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Bruce: Welcome everybody to the Big Call. Let’s evaluate where we are.

Let’s make sure we make it clear to everybody that we know things are happening behind the scenes. Sometimes we see it, sometimes we don’t see it so clearly. Sometimes we get little hints in the news. Mostly what were are getting is way behind the scenes, but fortunately we have sources very close to the area and we sort of know what the real deal is if you know what I mean.
Bruce: Let’s talk about Iraq. We know Prime Minister Abadi was over here since Sunday morning. He met with President Trump, other members of Congress, and a select group of people while he was here.

He met with business leaders from various corporations. He worked crazy while he was here even late night meetings. He flew out yesterday to Iraq then from there to Jordan for the Arab Summit.

Bruce: You say what about the possibly of an announcement about Iraq? That is sort of what we all are looking for. We know the new budget was passed and suppose to have been put in the Gazette this morning.

That new budget and rate did not show up in the Gazette because there still is a media blackout. A media blackout on social media sites as on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. These are limited and heavily filtered from Iraq outward.

Same with cell services. All very limited right now as far as what is going on and what is not going on. We do have some people close to the situation and know what is happening.

Bruce: Where we thought we would have that in the Gazette this morning, would signal the Go time we didn’t have it. Maybe it be in there tomorrow morning. I would hope so.

I understand Abadi is plans to announce retake of Mosul, their restructuring of their banking system, their sovereignty of the country and the release of chapter 7, and also the reinstated dinar and revaluation of the Iraqi dinar.

All those things suppose to be announced at this Arab Summit in Jordan. I know it is a big thing. We got 4 individuals from the United States there. There is also at least one Chinese representative there. There are things happening over there, and we are looking for positive news coming out of the Arab Summit.

Bruce: I don’t know if an announcement was made yet today and we just haven’t heard yet from there. I would look for one very shortly. Iraq has taken back Mosul for some time now.

The two banks on the west side of Mosul that were down have been brought back up. All of the banks in Iraq have resynchronized and come back on line with the new Swift system that includes the CIPS, which is much faster than the old Swift system and the new Fentech System that has been added to the new Swift system now.

Wires can now go from 18 seconds to 58 seconds around the world with no trouble. It is more direct and immediate. It is the new Swift system. We can thank AIIB and People bank of China for all that happen in conjunction with HSB. All our Chinese friends have made all this happen.

Bruce: What else has been happening is yesterday starting between 1:00am to 3:00am in the morning one of 3 separate tranches came through from the East to our banks here. Then we had another one at 6:01pm last night. Then there was one last night between 11:15pm to 11:59pm. Three tranches. You say so what? Each tranche was for 28 zeros.

Put a one in front of 28 zeros. That is 3 tranches with 28 zeros in them. They have been sent and received and were processed today to various banks around the world. It was a test to make sure no shenanigans were done with these moneys.

No cabal types get in there, make havoc and steal those moneys. Everything went through flawlessly. Those funds were sent for our exchanges. Our meaning the internet group. That is a lot of money, and that was handled and received by late last night.

Bruce: Also late last night somewhere around 2:00am to 3:00am, after that final and third tranche was sent and received, Hong Kong released the payments to be made to the elders. Then this afternoon, Hong Kong released London to do the same thing to begin to pay out elders out of London today.

Then we understood next would be our turn and then we would get the release to begin payouts in certain groups on our west coast. My understanding they are there and ready and waiting to have that initiate.
n our call. Also put it out on a few sites in our community. We will be on it. We are there day or The last information I have in that is a couple of our top administrative members were sent there to effect that change, and make a go of it post haste, like immediately. That is what we hope is happening as a result of some delay in the system. We believe things are moving along nicely in that regard.

Bruce: Rates. I don’t normally do rates except to say my understanding is the new in-country rate of the Iraqi dinar is now over $6. Our rates should be substantially higher on our screens here. The ZIM has made a move upward on the screens of the non-NDA rate.

The rate was moved yesterday from $2.13 to $2.26. That is fine for those of you who are going to take a screen rate with no NDA, but if you are going to be involved with many projects with us in Rebuild America I encourage you to negotiate a higher rate if you have your own humanitarian projects, or if you don’t and you want to be part of the Big Call is doing with Rebuild America.

