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Frank26: Greetings family … welcome to another one of your conference calls here at KTFAlways.com!

Today is Monday, March 27, 2017.

May I ask you a question?

At what speed do you think the MR should be at right now?
Same speed as the delay as presented in January by Allak? Faster pace? Speed of light?
I believe deep in my heart … last week when President Trump and Abadi met … we are at a different speed!

Abadi spoke in his own language at the meeting with President Trump / US leaders … and was treated like royalty.

I am pleased to announce … that IMO … they (Trump/Abadi/agencies) met privately -- those meetings were very successful. Much to celebrate!
I’m not here to give you a date.


As you know … the CBI made an announcement (on the Arabic side) of the CBI website.

On Tuesday, last week, WS posted a video … needed to be translated.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get that info to Delta … and someone (outside of KTFA) took the video and tried to translate it. Unfortunately, according to Delta, it was exaggerated.
I was disappointed to learn that on Thursday … this exaggerated info spread through the dinar community.

I found it interesting that Iraq only posted it the information on the Arabic side of the CBI website.

The MR … is in its infancy. When it happens … it will happen very quickly.

I believe that is what is happening due to the private meetings with Abadi and Trump, etc. and I believe they are past talking about the exchange rate.

Trump has given Abadi some advice/direction on what to do inside of Iraq to help with the economic reform.

Notice the pattern … every time someone from Iraq leaves Washington, they return home and do something instantly.

This announcement came out with great power to the banks … but, this is OLD news.

The fact that they are telling us (at least on the Arabic side) is incredible.

The info from the meetings with Trump/Abadi have not been released on the English side of the CBI’s website … yet.

Did you ever think you’d see Saudi Arabia do something nice for another country? Debt forgiveness? Oh my!

The speed … it will happen very quickly … once we have Mosul.

Variances were made … from January 16th … they’ve been bragging … 40 of our FINAL ARTICLES illustrate that.

Media … do we have Mosul? No … have them surrounded … so why isn’t this over? Why has TIME-FROZEN? Special talents / special people.

IMO … the 1st quarter will finish the monetary reform.

The banks better be damn ready.

IMO … with this announcement … they have speed up the MR.

The banks are being controlled … how much they will get, etc.

We believe that this announcement that we are talking about … we feel is extremely important … you must understand it deeper … more than what the internet knows.

We believe this is a by-product from the Trump/Abadi meetings.

The banks will be audited from now on by an international company to go international.

Delta also told us that the video talked about money laundering.

Another thing … IOO … they are telling the banks to DO THIS NOW … because they are about to be audited so they are ready to go INTERNATIONAL. Have they met the requirements? Are they ready … with the right currency … to be given to the citizens?

When a company goes on the New York Stock Exchange … audits determine the proposed value of the stock. Likewise … this is what is going on in Iraq right now with the banks. Audits will be performed without notice
The COM … the head of the COM … his name is also Allak … the article that we’re talking about that Delta properly translated … says they are working towards the private economy.

The WB, UST, IMF … they have a lot of requirements … in order to move forward with their market economy … they must lift the value of their currency.
The audits are a demand by President Trump. I don’t think they’ll tell us when they’ll do the audits … but as soon as they do … IMO … they could go international in nanoseconds.

They’ve (Abadi/Trump) told you … it’s their goal to abolish the exchange rate restrictions.

There is a historical event that just occurred before your eyes.

Abadi was treated like a king when he came to see President Trump.

Abadi doesn’t want to deal with “speculators” right now … perhaps this is why the information only appeared on the Arabic side of the CBI’s website.

Abadi only had smiles to show while visiting America … and he typically doesn’t smile much.

The change in the rate will now move much faster … especially with this announcement.

The COM never would have been given permission to say that they were going to move into a free market economy.

This week is the last quarter of 2017.
Everyone is telling them to move with a free market economy.

This announcement is not about a rate … it’s about an exchange rate to follow international standards.

It was done on the 19th … sent on the 20th to the Arabic world.

There is NO money for Iraq … not from the IMF … for nearly a year now.
There is a direction … that I’ve been trying to guide you in.

Sometimes that has irritated you. I’ve told you not to ride the shirt-tails of other guru’s.

The progress of the monetary reform … this direction we wanted you to grab on to.

I wanted you to be passionate about this study … because when you exchange your currency … hopefully you’ll be just as passionate about your stewardship.

In my strong opinion … I believe that we are looking at a different speed.

That’s why I asked you … “what is the speed of the MR?”

IMO … we now have SPEED and DIRECTION combined.

You can go fast in the wrong direction … and you’ll be lost.

The CBI has made a very, very tactical …secretive announcement … combines the speed of the MR direction.

