Thursday, February 9, 2017



Thursday TNT UPDATE for February 9, 2017

It has been reported that Sadr is attempting a "million man march" for Saturday, the real cause is not known at this time

The Minister of Transport reportedly says starting on Friday the IQD will replace the US dollar at the Iraqi airlines. #wearethepeople

Pearle:  Little by little Iraq is coming online…So Iran is not going to use the USA dollar after 3/27 and now Iraq attempting also...come on RV, I have both currencies


DinarBlessing:  FoxBusiness: U.S. stocks climbed on Thursday – with all three major averages touching fresh records immediately after President Donald Trump said a “phenomenal” announcement on tax reform Opens a New Window. would come in a matter of weeks.

Kozmo:  Just saw an interview with Congressman Brady and he says that taxes are going to be slashed greatly.If we do have to pay taxes this will help us significantly

SwampyJack:  Kosmo I watched the same interview and I think it is hopeful especially since we are hoping for favorable tax status on the exchange

Pearle:  The government invested in Dinar also, they should not have to tax us...hoping if they do its minimal

Ecubucs:  Kozmo & Swampy Jack I am now under the understanding that our tax problem when exchanging our foreign currency has been taken care of and we will be VERY Happy when our exchange time comes..

Based on the less we are taxed at exchange the More We will have to jump start our little piece of the country we All live in... What we spend will Spark an unbelievable chain reaction of purchasing and job creation which will pay back taxes to the same government over time as taking them out at our exchange!

The only difference is NOW so many other Americans who do not have foreign currency will also be Blessed with new income and sales and eventually Greater taxes for the government!!!!

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