why not to do it. What will be their new excuse after ISIS liberation? Will they finally do it?)

Author: Amina al-Dahabi
October 1, 2013

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has been attempting to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency since 2003. This project has raised many concerns among the Iraqi public and within the business community, and Iraqi economists are divided. While some support the project and consider it a chance to decrease inflation and unemployment, others warn of economic shocks that may prevail over the Iraqi market as a result of the project’s implementation.

Following amendments made by the CBI, implementation of the project has been postponed several times. This is because of fears that are mostly related to the lack of security, the presence of a market open to foreign commodities without any restrictions, the prevalence of counterfeit money in the market and rampant corruption in the country.

The independent Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted Abdul Hussein al-Yasiri, a member of the Iraqi parliamentary Finance Committee, as saying that 2014 will witness the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currencyHe noted that the deletion will occur in coordination with the CBI, and that as a result of the project, the number of banknotes in circulation will be reduced from 4 billion to 1 billion.

So what do we know as FACTS about the deletion of the zeros?

FACT#1: In June of 2011 the CBI told us “The zeros that were added to the Iraqi currency previously constituted a large money supply up to 5 trillion banknotes”, the adviser of Iraqi Central Bank governor Mothahhar Mohammed Saleh told Alsumaria news. So this we know as FACT.
FACT#2: In 2013, in the article above, it says and I quote “He noted that the deletion will occur in coordination with the CBI, and that as a result of the project, the number of banknotes in circulation will be reduced from 4 billion to 1 billion”.
FACT#3: Did they succeed in reducing the money supply of these 3 zeros notes? And can we assume when they told us this supply had to be reduced it was part of the project to delete the zeros, which we know also that they told us will lead to a revaluation of the currency? The answers are YES and YES to both questions.
Haider al-Abadi, the head of the Iraqi parliamentary Finance Committee, told Al-Monitor that while deleting zeros from the current currency is possible, this has been postponed until after parliamentary elections. He noted that studies are being carried out to ensure that, following the currency change, counterfeiting is limited and that Iraqis don’t go back to trading in the old currency.

The step to delete zeros from the currency has been postponed several times, leading the parliamentary Economic Committee to demand that the CBI accelerate this project, as Al-Sharqiya reported.

In a news conference held July 6, the Economic Committee confirmed that the deletion of zeros will lead to an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar and will have positive repercussions, including a reduction in unemployment and poverty rates in the country. (So here it is in black and white, that this project will lead to an increase in the value of the dinar, rather I say – It has to or the project can not be successful.)

Nafee Elias, a financial advisor at the North Bank, told Al-Monitor that the step to delete zeros is merely an administrative process, and the currency equation should remain the same. This means that the purchasing power of the new currency should be equal to that of the old currency(So they are telling us that a 25,000 bank note in Iraq will equal still be valued as around $25 in Iraq as it is today. So when the new notes do come out $25 in lower denominations will also equal $25 dollars after the next phase of the project. So the RV will be a 1:1 thus this tells me one dollar $1 will equal 1 dinar)

He added that the two currencies should both remain in the market for a period not exceeding three years, then the old currency should be gradually withdrawn(The plan originally was for 10 years (2003-2013) but since time has already expired it is now down to only 3 years since they need some time to SLOWLY withdraw them. Folks – my point here is this – since this project to delete the zeros has been postponed so many times they must keep adjusting timelines. So who the hell actually knows now just how long the 3 zero notes will coincide with the newer lower denoms post RV. We just have to wait for a more recent article and the re-education process I keep talking about from the CBI to tell us. This is why this is so important. Get it now? We got this article and I am presenting it below. Please read it. It is dated January 2017.
Many intel “gurus” decide to take the point of view that nothing over the years ever stopped the RV. Really? How you can you sit there and say this with an honest face to me? I show you some compelling evidence today this simply is not the case. These same gurus tell us the delay is only a delay and it was never “postponed”. Really?
They also say they only needed to complete the banking and financial  changes needed for the process and these have been ongoing. This is simply not true.
The part of the process to allow this changeover to the new currency was completed already for many years, according to what the CBI believes in needed. They have told us this many times. Can these “gurus” read?
It is the GOI that steps in each time and sets yet new standards each time the CBI wants to move ahead. It is the GOI that keeps raising the bar to new and higher standards. Can the GOI keep doing this? Will one of these outside organizations finally step  in and force the GOI to give the CBI the “green Light” once again and step aside and not impede the process of the CBI  again?
I have had many long conversations with my CBI contact on this matter and the CBI is very frustrated. They do not show it publicaly since they need to present an aura of support and working with the GOI. But now that Mosul is liberated will they finally speak out against the GOI, if they try another obstacle?)

Elias expected problems to arise if debtor-creditor transactions are not set according to the new currency, or there are defects in withdrawal or payment transactions. He added that it is unlikely the change will affect inflation or poverty rates.

Ahmed Faizullah, deputy head of the parliamentary Finance Committee, agreed with Elias. Speaking to Al-Monitor, he noted that the deletion of zeros will not affect the Iraqi dinar’s purchasing power, because the latter is linked to the size of industrial production and imports. He added that the CBI’s hard currency reserves have saved the Iraqi dinar and served as a cover for it. Faizullah called for not applying the project at the moment, because it will confuse Iraqis and disrupt the market.

Amid these views, Enas Mohamed, deputy director at Naseem Al Shemal Brokerage Company, told Al-Monitor that the stock market will be harmed the most by a change of currency and the deletion of zeros. The price of a share is one dinar, so currently 1,000 dinars are equal to 1,000 shares. Following the deletion of zeros, the new dinar will be equal to 1,000 shares, which would further confuse the stock market, which is already muddled as a result of the security situation.

