Friday, February 3, 2017


"GROUPIES"       Aloha CC,

Be very careful of last second groupies (scam artists, middle men, flippers) attempting to physically harvest your currency, specifically ZIM, with the promise of future payment.

Today alone, I had three requests to surrender my currency for a promised high rate in the future. All of them were 100% bogus.

Please hold onto your currency folks. Not only is it safer in your own hands, but it will be redeemable quicker and at a potentially much more lucrative rate of redemption during your own private redemption appointment.

You do not need a third party or group to redeem your currency. Period. Let all those requests pass right on by.

Keep your currency in your possession at all times until your redemption appointment at an official off-site banking facility or known currency specific bank branch location. 

Please be aware there are non-banking wolves up to no good and scouring the Internet, ready to take advantage of desperate people before, during and after the RV event begins in earnest.

So keep it simple, and just hold your currency until your 800# appointment.

God is with us.

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