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AdminBill & WSOMN Members Friday PM 12-9-16





ADMINBILL:   The question that you should be asking yourself is why all of the sudden we have constant news of the Zim and sketchy news of the other currencies which always seem to be preparing us for another delay?
I have a theory as to why this might be happening at this point in time. The Iraqi dinar was, in the beginning, set to IR and then RV on it's own several years ago.
Along came the notion of a complete overhaul and reset of the world's currencies which brought us the dinarland concept of the Global Currency Reset (GCR).
For whatever reason, and we assume that one or both of those concepts are facts or we would not be here, these processes have been stalled intentionally or unintentionally.
That then brings us back to the introduction of the Zim about three years ago. Why?
What if a back up currency was needed to right the ship if the stall continued until January 20, 2017? The suggestion now is that the Zim will be released to remedy the financial hardships of countries in dire straights now and let the RV/GCR occur early next year. Am I right?   Time will tell.
If I am wrong then we will see this end this month. I suggest you do not run out and buy Zim. I am fairly certain that there is a cutoff date for purchase that has already passed. I may be wrong but once again only time will tell.
Phenom:   Adminbill, my puzzle includes Cash reserves for US Banks and Basil III Compliance(I stay out of Iraq and Politics...this is far above that and is up to AOP) come from OUR deposits which IS part of the process. So Zim took on a Larger importance of the Plan/Process.

Another theory, IMO, IMO, is people with Sterling RESERVES(Like Me) who would spend monthly reserve fees going to Sterling NEXT would find and buy ZIM with SAVED reserve $$ and Hydrate US Banks with ZIM with MUCH MORE return and Volume THAN RESERVES WOULD BRING (nothing but Phenom conspiracy theory I came up with...NOT INTEL or Fact).
June 15 2012 is when the delete the 000 was to take place, a 5 yr plan from 6-15, 2007(I was told this in Reno). I was brand new in Reno ready to CE my Dinar. We watched politicians, old and new and families get SKR(new topic to Dinarland, SKR) coming and going AF1, CL and Madame Woo, from China,(I saw them) walking through the Hotel Casino and I had no idea whom they were.
I THINK Okie was talking to our group leader and we were celebrating one night(exchange net am at 7am) when we got the call that Maliki ran off Shabbs, The deceased Prez Talibani turned to Maliki`s side and The Admiral was is a private meeting room and our group had people our 2nd tier group in His meetings.
POINT... This is when We/I heard about a change of plan and PROCESS called G lobal C urrency R eset. I Knew then this was real with REAL Players.
This is why Phenom says this is a HUGE Global event, Iraq is only a part(important?Yes) and well Above politics including The President to be
Scotchie::  My opinion is that the zim is and was a smokescreen, just a novelty and will never be worth what you paid for it. (paper, not bond). Concentrate on the dinar, where the IMF and World Bank pull the strings. Have a great weekend.
Darky:  Intel providers such as RayRen has received confirmation from his sources that the zim will be exchangeable.
Phenom:  Got any more articles? LOL. Iraq is done and will magically RV coinciding with the timing of the G C R.
SandnSea:  I read awhile back in DC ( can't remember the source) about a 7/15/16 cutoff for the Zim. I only saw it once, it was never verified. But I did see that date, for all that's worth.
Grateful2Jesus:  Two weeks ago on a Monday, Zimbabwe came out with articles stating that they printed $10,000,000. worth of the NEW ZIMBABWE DOLLAR (BONDS), yes they are calling them (bonds), and all bonds are (NOT) supposed to be traded at fase value, unless they are junk bonds. Read what is written on your Zimbabwe dollar bonds.

(I promise to pay the bearer on demand). I personally think that the occupying nations that dominated Rhodesia in the early 1900's did their analysis of the wealth of Rhodesia, also known as Zimbabwe, and that they said that Zimbabwe was a diamond surrounded by gold, surrounded by platinum underground.
That does not include water underground, and above groun, and agracultre, and livestock. I assume to believe that this survey was conducted in the 40's to 2000 + with China mining the resources in Zimbabwe.
With that being said, do not be deceived by those who are saying that the ZIM will not be exchangeable, or valueable for more that wall paper, because as November 28, 2016, the current value of Zimbabwe’s New Dollar Bonds are at a (1:1 parity) with the United States dollar.