(Okay so we have opinions of many economists and quotes from parliamentary members from the past. More history of what was said in the past that you should understand in this RV saga, if you want to try to predict a timeline for the next attempt at the RV.)
So now let’s go a bit deeper and look at the most recent we have and so what did they tell us? See article below.

The central bank's "Tomorrow Press:" the project to delete the zeros will be applied beginning of the year 2017
Admin on Fri Jun 26, 2015 

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: The governor of the Iraqi Central Bank, on Thursday, that the project to delete the zeros will be implemented in early 2017, indicating that the Bank embarked on the development of the first steps of the project. (all they need is to push forward the next step)

Keywords and said for "tomorrow Press", "The goal of deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency is to support the Iraqi dinar and make it a competitor of foreign currency", he returned him as a "strategic project that will serve the country's economy."

"The Bank is working on the mechanisms used to implement this project is expected to start by the beginning of 2017," noting that "the central bank has began the first steps of the project through the selection of designs, companies and the country in which it will be printed currencies". ( we read many articles that told us the new currency is not printed)

He pointed out that "the introduction of new currency does not mean the destruction of the old currencies, but it will continue to trade to about ten years," pointing out that "this period will enable the central bank to withdraw the old currency in accordance with the mechanics of the market and will maintain liquidity." (Okay so now they are back to 10 years. So this is the latest news)

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives earlier revealed, (August 15, 2013), the postponement of the process of removing zeros from the currency until after the next parliamentary elections, while confirming that the government is demanding guarantees for non-substituent return to currency markets and forgery(okay so in 2013 they are telling us why they postponed the project. Did you read it? It says the govt was demanding, at that time, “guarantees for non-substituent return to currency markets and forgery”. So did they implement these measures since 2013? YES- absolutely they did since also the IMF and all the memos of understand and agreements to work with Iraq in this respect moved them in this direction. So who is driving the RV?) 

The Central Bank of Iraq confirmed, in the (April 25, 2013), that there is no intention at this time to restructure the currency and delete the three zeroes of them, denying the reports in this regard.

Referred to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced (April 12, 2012), to wait for application in the process of deletion of zeros from the national currency, which had to stop all actions associated with the operation mentioned until further notice(I quote – “had to stop all actions” – this to me says the CBI was progressing and would have completed it had it not been the GOI who interfered and stopped it. So again I ask – Who is driving the RV the GOI or the CBI?)

It is noteworthy that some economists believe that Iraq is not formatted for the time being for the deletion of zeros from the dinar, pointing out that the deletion needs to be a security and political stability as well as economic stability.
(So they need: (according to the economists in the article)
Security (to safeguard the banks,
Political Stability ( to ensure no more Nori al-Maliki shenanigans)  Economic Stability (meaning they need to get oil prices up, get CBI reserves stable, get investors to come into Iraq).
Can it be any clearer? So how the hell was it going to RV over these past year and a half, any day / any hour with all this still needing to be done? I don’t see why anyone (secret sources) would tell anyone this, unless they don’t know what they are talking about.
Folks this is their words not mine. NO Rumors, NO Hype, just the FACTS! 

So have they accomplished all of these needed things to the extent needed?

Governor of the Central Bank's "Tomorrow Press": Iraqi dinar is not in danger and delete the zeros Postponed


BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press: The Central Bank, said on Sunday that there is full control of the Iraqi dinar, revealing that the deletion of zeros from the currency, deferred for the time being.  (Note they said “deferred”. Why? Because they are referring to the promised EARLY 2017 timeframe from an earlier news media broadcast. The CBI knew it was not going to happen in EARLY 2017. Since they could not project when ISIS liberation would be complete, they could not give a new target timeframe.)

The governor of the bank, on the Keywords, for "tomorrow's Press," that "the rumors about the Iraqi dinar at risk and prone to degradation and decline in comparison with other currencies as dollar, is not true," adding that "Msatralih dinar fully and that in progress." (So here we witness them saying rumors that the project will not take place are false and that they do in fact still intend to bring the Iraqi dinar up in value “in comparison with other currencies”.)

He added, "The Bank operates in accordance with the monetary and fiscal policies which are managed accurately and feminization and that the issue of preservation of the Iraqi dinar of the priorities of his interest, but it's at the heart of his work." 

And on the application of the process of deleting the zeros of the Iraqi currency, Keywords, said that "the Iraqi Central Bank did not specify a date for the deletion of zeros from the currency dinar," noting that "subject to availability of appropriate conditions, including the general stability in the country."  (Folks is the “general stability in the country” returning with the defeat of ISIS? Many keep asking as to what level of stability they need. Well…if you read the articles you would know. They told us a “general stability in the country”. How stable was the country in 20111, 2013 or 2015 which were other timeframes they attempted to RV? If it was not for events that occurred at these times, that exceeded the level of instability needed they would have completed the next phase – the RV)

He stressed the central bank governor and the agency, the need to "ensure the success of the process of deleting the zeros requirements before starting out, so the central bank will continue technical preparations in order to be practical fit when deciding deletion."
(What I take from these last three articles is this – That the CBI is constantly attempting to continue the project to delete the zeros. They see the necessity and the it is the GOI to keeps interfering and stopping it. We see reason after reason and they may be fully justified. But sooner, than later, like now, they run out of excuses. Remember they are also being evaluated by the IMF, World Bank and the WTO. Without a true value to their currency they are going nowhere. Measures to fix the banking, fix the financial system and attempts to kickstart their economy has taken root due mainly to these three organizations. What is the next step? Are there any more excuses coming down the road? Will they “kick the can” anymore?)

Maliki: I do not want to return to the premiership, but I want to participate in drawing the political system

Ruudau - Erbil

The former Iraqi Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki, said Tuesday that he does not want to return to the premiership for a new term. "I want to be a partner in drawing up a solid and new political system," he said.

