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Restored Republic via a GCR -- December 20, 2016

Restored Republic via a GCR -- December 20, 2016
12/20/2016 01:44:00 AM  
Source: Dinar Chronicles

Restored Republic via a GCR as of Dec. 20 2016

Compiled in the early morning hours of 20 Dec. 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com; Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com.

A. Dec. 19 2016 Zimbabwe Notes pegged at 1:1 to US dollar: Zimbabwe: RBZ Must Engage Mobile Network Operations The (Zim) notes are being released in denominations of $2 and $5 while being pegged at 1:1 with the United States dollar.

B. Dec. 19 2016 TNT RayRen Call Replay: http://iTeleseminar.com/92863668

1. Banks were still expecting people in for exchanges at any time.

2. People have been scheduled for appointments at the bank.

3. For all intents and purposes the Iraqi Dinar could be considered international.

C. Dec. 19 2016 Zap Report: "A Merry Little Christmas" - ZAP - The Office of POO...

1. The funding sequence was gathering speed. Though slow, our stuff was well underway.

2. The very old trusts and foundations such as the St. Germaine Foundation and Trust of the same name have been waiting for the right time and that time has come.

3. After Christmas they would be getting the larger funds sent out to begin the project funding sequence.

4. By mid Jan 2017 we would have everything set to go. By Feb. we will be getting big bites taken out of the project compliance process.

5. Our transfers were coming because of the Fed, China and US governments (The Big White Hats).

6. It sucks that it's coming just before Christmas as I wanted to have a month of leeway. We should have the first funds flow in the middle of this week.

7. The transfers are registered, approved, authenticated, verified and would be coming out to us. Merry Christmas.

D. Dec. 19 2016 WSOMN AdminBill: "Wheels are Turning" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel Last Night 12-18-16

1. Look for most major banksto follow the lead of Citibank, starting with Chase or Wells Fargo.

2. Watch for the action to begin in the early morning hours and onward.

3. This was not the RV, yet, but wheels were turning. The RV would be this month, or in Jan.

E. Dec. 19 2016 1:09 am EST GCR Overview: "Top Down" - Geopolitical Overview - December 19, 2016

1. It's way too late in the GCR/RV process to be concerned, or worried about details, as the banking was 100% complete. It's best to focus on what's in front of us versus the 13 millennia of enslavement that's behind us.

2. Determine what responsibilities you have individually moving forward because looking back only slows you down or prohibits your highest human angel from accomplishing the many graces that lay ahead.

F. Dec. 18 2016 WSOMN AdminBill: "Logistics" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 7:50 AM MST 12-18-16

1. Yesterday was a quiet day, although much is being accomplished in Iraq.

2. It was my understanding that requirements to meet the agreements necessary for Dec. 20 2016 have been met.

3. Meeting this goal would not necessitate immediate release of the RV/GCR. We may still be looking at Jan. 2017. There were simply too many legal, political and financial contracts and agreements that must be completed to release the funds.

4. I am told that some people who have been processed have taken several days or longer to process due to the type and quantity of currency they hold, not to mention moving it from a secure storage location to a secure exchange location. The logistics for this event were staggering.

5. I remain hopeful for this week, but would not be surprised if 2016 was in the rear view mirror when it arrived.

G. Dec. 19 2016 10:12 am EST Benjamin Fulford Report: Benjamin Fulford Report: "Old Reality Fading Quickly" -- December 19, 2016

H. GCR Overview of Events for Dec. 18 2016: Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of December 19, 2016


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"Logistics" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 7:50 AM MST 12-18-16

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Benjamin Fulford Report: "Old Reality Fading Quickly" -- December 19, 2016

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of December 19, 2016

Zimbabwe Currency Redemption Facts - 12.10.16

"Logistics" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel 7:50 AM MST 12-18-16

"Top Down" - Geopolitical Overview - December 19, 2016

"Wheels are Turning" - WSOMN AdminBill Intel Last Night 12-18-16

"A Merry Little Christmas" - ZAP - The Office of POO...


