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Bruce:  Welcome everybody to the Big Call.  Welcome all that have been so faithful to listening. We are going to update our website in the near future and have information on it when the next call will be after this blessing comes in. Also then we will take some time off.  We will let you know on our site: thebigcall.net website what our actual plans are moving forward. Be sure to check back to our site to see the possibility of a celebration call, a pre-recorded call if it happens between now and Thursdaynight.  We will have the recorded call instead of the live call if this does happen between now and Thursday night. We will be updating our website and calls to get the calls live and online.

Bruce:  I thank everybody out there for coming in and listening in Big Call universe. We have had quite a bit of requests from the financial world from the US, Canada and all over the globe. Thank you for everyone for tuning in from all over the world. We appreciate you all.
Bruce:  Where we are right now?  When we left you since our last call, we thought we would be going and get this beforetonight. We were optimistic about the timing and a lot occurred. Tonight we got some more information what has been going on and an all over opinion. When we first look at the timing where we are in the month we talked before when the public is to start, the general public the John Q public. Not us who are listening to calls and keeping up on this on a day to day basis. But the John Q public is still looking at a start date of the 28th of this month, a week from today, next Tuesday. That is what I am being told and that is still the plan.

Bruce:  Rate changes? The Forex? I believe the Forex will not show a rate change of these currencies until the 28th of February or the 1st of March. I am being told the Forex would not show the rate changes until that time so the public can see it. The rates? The rates on the ZIM as a non-NDA rate is going up a few cents at a time. It is a very strong rate. Well over a dollar but under two dollars for a non-NDA rate. That is going to appeal to a lot of people that don’t feel they will not be able to handle the NDA concept whether because of too much social media, or it is too much family out there, so on.  Hard to say what that is as far as that goes.

Bruce:  Let me just say that here is where as far as anything else regarding rates. We have heard there is a rate on the back screen on the dinar that is higher than the old rate was when Iraqi’s currency was depressed. So now we hear that rate is available on the back screens of the bank.  However, we don’t know for sure what it is going to be as an internal rate for Iraq. We just don’t know. We think we know what it is, but it would be a guess or estimate at best to figure that out. Realistically though, we do understand Iraq has moved along very nicely. We understand they have the new smart cards, Qi cards.

Their cards have been charged with their new rates. We understand that. We believe what is ironic what is going on there is we are looking forward for good news with Iraq about the liberation of Mosul.  We might have that in the form of an announcement here. We know that the banks in Iraq are open and even in Mosul the banks are open since 10am yesterday Iraqi time.  Things are moving right along and I think even though we not completely seeing that on our news, we should see something optimistic coming out of Iraq soon.

Bruce:  Also we are getting information that is looking good for us with our own currency.  We have our own rainbow currency. We call it that since it is multi colored and has the Treasury on it. They are printing up to a $1000 dollar note. We might have a $10,000 and maybe a $5000 note.   We heard these may come out as early as Thursday in the banks. We need an announcement. We need someone like Steven Mnuchin, Secretary of the Treasury, to announce that since his signature is on the bills.  I think that would be coming post haste.

Bruce:   I understand the new currency is already at the redemption centers.  It needs to be at the redemption centers, offsite exchange locations, for us to go from an active to engage status. I understand that is the situation we are in to go from an active status to engage status to set our appointments and be off and running.  In terms of our own currency, the banks have been training some since last Thursday not only on the new USN, but also the other currencies  they will be exchanging because there will be a lot of people from the public coming into exchange in the first basket. The training was to end last night at the banks on President’s Day at 10pm last night.  They were given another 24 hours to continue that education and it would end at 10pmtonight. That was extended to give additional training for branches or banks that needed more time.

Bruce:  We know that we have certain windows we have used from time to time.  We know when we thought we would be there by now; we have been given a couple of windows the next couple of days. We have been given anther window for this opportunity because of the training given to the banks. When it comes to the end and push comes to shove, there is always last minute information to get out. This is thing is about training on our currency as well, the USN. It is about the banks being familiar with that currency, the USN and foreign currency as well.
Bruce:  The redemption centers are trained and retrained. They are all set and have been trained for months. I don’t think anything is new with them. They are set to go from active status to engage status.  They are still interested in taking ZIM holders in first. It would surprise me if that was not the case. So when we call and set our appointments let them know you have ZIM first so they can give you the right phone number to call so you are directed to the right center in your area.  Even if you bought it at the end or have more dinar or dong. That does not matter. The ZIM is so large.

Bruce:   We are going to be very pleasantly surprised with everything.  The high rates, the programs the banks will have for us as far as structure payouts and the ability to negotiate for higher rates.  The high rates when the public goes will not be available. They are basically looking at the screen rates. The redemption centers. From my understanding, only will be open until the public starts. There might be a few centers that will be open that are next to the actual bank location, bank branches. Some may be opened and may decide to continue to exchange the ZIM holders in those redemption centers.

By and large most redemption centers will be closed from what we understand unless they are open for follow-up meetings with our wealth management people is the only reason they will stay open for over a week.  Most of us will be in and out in a few days. We won’t need a week unless we are on a cruise, or traveling like that, or we are having surgery.  Most of us will set our appointment and get in a couple of days. That will happen as long as appointment times are available for us.