Maliki said in an interview with the Lebanese newspaper "Al-Akhbar" that "disrupting the elections - which the American side is seeking - means the end of the government and the parliament, and entering the constitutional vacuum - to impose an international tutelage - to complete at this time chapters of the plot to exclude the project "He added:" We will not accept the postponement, and we will not allow the disruption of the elections one day, and this is a challenge for us. " (Not True! Usual lies from Maliki. He is trying to stir up the people to protest to want to force the US out of Iraq again. Of course Maliki would say this about the USA. He wanted them out in 2011 and hoped they would never return. Oh – didn’t he beg Obama to bring back troops to fight ISIS, the terrorist war he instigated? It was all show since he knew Obama was not going to do it unless some other there was a new SOFA agreement. So he was safe to know it would not happen anyhow.) 

"There was a tendency in the National Alliance to contest the elections on one list, but all parties opposed it, based on the possibility of losing voters, and their refusal to vote for our allies, so we agreed to run in the lists individual lists."

"I have no desire to return to any executive authority (lies again. He will try to mess with the prime minister position again. Trust me on this one), but I will remain in political power." (Oh no you won’t! There are plans to get rid of you once and for all! ) I want to be a partner in drawing up a solid and new political system that will save the current political process, (Seriously, so what is wrong with the current political process? The only thing he believes is wrong in it is that it no longer includes him) either by being a partner through the election portal or by alliances. Political majority ".

He added that "the next strike will target the Islamic trend, including the popular crowd, and this slogan raised at the Ankara conference, where they called for the overthrow of al-Maliki, the crowd, and Iran. (YES- they both must go to have peace in Iraq). But why the crowd, because it is calculated on me, I founded, and I defend and adopt it, The need to exist, and to maintain the entity, and we were able to stop the biggest attack that almost overthrew the whole of Iraq, and reach to Iran, "noting that" if the merger of the crowd with the army and police is the end. "

As for his relationship with the rest of the Iraqi components, he said that "the Sadrist movement, which stands outside the National Alliance, and is expelled outside the squadron in its own way."

On the performance of the government of Haider al-Abadi, he said: "In the fight against terrorism, the government's performance is good, despite the irregularities that have occurred and the introduction of international forces without a parliamentary decision, which is good, but that is not enough. The state is now a problem, and what concerns us is the excesses and the bad security situation, and the rebellion against the state. " (Really? What rebellion? The only rebellion I am hearing is against the state of Iran and his goons. He had 8 years to work with the military and did nothing to make it a unified fighting force. So who was to blame in 2014 when the attacked Iraq? Who was at the helm? Instead he selected his own private army for his own personal and political means. This guy is delusional! )

The presidency of Kurdistan responds to Maliki: it was better for you to end your life or disappear from the eyes of the Iraqi people

(So almost immediately the Kurds responded to Maliki’s interview. See above article from Maliki. I have to say it is almost hilarious that Maliki is so dumb he can’t get it that the people no longer want him around based on the performance of his last 2 terms.)

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Region responded strongly on Tuesday to the statements made by the former Iraqi Prime Minister and Vice President Nuri al-Maliki during an interview with the Lebanese newspaper "Al Akhbar" , saying that it encroached upon and violated many rights of the people of Kurdistan of Kurdistan.

Spokesman for the Presidency of the Region d. Omid Sabah, said in an official statement, received (Basneoz) a copy of it, that Maliki allowed himself to explain the events and the rights of the people of Kurdistan according to his temperament. Adding that he (Maliki) is back to employ anti-people of Kurdistan in the election campaign, but Lahou and those who follow him are important to us and that their opinion is worthless.

"It is surprising that someone who has turned into a scourge for the Iraqi people and a source of tragedies and the growth of terrorism speaks, without shame,(that’s because he is an idiot) the statement said. Explaining that the most worthy thing a person like him can do as he destroyed Iraq, is to ​​end his own life or at least to disappear from the eyes of the Iraqi people. (Is Maliki tempting fate? Does he not recognize he could stand trial be given the death sentence?)

Maliki, who listed Iraq as one of the most corrupt countries in the world and promoted theft and transparency in the country, and put Iraq in the flames of sectarianism, and was under the era of the assassination and conceal the impact of hundreds of intellectuals and Sunni elites, this person who does not know a promise or promise (can not tell the truth and makes promised he does not keep) and stay, Far from the principles of masculinity and humanity, how can he have the opportunity to take power again? (Don’t worry he will not have any real power after this next election. He will not even be head of the Dawa party anymore…)

The statement stressed that Maliki did nothing for Iraq, despite 500 billion dollars of Iraq's income, which was at his disposal, was looted and wasted half, while the other half used to destroy Iraq.

The presidential spokesman in his statement on the threats that was launched by al-Maliki in his statements against the people of Kurdistan, saying "this is the field Come and try yourself."

Adding, before him enemies stronger than him and more arrogant tried themselves, but they knelt before the will of the people of Kurdistan, and threw their destiny fateful black.

The statement said that the Iraqi constitution clearly indicates that compliance with it is a condition for the survival of Iraq unified, but Maliki is violating the Constitution and lose its meaning, if he had respected the Constitution and the rights of people during his reign of all these disasters had occurred. The Constitution talk about and bidding on it.

The presidential spokesman said that independence is a right of the people of Kurdistan and Maliki is not in a position to talk about it, and know well that all Kurdistani, and all the Kurdish parties are united and have one position on independence, and if the joy of the loss of the Kurds from their will, The place of this freckle in the end will be the dustbin of history.
Articles End
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

"First Wave" - GCR/RV Intel SITREP - Wednesday - May 31, 2017

HSBC is overseeing all global exchanges for the Chinese Elders and repurchasing all revaluing currencies from Tier 1 world banks in more than 70 different countries.

Exchange packages with 800# instructions are ready tonight with disbursal operatives now awaiting orders to deliver we understand sometime between early Wednesday morning through Thursday evening market close.