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We will be eternally grateful for those heros who bravely fight this Ninth Circle Satanic Cult and their ongoing rape, torture and murder of innocent children. These heros included the "White Hats," Kevin Annett's ITCCS and Tim Ballard's Operation Underground Railroad. You are invited to help eradicate this unthinkable sex trafficking of children by donating your time and/or funds to the ITCCS: Welcome to ITCCS.ORG and The International Tribunal into Crimes of ... and Operation Underground Railroad: Operation Underground Railroad.

Zimbabwe Notes pegged at 1:1 to US dollar, 20 DEC

Zimbabwe Notes pegged at 1:1 to US dollar
Zimbabwe: RBZ Must Engage Mobile Network Operations The (Zim) notes are being released in denominations of $2 and $5 while being pegged at 1:1 with the United States dollar.

The total amount of bond notes to be issues is capped at $200 million






AzGirl:  Dow 19,968
DinarDiva:  GM every one...... Yes who would of thought back when Kim C (Clement)  predicted 20,000 that it would get there...... When he predicited it I think dow was around 12500 ===== This is crazy excting

Ted1016:  Can't understand how the Stock market can get so high with so little volume.


Ted1016:  Well as I see it there is reality then there is the way that the PTB want the world to view it.

Emon: Interesting dow was at 19983.48 at9:55am now it is19970.79 things that make you go hummmm


Stardot:  mighty quiet in here considering IRAQ HAS RI'd accordding to F26 *livestream replay part 2* https://livestream.com/frank26/events/6780882/videos/144862810

Stardot:  mutiple banks now exchanging IQD just same old rate for now …. no announcement no fanfare they just did it -

SandnSea:  Star not another day- things are getting put into place to now accept us after they announce the RV, whenever that is. All these banks said they'd never touch the Dinar. Ok, I'm off

Stardot:  F26 "Let’s enjoy this week because you know something … I don’t know of any program rate currency that the USA banks are buying and selling right now. That’s rather unique! "



December 20, 2016 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you great news today. NO!, not a date or a rate for the RV but news that points us to the timeframe of EARLY 2017 and the importance of this period. It is all playing out as the news is leading us to it just as the CBI told us would.   
In the latest news we see the stages of transition towards a privatized market economy from an economy run by a dictatorship. After all this is what these economic and financial changes/reforms are really all about. Saddam had made the citizens dependent upon the govt to provide almost everything. Nori al-Maliki also had aspirations as a dictator and so he had absolutely no ambition to move Iraq away from this kind of economy. A waist of 8 years. Now we see this all changing with the Abadi administration. Financial analysts and economists are explaining the importance that monetary policy and fiscal policy for a privatization of their economy. Something really BIG is about to happen in 2017.
They are telling us over and over again part of this conversion to the new system (privatization) is to get the general public off govt payrolls and over to the private sector payrolls. They then will not only have a reduced burden of the govt for paying their salaries, but this money can then be diverted to paying off their debt or rebuilding the country.