Now the question is this, (will the 2008 and 2009 series be honored at 1:1 with the United States dollar, or will it be honored as fiat currency with the US dollar? Or will it be colorful wallpaper? And yes we've heard that Sovereign rights be even higher.
For those of you who are wise should be using logical thinking when assessing the wealth of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, in the early 1900's Rhodesia was the home of over 300,000 white settlers from all over the world, and the economy flushed with wealth, (the same wealth that was there then, even more has been discovered by China.)
October 1, 2016 China was added to the SDR basket of global currencies with the United States dollar, and the rumor is that China will in the near future replace the United States as the WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY (Money supply).
So if all of this is true, then Zimbabwe dollar bonds old and new will be honored based on assets in the ground in Zimbabwe, these assets will be used as reserve assets to back up the Chinese Yuan, as well as the Zimbabwe dollar bond.
Only Mr. Owl knows what we will be receiving, but Mr. Owl doesn't give a hoot if we don't do our own personal research. Go to Wikipedia and educate yourselves on the history of the wealth of Rhodesia. Zimbabwe is the same country, and you can believe that this same debt/Inflation that hit Zimbabwe, will also hit the United States of America, and this is based on the collapse of the (FIAT CURRENCY).
So unless we borrow gold from China to back our economy with (real money of gols, silver or precious metals and stones), then soon all we will able to do is bend over, and grab both of our ankles, and kiss our artificial economy good bye.
I only want to see the best for our country, like JFK, but there are those who are in leadership positions within these governments around the world, who seems as if they want our economy to crash and burn, and that has been going on since the 80's to present day with the global economic markets. Iceland seems to be the only country that will not be affected by a 2016-17 crash, huuuummm I wonder why?
If we truly want this country to be a great economic industry, then it can't be based on (war) with other human beings to steal their resources. Working together as a global economy with real free trade is the answer, and not with NAFTA, nor TPP.

Sending our jobs over sea never made any common sense to me, when it destroys your own economy. I don't know I must be strange. Who does that make sense t
Since Zimbabwe is the wealthiest country in the world, based on its wealth Underground, so what's the real intrensic value of fiat currencies worth? The gold standard will totally destroy all of the so called value of a fiat economic systems.
Real economic values or growh will be given to all countries based on their intrinsic value of all the assets that they have underground. This basically determines the wealth, or value of a countries (real) money supply.
As I mentioned earlier, I am not that smart, but I listen to everyone, and I rely on the Holy Spirit of God separates the (wheat) from the (chaff).
Zimbabwe and China are linked at the hip, so either you are a possessor of the BONDS from Zimbabwe, or you are not. What rate we will be receiving is a mystery, they will be based on our negoiating skills. So if we are really seeking economic justus for all by having (PARITY), of all asset backed money globally.

May we began a new paradigm economical shift soon.
God bless us all with His wisdom, knowledge, understanding, discretion, discernment, with grace, mercy, joy, and peace and good will towards all human beings.
Respectfully, Grateful2Jesus
Sxotchie:   Grateful: You mention the old and new bond currency of Zimbabwe will be worth the same, when exchanging to dollars. So, when Yosef declared the zim was backed by historical bonds, you believed it. Yosef has proved himself as a false prophet, just as the old zim were not backed by historical bonds, imo.
Grateful2jesus:  Hey there Scotchie.
Now as far as it goes with common sense goes, if one is worth a dollar to me the others ones should be worth 1:. Think about like this, the rumor is that once we go to the gold standard, $1. usd Federal Reserve Bank note will be exchangeable for 1 gold backed dollar with 3 times the purchasing power. Now who does not have issues with that valuation.

