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GJHHonor:  no update on CBI today .

DMBently:  GJH.... so the CBI hasn't updated Iraqs rate in all of 2017?

GJHHonor:  since Jan 4th 2017


RE: DEAL-Iraq's First International, Sovereign Bond:  http://www.iflr.com/Article/3664511/Capital-markets/DEAL-Iraqs-first-international-sovereign-bond.html

Aairam:  This guaranteed bond is a demonstration of the international community's ongoing assistance to Iraq, and will strengthen the process of implementing meaningful reforms and our efforts to combat corruption and build a more secure, democratic, and financially viable and prosperous Iraq."

Pearle:  I'm liking that bond thingy going on

Dapperyute:  My two cents, since the USD is basically the worlds currency countries and companys alike usually seek global financing using a USD denominated instruments.
Airam:  Dapper then you think the bonds are in USD???

Dapperyute:  I believe so

Pearle:  The bonds should be Dinar backed by usd but we shall see

Investnwt:  yes dapperyute, but what about the words 'first ever sovereign bond"? In other years when the bond was announced it was stated as a 'dollar bond', not now. You might be right. It will be interesting to see.

Airam:  This will be Iraq's first $1 billion USAID Guaranteed bond issuance and fulfills the pledge that the US Government made to Iraq to support economic reform and fight terrorism [as part of the overall $15.6‎ billion support package by the G7 and other donors]….. And they are talking about reinforcing the MR

Pearle:  They need to show us a rate...they are playing games……They have to pay back this money…. Their credit rating will plummet if they don't

Dapperyute:  Not an investment professional but if you put a bond on the market and it get a great response it suggests that investors are comfortable that they will see a return on their investment… Because as Pearle says their credit rating would take a hit

Pearle:  I think they are setting up themselves to look attractive to investors

Dapperyute:  For me I would love to hear that the bonds were a huge success as it means investors are confident about seeing a return because no matter the currency the country has to pay back the investors. And they are a lot more plugged in than me.

Skipper2:  Pearle.. I read last week that the Bonds were at something like 2.16 (or 2.61) %, but it dod not mention the length (term) of the bond. Somewhat vague, but yes... dressing up helps improve the chance of a successfull opportunity

Investnwt:  This is from a press release in January/17, perhaps it does not matter what currency the 'sovereign bond" is in: Today's loan guarantee agreement recognizes that Iraq continues to make progress toward meeting its economic reform goals on behalf of the Iraqi people.

This sovereign loan guarantee offers additional support to Iraq as a stable and self-reliant strategic partner of the United States.   https://iraq.usembassy.gov/pr_010517.html


Bluelingo:  “When a person with money meets a person with experience, the one with experience ends up with the money and the one with money leaves with experience.” Warren Buffett. It mght be very wise to think about who you take advice from with the big name and experience.

that is from https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/warren-buffett-just-shared-best-143​912048.html

Warren Buffet advice on yahoo today
Dinar Updates:

Loop   The Iraqi's are continuing to show us daily that they are very serious about reforming every level of their government to provide a better future for their people.

Corruption is being dealt with as they find it. There is still much work to be done on this front. But the speed at which they are confronting it is spectacular.. IMO.

The battle to free the Right coast is progressing very nicely.  The on going media blitz on Maliki is very telling.  His time is coming to and end.  His is about to reap the what he has sown.

 IMO. Munich was a definite catalyst for the recent move on him. IMO...It's shows how close we are getting to realize the the fruits of our labor...    The continued dialogue in the media about national reconciliation shows how serious they are about it.

It's not over until the fat Iraqi woman sings, but I have a feeling that she is about to belt out one heck of a tune!

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