Another benefit is also that now they create an environment where they can tax these private sector salaries from the citizens and from the owners income and thus create even more additional sources of revenue. They are telling us this change is being implemented NOW and not years down the road as they are NOW creating this environment suitable and appropriate to shift from the public sector to the private sector.
In order to make this shift they need STABILITY, STABILITYSTABILIITY and moreSTABILITY. Did I say they needed STABILITY? This is where the “National Reconciliation” comes into play. How many years did we read about some National Conference taking place and this would be the great healing of the Iraqi people? How many times did they postpone this conference? Why? This was all under the Maliki sectarian run govt. But now we see this effort moving forward under a new name.Hakim, (a great leader in my eyes) has seen the absolute necessity for this effort to succeed in light of what is happening in Mosul. So now is the time more than ever.
NO! The battle for Mosul is not yet over. These news media people in Iraq are jumping the gun in a couple articles and told us it was all over. Not true since we must wait for the prime minister to tell us when this effort is done. We wait for his announcement. But it won’t be long from now.
So we also see yet another one of these so called “imaginary basket” of currencies get knocked down and exposed for what it is – the Indonesia rupia). See article below. So many of you thought to run out and buy these other currencies because some so called “intel guru” (without any financial/economic background or credentials) told you one of his “secret” sources said they would RV together in one “basket”. Really?
In fact there are still some people who are pushing this realignment of 120 currencies all at once when the “trigger” is pulled on the RV. Really? There is not even 120 currencies in the entire world. Yes – I actually still heard this nonsense on a recent conference call. Folks we all should know by now this is NOT true and NOT going to happen. It is all nothing but hype and total nonsense. They tell you this to get you to keep coming back to their conference calls or web pages (forums). 
This, of course, also blends in with this imaginary notion of some GCR (global currency reset) concept that again some so called “intel guru” pushed out. Hear it enough and you believe it as truth.
Funny how they never gave any FACTS or any other REAL news to back up their claims. So now all I can say, as we watch the truth get exposed little by little, we can eliminate these currencies one by one and expose this scam once and for all.
I laugh at all of you for  your stupidity who bought these currencies, but this is actually a very serious matter as many have decided to buy these other exotic currencies in place of spending the little money they had to invest in a currency with realistic potential, that of the Iraqi dinar. They did this all based on this information given out by these so called “intel gurus”. Yes -all of you gurus reading this news letter today should be ashamed of yourselves…shame, shame, shame on you. All I can think of is some older person using part of their social security check of widow pension to buy some worthless exotic currency.
Unfortunately they trusted you so called intel gurus from what you told them on your forums or conference calls. They bought one of these exotic currencies like the Rial or the Rupia. They trusted you! Now they are stuck as we see one by one the news media now telling us about these exotic currencies and the truth. Didn’t listen to Mnt Goat so  now you see the truth for yourself.

Now these people may never see the benefit from the Iraqi dinar. Funny too how these same so called “intel gurus” also preach about a “blessing”. They do it all in the name of God. Boy oh boy.
Okay so I have to admit there is potential for another possible currency like the Vietnam Dong (VND) but this is only one more not some basket.
Go read it for yourself on the UN Site.
I am going to tell you only my opinion based on some FACTS we witnessing now in front of our eyes and not some bullshit from the some “secret” sources.  Also not from some global GCR plan….lol…lol…We know that Vietnam had a 5 year moratorium put on their currency as penalty for money laundering for China. This was done around 2011. Then they signed up for with the IMF much like Iraq is now experiencing in its SBA. They have made great progress and are moving forward very quickly. In fact it is almost unbelievable what progress they too have made. They too, like Iraq, are under the IMF “sustainability” reforms. Do you know the Dong almost revalued in the past to a significant amount, but due to corruption was held  back. So like Iraq this period is coming to an end as the needed financial reforms are kicking in.   

Articles Begin
Hakim setting a date for the launch of the national settlement (reconciliation) project
BAGHDAD – The Journal News
New head of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, saying that national reconciliation comes to preserve the unity of Iraq, while stressing that it would not include criminals pointed out that the timing of the launch will be after the liberation of Mosul.
Hakim said in his speech in the Office of Baghdad, leaders and young activists, according to the report by the Information Office, stressed that national reconciliation strategic project to preserve the unity of Iraq and meat people is necessary to stop the bloodshed, as we renewed emphasis on it is not and will not murderers and criminals covers and stained their hands with the blood of Iraqis.
He added that the timing of the launch of the settlement project would be after the liberation of Mosul Conception terrorism, stressing the need to take young people, who make up 90% of the Iraqi people of their role in educating people each from his position on the importance of harmony to the Iraqi society.

Abadi: community reconciliation will be launched after the liberation of Mosul
Roudao - Erbil 

Iraqi Prime Minister, said Haider al - Abadi, during his participation in the celebration of the founding of the Islamic Dawa Party, said on Saturday that "community reconciliation will be launched after the liberation of Mosul directly." 