2. We have been using this FIAT currency for over 100 years, and to me that doesn't make any sense either but we sheepishly allowed it to happen.
3. Did I learn any thing from listening to Yosef? Of course I did, but like I said I am NOT a (New age movement believer), so no I didn't believe everything that he taught, and if you have been reading what I have been sharing, you would have understood that I treat all intel providers as if I am eating fish, and that is you eat the meat (verifiable info), and spit out the bones.(misinformation and disinformation)
4.The sovereign rates, yes yes yes, I bought into that because it made some sense. If I buy a bond from a broker, the who is it that backs the bond? The government or State or local municipalities, and would assume that they have the funds to pay you back, now if the bonds is from Porta Rico or Detroit Michigan, then I know that I just got scammed
5. Since China has now surpassed the US economy, and the rumor is that China also now can set the markets value based on 1oz of gold, and nit fiat currency, and they are backing Zimbabwe by having the rights to mine it's assets, and to use for their reserves for their money supply. Then I have confidence that we are going to a Global Currency Reset, because it also makes sense, all markets and banks are struggling. I remember what happened in 2008-09.  
6. Ponzi schemes are real, and Burney Madoff was real, but I just can't seem to wrap my mind around this, (what's good for the goose, should be good for the gander). We have been robbed blind for years, and if there is such a thing as humanitarian projects, and higher rates, then I would like to know about all of my options. So in my private meeting, I will ask many questions from the professionals.
7. I don't really have the answers that you are looking for, because all I can do is give you my personal opinions, and that would be based on what you, and others have posted, and artcles that I have read, and 6 years of riding the Dinarland roller-coaster, on hundreds of conference calls.
8. I have spoken to a few Wealth Managers, and some have NO CLUE what is going on, because they are on a need to know basis with Corporate, and some knows what is going on behind scenes, and I personally have had them ask me questions, I know that she is aware of this event.
9. 9 is the number of fruit bearing, with that being said, I trust the Holy Spirit of God for my involvement in this investment with the wealthiest country in the world, is not in vain with Zimbabwe, but if it was, then oh well, because I just got a world class education. I other currencies so I am not worried.
Scotchie you have a blessed day .
SandnSea:  We can argue the worth of the Zim till the cows come home. Bottom line is that we will know as an absolute fact when we are at the bank, and not a moment before.
Yes, the cost of the Zim and the supposed return sounds crazy, but then again weirder things have happened. I figure if it happens, it will be the icing and not the cake.


12-9-2016   Newshound Guru FrostyTheSnowman   Years ago, I remember
1eading an article that spelled-out Iraq's plans ... where they quote >>> ... "which will have three zeros removed to revalue them.  ...IMO ... we're just about there!

12-9-2016   Newshound Guru rcookie
   Article:   "Central Bank Governor: no room to cancel the sale of the dollar window, if canceled , the exchange rate has become 3 or 4000 and maybe more"  Quote:  "And about the prospects for Iraqi dinar to float, like other countries in the region, this relationship does not arise in the present, and we are working on is not currency float, and the big difference between the two."  THAT ARTICLE WAS ONE OF THE MOST INFORMATIVE WE HAVE EVER SEEN...  HE TALKS IN SPECIFICS ABOUT THE...POLITICIANS AND MEDIA STATEMENTS WAGGING THEIR FINGERS ABOUT AUCTION FAILURE AND STABILITY OF IQD...AND HE SAYS IT VERY SIMPLY...YOU ARE NOT GOING TO STABILZE THE IQD BY TURNING OFF THE AUCTION FAUCETS...THE ONLY TRUE WAY TO DELIVER IQD STABILITY IS TO REDUCE THE DEMAND FOR THE USD...AND IDENTIFIES "STRUCTURAL CORRECTION OF THE IRAQI ECONOMY"...AND HOW DO THEY INHERENTLY REDUCE THE DEMAND FOR THE US DOLLAR...   [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-9-2016   Newshound Guru Shredd   I see possible evidence of a continued managed float (with continued auctions) before a market-driven (and no auctions) free float. This is why I say this:  "He noted that the solution in Iraq lies in dollar demand reduction through structural correction of the Iraqi economy, and not through refraining from selling the dollar."  "Structural Correction" means a planned, controlled process.  Additionally, if a free float and stopped auctions started now, it would "collapse" Iraq's financial situation.  Bottom line, it's good to see this specifically being discussed. With the project to remove the zeros coming soon, let's watch what happens.  [post 2 of 2]

12-9-2016   Newshound Guru Shredd   Article:  "The Governor of the Central Bank: no way to uninstall window selling the dollar, if the exchange rate became cancelled 3 or 4 thousand, maybe more/"   As I read and reread through this, I look at the big picture which I always try to do. The scope of this is around the auctions. The cbi must keep them going to prevent collapse. They are the single most effective tool right now for the cbi to maintain stability in the currency.  Future state, interest rates will become a primary tool. Now I know some people in the dinar world are going crazy because the word "float" is mentioned but... [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