This is the optimal global release window because all banks are open. We also understand the release process is now automated. Meaning, the NPTB made the decision to press forward no matter the collateral damage.

There are dozens of tool free numbers each is its own code to be given out to private exchange targets so the NPTB can track every appointment through one of six dozen call centers globally.

The hidden international coordination and massive technical infrastructure set up behind the scenes is just remarkable.

Non-member banks and currency kiosks will also participate in the RV by connecting clients via special 800#s that credit their business entity with lead generation, thus qualifying them for a small portion of any future exchanges.

This was done so all banking tiers in all parts of the world could participate in the blessing even if they weren't doing exchanges.

Of the 12,500 off-site global exchange centers, nearly 7% are on military facilities, which we are told will convert ZIM currency exclusively into the currency of that country.

As stated earlier, ZIM international rates will open at or slightly better than current CNY exchange rates.


Look for a mass private global release with a handful of key individuals getting a courtesy head start (30 minutes) to alert the other 5 million "first wave" currency redeemers, which is an estimated 10% of an expected 50 million global redeemers.

Know that Wednesday, May 31, 2017 @ 06:00am EDT actually begins the following day Thursday, June 1, 2017 @ 00:00am ACWT in the Chatham Islands, northwest off the coast of New Zealand.


Expect a very fast exchange with little to no extra chit chat by staff, who have been trained to move the line and set everyone up comfortably--yet leave most to all advanced transactions for secondary wealth management appointments.

The initial redemption appointment is just to verify the client, verify currency, exchange said currency and place clients new wealth into digital sovereign trust accounts--so they can return home quickly and safely.

If the client knows and/or wants to negotiate a higher sovereign rate, they will engage in that option, if not, they will not even bring up the subject of there being higher rates available.

Redemption staff is trained not to bring up rates at all in fact, rather just ask a series of questions that identifies individual client needs and expectations depending on expertise or study, then quickly accomplish those goals once understood by both parties.

Their goal is to achieve your goal and do so in as brief a time period as professionally responsible.

So have a firm goal before walking into your appointment, know your shit and achieve your dream. Sobeit.

God is with us.

Restored Republic via a GCR

One Who Knows Updates - Q&A / Inflation Scenario / Dave Schmidt Warning , 31 MAY

Questions: Cabal List/Timing/USN/Bin Laden/Manifesting/Inflation/Segments/Iraq/Laws/NPTB

Post/Question: (1)

"To OWK: St. Germain is in Charge Not Grandfather!"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 5:19 PM EDT on May 29, 2017

Dear OWKs, obviously you got your wires crossed cause 'your beloved Grandfather is not in charge here' it is ST. GERMAIN who is charge of fund distributions, so I implore you to read this post from ST. GERMAIN and finally get your story right!



Sorry to hear of your confusion. Let me clear it up for you.

Grandfather is in charge of the Gold and CGR/RV monies and Plan

St. Germaine is in charge of the Trusts that will give every person an income under the NESARA/GESARA plan.

Post/Question: (2)

"Questions for OWK About Trusts and Cabal List"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:28 PM EDT on May 29, 2017

I am getting so excited, I can hardly stand it! "Are we there yet, are we there yet?" (LOL)

I like the idea of a second GCR and the "Cabal List". I had recently thought about that too. I think everyone should check anyone they intend to "gift" money to, because as well as you might think you know some of your relatives or friends, can you guarantee they will not be on the "Cabal List". For everyone's safety they should be checked, IMO. Also, will Dinar Chronicles (or could they) have a recommended trust document made up that we could all use, for our "gifts" to others, in order to make sure the non-lawyer Lightworkers, are not mislead with improper documents? Will Dinar Chronicles continue with a new, maybe expanded website (I hope, I hope), after the RV with maybe seminars so we can get together and learn more?

Also, has anyone thought of developing sites, similar to Facebook, or YouTube, that will be true to the light, or will Facebook and Youtube be taken over by the Light?

Thank you so much.



#1) Yes the Cabal Check list Database will be available

#2) Whatever documents that will be useful will be made available. However do not expect to get highly legal documents as that is not something you get off a website. You will have access to the best "Lawyers" in the World after your exchange. You should use them.

#3) Not long after the GCR goes, IDC will turn into a reference site and become inactive.

Everyone will be moving to Patrick's other website:


I will be posting there after the GCR goes. I expect it to become the "go to" site for disclosure in the new World, as IDC did for the GCR in the Old World.

#4) Anyone who sets up a special YouTube channel or the like should let us know.

Post/Question: (3)

"Question to Yosef/OWK"

Entry Submitted by One in the Media at 12:21 PM EDT on May 29, 2017

How does any geopolitical event, or setting off bombs, or trying to kill the President have any affect on the decision by the NPTB to push the button on the RV? It’s obviously not dependent on any of our calendar markers either (holidays,weekends, markets closed, etc.). If it’s real, and I believe that it is, there must be a purely energetic marker on the decision. In other words: “the energy must be right”. Now, those things that I mentioned would obviously have an effect on the energy of the collective human consciousness on the planet....but wouldn’t releasing the RV be the ultimate energetic trump card on all of that? I’m just trying to understand...thank you to everyone here at DC!

One in the Media



There is NOTHING in the way of the GCR "Going" because it is going right now. Frankly, we are waiting for it to "Finish Going." I am in the last segments to go and am expecting to be going very soon. As soon as I and the other intel providers go, it will be done and over in just a few hours after that.

Post/Question: (4)

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 12:04 PM EDT on May 29, 2017

Silly cabal bankers. Did they really think that they were going to get their grubby paws on any of God's money let alone profit from it? I guess they did. Now that this has gone directly to the digital currency we have been waiting for do we still have to wait for the Republic to release rainbow money? I live in Canada and there has never been talk of changing our currency. We have always had rainbow money.



