Friday, December 30, 2016


Evenstar:  Will this Saturday Night be "It"???????

Well tomorrow is New Years Eve……Dec. 31, 2016. According to many intel providers it MAY be the night currency rates reset, the GCR, RV is triggered and come Tuesday Morning  (Monday seems to be a banking holiday) we may hopefully see what we all have been hoping and dreaming  of for many years…..

This New Years Eve also happens to fall on a Saturday Night……and those of us who have been watching this investment for years will remember that famous Bloomberg video from a few years ago…

And  with all the delays we have seen in the RV....I still think this info could be very relevant, and it’s exciting to see it on MSM.........really makes it feel real.....with the delays we had had......the Saturday Night scenario may still be true....just later than they expected!!!

Bloomberg video that said one Saturday night they will adjust all the currencies and we wake up Monday morning  (in this case-Tuesday morning) to all new exchange rates!!!

Another blast from the past where MSM talks about the Dinar:
Jim Cramer of Mad Money Talks About Iraqi Dinar
Just a few thoughts…..and even if it happens a bit later…..I hope and pray we all see our hopes and dreams come true really soon


Ralph:  From the various sources I have maintained over the past four plus years, I will report the following on what I have been told. Please realize that this information DOES NOT ORIGINATE with me and use your own discernment.

The information is as follows: Certain "fires were lit" before the Christmas Holiday to insure that the GCR/RV process would remain on track for a timely occurrence to what we are both wanting and needing.

The "fires were lit" by a very prominent and public figure which from what I know and who I know, I personally believe this to be true.

None of these sources gave either a "window of time" or an "exact time" as to when this occurrence might transpire, but from the questions I asked and the answers given, I could certainly tell from their tone of voice that we will not be waiting much longer.

It is my sincere hope that the aforementioned comments bring both hope and clarity to this event. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!! Ralph


Phenom:  Alright! Iraq and 208 other countries is ready and will participate in Gold/asset backed currencies and activation of the Global Currency Reset

AvonLady:  Wall St. Flat on Last Trading Day of 2016   http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2016/12/30/business/30reuters-usa-stocks.html?_r=0

AvonLady:  ECB’s Monte Paschi Capital Bar Would Trip Up 10 Other EU Banks https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-12-30/ecb-s-monte-paschi-capital-bar-would-trip-up-10-other-eu-banks
Scotchie:  HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Central bank: 2017 will see the issuance of new cash categories

Brother - Baghdad

Director General of counting version and inventories at the CBI Ihsan Yasiri delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency and a national project to feminine Iraqi currency, likely work on the project early in 2017.

"The Yasiri that" the central bank began to study the development of new designs for the currency after the removal of zeros it, "noting that" the deleted zeros currency will deliberate for Sntn in the local markets, as the bank continues to center to pull the old category of the currency over ten years. "

He continued that "it is likely the launch of the new category from the beginning of the currency in 2017 because there are a number of opponents of the project," pointing out that "monetary Asaddaramlat category 50, 100 and 200 to ease trading burdens currency after deletion of zeros, as well as the provision of liquidity to the means of transportation of currency."

The Iraqi Central Bank decided earlier, re-exchange companies deprived of the central auction of the coin and the end of their sentences.

The central bank decided to open a window at his headquarters in Baghdad to meet delegates and scholars requests abroad in dollars and the official price.

Splash:  Good article.  They seem so nonchalant about this important item.  They may be further along than they are letting on....you know the news.

"it is likely the launch of the new category from the beginning of the currency in 2017 because there are a number of opponents of the project,"


GEG-Dinar:  If we fly up to 30,000 feet and look at this in context of years instead of months, weeks, and days, you'll see what has transpired.

With that in mind, I honestly believe they WANT to get this done at the 1st of the year, but will punt this down range later into 2017 if they must.

Some level of security and stability has to be in place, and it's obvious the the current U.S. Administration wants no part whatsoever in any sort of RV/GCR event that tips over the current financial system.

SubPrimeguru:  GEG you could well be right. Could be why several months ago my best contact said he's not looking for anything till Feb.

GEG-Dinar:  Subprime, I think your contact may very well be spot on. I remember years ago Bulldog75 (From Okie's site) say very clearly that the Chinese don't trust the Obama Administration and they would block any sort of RV/GCR event until the new administration is in place.

At the time I thought that was total hogwash, but now with January 20th quickly approaching, he may have been correct. I guess we shall see.
Snickers:  We will have a new sheriff in town. Let's see what he (rhey) will do that's different from now.


