Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 18 2017

Compiled 12:44 am EST 18 April 2017 by Judy Byington,

A. April 17 2017 11:12 pm EST Geopolitical Op-Ed: "9/10" - Geopolitical Op-Ed - Monday - April 17, 2017

1. Imagine knowing what would be happening on Tuesday morning 9/11/2001 back on Monday night 9/10/2001.

2. Imagine knowing that every worldwide sovereign family leader and government, plus all militaries and banks, media and diplomats, were secretly awaiting a once in a lifetime, massive financial transition in some "Lord of the Ring" type passing of the torch to peacefully transfer control of mankind - only to wake up to the horror of the attacks at 8am EST.

3. 9/11 was the exact same day (and 8am the time) the world was to loving transition control from dark to light. Sadly, it did not.
4. Imagine tonight what the future might hold for you and all of humanity tomorrow.

5. That's where we stand tonight, 4/17/17, awaiting this indescribable blessing to come 4/18/17, when all the western banks and markets open together and begin the international business week post Easter (the final book keeping for 2016).

6. Never forget that 9/11 is why 4/18 took so long, and why all were made to wait until it was safe.


B. April 17 2017 TNT Call :

1. All the information is still holding, and we are expecting this at any minute.

2. Iraq is again saying to stop using the US dollar, and supposedly this is going into effect on Tuesday April 18.

3. We should see use of dinar at 3-4 times higher than the current rate, which is 89 cents, more or less. That gives us the $4-$5 (international) exchange rate.

4. I think it will happen this week and definatly we will be exchanging by April 30.


C. April 17 2017 5:40 pm EST Fulford Report: WW3 Stopped in Syria and in North Korea - Fulford Excerpt - 4.17.17

The expected Bankruptcy of the US Corporation’s Puerto Rico subsidiary was set for May 1 2017. Despite efforts to paint this as a municipal bond type problem, this could trigger a domino effect that finally took down Zionist Central (shadow government) in Washington D.C.https://www.yahoo.com/news/puerto-rico-seen-sliding-toward-bankruptcy-deadline-nears-070022952–sector.html


D. April 17 2017 12:33 pm EST Geopolitical Op Ed:
 "Boys & Toys" - Geopolitical Op-Ed - Monday - April 17, 2017

1. Today Mon. April 17 2017 was Emancipation Day here in the US - the day Abe Lincoln freed Washington D.C. of slavery.

2. Emancipation Day was a little known national holiday that lengthened the tax return day to Tues. April 18 2017 (since the tax deadline day of April 15 landed on a weekend.)

3. Kind of fitting now that the RV has officially started as in the midst of a one week roll out that started Thurs. April 13.

4. That would schedule the one week GCR/RV rollout to end by Thurs. April 20.


E. April 17 2017 Answers to 800#s questions by One Who Knows: "GCR Questions and Answers (Good Ones) Part 1" - One Who Knows - 4.17.17 "GCR Questions and Answers (Good Ones) Part 2" - One Who Knows - 4.17.17

1. "Things" seem to be in high gear now because we have just been notified on how we will be given the 800#s early, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of those notifications have already gone out. You wouldn't know unless you were in those "Segments."

2. The internet group is on an Early contact list, and will be getting notifications before it is on the net.

3. If you bought currency by mail, or at the Bank, or at a Physical Currency Dealer or an internet Currency Dealer, they already know who you are.

4. The personal Notification idea, Segments, was to make sure that people who were gifted currency or are not otherwise on a Bank or currency dealer list, would get notified by someone they know. This was a very smart plan. Nothing to do now but look for that email or the posting on net.

5. Now we know who will be contacting us. It is just that simple. Most likely, you are on some currency holder list already.

6. The Segments Plan is an early notification plan - to get as many people through the process as possible before 800#s are posted on the net. The GCR is rolling out by:

a. Early email notifications with high rates available.

b. Postings on the Net with high rates available.

c. Some sort of announcement to the world with not as high rates available.

d. After the GCR exchanges and exchange centers closed down exchanges will take place using everyday bank screen rates.

7. If someone posts one of the segment 800 numbers publicly, it will have to be disabled and replaced. It just means that there will be another one issued to that same Segment Group so that everyone gets a chance to make their appointments.

8. When the 800# is posted on the web site it will be the "Internet 800#" and will remain for a few days until all those who had not yet called in can do so. After a certain amount of time, it will be pulled down and turned off as well.

9. When you get an 800#, call right away to set your appointment. You don’t have to go in right away, just make contact right away, and then set an appointment time that works for you. Some will set a later appointment time due to travel sickness, or something else.

10. There are going to be some giftees, or changed email address or whatever else, that make it hard to reach them. That is why it is still going to be posted on the net just as planned. This is a great time to tell all those who have gifted to others, to be sure and notify them when you are notified. That is part of your gift, the currency and instructions on what to do with it when it is time.

11. Once they start they are not going to drag this out. It is going to be high full speed ahead.

12. Some of us may get more than one notification, as we have several places that we are connected to. Since you are only going to call that first number once to set up your appointment, then, if you get notices from other segments, just ignore them, since you are already done.

13. If for some weird reason, you don’t get an early notification, you will get the information you want from the net anyway.

14. The street Rates will be the ones that regular people get for years to come - the regular exchange rates for that currency.

15. We will have much higher rates available to us during a short time for all first basket currencies - Dinar, Dong, Zim, Afghani, etc. You will have plenty of time to exchange and get these rates.

16. Everyone will get the 800#s even if you have no email address, and are on no contact list what so ever. It will be on the Net.