12-9-2016   Intel Guru Bruce   We had information...that was indignant that this thing was absolutely supposed to have happened yesterday [Wednesday]. A lot did happened yesterday and more happened today.  What happened yesterday was extremely big and meaningful.  One thing that went on was the US became gold back officially. We had the gold treaty witnessed by the IMF, the World Bank, the World Court, and by the US Treasury.  That gave us a gold back currency which was announced basically through the banks around the world by this morning. That was huge.  I heard the UN suppose to have made an announcement this afternoon, but I have not uncovered the proof...   This puts us in a new light.   Each country is now asset back, gold back around the world.   ...the Islamic gold agreement was passed so those countries in the Middle East could be gold backed. We understand they are as well.  ...my understanding is everything is in place. There might be a few details here and there that are being cleaned up, but I really think we are in a place where we can have an outstanding next few days.  ...I think we should have the best Christmas ever.

12-9-2016   Newshound Guru mike
   It's clear that Keywords knows that if they unpeg today, the dinar will crater, with no economy to support it, there's no demand. Now all Keywords (and the rest of us dinar holders) need is for Parliament to sharpen their pencils and get this legislation passed to create the needed economic activity to empower the dinar.  From what I can tell, Iraq is going to follow the advice of the IMF and keep the dinar pegged to the dollar, keep the auctions going and push Parliament to enact the needed economic legislation. Once that's done they'll get the MCP straight and the system liberalized, and then slowly begin adding value to the dinar...Iraq has a lot of work to do and it's becoming more and more obvious that the dinar isn't severely undervalued...   Heck, even today, the street rate is almost 10% less than face value. Once the legislation is passed and the IMF requirements are met and the dinar moves to Article VIII, then I'll get excited.  Here's hoping the reserves will last that long.

KTFA News Highlights & Comments 12-9-16

KTFA News Highlights & Comments 12-9-16
Cole said (Post #93)   Frank mentioned march '17 in a post he made... not enough info given to draw any opinion or conclusion... IMO he was not alluding to the RV taking place at that time... IMO he has been hinting (strongly) this month!!!! Nothing has changed imo 
Harley said   Just throwing this out there.. 3/7/17 = 7+1+7=15 then 3 = the 15th, then 3 days. 
Regardless, it's gonna happen when it happens and not a minute sooner. I'm just greatful to be a part of this.  Would love for it to be sooner than later but not worried about it either, because as Habakuk reminds us the vision is for an appointed time. God's plans are perfect in every way, and He is never late in anything He does.

FrostyTheSnowman     Things that make ya go ... "hummmmm ... " 000339medium_gif000044medium_gif
FrostyTheSnowman   Years ago, I remember reading an article that spelled-out Iraq's plans ... where they quote >>> ... "which will have three zeros removed to revalue them."

Bummer!  It appears that this rather revealing article (posted on Banknote News) ... has been scrubbed by The Kurdish Globe.
Coincidence?  Not sure ... but IMO ... we're just about there! ver late in anything He does.

DoodleBug    Family, please stop freaking out about March 7th. Frank made that comment in response to a member asking about another members tag line. I am almost sorry that I asked Frosty to put it on the calendar.
Y'all need to stand strong and then stand stronger and take it to God before you assume the worst.  Frank brings so much to us and how sad that we FREAK OUT when anyone says a date outside of our current thinking. This will happen when it is supposed to happen...this is all in my opinion..big hugs to all of you!
FYI ... I haven't even created a calendar that reaches beyond Dec. 2016 ... because IMO ... no need.
Go back ... read what Delta said ... re-read what Frank said.  Then do the "MOOKLA" dance!
Cole said (Post #44)  Frank said be strong with the upcoming denial from Iraq... he does things on purpose with purpose... when Frank teaches, he mimics what Iraq is doing IMO... he just suggested a far off date... maybe Iraq is about to do the same... then in the STILL of the night... badaboom!!!!!! IMO  

Waymakers_kid       I agree Cole. Kim said " When it LOOKS like it's NOT gonna go is WHEN it will go". Right now it looks like it's gonna go so something will happen any time now to make it LOOK like it won't.
Walkingstick   BR..............  Iraqi dinar lacks stability against foreign currencies, and continuous complaint
See economists from Iraq and the owners of money exchange shops in Erbil / Irbil central capital of Iraqi Kurdistan market, that the Iraqi dinar live in a state of chaos and instability before the US dizziness and other foreign currencies.