GEG-Dinar:  Sunnysplace, totally agree. Hope for the best, prepare for the long haul if necessary. I would assume that once January 20th hits, a huge amount of changes regarding the financial system will start unfolding.

DragonFly:  My opinion if i may...Iraq has not a lot to do with it. It is a GCR and i believe we should look at the global financial market as an indicator instead of the politics of it. Money is what makes a world go around..

GEG-Dinar:  . Dragonfly, this is two sides of the same coin. Since Iraq has been a major linchpin in this whole process, if they are not ready, then the GCR has to be delayed. Conversely, if Iraq is ready and the rest of the world isn't, then they have to put things on hold….. It's sort of like a teeter totter. Both sides have to be 'In the air' before the proverbial button is pushed.

SubPrimeGuru:  for the first time in a long time I am starting to get excited again, things have been happening pretty fast lately and positive for Iraq and all of us!



NCDon1:  I see the IQD Rate as 1170 effective 31 Dec 2016 on the UN Operation Rates site. It appear there has been no increase.

NWMontana:  They have a few days before or after to change rates...(48 hours I think) for wiggle room and uptakes


Bruce: Thank you all for listening to the Big Call. If the blessing comes between now and our next call, we will set up a recorded call that would be short and put it on a link for everybody to click on. That is our intentions. We really didn’t know we would be doing a call tonight.
Intel wise it been relatively quiet. We have an inclination of what is coming.
Bruce: We have had international people call to hear the call. We have had more requests outside the North American continent. I find that interesting. I appreciate that. Welcome financial people as well as regular listeners. It is interesting. We have a lot of good Intel.

Bruce: I want to mention a few things you might want to mention when it comes to your exchange process. It has to do with setting up with segregated trusts. It is a legal term. First Bruce is not an attorney or a CPA. This term is setting up a separate trust for each asset that we have that we want to protect.

I think it is a really good concept. We haven’t really gone into trust discussions because they are really controversial. If you have a nice home and one or two cars, maybe a boat, a farm property, a few assets, the thinking is instead of lumping them into one trust which you will want to check in with your attorney, the thing is to have a separate trust for each asset. One for your home, one for your car, one for your boat, one for your farm or resort property, etc. Whatever the asset is set it up in separate trust.

The reason is if the veil was pierced on that trust and lose it in a lawsuit, the only loss would be that one asset in the trust. Say you get in a car wreck that is your fault, something like that, and they went against you and went after your car in the trust and seek damages, the only thing they would get is that asset. The theory is they couldn’t attach your house, boat, etc. Check with your attorney if that is a wise stradegy. That was recommended by someone I knew very well. I can only say what I probably do in my case.
Bruce: When we exchange, a lot of us will use Wells Fargo, HSBC. They would be able to provide a number of trusts upwards of 5 to 7 trusts with no charge. A benefit of doing the exchange. I think available in the management side of Wells Fargo. You can ask about this.

You want a number o f trust names and LLC names. Have them ready and written down so one or more of them can be utilized at the time of your exchange. Not that you will be setting up 5 or 7 trusts at the time of your exchange. The time amount of your exchange is an hour to hour 20 minutes.

The goal is to have at least one name that will work for your skeleton trust that no one has in the district you are going to exchange in. So you will have that and you won’t be wondering what will I call my trust, your skeleton trust. Have those names written down on a list. Write 7 or 8 names down.

They can be something different, maybe out there that no one has thought of. You can change those as you need to so they can work for you. If there is an IEN number available they need a name associated to it. You may put your LLC inside a trust. Ask your attorney if that makes sense for you.
Bruce: We talked about rates in the past. We have used rates in the past. A general idea on the front screens now. The Iraqis were celebrating yesterday in Iraq happily because they have an international tradable currency now. They do have a rate greater than the rate it was before we invaded Iraq. That dinar rate is over $5.

It is on the front screens and is solid. That is a nice screen rate. At that rate if you exchange, this is just my understanding of the process, there is no NDA for the screen rate. So if you don’t want an NDA, you are looking at over $5 for the Iraqi Dinar. The Vietnamese Dong is over $2 of the screen rate showing. This is the current market rate.
Bruce: As far as you exchanging your particular rate is negotiable if you decide to negotiate it. That is why we use the term negotiating rate. Based on your humanitarian projects, longevity, infrastructure, job creation of so many jobs in a period of time, going 10 to 50 years maybe longer project. That information and the way you present it will go a long way in terms of you negotiating higher rates on the ZIM , Dong and Dinar. Look at the screen rates as your starting point. If you are not afraid of the 3/4 page NDA. You might be willing to negotiate a higher rate and thus receive a larger mother lode.
Bruce: The concept of a so call God account to use instead of a onetime tithe of 10 to 20 percent. Initially I take 20 percent of my mother lode, let it grow and take that every quarter. I thought that is an interesting concept. Then I came up with the idea of the ZIM. It is worth so much and I know I can negotiate a higher rate. Now it makes more sense that we do the exchange and have a mother lode account form our currency.