Bruce:   The appointment will only be an hour to an hour and 15 minutes long. It is more just an opportunity to exchange, set up an account or two, get a bank wire or bank checks.  Also have the opportunity to take out $10,000 in bundles of $2500 if you want to take that much. You will be given a debit/credit card until your permanent card comes in.  It will not be the time to set up 15 trusts, 20 LLCs, two foundations, etc.  All that will happen in your follow appointment.

Initially you will have a skeleton trust set up by the bank before we walk out, a bare bones trust which will give us some protection when we leave the bank. When we consult with our attorneys, CPAs, we will transplant that trust with the new version what that trust is designed to be. If you need some sub trusts as well under that main umbrella trust. All of that can come not at first appointment, but down the road in 10 daysor so. Time to breathe, set appointment for follow up and think about a little vacation if you are so inclined before we get started with the rest of your life.

Bruce:  The Paymasters for the groups and for the prepays all of them have been paid and are liquid. One of the largest humanitarian funding sources has received their funds and got their 2nd large tranche and I believe they will have access to it. When those who can see the money in their accounts but not have access, I believe they will have access the same time we, the Internet group gets started with our exchanges at the same time. So in a real sense their accounts are reading pending or admin holding.  We will have basically a shot gun start.  They will have access at the time we are paid.

Bruce:   We could be there anytime now and before the weekend. I hurt myself if I call a time, not literally hurt.  We do not want to call something and not have it come through.  The timing of this is very close in terms of what I am hearing.  What we need is some good news come out of Iraq.  Maybe it will be tomorrow. We need some good news of our own currency. It needs to be on TV, announced and talked about before Thursday if it is going to be available at the banks before Thursday.  The timing is there for it to be talked about, and returning to the Gold standard.  I think that would be part of the announcement that Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin would make.

Bruce:  I am excited about that and where we are going as a team on the Big Call. In terms of our humanitarian projects not only working with the Veterans, but also Rebuild America adopting a city, town, and community based on how much you want to help . I am looking for 5000 listeners from the Big Call to help 100 cities in the 50 states.  The other thing keep in mind is Puerto Rico can use some help too. Don’t forget Puerto Rico is part of the United States and is a beautiful island that can use some help in some parts. For some of our Puerto Rico listeners of the Big Call such as Bluwolf and others, hang in there in that help is coming to your island as well. I know Bluwolf has plans to help Puerto Rico also. Shout out to Bluwolf.

Bruce:  We have everything to move forward, everything set even on a Geo Political stage.  All set to o forward.  If there are some things not quite right, it will be a go around until it is made right. They are not going to hold this up until all is perfect.
Bruce:  Shout out to our banking partners working with us with our humanitarian projects. Two windows now that we are in the midst of now. I am excited and looking forward to do a recording of a celebration call. Hopefully that will come before Thursdaynight regular call time.

Bruce:  All the information I have been given during the call is all positive.  We might not need a Gold standard announcement due to the Basel 3 compliant. We should get an announcement talking about our new currency.  I would look for that very quickly.

Bruce:  Thank you all for being faithful coming in tonight. Thank you to our banking partners being trained and ready. That will be good for the public. Most of us on this call will use the redemption centers and looking forward to getting a toll free number. We will put that out on our web site and on our pre-recorded celebration call that will be 15 to 20 minutes long.
Check back to our website: thebigcall.net to see what the progress is and when our next call will be.

Bruce:  Thank you to Wells Fargo, HSB, and the rest of our banks here in the United States such as Citi Bank, Chase Bank, and Bank of America.  Thank you for the Tier 2 banks we have as well such as Sun Trust, 5th Third Bank, Bank First, and other regional banks such as Regions bank. We wouldn’t be able to do this without our partners from the Far East, AIIB that is huge in this process.  Also People’s Bank of China, that has made the large mega tranches happen.  All that came from China and the Far East as Singapore and other nations that had funds in them for years and years. Thank God that has been released to us to get this done. It is a huge mega event all over the world.

Bruce:  Also thank you to Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, Moca Pocia Bank in Central and South America, and HSBC internationally. If you are international, HSBC would be your Go-to-Bank for getting good rates. Our banks will be our partners in this when we go in for our appointments and negotiate for higher rates for our humanitarian projects.  Look to the banks to help you through the process. We will have other partners to Rebuild America such as Lowes, Home Depot, Sutherlands, Menards, and other home improvement stores in your area, stores that will help us regionally throughout the country. It is going to be amazing.  We will partner with businesses in a way not be part the government, but we will mirror what is going on in the project President Trump is putting forth in us making America great with Rebuild America.

Bruce:  Thank you everybody around the world for listening and I am looking forward to this blessing to come in.  Hopefully this timing is right and we will have this for Thursday night’s call.  We will put it out on our website: thebigcall.net.

Bruce:  Thank you to my team Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Thank you Big Call audience and listeners.  We appreciate your faithfulness for listening to the Big Call. Goodnight everybody. We love you.


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