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MilitiaMan:  I see that they are telling us when and where, (see article below)  as far as they are concerned. Thanks Don,

I realize that this means to me that NR is in the forefront in Amman next week starting around the same time as the 68 countries finish up in Wash  D.C. with Trump.

I see that there are significant amount of articles that are conflicting the when and whereabouts of Abadi. I am going with many are smoke.

One in particular tells the story. Abadi's actual physical location at anytime is a security risk.
 Note the article about Saudis warnings of an attack against the USA. Saudi has been in Iraq recently. Only a fly on the wall could tell us what was said. Actions are our clues.

Those actions are unfolding like a dinner napkin. It won't be long for dinner to be served.. the main course is an international delight!

The Iraq's International new Dinar series of lower denoms that are less the three zeros, imo.. 
Don961:  Aboul Gheit to Mr. Ammar al-Hakim: We congratulate the settlement project and we will put forward at the Arab summit

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Park the Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit said during a visit to Baghdad on Wednesday, Chairman of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, the national settlement project in Iraq.

A statement by the Office of the Prime Alliance and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, on Thursday, that the two sides "discussed the Arab League meeting expected in the Jordanian capital , Amman , files , and the challenges facing the Arab consensus and the fight against terrorism intellectually basically class after a military confrontation."

Park and the Secretary General of the Arab League , " the victories achieved by Iraq today on terrorism" , stressing that "Iraq to regain the Arab role."

Mr. Hakim stressed that "Iraq regained its people and everyone became today aware of the size of the risks caused by political conflicts , " adding that " the national reconciliation project put forward by the National Alliance as the biggest bloc stems from the depth of experience and the conviction that there should be reassuring inclusive for all project proboscis country and take it out of crises ".

For his part , Abul Gheit Park "national reconciliation project and promised to put it to the Arab summit meeting" .anth



Don961:  ME will surely take notice of increase in defense spending ... and reduction in international assistance ... IMO

Trump puts the draft budget includes a significant reduction of the budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and an increase in defense spending

MARCH 16, 2017

WASHINGTON AFP B. The White House announced Wednesday that President Donald Trump Thursday will propose a budget for 2018 requires an increase of nearly 10 percent in the Ministry of defense spending (the Pentagon) and a significant reduction in the money the Foreign Ministry (28 percent).

He said budget director Mick Mulvany, a reduction in the external budget affects especially international assistance, stressing that "the diplomatic core functions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs" will not be affected. But this presidential proposals are just the beginning of a long battle with Congress, the owner of the final decision in the budgetary issues.



Samson:  Zimbabwe signs infrastructure funding MoU

Financially-crippled Zimbabwe yesterday took a big investment step after signing a memorandum of understanding with a South Korean business delegation, which will unlock financing for infrastructure projects.

The delegation is based in the United States and had representatives from the Rosenthall Group, Global Trade and Finance Inc and Natrabank of Africa.

They are scouting for investment opportunities in financing, development and construction of infrastructure, agriculture and agribusiness, transport and water, mining, energy, manufacturing and power among others.

The MoU will also culminate in the setting up of a bullion bank, which will use the gold as collateral to help secure funding instead of relying on foreign financial institutions, according to Rosenthall Group chief executive officer and president Robert Rosenthall.

Chief secretary to the President and Cabinet Misheck Sibanda, who signed on behalf of Zimbabwe, said engagements with the delegation have been premised on the need to formulate joint venture approaches to investment that were anchored on “financial engineering leveraging on natural resource endowment and human capital which the country has in abundance”.

“Various areas of cooperation have been reached between Zimbabwean enterprises and institutions represented by the delegation,” he said.

Referring to the interest by the delegation, Sibanda said “this form and magnitude of investment will turn around the fortunes of the country within the next few years”.

“Opportunities are also being pursued under the aegis of the special economic zones, which essentially seek to attract both local and foreign investment under favourable monetary, fiscal and non-fiscal incentives including new clean technologies,” he said.

Natrabank chairperson Celeste de Brito told journalists after the signing ceremony that she would be back in Zimbabwe in a week to set up a bank.

Global Trade and Finance president and CEO Kumja Lee said the delegation was open to all projects in infrastructure, adding that work would commence in 90 days.

The interest by the delegation came at a time when government has undertaken a number of reforms, under the ease of doing business, to lure foreign investors.

Foreign investors continue giving the country a wide berth due to unfavourable policies such as the Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act.

Government sees the economic blueprint, ZimAsset, as the driver of economic growth.
However, economic analysts say policy inconsistences and corruption were the elephants in the living room of the Zimbabwe’s economy.

Mile100:  After reading the notes (link to highlights) I am encouraged but something worried me.

Frank says IF they do lift the 3 zeroes in the first quarter of this year it can be retroactive, now what if they dont?

We have been told numerous times they won’t lift the value in the middle or end of the year they want to do it in the beginning, would our window be gone if they didn’t by end of 1st quarter  and be waiting till beginning of 2018 for a new window? ‘

I appreciate the notes Frosty and Frankk thanks for the Q and A. Hopefully we are drawing near to an end of this venture and a new beginning for Iraq and ALL dinar holders.

Time will only tell. Let’s see what transpires out of those meetings with Trump. 


BigSpringTex:  IMO FIRST, Iraq does not control when their rate will be released Internationally.

SECOND,  Their rate is already live in country and working its way up to be released Internationally.

THIRD, Everything up to June 1st can be retroactive back to Jan. 1st.

AND LASTLY, VARIANCES have been made because of the circumstances surrounding Iraq.....Syria, ISIS, ECT.......I've lost count on how many times Frank has gone over this....

The bottom line is Iraq is going International with their rate by or before June 1st.  The plan is not to waste 2017.  Too many Countries, Companies, and Iraq have everything riding on this.

But EVERYONE has come to far at this point in the game to cut any corners.....HENCE why Trump said get ISIS the heck out of the middle East now so we can get down to business!!!  IMO

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