Yousef Qasim shop owner in exchange howler ARA News reported that «the dollar on Thursday, the price of the sale of 1310 Iraqi dinars and 1,300 dinars to buy», adding that «the dinar has seen a slight improvement compared to what it was several months ago, but it is not stable».
Yusuf added that «the general unstable situation in Iraq has led to the decline of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and other foreign currencies as well as increased demand for the dollar and dealing in Iraq and the Kurdistan region.»
The weakness of sovereignty
Saw Gaber Abdel Rahman, an economist based Iraqi howler, in his interview for ARA News that «the main reason for the loss of value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar is the weakness of Iraqi sovereignty and the intervention of foreign countries in the Iraqi economy with Iraq's non-interest in the stock exchange and monitoring of global markets».
Abdul Rahman also stressed that «when any country begin to deal in foreign currency on the basic currency account in their markets will inevitably be the fate of the collapse of its currency to its lowest level», adding that «Iraq under the cover debt and neighboring foreign countries».
This was the Iraqi Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi said in an earlier statement to him «The increase in dollar remittances to outside Iraq and the unstable political situation, increase the demand for foreign currencies and invoking the US dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi currency» .

Walkingstick     BR.................  Source: Ahlaan two banks refused to transfer funds reserved for the company raised (Zain Iraq) to calculate the taxauthority
 13:56 12/09/2016 :BAGHDAD / tomorrow Press  A source at the Central Bank of Iraq, for the General Authority for taxes / legal department, claim licensed banks that have open accounts to companyraised (Zain Iraq), to convert the amounts booked to the account of the Commission,
noting that the Iraqi banker and Baghdad did not implement.demand pushed Tax Authority not to provide them with the clearance of the tax held accountable The source told "tomorrow Press," that "in spite of previous claims made by the General Authority for taxes, the Iraqi banker and Baghdad native,converting these amounts to calculate the open body with the Rafidain Bank,
the banks did not implement the demand, because of the Zain Iraq byproviding them with speech issued by the presidency of the Court of appeal, addressed to the Ministry of Finance, containing stop the executive" .
procedures until the resolution of the lawsuit between the two parties, and acquisition become final The source noted that "the General Authority for taxes, I have decided not to provide the two banks mentioned, the clearance of the tax heldaccountable because Amtnallma execution of an order to transfer money,"
pointing out that "the Iraqi Central Bank, had invited representatives of theGeneral Authority for taxes and Zain Iraq, to attend a meeting for the purpose of deliberating on debts raised Co (Zain Iraq) communications, and to find" .
solutions satisfactory to all parties He concluded his speech source, that "the invitation came as the bank supervisory authority on the work of banks, but the representative of thetelecommunications company informed the bank, to hold a meeting between the two parties under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance and the".
presence of the Kuwaiti shareholder, reached through a memorandum of understanding to resolve the problems The "Tomorrow's Press", has been published earlier, the actions taken by the General Authority for taxes, rightly raised Co (Zain Iraq) Telecom, due toevade the company from paying the tax benefits that right, directing banks that deal with the transfer of funds belonging to the company to calculate the.body    LINK
Walkingstick    BR............... INDIA   Govt decides to print plastic currency notes, says procurement of material started

The Reserve Bank for long has been planning to launch plastic currency note after field trials.
Government on Friday informed Parliament that a decision has been taken to print plastic currency notes and procurement of material has started. “It has been decided to print banknotes based on plastic or polymer substrate.
The process of procurement has been initiated,” Minister of State for Finance Arjun Ram Meghwal said in a written reply in Lok Sabha to a query whether RBI proposes to print plastic currency notes in place of paper ones. The Reserve Bank for long has been planning to launch plastic currency note after field trials.
In February 2014, the government had informed Parliament that one billion plastic notes of Rs 10 denomination would be introduced in a field trial in five cities selected for their geographical and climatic diversity. The selected cities were Kochi, Mysore, Jaipur, Shimla and Bhubaneswar.
Plastic notes have an average life span of about five years and are difficult to imitate. Also, currency notes made of plastic are cleaner than paper ones. Such notes were first introduced in Australia to safeguard against counterfeiting.
Replying to another question, Meghwal said it was informed by RBI in December 2015 that they have received some banknotes of Rs 1,000 without having security thread which were printed at Currency Note Press (CNP), Nashik, on paper supplied by Security Paper Mill (SPM), Hoshangabad. An enquiry has been initiated by Security Printing and Minting Corporation (SPMCIL) and the units involved (SPM and CNP).
“Major penalty chargesheet has been issued to the personnel concerned. Disciplinary proceedings have been initiated as per departmental rules,” the minister said.
Meghwal further said action has been taken to strengthen quality procedure and online inspection system in manufacturing process and special training has been given to the persons concerned to avoid such types of mistakes in future. “Additional inspections have been introduced to ensure defect-free production,” he said.

