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MilitiaMan:  Looks like the Certificate of Deposit is not only for the TBI it is going to be used for reducing more note count by guaranteeing the instruments through selling of GOLD and Iraqi currency.... Not a bad thing at all. Bring Ye Citizens, bring Ye Chunky Triple Zero Notes!! lol ~ MM

Walkingstick:  Central: issuance of Islamic bonds next June

Adopted by the world's biggest banks to finance projects

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb

Providing funding through Islamic financial instruments is soon after the central bank cut a long way in the journey that is in harmony with the wishes of the Islamic banks and enable them to transfer money supply storehouse of homes to the field of investment through Islamic instruments secured and away from risks.
 Diversifying tools general manager of financial operations at the central bank d. Mahmoud Mohammed announced the possibility of issuing Islamic instruments in June after the completion of the technical aspects of issuance, pointing out that the central part of the diversification of the Islamic Strutijeth tools and the most important instruments in accordance with the Islamic law , which chime and wishes of a large segment of  society. He noted in an interview for the "morning"

This is a certified orientation in various countries around the world and adoption by major banks in Britain, Malaysia and other important economic blocs, noting that in Malaysia up the value of Islamic instruments to 3 trillion dollars and is working to finance major projects in that country, explaining that Sukuk are issued in accordance with the law and combine the stock  and the bond.

Support the economy and looks Islamic banks to issue new tools do financial activity inside Iraq and support the national economy in which exports of time periods  Mokhtlvh.wachar that the central Akmal kind of instruments Islamic "certificates of deposit Islamist" will be issued over the next June, pointing out that they are guaranteed and the degree of risk where "zero percent" and is working to attract large cluster of cash into the banking sector and investment in order to achieve the feasibility  and economic.

Secretariats and security  either specialist on Islamic banking Ali Zaidi pointed out that the degree of safety and guarantees provided by the instruments to which the Islamic and progress of the yield socially acceptable make them attract capital big money employed in building the national economy through the implementation of major projects, Iraq desperately in need in all productive sectors and service in various  cities.

Zaidi between the importance of benefiting from the British and Malaysian experiences in this aspect, which proved a great success, was able to attract capital and using them to serve their economies and the owners of the money themselves heads there and become mutually beneficial and this is what we need in Iraq for the next period. New product and talked about new steps adopted by some of the specialized banks, including the south Islamic Bank, will begin to offer a new product under the supervision of the Central Bank is to sell gold to the amount of kilogram to all citizens and currency  Iraqi.

According to the needs of citizens km wants to buy and set aside money for it and be the repayment period on a monthly basis to ensure the access cycle of capital to ensure the inclusion of the largest number of citizens, also working on the financing of housing projects and others in an attempt to multiplicity of revenues and to engage in banking business field  of the real. He stressed that the safe banking products that run on the currency bloc chunky in homes transferred to the banking system will be transferred to the national economy if  the best.



Don961:  Wednesday 16 Jumada II 1438 H - March 15, 2017 AD

A planned visit by Iraqi President to Kuwait


Media adviser to Iraqi President said yesterday that President Fuad Masum will very soon pay an official visit to Kuwait to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

Was quoted by the Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on the adviser Hussein al-Hindawi said: "The visit will be in the framework of an Arab tour to President infallible include Kuwait, Egypt and a number of North African countries."
He pointed out that the date of the visit to Kuwait was still being finalized yet, pending coordination between the leaderships of the two countries, but it will be at a very early date.

Hindawi stressed that the Iraqi president is very keen on strengthening bilateral relations with Kuwait and development, thus contributing to bypass all the outstanding problems between them.

He noted the positions of the State of Kuwait in support of Iraq at all levels, pointing out that all the meetings that brought together the leaders of the two countries have yielded positive results reported for the benefit of both sides.

It seeks Iraqi leadership during the next phase to mobilize Arab and international support to help Iraq to overcome internal crises and the reconstruction of the legacy of the battles against al Daesh. It should be noted that Kuwait offers significant humanitarian support to Iraq now includes in-kind assistance to the displaced and the building of schools and health centers in displacement camps


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