May I please say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is over the hill … picking up speed.

Mosul … once we have it … you will see the speed of the MR pick-up.
Frank26: Tactical reasons are why you haven’t seen the announcement of the liberation of Mosul.

Family … there are now contracts … they are 90 day contracts. Iraq doesn’t want these contracts to extend into “years” – they want to do business.

Security / Stability … they could break the neck that binds Mosul in a second.

In those 90 days … lies the 76 … that will only drive the IQD up … higher than the 1 to 1 that many speculate.

Consider the 11th and the 12th … the financial meeting in Iraq.

Iraq has shown a pattern … moving faster and faster.

This pattern is showing up in a lot of different actions since Trump/Abadi met.

This announcement is NOT about a rate.

Isn’t it interesting that the CBI now has a new sign (logo) to show/impress the world of their changes. Why? They are on a prograFrank26: Do you see citizens rushing in to open new accounts? They claim that the new logo will show “pride” and “success” … LOL … you ain’t got jack on a program rate.

I find this very, very interesting … powerful.

Interesting … it also embodying the metal coin … showing gears … memory within this symbol … referencing the role of the CBI … establishing a firm position and policy.

How can they claim victory without knowing the score?

The CBI is about to do something new … IMO.

Your symbol looks just like the coin that you’re about to release.

WOW! Moving beyond the LD’s into coins? That’s SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!
I’d say that the CBI is getting ready for a Grand Opening.

WalkingStick came out and SPOKE … who typically doesn’t speak …
The Arab Summit started yesterday.

What do you think they’re talking about?

Caution … the article that came out where an Iraqi general said that the military operations are now complete. In time you’ll see … that is 100% incorrect.

They postponed the release … to work on Mosul … and work on the “rebranding” of Iraq for BIGGER and BETTER things … all post Trump/Abadi meetings.

When Allak said there was a postponement … it was like pulling back further on a sling-shot … the more impact you make.

Coins? Coins?
The nerve of them to mention coins when they are in a program rate.

They haven’t talked to you about the LD’s … yet they will about the Fils (coins).

The coins are part of the monetary reform process – (even better news than the LD’s) – because they are the components of the LD’s.

Delta told you … “think” … it will bring you faith, hope, trust which will give clarity.”

Rebranding is REBIRTH … all happening so fast … you are looking at a new Iraq.

Mission accomplished. HOORAH!!!!!!!!

When Abadi spoke Monday, he said he was angry with the media for putting out a bunch of trash … (just like President Trump) … be careful of the lies that the media will spread.

KTFA is above the lies of the media … we bring confidence and hope. We are not weeks behind like the media.

Interesting that employees can pick up their pay locally and internationally now.
Please read WalkingStick article … regarding exchange for oil.
90% of the contracts will go to the USA.

USD … how is the IQD treating you (in country)? According to plan and the MCP … excellent, thank you!

TA-DA!!!!!!!!! I told you.
Telling the citizens about the coins … tells they you’re about to lift the value of your currency.

Just like in the USA … we have coins … so will Iraq.

Mosul … the maps are totally incorrect. We are deep into the old city. Daesh is completely surrounded.

It is now the rainy season in Iraq.

With the Peshmerga Army’s help … Daesh cannot get out. Lots of collateral damage – nature of war.

One week left in this 1st quarter.

They can’t sell the USD anymore for a profit ………….. BRILLIANT!

The Middle East will get in line with Iraq’s new value … started with Saudi Arabia.

Even Egypt is getting on board because they want to be next.

Delta’s REPORT … “Quick report … announcement from the CBI … they are talking about internationally auditing every single bank in Iraq. Timing is significant. Auditing just before going international … must be compliant. Money laundering - looking good. The 2% … the spreadsheet doesn’t show it yet … but what’s interesting … the IMF told Iran in a memo that they are about 15% difference. Iran is already Article VIII. So if they are about 15% … then maybe Iraq’s 2% doesn’t apply to much to Iraq.”

On TeamChat … when Abadi came over a few years ago … Obama did not meet him when he arrived. No one met him at the airport. He was forced to get a cab … find his own hotel, pay for it … and you saw what Obama did to Abadi on the White House lawn. Turned his back on him.

This time around … when Abadi came to America … President Trump sent his Presidential motorcade … made a video for the world to see. Royal treatment / respect to PM Abadi for a very, very good reason family.

Trump even had dinner with him privately before meeting in public.

Abadi went right home to deal with Mosul.

I give no date/rate … but I think you know that the 1st quarter is about to end.

As much as they wanted to postpone … I believe the speed is back now.

CC ended in prayer/shofar

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