Friday, February 17, 2017



After RayRen's tweet about the dong, I called one of the banks in my small town. I asked what I would get if I wanted to exchange 1,000,000 dong (I bought it a long time ago for around $50). Imagine my surprise when he said "$8,158" (I wrote it down, so that is accurate). I asked him to please do the math again, and he said, "That's what's on my screen." Then I asked, "Can you verify this? I don't want to drive all the way there if it's not true."

So, he called the main branch. They told him, "That rate has already expired." It was back to the normal rate. I asked him when the rate expired, but he said that information isn't on his screen, so he didn't know. I called a couple of other banks, but they both just had the normal rate.

Anyway--this is good news! It is "first-hand intel" for me, which made my day! Hopefully it is encouraging to you too. Blessings to us all!


That would be .00815 per VND Not bad


I know people don't believe a lot of the stories heard but yesterday I went to centennial bank in Mayflower Arkansas. I had 15,400,000. She totaled me up and said 6,776,000 USD I was freaking out. Went thru the whole process then she could not exchange me.

She took my currency and put it in clear plastic and was going to send it off. I had all of my friends on their was with their currency. The excuse I got was that the system was hacked and the rates were changed


Bearboo, was that Dong or Dinar?


Dong…they don’t do dinar….. She said .44 per dong….. I had 15,400,000 and was getting 6,776,000 USD


Bear what was her excuse for not being able to exchange you?


I got a couple of excuses….. 1 was the system was hacked. One was the woman that my teller talked to just Google the rate….. Yes I got all my currency back
Good luck all. I was mad yesterday but today I am assured this is real and about to happen. I was not a 100% believer till yesterday

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