Tuesday, February 7, 2017



Jazzman:  I can say that my best contact is now under an NDA (as of yesterday). so I guess my news is no news.

Toolfan4:  after a few months of tracking down a lawyer that is an actual paymaster and paying that person for 2 hours of his time....i had my questions answered about alot of this stuff. there is a humanitarian side to this but we as the general public.....yes, we are not a group or internet group......will not see any questions concerning our projects.....one rate for a l at our level.

Grandma:  Tool thanks for sharing. But I thought we were important aren't we or are we actually the bottom of the barrel like sucker fish. LOL

SandnSea:  Granny- we are the bottom surfers

BagleEyes:  Hi toolfan! Will the rate we get be the screen rate or can we negotiate?

Toolfan4:  beagle no negotiations on the rate, but services can be negotiated....ie interest rates, terms, etc

SandnSea:  Tool, how long ago was your conversation ?
Toolfan4:  sandandaea about 3 weeks ago

Arbat:  My exchange strategy re NDA: What is your best rate w/o NDA? We will say $4. OK, that is good. Now, what is the rate with NDA wherein we jointly manage the amount over $4 with your bank? If he says $6, I will say, I need $8.50. My objective will be to get, say $7.50. Of course, I would be asking the expected return, , commissions, etc on the invested part.

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