He said al-Abadi, that "community reconciliation will be launched after the liberation of Mosul, where a large sheen," noting that "the launch of this reconciliation because Daesh tried to be signed between the sons of the same country and the one tribe." 

He pointed out that "it is the human right to believe what he wants and have no right to impose our opinion on others, but the abhorrent sectarianism brought us to negative results." 

Abadi said that, "We keep the originality and move away from the search for positions and we waive the privileges and this is part of those closer to the sacrifices made by the martyrs at the time of the buried Saddam regime." 

And that "our heroine is currently inside Mosul and victory is near," pointing out that "the need to consolidate the victory of everyone because the enemy is not normal, but an armed Boadlogih intellectual abnormal." 

And he added, "The right of citizens to criticize and Aahroa deviation in the battles," noting that "there are some criticisms are incorrect, but trying to block the release of Mosul." 

He pointed to the "Daesh uses all government buildings to carry out its goal in the sordid murder of citizenship, and we have a big challenge after the victory over the terrorist gangs Daesh militarily." 

He concluded by saying, "The ongoing military operations in Mosul, according to the plans and the delay comes to avoid the fall of civilians."
Abadi: Battle of Mosul clean and going at a good pace
[Oan- Baghdad]
commander of the armed forces , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said the ongoing battle of Mosul and going Brudolfh good. ”

He said al – Abadi during his speech at the meeting with the ambassadors of the diplomatic missions of Iraq to the countries of the world, that ” the battles going on and going at a good pace and all of our troops engaged in the battle of Mosul and understanding between them is excellent and the fight clean and very few complaints and did not receive any complaint or exceeded all the popular crowd at battle of Mosul. ”
And between, “Our forces have now welcome in all the cities and there are those who try to distort the relationship , ” adding that “restore stability and displaced task of great striding out.”

The prime minister stressed that “Iraq is a clear policy of non – interference in the internal affairs of others , and to strengthen relations with countries on the basis of mutual respect and the preservation of Iraqi sovereignty.”
He pointed out that ” the Iraqi embassies abroad are the homes of Iraqis in these countries and can not be the ambassador or an employee there that reflects the political affiliation and his behavior or sectarian in it because it represents the voice of the Iraqi state.”

He called al – Abadi to “deliver the voice of Iraq abroad and reverse the positive picture of Iraq through the presence of an active life in our cities , economic, financial, commercial and social aspects and erase the mental image formed outside Iraq and of murder, bombings and others.”

Parliamentary Finance: Iraqi dinar will be the danger of 2017

BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed on Sundaythat the Iraqi dinar would be in danger in economic terms a year in Iraq in 2017, saying that the .financial and economic central government of the Central Bank of Iraq's political considered politically incorrect.

The committee member said Sarhan Ahmed for "tomorrow Press", "The financial and economic policy of the central government of the Central Bank of Iraq is considered politically incorrect in the local market," stressing that "the Iraqi dinar will be in danger of the year 2017, if the government and the central bank did not change their policies towards the local currency.

He pointed out that "since the rise of the dollar against the dinar throughout this period the government has taken no real central bank action to address the problem of declining dinar against foreign currencies.

He added that "the financial difference through the disposal of the dollar and the dinar is a big financial difference," noting that "there are people who are the beneficiaries of these financial differences and the executive bodies to reduce lift the dollar through the exchange of large quantities by the  central bank in the local market to address the decline of the dinar and the rise in the dollar. (the only way they are holding the CBI and the market rate differences of the dinar steady is by limiting the quantity of the three zeros in the market. They are doing this in part by the latest efforts in electronic banking and the SMART cards in paying payrolls.. This is all part of the process in the project to delete the zeros. They are telling us there is resistance to these efforts because “there are people who are beneficiaries of these financial differences and the executive bodies”. The people are part of the corruption and the spreads when converting)

Smiralnseri: calls for banks to implement the plan of the Central Bank for banking reform to 2017

Economy News / Baghdad ...

