Friday, March 3, 2017


BGG   Article:  "Parliamentary Finance's "approach" to postpone the project to delete the zeros until further notice" 

Quote:  "...Finance Committee in the House of Representatives announced the postponement of the project to delete the zeros that was planned years ago to apply until further notice." 

BGG:  ...that almost has the "smack" of her pointing out that this WAS PLANNED - then POSTPONED until further notice.   Which is...accurate...they aren't saying further notice isn't tomorrow, next week or next month either. 

Why would they be "rehashing" a decision that was put off back in 2012 - right now?  Over a concept that is DIRECTLY germane to their forward economic progress. 

In fact...it is a little weird this is coming out now - right near the end of Mosul... or in this "first part of 2017 timeframe" - why now?   I think it's obvious

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