We will take that project not only here in the United States but other parts of the world as well in third and fourth world countries also. That is why we are called by the banks the Cos or the chosen ones. Those who have the ZIM especially. We can do a lot more with a lot more. I won’t be ashamed to ask for higher rates. You can negotiate rates. Banks will do fine with us negotiating higher rates.

Bruce: We understand later this afternoon other currencies that should be part of the first basket rates were populating on the screens. My understanding is the US Treasury has given the go ahead to the banks to get started. That is how close we are. The US Treasury under our new government has given the banks the go ahead start. We are right there at the starting gate ready to go.

Bruce: What else we know is the timing is going to be that when we have the go we should be able to start at any time now. We could go any time tonight, over night, tomorrow. We are being told everyday has a possibility all the way to Saturday.

Saturday should be our final deadline for a go.

I don’t know if we need to go to all the way to Saturday. We may need to go to tomorrow, but I don’t know if we need to go to Saturday. We know a lot of the RVs in the past were either on Wednesday or Saturday. We passed Wednesday without it yesterday when we thought it could go, but you know it wouldn’t have gone without those 3 tranches.

Those tranches did not get down until before midnight last night eastern time. Last night wasn’t too realistic unless it happened in the middle of the night which it did not.

Bruce: The funds that moved through are in position. The people are in position. We believe the redemption centers are ready and in position, but we don’t know if they are in engage status or not. We think engage status goes when they get the go ahead to release the 800 number to us.

It is almost once everything is done and we understand everything out west is happening. We understand the treaty is signed again for gold leased to the US to back our currency in exchange China getting oil credits. Those documents have been signed.

That is what gives our currency, USN and TRN backing and value to be utilize around the world. We are right there. I am looking for good news to come out of the Arab Summit. I am looking for Prime Minister Abadi to make an announcement.

Bruce: The incident in London yesterday that happened, we are sad about. Our hearts are with you and our prayers for those who lost their lives which I believe were 4 lives. We know a lot of people were injured and sad about that. Who do you think made the first two calls to Prime Minister Teresa May of Great Britain? President Trump and our Secretary of State were the first two. Am I surprise by that? No. I was pleased to find that out.

The fact that incident occurred yesterday in London did slow down things and put a pause on things at HSBC London for 6 hours. That could have put a delay for us, but I don’t know if it did. It could have maybe, but I know they were delayed for 6 hours in London. That was a huge hub for HSBC. It was their current headquarters before they moved to Singapore

Bruce: We are looking for our 800 number at any time. It could come in tonight before the call is over. What we could do is rally the troops, put a celebration call together and let everybody have that number on our website: thebigcall.net. We would put it as a link on our website and onight.

Bruce: I now you are anxious, and some of you are losing faith. I am not. I am gaining in faith because I am hearing. I know what is going on based on the Intel I am getting. I know we are close as we have ever been. We are in good shape. Hang in there, and continue to believe along with all of us on the call.

Bruce: I did get a text during the call that PM Abadi is to be at the Arab Summit on Saturday. He did fly back to Iraq as we thought, but he is not going to head to Jordan for the Arab Summit until Saturday. Interesting.

Could there be an announcement on Saturday? We would think so.

Does it hold us up until Saturday? I don’t think so.

I don’t think that is the case. Based on what I am hearing now, I don’t think we have to wait that long. Bruce can be wrong. I have been wrong before for sure. You know that. I try not to call it, but this thing is getting close. You guys want to know just like I do when this blessing is going to get here. I know it does not do any good to keep saying Is it here yet? Is it here yet? I know guys I hear it all the time. I try to be patient for it. It is hard. I know it is coming.

Bruce: Every indication that I have is that we will people that want to help us. Even people in the banking world want to help us Rebuild America. We had at least 20 different bankers told us they want to be part of what we are doing. I am sure there are many more that want to partner with us in what we will be doing.

Bruce: You know the idea of using Infrastructure bonds and putting them out all over the country for us to invest in with our interest we are going to make with our structure payouts will easily give us more than enough money to buy Infrastructure bonds. We will think of the best way to involve those infrastructure bonds with our projects. I think it is the best way to get started and to use the money and get it in the system for everybody.
Bruce: Everybody wins with that I believe. We are going to have opportunity to have 10,000s infrastructure bonds issued individual type of bonds throughout the country. Each state can offer their own infrastructure bonds. Maybe they be tax exempt state and federal. We could throw some profits into those bonds. Use those bonds to fund the very projects we are looking to do in Rebuild America.