It is my understanding that many countries if not all will be changing their money under the new Gold Backed system.

However, here in the US, we will still be using the old USD for a little while longer. I expect the new money to come out in the summer time.

Until then, the exchange centers are stocked with the regular USD, which is actually Gold Backed now, and will be even when the new USNs come in.

In short, we are not waiting for the new USNs to come out in paper form. We will be exchanging anyway.

Post/Question: (5)

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted by Anonymously at 12:49 PM EDT on May 30, 2017

Hi Richard,

I've been meaning to ask this question for a while to either yourself or Zorra.

What is the truth about Osama Bin Laden? I've read 3 things:

1. He died from Kidney Failure in a Dubai Hospital in November 2001.

2. He was captured as per the mainstream native in a compound in Pakistan in 2011.

3. He's alive and on the CIA payroll, collecting $100k a month living incognito in the Bahamas.

Maybe none of these are true, but it would be great to find out. Thanks in advance OWK.



While I don't know the exact situation, I "get" that what actually happened is NOT any of the possibilities on your list.

Post/Question: (6)

"Questions for OWK on Privacy/Safety" by (Anonymous) - 5.29.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 7:24 PM EDT on May 29, 2017


Just a few quick questions for you please:

1) I have some really controlling people in my life that I am currently trying to distance myself from. These people will likely have access to post-RV funds so will have the money to hire a private detective to find me. I know in my heart that "all will be well" and I'm sure that God will protect me, but either way it will help me feel better if you could flag my situation with your "higher up" (governmental) contacts please. I really think that post-RV/when NESARA/GESARA happens, all private detective establishments/people tracing agencies globally (I am not based in the US) should cease trading - especially given the new (and very excellent!) Universal/Republic Law of "do no harm" that you have mentioned previously.

2) In the past, these controlling people that I am currently trying to flee have used psychic mediums to try and track me and get insights of my life (that's just how obsessive they are!). This is in complete violation of my free will - do you think there will ever be a time when Source will not allow such things to happen? If so I guess we would have to be in a higher dimension for this to happen - 5D upwards? Do you think you can ask any of your 'higher' sources about this please. 

In the meantime I have put some affirmations out into the Universe that my free will cannot be violated in this way, as I know that there is nothing stronger than my own DIVINE INTENT - how's that for reclaiming my God Power! If you or your (higher-up, Godly) sources have any other tips for me on psychic protection (or my situation in general) then I would love to hear them. Overall, no matter what, I know that God will continue to keep me safe and well Smile

Many thanks in advance for your help, and bless you always for your service on this site Smile



#1) You are a "Sovereign" being of the highest order. You are the Soul/Sole master of your Reality and Fate. NO ONE, NOT EVEN GOD, will violate your Free Will.

You have the right, the God Power, to DECIDE what happens in your reality and what does not. However as a point of fact, there is only "Creation" or not. This means that you cannot say what won't happen, as you cannot create an un-creation. In example:

You cannot Create: "No One Will Harm You"

You Can Create: " I Will Be Safe At All Times"

#2) NO ONE can Co-Create in YOUR experience without your "Vibrational Invitation" (Permission). In your case, You have just granted permission (above) for others to violate your space in a psychic way. When you say that they are doing this or that, you are MEANING that they can do this or that. That is your Permission for them to do so.

Revoke the Permission: 

You are the Sole/Soul creator of your experience and you ONLY create what you want to happen. ONLY what you want to happen, can happen in your experience. You ONLY want the very best for yourself and others.

This would be re-stated in the First Person:

I AM the Sole/Soul creator of MY experience and I ONLY create what I want to happen. ONLY what I want to happen, can happen in MY experience. I ONLY want the very best for MYSELF and others.

State this and KNOW it to be absolutely true. NO one may enter or co-create in your experience in any way, physically or psychically without your "Allowing" it by belief and expectation. When you DECIDE that you are the one and only creator in your experience you take complete control of your reality, it becomes IMPOSSIBLE for any others to participate in your experience unless they meet your criteria of "Working Out For you." In example, with the above Meaning/Command, a person could walk up to you and give you a $1,000, but they Cannot hit you. That is NOT within the "Possibilities" you have set forth in your Reality Command.

So don’t blame others for what they do to you, or for not stopping others from doing things to you, for it is ONLY you who has the RIGHT and the ABILITY to control that. Here is a post on the matter and it is an excerpt from my Book:

"You Have No Protection and Don't Need It" - One Who Knows - 4.9.17

Post/Question: (7)

"Thoughts/Instant Inflation?" by W.E. - 5.29.17

Entry Submitted by W.E. at 8:12 PM EDT on May 29, 2017

This is a question for either Yosef or One Who Knows. A previous post brought into question the notion of trillions suddenly injected into the world's economies per the RV. He suggested that it would cause immediate mass inflation regardless of it being backed by gold or some other valuable asset. I thought it was a valid point.

From my understanding, there is presently only about 100 trillion dollars in circulation in the world. This does not take into account derivatives. Now imagine millions of people with just a single Zim 100 T note - nations instantly flooded with cash. Wouldn't this potentially set up a Weimar Republic scenario?

I'm not trying to be provocative or confrontational. I would just like an explanation on how this will play out without creating chaos in the economy.

Thank You,




Don't worry about Inflation, that is nothing but Cabal Fear Mongering. Here is a post I wrote on it:

"Inflation Scenario? No, Far From It!" - One Who Knows - 5.30.17

Post/Question: (8)

"Question for OWK"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 10:32 PM EDT on May 28, 2017

Hi Richard

Listening to ,you on Zorra's call, it sounds like if we are not a part of the segments plan, we will not be able to get the higher rates. Please clarify.

Thank you,




The "Segments" plan is just an early contact system. I wrote a post that explains it better:

"Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17

The Segments are being activated and people are exchanging now. I am in the last of the Segments with the other Intel providers. Once we get contacted we will set our appointments, and then in a matter of a few hours, it will go Live and be posted on the websites and sent out by email.

