Friday, February 17, 2017



StarChaser:  What keeps me in this for so long is viewing the " historical rates of the Iraqi Dinar ". Anyone not sure about this should Google this info. Iraq is producing roughly 4.6 million barrels of oil per day now. They cannot continue to have basically worthless currency and survive internationally. Look at what happened to their neighbor Kuwait.

Starchaser: Currently, Iraq is producing roughly 2 times the amount of oil that Kuwait is producing. Kuwait's Dinar value is roughly $3.50 -- that should let everyone know that Iraq can easily have a proposed value of $ 3.71 any day now. That should help anyone wondering if this is real.

Smitzi:  I called A Wells Fargo bank yesterday to ask what the xechnage rate for the VND was . She said she did not have access to screen any more but she knew the rates had been very good recently . She said she would have to call the central number to find the rates.  She called me back about ten minutes later in a completely different tone of voice and quoted me the old rate. They know something is up and she was obviously told to keep quite. Hang in there . We are close!
OkRocks:  I do like this song... signs, signs, everywhere are signs... we just follow the signposts and see where they take us... there are a lot of them... hang in there and know your day will come... blessings to all

Pearle:  But when are they going to flip the switch...they are positioning themselves, we see that …but flip the switch please

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