So we have Dinar, Dong or Rupiah apart from ZIM. Why not use ZIM as your God account, if you have enough of the other currencies, you can use them to take care of your personal needs. There be so much available of the mother lode of the ZIM you can set up a very large God account from that. It is an idea that if they say we love your idea of the project how much you leave in the bank and just take interest?

I think they have guide lines of 85 percent for humanitarian projects, 15 % for your needs whatever you wish to do with it. Maybe the percentage is 50/20 or 90/10. Maybe you can have a very small percent for you and a large percent for humanitarian project. I think it is a great concept because the numbers even at one dollar arte on the ZIM would be the screen rat. Maybe be higher or lower.

We understand even the screen rate back in November 1st was one dollar. It has been bounding up quite a bit higher. Whatever the screen rate is, no lop on the zero. It is a bond and treated as a bond. A 10 or `100 trillion note comes out do the math it will be that amount.
Bruce: I suggest you consider the idea of a God account for the majority of your ZIM exchange. No1: Can’t spend it all. No 2: It will gain growth with interest every quarter. You can use those funds to fund humanitarian projects and ministries and others like that. Any money you don’t spend every quarter giving or doing projects, compounds and goes back in the account and makes more the next quarter. Consider that.
Bruce: I am going to set myself up so I can fund humanitarian projects, hire people, and crank out the retreats and Rebuild America for building up the country again. It can include housing as we adopt a city, town, community which is the heart of Rebuild America in all 50 states. I am looking for partners doing this.

I am not looking for money, but for you to adopt a city, and help in terms of concept and run with it based on how you see it in your particular community or city. Pastor Steven and I know a concept called “Find a need, Meet the needs, change a Nation”. We found the need. We see the need in the cities, neighborhoods that need housing. We found that need. Meet the need by rebuilding; designing, improving or restoring properties thus change the nation. We change the nation by improving the standards of housing, hospitals, clinics the standards of working with our veterans, standards of infrastructures, working with communities, townships, maybe putting together grants for roads and bridges. This takes billions or even trillions of dollars.

That is why I want you to ask for the higher rates if you going to be part of Rebuild America. I know it seems like a lot of money, and it will be. Think in terms of new roads, new bridges, new infrastructure, new hospitals, and schools. It takes real money to do it right. Think of putting in a school with the latest teaching techniques, etc. Putting those into effect all over the country. Remember when it was a big deal when students got laptops or tablets in the classrooms? It is still a big deal to offer technology.

If you had some real technology you can really learn on large big screen monitors. You can actually do distance learning, e campus, on high school level, even grade school level. It is just technology. We got it and know how to do it. Think of innovation. Think of areas that don’t have the internet fast enough. We can be part of that to set up internet infrastructure to make it faster. I think that is where fiber optics are really big. One of you help city with fiber optics. What about maglev railway. Don’t limit yourself, think big. Think big call. Think big.
Bruce: On Tuesday we said it was quiet out there. It was and still is. However we know that quite a bit of money moving around now especially out west. There are people gearing up for exchanges startingMonday I k now about. That is next year, but January 2. I told you I thought we were looking good for this side of New Years Eve.

I believe that is still their plan to let us have notification prior to that. Maybe they don’t want the exchange to start until the New Year. Sunday is the New Year. The banks take a holiday on January 2nd, Monday. That could be true as far as the banks. The redemption centers do not have to follow that same schedule.
Bruce: I know they intended to utilize the redemption centers for at least a half day on Saturday maybe until 2pm. Maybe that is a good possibility for us. We are looking at the possibility of going still betweentonight, maybe late tonight, and New Years Eve as far as notification. They want to bring the ZIM in right away as much as they can before the end of year. Maybe that is still their goal. We will see.