17. The Segments Plan is just for the FIRST call number. Once you have your second number, or you have made contact with your appointment location, you are in the system, and no longer need the first number.

18. The whole Early Notification Segments Plan will happen in a just a few days at most. Once the notifications start it will go VERY fast. Then it will show up on the net for those who didn't get contacted for some reason.

19. The NPTB and the Elders, are going out of their way, to contact you early with the 800#. This is NOT NEW.

20. This is NOT a change in Plan, it is an ADDITION to it. All they are doing is adding another Early Contact Method to everything else they are already doing. It is an EXTRA WAY to make sure EVERYONE is contacted efficiently. You are being contacted by someone you know, be it a Guru, Group, Currency Dealer, Website, etc.

21. The thing that makes the Internet People (Group) special is that they can be contacted, by the internet. They are just making contact with you by email first, and then they will contact you by the net. But, by that time I would say that 99% of us will have already been contacted and have appointments, if not already exchanged.

F. April 17 2017 10:28 pm EST Understanding the Roll Out Plan, One Who Knows: "Understanding the Segment, GCR Roll-Out Plan" - One Who Knows - 4.16.17
"Segments" - GCR/RV Overview - Sunday - April 16, 2017

1. You had no privacy with the Cabal. Every email you sent, every bit of currency you bought, and what you did in Dinarland was recorded and documented.

2. Now the Good Guys have taken over the surveillance systems so that the Cabal no longer can track you. They no longer have those records either. The Good Guys know everything they need to know to help you get exchanged and through the system. They know what you bought, where you bought it, and who you follow in Dinarland. They have already checked you out.

3. Old Plans, Now Discarded: There was the "Post it on the net" plan, but that would jam the phone centers, and get the attention of the sleeping public very quickly. Clearly, that was not going to work for 50 million people who hold currencies.

4. There was the "email every one plan," but that was definitely going to fail for several reasons. #1) If everyone got an email at the same time, the phone appointment system would crash, and #2) If they delayed the emails, people would be telling others they got the email and it would cause a lot of confusion. Some would have gotten it already and others not, then they would not be controlled, and the number would eventually get on the net etc. Clearly, there was more problems with this plan than it solved.

5. With a "broadcast it on TV plan," some would see it, others would not, and there would be waaaaay too many of the sleeping public who would see it.

6. New Plan, Now In Effect"Segments": Certain "Key" people get a private and unique number assigned to them. (I know, because I am one of the segments.) Certain "Gurus" get individual 800#s. They give them out to their people first, and then the numbers eventually show up on the net.

7. The New Powers That Be's computer can make a zillion calculations per second. They plugged in the data that had been collected by the Cabal about every purchase, every GURU CC Call, every contact mailing list, and matched it up with every single currency purchase and the amount of currency etc. They broke up currency holders by their contacts. EVERYBODY was connected to someone who will get a special 800#.

8. I already know how my contact group will work. I get my special number, I send it out to my personal contact group, and tell them DO NOT GIVE THIS TO ANYONE ELSE AND DO NOT POST IT. This number is connected to me and it is bad for me if it gets leaked out.

9. I am quite sure that there are thousands of other Segment Leaders who don’t yet know they are Segment Leaders - at least not yet. They will be notified, and they will send out their special number to their group/newsletter list, just like they send out other notifications. Except this will be the 800# and the special instructions as well.

10. They send me, Bruce, TNT, maybe certain currency dealers, and others, our special numbers and we send them out to "our people."

11. The message and instructions say keep this quiet. Make your appointments and exchange and do not post about it.

12. They monitor the appointments and when the call volume goes down, they send out more segment phone numbers, until they have sent them all out.

13. If one of the segments gets out of hand, and one of its members posts their special call in number on the net, that number gets cancelled. However, all the other segments that are doing what they are supposed to be doing, are unaffected.

14. This keeps control of the number getting on the net, facebook, or other place that it should not be. But, even when that number is turned off, it does not stop all the other segments from calling their number and setting their appointments.

15. They use this super duper computer to check that every person who bought currency, has in fact made an appointment. I am sure for those who have not, they will follow up to make sure it gets done.

16. I am also sure that they will then post it on the net FOR A VERY SHORT TIME. This will cover whoever did not get contacted since they had no email, or whatever other reason.

17. With this system of contact by segments, they can get 50 million people contacted and exchanged very efficiently and quickly.

18. The fact that the Segments post was posted means that the segments have already been assigned and they are ready to send out the notices.

19. Don't worry, you are going to be in a segment group of some sort. You might even be in a couple of different segments.

20. For my segment, I am going to tell my people to contact the people they gifted currency to as well. This will cover everybody.

21. All you need to do now is wait and see who sends you "notice" of the 800#s and the special instructions, to set your appointment and then keep it quiet.

22. The bottom line is that this must be getting ready to go since they have actually posted their plan to contact you by way of segments. Everybody in this Internet group is connected to someone who will have the number shortly. Instead of getting an email and instructions from some strange place, you will get the email and instructions from someone you know.

23. Using this system, you will get the 800 numbers BEFORE they reach the net.


25. Using this direct contact system, is the best way they can make sure you get the 800#s directly, from someone you know, and they will check to make sure you have made your appointment with the super duper computer that set this all up.

26. No matter what, it will be on the net eventually, for a very short time. But you should be done exchanging by then, and be at the store already.

27. Be on the lookout for a contact from a TRUSTED source of yours. A call leader, a website, a currency dealer, a Guru, or other person who you know, will be the one to contact you in a familiar way.

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