Called Almscharalamsrvi Samir Nasiri, the need for the private banks in cooperation with the Central Bank of Iraq in the implementation of its strategic plan in its second year in 2017(telling us the second year of the economic reform 2016-2017 is about to kick in full force. Remember currency reform is part of the economic reform and you can’t have the level of economic reform w/o a real value to their currency and use of dinars for trade ) by contributing to the achievement of financial stability, financial inclusion and the development of the banking business is structurally and technically and activation of the central bank initiative to finance small and medium enterprises, and the development of a proactive plan shift the collapse of some banks defaulted, and enhancing the sustainability of the banking business in the wheel under the current circumstances, suggesting a systematic comprehensive banking reform with the strategic outlook of the Central Bank until 2020. (about to trigger some major mechanism that will launch the banks to support the private sector growth. I wonder what this mechanism is?.....hint...hint….)

He pointed out that the increase in credit and financing from banks and activate their contribution to various aspects of reconstruction and investment and push the development process and moving the economic cycle, require the activation of the financing of small and medium-sized private enterprises as an objective social and economic.

He stressed the importance that the Central Bank of Iraq supervisory and regulatory role effectively in it, to take initiatives to develop and expand and facilitate the conditions for granting loan guarantees encourage banks to interact with the initiative in a real and in order to achieve its goals centralization.

The student-Nasiri told the "Economy News" activate the coordination procedures between fiscal and monetary policies and their calendars and the adoption of mechanisms of action are active economic cycle, and considered that the current phase taking place in the national economy require from the central bank and the Ministry of Finance analysis of the current financial position of the banks and its business for 2016 and projected 2017 and determine the actual need for liquidity to sustain cash trading in the Iraqi market(this says currency revalue all over it)

And it sees the need to modify banking legislation governing the banking business aimed at promoting their betterment, specifically bank laws banks, and record companies, and the Iraqi Stock Exchange and the Financial Securities as well as a legal activation of anti-money laundering and terrorism financing and investment. He urged the expedite the issuance of the SME Act, which helps to create new jobs and reduce poverty and destitution, and the high unemployment rate, which exceeded 28 percent, in addition to the deposit guarantee legal issue.(moving the jobs from the govt to the private sector is a necessity)

Not overlooked activating the role of government and specialized private banks to provide soft loans to the private sector, and find solutions to the problems of taxes and accrued interest of the stalled production for entrepreneurs solutions. He stressed the need to put short- and medium-term fiscal policy based proactive monitoring, audit and calendar, to continue coordination between fiscal and monetary policies, and the development of operational mechanisms in this area.

He concluded statement commending the step of the Central Bank of settling the salaries of staff in banks and deal with the financial authorities of international control over the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing and blessed efforts by the Iraqi private banks association in the training and qualification of cadres Banking in connection with the application of the rules and regulations and international standards for compliance and anti-money laundering operations, where It graduated 57 certified and competent employees in this area for 2016, stressing cooperation with the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives approve the addition of a single banking experts representative of the Association of banks and a member of the Committee as an adviser to contribute to the Committee from making decisions banking effective to repair the banking sector.
Indonesia central bank looks to slash zeroes off its currency notes

(I have to bring this article to all of you who rushed to the bank to buy Indonesian currency based on some so called “intel guru” who told you this was in some “imaginary basket” of currencies about to RV. So now we know this info was phony and meant for you to take your hard earned US Dollars  and try to bail out Indonesia just as they are doing with Zimbabwe, and Iran etc…. Sorry no RV! Folks these are the scams going around when people talk about currency scams. When are you going to WAKE UP!
All I can say is “I told you so!”…..lol…lol….Enjoy the article.)