The church groups notified before early morning start time before Monday afternoon. We are in position or in line with the church groups. We may or may not be on same time frame. Everything I am hearing points to to a lot of activity happening between now and Saturday afternoon. I haven’t heard anything about Sunday but a lot now till Saturday afternoon and on Monday.
Bruce: Nobody is going to want 2016 pass by quickly then I wish. I am looking forward for 2017 to be year of jubilee. We are very much part of history and prophecy. The time increase at the exchange from an hour to hour 15 minutes for your exchange. When you come back to meet with your wealth management or Abbott Downing or what your case will be, you will follow up at that meeting.
You will come out of your exchange with some USN, rainbow money, also a debit card, or credit card that be temporarily at the time of your appointment. So you can come out of there with a line of 50 million dollars on that. Your percentage of which could be gold or black card. I am going to stay away from black card because if you in a part of the country all have one no big deal. But if not, probably you could stick out as a sore thumb and could be a target for having one. I am going to stick with the platinum card. You decide that.
Bruce: You will be able to do one bank wire also. Have your banking information already written down as the account number and routing number you want to wire it to you if you plan to wire funds from your initial exchange to your hometown bank. You may want a cashier check also, but not a bunch of them. I wouldn’t do more than one. The bank wire will do a lot for you. You can wire money over and get some cashier checks, pay off debt, you can do that with your hometown bank.

Take care of your old life with your smaller account. Take care of your new life with your family office and wealth management people at Wells and HSBC and so on. You may want to diversify some of your funds, and move some funds around at your follow up appointment. Tell them you want to diversify some of my funds, not keep all eggs in one basket. Consider how much you want to move and what banks. Let those bank contacts know this.

You want to meet with their asset people to do that to set up account to move funds over. That is a neat way to diversity whether you do it domestically or internationally. It is just to get in there, get your exchange done, get some cash, come out with credit card, cashier check wire money, get in and get out. Be respectful of the time, most of all smile. Look at all of them in their eye, be pleasant and fun. It is not a performance act. It is a way for you to explain from your heart what you want to do humanity in the US and then internally or both locations.

Try Rebuild American. Rebuild Canada, Rebuild pick your country. We may do things with Honduras, Mexico etc. All these places we can consider helping. There are water wells, water purification. We want a way for you to chime in on our new website, all the things we can compare notes so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You put your city, as we want to do it anyomous as possible to respect the security of all. I think it is a cool concept. We can do this. Don’t everybody send in a ton of email yet, we are not quite ready for them. 
Bruce: We want to get the notification number. If we are honored to receive that number, we put it out on recorded call for you and various locations online. We will get it out there. We will in about 3 weeks have another call. We will have a new format like podcast. That be online so you don’t have to dial in unless you want to. We will have the call.

Bruce: We are where we need to be right now. Didn’t think we have this at Christmas, yes, before end of year, yes we think so, that is what w are being told. See if it happens or not. I think it is here. It’s just going to take a little longer to receive notification then we are up and running.
Keep in faith, nobody quits, everybody wins. Someone put out it is time to put your resignation at your job in. No don’t do that. Stay with plan A until after you set your appointment for the exchange and probably don’t make major life changes until you walk out of your redemption. Then you think okay now where are we going to go celebrate. We do this and do that. Don’t quit day job yet. I would advise you to stick with plan A until plan B is manifest to us. You know what we talking about. Yes, you are smart.
Bruce: We are going to bring in the New Year hopefully with an 800 number, then we will be exchanging as soon as we are able to base on that notification. We are lined up for that I feel. I am very excited about it. I am excited in the New Year and next year will be a total Jubilee year. Let’s see what transpires between now and Saturday afternoon.
Bruce: I want to thank bob for being so dedicated, Kent behind the scenes, Pastor Steven for his teachings, Sue for her voice and professionalism. Everybody is important and we are thankful for that. Thank you everybody for listening, many for 5 years. We look forward to great things for the Big Call next year. Stay tune to our website: thebigcall.net for calls, further information. We look forward to a short celebration call between now and Tuesday night. Goodnight Everybody.


Arthur   Contrary to popular belief, Iraq is still not completely out of all remaining sanctions.  

Among the remaining are the ones regarding their ongoing status with Kuwait. The Kuwaitis are still owed reparations and other concerns such as the reception of the bodies back to Kuwaiti soil.

An historic meeting occurred today in which 4 important agreements were signed by the two countries which included the readiness of Iraq to supply Kuwait 200 million standard cubic feet of gas. 

We now await to see if this will be sufficient for the UN to move Iraq to chap VIII which would trigger the UST to give the CBI the green light to more forward with the monetary reform.

At this time they are still on schedule for early 2017.

Arthur   Their holiday was supposed to be 60 days but has been trimmed to 20 days due to the importance of implementing the 2017 budget starting the next legislative session on Jan 2, 2016.

During the beginning of this session they are scheduled to pass 50 plus laws including all the important laws we still need including the Federal and Accountability Law, and the all important HCL which will keep them on track and on schedule for full monetary reform early 2017.