To be clear: The segments plan is an "Early Contact" system

When it gets on the web (For 3 days/72 hours) that is the "On-Time Contact" system

In either case, you will call the 800#s and then make your appointments. At your appointment you will ask for the higher "Privately Negotiated Rates" just as you have been told. 

Post/Question: (9)

"Q for OWK: Did Iraq Announce International?"

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 8:40 PM EDT on May 28, 2017


If in fact Iraq did make the announcement, that would be very big.

Does anyone have confirmation that Iraq announced International?

Also, given Yosef’s posts today that the GCR is significantly delayed (or even canceled) by Trump\Netanyahu\Cabal, what are your Top Sources saying about a possible release date?

Thank you.



Grandfather told me that Iraq did in fact make the announcement they were "International"

I have not had any other confirmation, though I don't need any either.

There are NO delays on the GCR , as it is going right now as I write this. I am expecting to be contacted any time now for my segments group. Then soon afterwards it will go live on the net and the GCR will be DONE and OVER!

Post/Question: (10)

"Q for OWK or Any Others: Laws" by Bren - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by Bren at 10:25 PM EDT on May 28, 2017

Hi Richard

ive tried to find info on this but not had any joy.

there is lots of talk of laws changing and lots more changes in general etc with Republic coming in for USA. obviously the whole country is changing back from a CORPORATION which we understand.

how does that relate to other countries either as part of commonwealth under the queen or others ?

im in Australia and wonder how all these changes affect us here if at all.

is there going to be a whole shift in LAW reforms etc

basically i guess my question is - do these changes affect EVERY country so we ALL are playing the same game in life with same laws and opportunities ?

i just want to know how the blessings of $ can flow in different areas and how that relates to a basic income for ALL or if its just certain countries that will have that going on etc ?

maybe we wont really know until it all unfolds..

any insight would be appreciated. Smile




The answer to your question is that the basic government will be GESARA compliant no matter the country. However, they may have a different look to it such as a Republic for us in the US, and a King and Queen in England. That is mostly a cultural difference that will be preserved. But the actual structure and function will all be the same no matter where you are in the World.

Post/Question: (11)

"Question Regarding NPTB" by Nona - 5.29.17

Entry Submitted by Nona at 2:29 AM EDT on May 29, 2017

Hi Yosef and OWK - 

Thank you so much for the time and effort you both put into the work you do here!

Occasionally there has been some push back on IDC when it comes to sort of blindly accepting the leadership role of an unknown, unidentified group you often refer to as the NPTB.

In the interest of keeping an open & transparent dialogue here with the IDC family, would you 
give us some of the names and positions/offices of those persons who comprise the NPTB? 

You often describe them as being benevolent and basically of the Light, and that their intentions are honorable. 

So they would welcome their good works being brought into the Light to "be seen of men", their benefactors, wouldn't they?

And I think also that since the OPTB were known openly and were readily identifiable, it would be an honor to many of us to get to know who these heroes are and be able to show appreciation to them for helping turn the tables on the OPTB.

Thank you both, again-




First, you never knew who the OPTB (Old Powers The Be) were because they stayed invisible. All you saw were their pawns who did their bidding.

As far as the NPTB (New Powers That Be) that would be a big list that is more than I know, since this is a Worldwide change. However, for us in the US, that would be Paul Ryan Interim President of the Republic of the united States of America, General Joe Dunford, and the other Generals. It would include Grand Father and the other Elders in the Dragon Families. Then Other leaders that are of the Light in other countries in the World. Then I would include as sort of advisors, The Angelic Realm, and the Galactic Federation Forces headed by Ashtar of Ashtar Command, The Inner Earth Civilizations headed by Adama, and Hollow Earth represented by Zorra. 

There are more, but these are the big movers and shakers that I know are getting things done for us. I send out a THANK YOU to all of them for their great work and efforts to save us all and our Planet as well!

Post/Question: (12)

"The 2nd GCR" by Suzy G - 5.28.17

Entry Submitted by Suzy G at 8:21 PM EDT on May 28, 2017

One Who Knows....

"I have checked with my sources and they LOVE THE IDEA of the 2nd GCR. They love it so much that they are going to provide us with a Name look up data base that will tell us if the person was a Cabal stooge, troll, or minion and if they should be blocked from funding. They will have it put together for us to use shortly after the GCR is over.

Thank You to the Republic, the NPTB and to the Elders as well!"


Would it be possible to include into that list, existing worldwide charities that are cabal compromised?

Once again my thanks, 

and Love...

Suzy G



They saw you post already and when I checked with them they are already working that into the plan. GOOD IDEA!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows


Inflation Scenario? No, Far From It!

I noticed this post but did not read it. However after getting several emails about it, I looked it over and found it to be severely flawed and may very well have a harmful agenda. I am going to help this person understand the impact of the GCR better. This idea of massive Inflation is ridiculous. It will NEVER Happen..... However, that being said, there will be some increase in prices on some things. Here is what I see....

This is the post I am responding to: 

My words are in Blue, while theirs are in Black.


"Economics 101" by Thermistocles - 5.30.17

Entry Submitted by Thermistocles at 12:08 AM EDT on May 30, 2017

The person that queried the impact of the sudden injection of multiple trillions of dollars into the world economy causing a Weimar Republic or Zimbabwean hyper-inflation scenario is quite correct. The world economy is forever in a state of complex to-and-fro balance and after the last Global Financial Crisis, mechanisms were implemented to forestall similar occurrences relating to bad debt.

The flaw in this perspective is that in Zimbabwe for example, was that ALL MONEY in the country and in Everyone's hands deflated. So a loaf of bread, went from $1 dollar to $100T dollars. No biggie, all the money in the country deflated equally everywhere. To say that will happen here is ridiculous.


