Friday, April 28, 2017


Yesterday Markmeersman gets everyone excited about the Group Cash out then Today he Tells everyone to forget about it.  WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?


Instructions for starting the exchange process

To begin the process, go to


This link will allow you to update your currency holdings that you wish to exchange. Once completed, you will be given access to the forms that need to be completed. Below, please find your instruction e-mail. All paperwork must be completed accurately in BLUE INK ONLY. Once the forms are filled out, make copies for yourself, but send the originals with your currency. Copies of ALL receipts must also be provided. If you do not have a receipt, send an affidavit.
If you have friends and family who are NOT part of the forum who wish to participate, you may share the link above with them, so that they can fill out the paperwork and send it in. They will be placed on a list for the next round. If a slot becomes available in the current round, they will be notified.
Dear PIF Group Member,
The time has finally arrived! Thank you for your patience during this long wait. This is your official offer to exchange the currency you hold. If you wish to participate in this exchange with the PIF Group, please follow the instructions provided below. Only Dinar and Dong will be exchanged at this time.
Due to security concerns, the authorities overseeing this exchange felt it was too risky for all those involved to have people with so much money traveling to and congregating in central locations. We don't want to make you targets. They also don't want to announce locations to this many people, because people make mistakes, tell other people about this, and it jeopardizes everyone. Therefore, despite us telling you not to give your currency to anyone for over a year now, this is exactly what the authorities are asking you to do. The banks will be closing for a week here shortly, and during that week, all exchanges will be processed. The proceeds of your exchange will be available from the Paymaster once the banks reopen. So, if you wish to participate, it is imperative that you send your currency and paperwork promptly to the address provided below.
If you are not comfortable with this preferred option, you can always drop off your currency and paperwork in person at the Paymaster's office in Salt Lake City, UT. The Paymaster's office is in a bank. Once you drop off your currency and paperwork with the Paymaster, there is no reason to remain in Salt Lake City. To exercise this option, simply make travel arrangements to Salt Lake City, UT and notify Mark when you can meet him at the Paymaster's office. If you are uncomfortable with either option, then don't do it.
Our group will be exchanging as a sovereign (nation), so there will be no taxes on this exchange. This is good news in that you won't have to report this on your tax return. For those who successfully complete and submit the required forms in time, the Dinar will be exchanged at $2.00 net (all fees included), and the Dong will be exchanged at $0.60 net. For those who do not get their paperwork and currency to the Paymaster's office by Friday, July 24th, will automatically be moved to the next round. In the next round, the Dinar will be exchanged at $2.00 gross (taxes and fees apply), and the Dong will be exchanged at $0.60 gross.
A confirmation will be provided that your newly completed forms were received with your currency and were acceptable. A signed copy of the NDA will be sent to you after the exchange.
If you have friends and family who are NOT part of the forum who wish to participate, you may share the following link with them, so that they can fill out the paperwork and send it in. They will be placed on a list for the next round. If a slot becomes available for the current round, they will be notified. The link to begin the paperwork process is:


You may share that link ONLY, but NOT this e-mail or the contents of this e-mail.

If you wish to participate by mail, follow these instructions exactly:
1) Separate your currency by denomination (5,000s, 25,000s, 100,000s, etc.).
2) Place each denomination in its own Ziplock bag. Use the Ziplock bags with a sliding zipper.
3) Write the amount in each Ziplock bag on the bag itself with a permanent marker.
4) Close the Ziplock bag and tape it shut with duct tape.
5) Clip the Ziplock bags together with a black steel binder clip.
6) Place the Ziplock bags (clipped together) in the smallest box possible.
7) If you have both Dinar and Dong, you will have two sets of Ziplock bags, one set for Dinar and one set for Dong. Clip the Dinar bags together. Clip the Dong bags together. Place both sets of clipped bags in the same box, and mail them together.
8) Take a picture of the currencies all bagged up and put in the box before you close up the box.
9) Once you filled out your final currency amounts online, you will receive and email that will provided you access to all the forms you need to fill out and send. Fill the forms out completely and accurately. USE BLUE INK ONLY. Place the forms in the box with the bags of currency. The Paymaster instruction form allows you to specify instructions to the Paymaster.
10) Seal the box and send it OVERNIGHT using FedEx or UPS. You can track your package and know when it is delivered. Do NOT use regular mail or the Post Office. Your package must arrive by Friday, July 24th. Those who do not get their package to the Paymaster's office by Friday will be automatically moved to the next round.
11) Insure the package for the amount you actually paid for the currency.

Your package (containing your currency and paperwork) should either be overnighted to Mark's home OR you may drop off your package in person at Mark's home in Salt Lake City. This is a for the person

Mark Meersman's address is:
Mark Meersman
12954 Kale Lane
Riverton, UT 84065


For those that mailed their currencies earlier to the Paymaster’s address, Mark will pick those packages up and handle and handle them accordingly. 

Due to the time constraints, there is not enough time for everyone to meet and deliver their currencies to the Paymaster. This would have become a deterrent to the timing of all getting the paperwork done in a timely manner and the exchange being on schedule. Those who still desire to see the Paymaster location and meet him may still get that address from Mark on arrival and stop by that office.

This is not meant to be a meet and greet or social event. This is a business transaction and all will need to attend to business and not remain on site. We want to be as low key as possible and not draw attention to ourselves for security reasons. The location will be very secure and you will be very safe.  

Enter currency totals at this link: http://bit.ly/HOH-INTAKE

This link and only this link can be shared with family and friends for 2nd wave transactions.

Documents that need to be included are still in the process of being created so be patient. 

Follow instructions above and mail currency, signed documents, all receipts and pictures directly to Mark by Friday 7/24.

It is acceptable to put all family/friend currencies in the same overnight package to send.

If you gifted someone follow same way you did and bring their file with you.

Please use UPS or FedEx overnight to ship package and insure for the amount you paid for the currency.

Please email Tracking number to Mark@pifpifpif.com

Mark Meersman's address is:
12954 Kale Lane
Riverton, UT 84065

Mark's phone number for shipping forms: 801-514-1612



Please listen to me. Don't give up. Don't do anything at all. Don't send anything. This sovereign deal is not going to fly. I am here to be honest and beyond reproach on this. There is no deal if the paperwork and other things are not done correctly. I don't care what anyone says. I will wait. I will not endorse this sovereign deal or ever put you in a bad position. I never have. I know people watch this room and run around DW. Please wait for instructions from me. That's it. If you do something else, or sell out for less, that's your choice. Nobody will be left behind. Backdoc, what say you? Don't worry, I am not here to scam a soul. I am rejecting all packages that were sent. Anyone who sent a package will notice the delivery was rejected, and the package is on its way back to you. I will not do someone's dirty work. If you want to try and do the sovereign deal, you are on your own. I have a correctly signed agreement, and I will not allow anyone in this group to be scammed by anyone. If it means I get zero for doing the right thing, so be it. Right now, until we have that done, don't get in front of me. Do not travel. If it seems to be too good to be true,then it normally is. Notice the lack of secrecy on this sovereign deal. I see things more clearly now with a little sleep. Please wait for me to make sure things are right. I gave you my word and I will keep it.

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