Re-evaluate the value of the dinar:
Iraqi dinar code globally DI, and Fils F
1. The re-evaluation of the Iraqi dinar, where every dinar equivalent of 100 fils and not in 1000 and make every penny is composed of 10 monetary units smaller name (NIS or rail) ..
And that each 1 $ = 1 DI and 18 fils.
(Shekel unit calibration Sumerian worked for in Ur and Uruk like kilogram in the present day)
2. production units metal younger groups most heavily for many Astkhamat payment and collection of taxes and fees and the rapid public attitudes and privacy, public transport, ATM and Lafrath in the markets)

It produces metal categories:

- AED 10 fils
- Quarter of a dinar 25 fils
- Half KD 50 fils

-danar 1 and is equal to 100 fils, as well as the issuance of paper has increased by only 20%.

If the improvement in the Iraqi economy, industrial and agricultural sectors, tourism and housing via the investment

Add categories are less fils are 1 and 2 fils and 5 fils future ...
3. paper categories plastic polymer made of plastic resistant to damage and bacteria and fraud, namely:

-1 Dinars only 20% paper and 80 metal
Dinars -5
BD -10
25 dinars
JD 50
100 dinars limited trading major category of banking transactions and large international investment and business deals
Are forcing banks to deploy ATMs in every province and spend according to the market and the population density and the development of piggy banks levy metal sheet positions to collect mineral groups service fees compared to the corner the whole car managed .. The introduction of credit card banks of digital cash.     http://neniraq.com/link
don961     This was July ... things surely may have evolved and been tweaked since then ... but it kind of fits with what is in the news presently .... IMO

Zimbabwe 'has the strongest currency in Africa': state media, 9 DEC

Zimbabwe 'has the strongest currency in Africa': state media

Harare - "This is a fact: Zimbabwe has the strongest currency in Africa".
Sounds unbelievable - but that's what the official Herald newspaper claimed on Wednesday, hours after President Robert Mugabe resolutely avoided the vexed topic of bond notes in his State of the Nation Address (SONA).

In its lead editorial, the pro-Mugabe paper said Zimbabweans "have full confidence in" their currency, ignoring the fact that photos of a broken bond coin are causing widespread alarm on social media. Ten million US worth of bond notes were introduced last Monday along with two million US worth of bond coins.
The central bank insists this surrogate currency is backed by a 200 million US dollar loan from Afrexim Bank. But many fear the notes will drag Zimbabwe back to the dark days of hyperinflation that reached a peak around 2006-2008. 

Long bank queues have not improved since the notes were introduced. That is partly to do with the fact that teachers have just been paid and are having to queue repeatedly because of capped daily bank withdrawals.

The Herald claimed that Mugabe's speech to parliament showed the economy was on the "recovery path". Tweeted former education minister David Coltart: "Cd someone plse show me where that path is becos all I can see is bond notes?"    




Bruce:  (Before the Intel)  We had quite a few emails sent to the Big Call asking for me to comment on the post that was put on Dinar Chronicles couple days ago.  It has been my policy the last 5 years on the Big Call not to comment on other calls, other gurus, or say anything despairingly against anyone. You know I have my opinions and get my Intel from my own sources.

This was different because so many wrote in and asked for my opinion asking me to comment on it. I felt I owed that to my own listenership. I owed to the community at large that is hurting. That may feel they might have been left and abandoned and are hurt. 

For me personally I was in somewhat in shock but not hurt as much as I was saddened.  Just saddened.  I am here not hit anyone when they are down.  I am here to love. I am here to be a support system. I am here like Sue, Pastor Steven to be leaders to be here to help in the community. We know that God has called us to love others unconditionally.  We know God has forgiven us and we are to forgive others. We know God won’t forgive us unless we forgive others. We have to take the higher road. We have to take the position of leadership. 