From my simple mind the concept seems to be a winner. Let’s see what the Administration comes back with that. I am looking forward to possibly meeting with various members of the Administration on this concept. Let them know we are not looking for any government money. We will try to do this completely on our own doing it privately. The Big Call is not looking for any money. We want to do what we are trying to do on our own as well.

Bruce: What I am looking from you is to partner with you in the sense when you say I am going to adopt Birmingham, AL. Or you say I am going to adopt Nashville, TN. Or I am going to adopt Peoria, IL. Pick a city, an area or town in the country that needs help. We got to get started in the coal country to make sure they have good water, housing and food. Also work with Churches in the country, set up a community garden, food distribution.

Bruce: I want to everyone ready in case we have a major weather event or something that could be difficult. Even FEMA says we should have at least 7 days of provisions on hand. We are going to need to do that and have it the local Church can do it for the local communities as well. Maybe they are relying on the government like food.

We have Aquaponics we will put together, community gardens also. Let’s get the local communities and churches involved in what we are doing so they can over see that and take over those projects when we move from one city to the next with these projects. Obviously it won’t be a quick fix. It will be something that will take years and years, but I want to plant beautiful seeds in our inner cities.

I want to get our inner cities Rock and Rolling again. I want to get MO town crankin as it was in the 50s and 60s. I mean it in every way not only music also automotive.

Bruce: We are going to rebuild America and in the process make America great again. From what we do from the private sector we don’t need Congress to allocate a trillion dollars for infrastructure. We don’t need it. We got the ability when we get blessed with this, we can certainly have the wherewithal to have trillions of dollars, hundreds of trillions of dollars of infrastructure bonds to rebuild America. Can I get a AMEN form anybody out there?

Bruce: Let’s start here in our country first. Then we will work in third world countries, Africa, South and Central America, Caribbean as in Haiti and the rest of the DR. There are opportunities everywhere and we will find them. Desalination plants, opportunities for employment, and hiring of veterans. This is going to be fun. I am excited. You guys are going to be excited to get started.
Bruce: If you don’t have a project when you go into the redemption center think back to Bruce from the Big Call using Rebuild America. Tell them I am going to partner with him and our banks to rebuild America. We will adopt a city, a town, and a community. We will get it done. We will build new roads, improving bridges, meglove railways, airports, new clinics, homes, neighborhoods, community gardens, Recreation centers, etc. We will find out what the city, town, community needs and create a infrastructure bond for it.

Bruce: The bank comes up with a infrastructure bond, we will find the need, and we will partner with them and make it work. When we are done with this city lets go over somewhere else. I am looking for people all over to partner with us from the Big Call. When the word gets out beyond our listenership, I urge other calls to partner with us and say I heard about that Rebuild America on the Big Call and I am in.

Bruce: We will have a new website and portal so you can have the ability to communicate with us on thebigcall.net. We will not try to reinvent the wheel. We are talking about new technology, new building techniques and free energy possibly. Everything we can do to build smart and build efficiently and improve our nation one city at a time all the way across the country. Are you in? Are you with me? I think you are with me. I think you are there. Saying I am with you Bruce. I hope so. Guys it will be fun.

Bruce: I am looking for leaders around the country that will step up and say I want to do this state. I want to have a leader or a team of leaders for each state. Think about the state you live in or you are going to move to. No, I don’t want 15,000 people moving to Hawaii. I know it is nice over there. I love Hawaii. I got my favorite places too.

Just be thinking where you are now. Start where you are and if it needs some help, let us know. Let’s work together. Let’s help all the people in this country feel proud where we are and where we live. I am proud more than I have been in a while. I want to make a difference. This is our legacy. This is what we are doing to plow in this blessing back. Let’s do it.

Bruce: Thank you all for tuning in. Our weekend starts tonight after this call ends. I am hoping for very good news soon. You know where my heart is and where I am ready to go with this thing. I want to thank Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Also thank you to all the listeners old and new. Thank you for tuning in again and for hanging in there, and for being our partner with us with future projects.

Bruce: I will let you know. Look to the website: thebigcall.net for the celebration call recording if we do that before Tuesday, and the 800 number to call to set your appointment at the redemption centers. I know all are ready to go. When we get the information we will put it out. Good night everybody.


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