BAY ISMOYO | AFP | Getty Images
Indonesia's central bank governor said on Monday the bank is seeking to slash three zeroes off the face value of rupiah notes in a move to simplify it currency system. (this is a lop but is totally different than what they are doing in Iraq with the “project to delete the zeros” which is not a lop)

Bank Indonesia (BI) Governor Agus Martowardojo said he has asked President Joko Widodo to revive a previously shelved plan to redenominate the rupiah to make it "more efficient and simpler". (really? Is this the only reason? Is it not also a reason because their current currency is worthless and under hyper-inflation?)

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat


Cole:  Gee Frank, you've been even quieter than Iraq...


Frank26: Yes ................ Rather Incredible............ Indeed. This week i allowed TC (Team Chat) to be SHARED by it's Members with all at KTFA ................. Yet in the hours since .......... SO MUCH has happened that is NOT IN ARTICLES ON THE NET.
Many ............. Will once again LEARN SO MUCH from our form of Critical Study that is given freely in a Dissertation style of Disquisition ............. Please Enjoy.
As always ................ My silences is Strategic for YOUR MONDAY CC tonight. 
Notice the net still has not realized about CITI BANK .............. Tonight's CC will detonate SO MUCH to LEARN and UNDERSTAND in the progressive steps of their MR !!!

C U on YOUR MONDAY night CC in .............. 7 ( 7 PM EST) KTFA FAMILY ............ You will be Proud to STUDY with us tonight \m/ 

PS ............ It would behoove many to come tonight and STUDY because this week due to commitments there will be no AGGIEDAD CC NOTES. Only from FROSTY and if DOODLEBUG has the time to help as well.  

Bravesfan:  detonate - like fireworks??!!?!? 

Upstart:  Country's Policy Intentions Documents --

Iraq: Iraq: Letter of Intent, Memorandum of Economic and Financial Policies, and Technical Memorandum of Understanding, December 19, 2016

MoU/Letter of intent Dec 19th 2016


Walkingstick:  IMF's Lagarde guilty, but not punished, in French negligence trial

French judges found IMF chief Christine Lagarde guilty of negligence on Monday for failing to challenge a state arbitration payout to a business tycoon in 2008 when she was French finance minister, but they did not punish her.

"The context of the global financial crisis in which Madame Lagarde found herself in should be taken into account," said Martine Ract Madoux, the main judge, in explaining the absence of any sentence.

She also cited Lagarde's good reputation and international standing as reasons why the court did not hand down a punishment in a case that could have carried a sentence of up to a year in prison.

In their ruling, the judges did not see negligence in Lagarde's decision to seek an out-of-court settlement with businessman Bernard Tapie, but they said her failure to contest the award to him of 400 million euros ($417 million) was negligent, and led to a misuse of public funds.

Lagarde's lawyer said immediately after the ruling that his team would look into appealing the decision.

The ruling risks triggering a new leadership crisis at the International Monetary Fund after Lagarde's predecessor Dominique Strauss Khan resigned in 2011 over a sex assault scandal.

The Washington-based institution's executive board was expected to meet shortly to consider the implications of the verdict, IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said.





Sonja:  GM could someone please explain the significance of the Dow reaching 20K. Thank you

DPChamp:  Sonja, Kim Clement, recently deceased, prophesied several years ago that Trump would be elected and that the GCR would occur when the DOW reaches 20,000…… Trump has been elected, so some think the other will also occur

Haloheal: Well we can't say things aren't happening today and who says we need anything else to be signed passed. This can certainly pop at any minute so we fly by the seat of our pants ! Stay positive we certainly are very close ..
Darky:  IMO i dont believe the rate change has anything to do with the budget.

Scotchie:  Darky, I agree


Angel:  How is everyone doing? This morning I stopped by a Citi Bank in my area letting them know that I wanted to buy the IQD and I was told that they no longer sell it.

She could not find codes on her computer. So I came to my office and called the 800# and told the person that I would like to purchase the IQD and again she advised me that they no longer sell the Iraqi Dinar.

So there you go. Isn't that strange, in the mean time the recorded message still gives the code. oh well.