Monday, March 20, 2017

Subject: "Last is First" - Revaluation News - Monday - 3.20.17

Existing clients are being called for In-bank redemptions as of noon Monday, and their being made liquid on the spot all be it at screen rates and below.

Zim exchanges appear now to be going last, not first, and only by third party military appointment in order to redeem with the highest possible safety.

Zim treated more like a one time sovereign bond experience with table top protocols given their asset class and value.

Front screen rates on Zim reappeared this morning exceeding 2.30 USN as of business close.

Other non Zim currencies are being treated more like normal redemptions and handled just like a standard foreign currency exchange.

Some NDA packages went out this weeks out key internet gurus to prepare a possible Monday PM or Tuesday AM release.

Each will have a different 800# number to track their volume.

Trump speaks tonight at 7:30pm EDT in Kentucky, might wanna listen, you never know what old Donald might say now that he has nothing to loose and a quicker impeachment to gain.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson came back from China with an Elder schedule, non performance warning and final performance instructions for the US RV.

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