Let's imagine the same loaf of bread here in the US as an example. Let's say it is $2 per loaf. Then suddenly we Currency holders get Trillions of dollars in our accounts. Remembering that we are a small percentage of the World/Country. Do you really think the loaf of bread will go to $100/loaf, or $1,000/loaf? Why? Regular everyday people who have jobs still go down to the store with the same money they had before and buy that same loaf of Bread for $2. We the currency holders, are not going to fight over a loaf of Bread as there is plenty to go around. After all we are not suddenly eating more bread causing a shortage. Frankly the opposite may be(come) true....

If the currency holders buy up the stores or pay for the groceries, the cost of bread to the average person may go to 0, free! I personally know several people who plan on making groceries free from now on in their towns, or across the country. Clearly this is not an issue. But what is?


There may be a situation where imports from China, Vietnam and a few others, may go up, because our exchange rate between our countries will change. If the Dong goes up in value, it takes more USN to buy the same imported product. But this is a temporary issue. All the big corporations already know what is coming and have prepared for it.


In example for electronics, there are very advanced electronic products that are already made and being stock piled in warehouses ready to sell as soon as the changes happen. These are "Safe" electronics that do not put out harmful energies. Whatever goes up in price due to imports, will suddenly become available "In country."


As far as cars go, most of the big volume imported cars are actually made in country already and I wouldn't be surprised to find out that it was an advanced strategy for this time in history when the revaluation happened. After all, all the big Cabal corporations have known this day might come for a long time.

What Might Go Up In Price

The only thing that might go up in price are the high priced items that are unique, such as waterfront property, or an antique sports car. These would be one of a kind, very high priced items anyway. In this regard it would be a battle between those with the big money to get the high priced item. BUT, that has always been the case. The only difference now, is that there are more people with big money to bid on the high priced specialty items. By comparison, Lamborghini's are high priced items as well, but not unique and one of a kind. They are in production and I don’t see them going up in price drastically. It is just the unique, one of a kind high priced items. 

There are no quintillions of dollars or whatever currency hiding away somewhere. I have even seen figures like 10 followed by 80 zeroes. Do people realise that is about equivalent to the estimated number of atoms in the observable universe?

Money was created from thin air, so there is no limit to how much there could be. Yes the Elders had actual Gold to give, or should I say loan all the countries of the World to back their currencies. However the majority of the asset value that is backing the currency comes from a formula that includes all in ground "Value" such as minerals like gold, Diamonds, and oil as well. In short the entire Earth and everything on it have been collateralized so that anything that has value is added into the calculation. Also, a country's military might, infrastructure, manufacturing ability and other valuable considerations are included in the calculation. In short, every country in the World has an asset (value) base that coupled with the Elder's Gold, is enough to back their currency at the new calculated rate.

Frankly I find this argument about how much money there is in the World to be quite funny. I hear people say, "There is not enough gold, or assets to back this much money!" All I have to say is "What assets did we have to back the money we had before?" Can you say zero, nothing, nada, nix? So this pathetic argument of what is feasible and what is not is ridiculous. There is only one thing that matters in this new calculation of currency values..... the "Guarantee!" That is all that matters and we now have for the first time, a guarantee of value based on some formula, that we will never fully understand and frankly never need to. All we need to know is that whatever they say it is worth, they will stand behind that number and guarantee it won’t change. In case you are worried, there will NEVER come a time when a country has to liquidate their assets to back their currency. Every country will stand behind their currency value that has been "DECIDED" and that is all that matters. I wrote a post on this that explains it in more detail:

"Fiat vs. Gold Backed Value" - One Who Believes - 11.8.16

As for a sudden injection of large amounts of gold, the same market forces of supply and demand would devalue gold overnight, just as the world overproduction of oil is curtailing its current value. There are no miracle solutions.

Bla Bla Bla.... Doom and Gloom.... Please! Get off it already! STOP with this stupid Fear Mongering. If I didn't know better I would say this is Cabal Agenda all day long. But I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and address this as if you just don’t understand.

While I am not going to make a prediction of the price of gold, I will bring up a few points to consider.

#1) Who cares what the price of Gold is?

You have a gold backed currency that is stable and will not go up and down. Having currency is the same thing as having gold. While Gold is money, money is Gold as well.

#2) I expect the price of gold to remain stable.

Since money is backed by gold, then if gold goes up, then the value of the money goes up. I expect that the price of Gold will be kept at a certain level just as the currency rates will be kept at a certain level. I have a feeling that there is enough gold to sell to whomever wants it. And since Gold is not the special place to store money anymore, people who were heavily invested in gold will divest themselves of it. After all money will remain stable, and unlike money that makes money while stored in an account, it costs money to store gold in safe places.

#3) I think Gold will be more sought after for its metal properties

Gold does not corrode and is very useful in electronics and for the same reason it is the metal of choice for jewelry. There are a lot of other uses as well. But, in the end, whatever happens to gold, I can guarantee you that the Elders have planned it and that it will be benevolent and beneficial.

It's also a mystery where this 209 countries come from, since there are only 194 countries in the world (if you exclude Greenland, Kosovo, Palestine, etc) and that includes North Korea, who could hardly be part of some world-wide currency pact.

This is where I detect the Cabal agenda. "The Meaningless argument that is just meant to incite." Let's just say you are correct, which I highly doubt that you are. That would mean that there were 194 countries that signed the Paris agreement and agreed to the GCR. So what! Happy now? In short, let's say that every country agreed to this whether you are aware of them or not. (Frankly I have more confidence in the sources of information that we are getting, than I do in some anonymous poster on IDC.)

People need to level-headed about all this. The whole GCR thing has morphed from simply making some money on a revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar into a full-blown New Age religion/Galactic overlords thing.