​We have to understand some things we just don’t understand. Some things happened, some things were said obviously saddened me.  But I am here just to say God is pleased if we forgive, if we love, and we move on. We open our arms to one another in a spirit of forgiveness and love. We open our arms to receive this blessing.

Bruce:   I have kept a distance on purpose for weeks. My Intel has been mine from my sources for months. I have my own opinions. I don’t share a lot of the other opinions of others out there. I want you guys to know that we have to move forward and we have to press into God and believe what he has for us is real because it is. It is not only real but it is real close. We had information on Tuesday’s call that was indignant that this thing was absolutely supposed to have happened yesterday. A lot did happened yesterday and more happened today.  

I said Tuesday I didn’t except to do a call Thursday night, and yet here I am. I did not anticipate it.  I didn’t expect it. We didn’t say we absolutely wouldn’t do it because here we are.  I didn’t expect it. Wasn’t sure we would do it tonight. Information was so good even few hours ago that we might have this even before this call even started. 

I just going to say everybody should breathe as I am trying to do right now.  Kick back and be confident what you know, confident in the information we are bringing you. I want us all to be in a great opportunity to pray tonight and put our faith out there tonight and it will honor God. He will be pleased with this. It will come back to us just as every blessing God brings us. We will sow our faith into this blessing tonight. I want everyone be there with me as one. 

I am very encouraged tonight. I wanted you to have this time to realize this is a time for us to pull together and not be cast apart. It is a time of coming together. It is a time for leaders to step up and be leaders. I am not going to cast any stones. I am not going to throw the first stone, but let us love each other.

Bruce:  Welcome everybody on the call. Welcome all the financial community on the call also that are listening. The last couple of days let’s talk about what has happened.  What happened yesterday was extremely big and meaningful.  One thing that went on was the US became gold back officially. We had the gold treaty witnessed by the IMF, the World Bank, the World Court, and by the US Treasury.

All four representatives of those entities witnessed and signing off the gold. That gave us a gold back currency which was announced basically through the banks around the world by this morning. It happened over night where banks received encrypted emails and unencrypted emails.

When people came into the banks this morning they saw this information.  It was sent not only to our banks bout around the world that the US dollar was now gold back officially again or asset back. That was big news. That was huge. We even had a representative for the Federal Reserve sign off on the ending of the fiat dollar yesterday. That was big as well.  It needed to happen.

Bruce:   We are in a new place. There were things that occurred out West that certain people couldn’t really sign off until we had this gold back currency officially there. This gold back agreement backs our TRN and USN, our actual physical currency. Our dollars we have now in our wallets are kind of under the gold back situation now.

It is a major deal.

I would think we would have had that announcement to that effect. There may have already been an announcement.  I heard the UN suppose to have made an announcement this afternoon, but I have not uncovered the proof that it was made by anyone from the UN. We understood that took place this afternoon.  This puts us in a new light.

Bruce:  What happened there was a large settlement,  CMKX, a Prosperity settlement of some kind that was supposed to be signed off on. My understanding is that it was not signed off yet because the gold back currency wasn’t in effect at the time.

We believe that situation has been remedied.  My opinion is a lot of the things that had to do with private groups, payments of private groups could be handled now, be made liquid because the currency is gold back now. Each country is now asset back, gold back around the world.

This information has to be put in their own charters of each individual country.  We talked about Tuesday night that the Islamic gold agreement was passed so those countries in the Middle East could be gold backed. We understand they are as well. This is something that is happening around the world not just here. Everywhere else.  

It is part of the currency gold reset. Whether there be any announcement publicly announced might be a few days or later before that takes place. I have had certain dates thrown at me as a possibility when the public goes and when the Forex comes back up and all of that. We will leave that for now because that could be influx as we even speak now.  It is hard to say when that will be. It might be before Christmas, way before I believe.

That is why I think we should have the best Christmas ever. We should. 

This is my understanding is everything is in place. There might be a few details here and there that are being cleaned up, but I really think we are in a place where we can have an outstanding next few days.  Let us just say it that way that we should have an outstanding next few days. I say that is the gist really from an Intel perspective.

Bruce:  The banks have been ready. We believe the redemption centers are still highly secured and staffed. Wells Fargo is working closely with HSBC.  HSBC has been working closely to acquire maybe a larger portion of Wells Fargo and Bank of America. 

