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My Intel, Sources, & Reasoning

I had a question posed to me a few days back and I am answering it now. The question was "How Do I Know What I Know?" That is a fair question. Here is the post:

"Question for One Who Knows"

My Dinarland Story

In the early days, which for me was about 4 years ago, I knew nothing about what was going on. Interestingly, I am an expert on how the Universe functions, but, I had no idea about the Cabal, and what was really going on in our World. 

I started searching the web for info on the currencies and of course, I was listening to TNT, reading re-caps, KTFA, and now and again the Big Call & The Real Truth Call. When Yosef showed up, I was drawn to his info immediately and came to Intel Dinar Chronicles because this is where Yosef posted his information. Needless to say, I fell in love with this site and this community and have stayed here ever since.

I Have Inner-Guidance

While studying the Universe and how it functions, I developed my inner-guidance system and use it for any and everything. It is so great to instantly check whether or not something is true. There are two main questions I check, Truth yes or no, and my actions/decisions yes or no. So this is the first of my main sources of intel. Without going into detail, I will tell you who I trust and follow and who I do not, all based on my inner guidance system.

My Top Sources

Yosef, The Big Call, Fisher, Zorra, Tank, Sheldon Nidle, to name the main ones. If I were to add in another "Source" it might be the Real Truth Call, except they are not an intel source, exactly, but they do bring in and discuss a lot of information that is not talked about anywhere else.

My Qualifications For A Source

My qualification for these sources is "Truth" in the moment. In this fast moving and ever changing World Change event, the only thing that is true, is what is true in the moment, since it can and often does change and evolve as needed. So, as long as I get a YES that the info is true "Now" I like the source. Importantly it can change, as it usually does, but importantly, it was true when it was conveyed.

Intentional Deception

I allow for deception. On these sources, there is deception from time to time as needed to thwart the bad guys. The only way to fake out the Cabal, is to give us a direct message and fake us out as well. I accept this as a very important part of the Cabal take down plan and am pleased to be able to contribute in this way. There have been many fake go times that netted some big cabal and stopped some terrible things from being done, like blowing up cities etc. IT WAS ALL GOOD, and frankly exactly what was needed. I don’t care if the information is EXACTLY true or not as long as it is the "Right" thing to say and do at this moment in the plan. Would I like to get perfect, inside information? Sure, but this is a multi thousand year old war that is in its final battle, and I would not trade a final win, just to have inside intel that could harm the plan. All I care about, is the final result, and whatever it takes to get there, I am good with that.


The main "Test" for me is agenda. Knowing that the truth in one moment may be different in the very next moment, and that sometimes the intel is completely false for very good reasons, my criteria is "Agenda." What is the agenda of the people I follow? Is it good and benevolent for the benefit of all, or is it a cabal agenda meant to harm us? My answer to that MAIN QUESTION for all those I listed above is "VERY GOOD AGENDA." I "get" that whatever they do and say, is for the best reasons to help us all get through this World change as quickly and safely as possible. That is all that matters to me.

My No Follow List

Bearing in mind that my main "Test" is agenda, I do not follow these sources and am not interested in the least, about what they have to say. Mountain Goat, Dr. Clark, TNT, KTFA, Veterans Today, and Dinar recaps, to name a few. In short, they may have actual intel, but it is slanted in the wrong direction as far as I am concerned.

If you follow any of these people or sites, that is your business as it is not my place to say who you should or should not follow. I am just making it clear that NONE of the information I get is from these sources. Frankly, I don’t even know what they are saying since I DO NOT read or listen to ANYTHING they put out. To be clear, this is my opinion, and each of us has to decide for ourselves, who we listen to, and who we do not. In that regard, this is my personal do not pay attention to list.

"Other" Sources

I have other VERY HIGH UP in the process contacts and information sources that I will not mention or list here. Needless to say, that they want to remain unnamed for security and safety reasons. These higher sources contacted me and have indicated that they appreciate my posts, and want to assist me in bringing important and valuable information to you. I have the utmost confidence in their intel and have been given permission and authority to release the information I give you.


Regarding the topic of disinformation and misinformation, interestingly, I have been told in certain cases, it serves the greater good. "They" are the ones who have consulted me to allow the fear mongering information to continue for good reasons, but, agree with my sense that harmful information must be confronted. For the record, I will NOT create nor promote disinformation, through my posts. That being said, in many cases, I won’t confront it either, for very good strategy reasons. This has been the hardest thing for me since I want to stamp out disinformation the moment it raises its ugly head, but, for the good of the overall plan, I do not. I guess nothing wakes up the sleeping public like the threat of radiation and nuclear war.

Manifesting Information

When it comes to information on manifesting and how the Universe works, in that regard, I claim EXPERT status as that is my strongest area of knowledge. Any posts of mine in that area of information comes as a result of more than 20,000 hours of study and research in every aspect of manifestation and the nature and Function of the Universe. I am currently writing my next book which promises to be the most advanced information available anywhere on this subject. 

The Nay Sayers

Clearly, no matter what is shared, there will be those who do not agree or demand proof of which there is none, and that is perfectly O.K. Say nay all you want. I am at peace with what I am posting and sharing in this community and in my own writings. It is not my work to change anyone, but instead to make available to the World important and valuable information. It is then up to those seeking that information to find it and decide for themselves. In the end, no matter if people agree with it or not, has no bearing what so ever on its truth. In that regard, I only post what I believe and/or know is true.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that I draw from many sources for my dinarland intel, much of which is already available from other posts. In cases where it is already been shared in Dinarland, I bring perspective and reminders of where we are and what is next. When it comes to information and intel from my higher sources, you will just have to decide for yourself if it resonates with you or not. My only mission is to get it out into the World for those who are seeking it. It is up to them to receive it or not. Since it always works out in the end, it doesn't bother me in the least if my information is believed or not, as each of us has our own path to travel. I will continue to post not because I have to, but because I want to and love doing so. I feel compelled to share what I have learned and it gives me great joy in doing so. 

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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