Here we go with the Cabal Agenda again. I am about to break out my "Troll Whacking Mallet." I can tell that you are not one of us. It is clear to me that you are about as far from being a Light Worker, as David Schmidt is. I know this statement of yours is just to cause trouble here on IDC, otherwise I would tell you to stop crying already. You are one of the luckiest people on the planet. 



May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

RayRat Update 5/31/17

Wednesday UPDATE for May 31, 2017 Permalink Printer Friendly Iraqi TV is reporting complete liberation of Mosul is coming very soon. Big gains were realized in Old City due to a surprise attack. #wearethepeople



TED1016: So much for the end of one of those fantastic information gathering but very little provided for us in the pits waiting for encouragement. Sure everything is pretty much positive information that we receive but information like the sort we have been getting does little for paying our bills, if you know what I mean. Well I guess we just have to learn to live from it.

Received an out an out insult from one of our board members today before I even acknowledged his position on the matter. Those who know me I hope have better feelings about my post. This was not a particularly good day for me and I guess it is because people are referring to celebrating Memorial day. This was not a day of celebration it was a day to remember those who died for our country.

Most gracious and Heavenly Father, You know my heart and my past mistakes as well as my accomplishments. Please give me the strength to withstand those who speak against me wrongly. At this point in my life I have little more to lift my spirits as I find myself too soon old and too late smart. All of us in this group need encouragement during these trying times.

Lord God almighty watch over our group as we endure the long awaited chance to make changes in our lives and the lives of our families and friends. Give each of us the extra peace and rest as we see what this next week brings us. Help those among us who are suffering from health and financial issues as well. Please know that Your servants and seek Your direction. Amen and Amen.

Monday afternoon reports.... - PM Abadi is in Mosul for an in-person view of the liberated locations. Iraqi TV (stateside) talks of preparations for celebrations projecting final completion for June 10, 2017. - The IMF is expected to meet with the CBI on Wednesday. - Leaflets are reportedly being being dropped in ISIS inhabited areas encouraging the citizens to evacuate. - Full liberation is expected in one week. - Bankers in Dubai are also hooked on seven days. Time Will Tell All!!! smile - TNT



RR - Monday afternoon reports.... - PM Abadi is in Mosul for an in-person view of the liberated locations. Iraqi TV (stateside) talks of preparations for celebrations projecting final completion for June 10, 2017. - The IMF is expected to meet with the CBI on Wednesday.

RR - Part 2 - Leaflets are reportedly being being dropped in ISIS inhabited areas encouraging the citizens to evacuate. - Full liberation is expected in one week. - Bankers in Dubai are also hooked on seven days. Time Will Tell All!!!



    RV RV RV RV RV    


I wonder what Adminbill will have to say


I know everyone looks to RR for intel, but I would like to share some facts from HF, JC, & HS this Sunday June 4th is Pentecost Sunday!!! But it is a special Pentecost because we will not see this Pentecost for another 100 years. it is a Double or Golden Jubilee Pentecost Sunday!!! I am expecting my miracle!!! Be Blessed


Rayren info is old news at this point. Wonder why he waited


rab Your wrong on one account. The lenders were taking everything without really knowing if they were sub prime or not. Loans were being made with people just stating income with no proof that were destined to fail. We know we will repo 30% of the vehicles we finance but that leaves 70% that will change their lives going foreward and rebuild their creit. Our company slogan is WE Change Lives and they mean it.


Subprime can you sleep at night?


Lindar really? I see people cry they are so happy to be given a chance. They break down because they can't get transportation to take family to the Dr. or get to work. So know what yourb talking about before judging.


Not judging, just asking. What about the 30 % you repo, do you ever think about them?


rab 30% will never pay their debts. Just the way it is but should the other 70% be stuck with no option?


Lindar, it's their fault we gave them a chance. Most never even make a payment and use us for free transportation for 6 months or so.


The mortgage lending businsee has tightened up its lending practices precisely because of subprime lending.


RAB so they should have no opportunity because something bad happened in their life.


I pray that the world can right its self with our help after the RV


You cannot teach a defaulting debtor how to manage assets by increasing the debt amount.


RAB nobody will take the 70% that do pay besides us. We don't know who the 30% will be no way to tell. And your wrong many do learn from mistakes and change to rebuild their credit. Glad your so perfect.

Lindar I am possitive your the one who came in asking if I could sllep at night! Without knowing what I truly do.




Anyone heard from AB today? Im hearing stirings of and 800# being sent out possibly to sight Admins



Hi DSS! Where did you hear that? Please and thank you


Someone mentioned it to me this morning in an email. Just hearsay so far


How is Admin doing?


Ueah we are shepples and know nothing


Now the word is we are waiting on Russia


No longer waiting on china

And never was waiting on iraq




006 .. waiting on Russia to do what??

Go gold back


Not waiting on Russia either IMO....it can go without Russia or China or Timbuctoo IMO. just getting things completely ready that is all!!


Zim exchanging was reported 6 mil+ for 100 million note is this for real ???



Did Admin come in yet today ?


darn .. But you know what they say ... No News is Good News

I feel good about it still .... not a negative spot in me yet .... still positive...


My husband thinks I am crazy


Big, I've been in it since Dinar Vets, to Peoples Dinar, to pTR to TNT to WSOMN


My daughter is involved now!!! Before Christmas she wasn't... she threw away her dong we gave her!


BigHeart....yes...comaraderie (sp?)...we can open up our own instiitution and all visit together


Was Bill a part of PTR in the past? That is interesting if true! Smile


Haha talking about "been in this since..." I've been in this since 3 boards (at least) BEFORE nenosplace which is the earliest one I can remember. There were (for sure) 3 earlier ones that for the life of me, I cannot remember! LOL

I'm so glad you guys are here!! I don't feel as crazy!!!


Ozzy Ozborne "Crazy Train"...need a little rock? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVovq9TGBw0