That was worked on a little yesterday and all positive for us. Wells Fargo has invested a well over a million dollars the last few months in each of the redemption centers for security and additional services. They have made a huge investment that is about to pay off for us and for everyone else.

Bruce:  I am excited about the opportunity to exchange here shortly. I want to tell you something that is interesting.  There are two NDAs. There are certain rates that will not require an NDA.  I am going to call them screen rates. I heard a range of rates that this will apply to. NO NDA for screen rates. There is a soft NDA for rates above the screen rates at a certain point for the ZIM. Then there is a hard NDA, which not too hard, down to just about 2 pages sort of back where it use to be when it was first brought out. It is designed that way because the privately negotiated rates available will allow you to take a payout from 5 to 50 years.

Therefore it has to be structured differently and a little longer to deal with the longevity of the structured payout.  I think there is a new name for that other than structure payout.  There is a new term for structure payout.

I like the idea of getting a fixed interest rate on a huge principle mother lode account and have it paid out on an annually rate but paid out quarterly. I like the idea those monies can be used for humanitarian projects that we have to do. We talked about the humanitarian projects the last several calls. We talked about that. That is something that we all should be thinking about. 

The privately prenegotiated rates are still available.  They are very high for the ZIM and all the other currencies as well. So if you don’t have ZIM you still can negotiate on the other currencies you do have.

Bruce:  The point is that when you talk about your projects, talk about the longevity of the project in terms of being something that might surpass your lifetime and how you plan on structuring it so that could happen. So it could last beyond your own years. There is some other terms going to be important to us. Such as creating employment, job opportunities, and infrastructure. Infrastructure could mean an about 30 different things.

​You can use the term infrastructure in terms with what you are planning to do.  You could adopt a town, a village even an island like I might do. It will involve a lot of infrastructure, a lot of new builds, and a lot of rebuilding. It will take a lot of money to do it. Be thinking of terms of that.

Bruce:  As far as the rates themselves. Do not worry about the rates. The rates will take care of themselves.  I know the current situation we have a large portion of the payout will be for humanitarian projects and then something for you so to speak. Say it use be 80/20. 80% for humanitarian and 20% for your own personal use. 

Some of these numbers are so big that after you exchange the ZIM 20% for you is a lot of money. Too much for just you and your family. You be the judge. Maybe the new formula should be set at 85/15.  85% for humanitarian and 15% for you. This is based on a large mother lode amount at the time of exchange.  Very large. Tons of zeros, but remember back when we talked about the idea of the God account?  We talked about tithing. I said we talked about I would put 20% of my exchange and put it in our God account.  Then we would give from that account because it would always get interest, and it will always be there and can give from it.  

My indication is to use the exchange on the other currencies for me maybe and use all the currency of the ZIM for the God account. The entire thing of the ZIM for the God account.  100% goes to humanitarian projects and ministry. If you are talking about humanitarian projects and ministries you are going to be partnering with them. You want to mention that you will be partnering with them. You will be working with companies with humanitarian projects. You will not only going to be partnering with the banks but the people you will be giving to and building humanitarian projects with. That is going to be great.

​The longevity of that will support it all will tell how far you will go with your funding you’re your structuring of payouts. Think along those lines. Thinking about that when it comes the time for your exchange appointment at the redemption center.

Bruce:  We are looking to be notified to get the 800 numbers. If we get the 800 numbers I will do what I am instructed to do.  I would put them out.  I would consider it an honor if I were to receive the numbers to put them out to the community.  We will see how that works out. We will see if they want to do this. There is probably more, but that is the gist of it. I am hearing very good things that it is very close and we should have a great next few days.  I really do. Don’t want to call it, but that is what I am hearing and believing.  I am really expecting to have our blessing way before Christmas, the next few days.

Bruce:  Tonight is Thursday night, and a lot can happen between now and next Tuesday.

Thank you all listeners all and new listeners. Thank you international listeners and all who listen on the replay.  We are working on to listen online by a link. This is only the 8th, 17th days before Christmas.  Let’s see what God will bring for our blessing. Thank you all here and in the community.
PS. Bruce:  Thank you for the heartfelt, touching words you shared before you gave the Intel portion.  You touched our hearts and please know we do look up to you as a leader in the dinar community and one that gives his heart and soul to us and others always with kindness and love.  We respect you for that very much. Hugsss, Pinkroses.