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November 16, 2016 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,  WOW! We have reached mid November already.
There is so much news and it all points to many things for the betterment of Iraq. Many of you, as investors, had to deal with the 8 years of the “do nothing” Nori al-Maliki years and so you are very discouraged from this time period. I assure you this is not the case any longer.

How can you now deny all the very good news. Is this not what we have all been waiting for so long?

Just look at Iraq now compared to in 2014. What progress they have made. Sure they still need to get rid of ISIS / Daash and implement the “Reconciliation Agreement” and many others but at least now they are moving FORWARD and at a very fast pace. At some point it will culminate with the RV but getting there is half the fun....lol...lol...
So all this news is what is going to get us to the RV. Get it?

I  also want to point out quickly that India rupee has not RV’d nor has the start of any global currency reset ( of course there is no such thing as a GCR in the first place so how can it ever happen anyhow ..lol..lol). This is once again so called “intel guru” is making something out of nothing to suit their own purposes...so relax.

 Is it just ignorance or are they serious? Be careful when you read their posts in the forums. They often change the headings to hook you and get your attention. You must open the post and read it for yourself or better yet click on the news link and read it for yourself because now even they change the contents of the article to lie to you.
So today let us look at some “realistic” articles and study the truth about what is happening in Iraq in this last period. Remember - No Rumors, No Hype, just the FACTS! I may express my opinion and knowledge in italic RED but I am telling you this is my opinion from everything I know and study from the last 10 years in his investment.
Articles Begin
Sadr is ready to cooperate with the United Nations to eliminate Daesh “ideologically and militarily” in Iraq

Twilight News / met the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr on Tuesday, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Mission Jan Kubiš in the holy city of Najaf.
According to a statement issued by Sadr’s office during the meeting to discuss the humanitarian situation after the expulsion Daesh from Iraq.

Sadr demanded the necessity of activating the role of the United Nations in Iraq and expressed full readiness to cooperate with the United Nations regarding the UN role in Iraq and the fight against terrorism and ways to eliminate it intellectually after a military defeat.
He also called for “national reconciliation should not be politicized but must be reconciliation popular social parties are determined objectively and accurately.”

For his part, Jan Kubiš “We support and we thank and appreciate the reform movement and popular movement you are doing and that of the most important factors defeat Daesh is to carry out reforms and we  consider you as the backbone of the reform process in Iraq and here look with you the ways and the factors that contribute to the stability of the country and serve the citizens,” he said.

During the meeting to discuss the upcoming elections and the need for legislation to file a new election law guaranteeing the right of the voter and the candidate and work to change the current Electoral Commission where he said, “The United Nations will support the National your options chosen by the Iraqi people.”

( so we find out that based on all the corruption of the last elections, they are concerned and want new legislation as an election law in place prior to 2017. Do they need this to RV? I believe they will try to get this in place prior to the end of the year. The provincial elections are in 2017 and will come up really quick. Next are the major elections in 2018. They don’t want the likes of corrupt Maliki and his goons getting into any powerful positions again. This new law, along with the “parties law” is going to set the stage for the next set of elections and will also set the tone for getting rid of the Dawa party out of the National Alliance altogether.)

Urgent Abadi: make minor adjustments to the 2017 budget and submit it to parliament

[Oan- Baghdad]

Announced Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the Council of Ministers made changes “minor”on some of the legal provisions of the draft budget for fiscal 2017 Act and submit them to the parliament again.

(remember they already had the required two readings and are planning to vote on the budget on 11/26. It sounds like it is ready now?)

Central Bank confirms that the measures granting loans to citizens, “simple”
Central Bank of Iraq, announced Tuesday, for the distribution of 500 billion dinars (about $500 million in USD value), housing loans to citizens, noting that the interest rate is “very low”, as pointed out that the granting of loans measures “simple.”
The general director of financial operations at the Central Bank of Iraq, Mahmoud Dagher in a press statement, said that “the Bank since the beginning of this year, took the initiative in offering a huge financing package estimated at five trillion dinars, divided between the Land Bank and the Housing Fund, as it gave each bank approximately 800 billion dinars.” , adding that “the remaining section of the industrial Bank and the agricultural Bank.”
He said Dagher, that “the Land Bank distributed 100 billion dinars, and the Housing Fund distributed 400 billion dinars in loans to citizens,” pointing out that “the loan ceiling of 50 million dinars (or about $50,000 in USD value) at a rate of very low interest does not exceed 3 –4 100%, and therefore constitutes a grant element to the borrower. “
He said Dagher, that “borrowing conditions is the existence of a piece of land suitable for the construction and sponsor of the citizen who wants to withdraw the loan amount.”
And on some late citizen to receive a loan for several years, Dagher explained that “this delay can not happen unless there is a specific problem faced by the treatment of the citizen which is in arrears in receipt of the loan,” pointing out that “the granting of the loan simple measures.

(why is this such good news today? It is very good news because it is showing us that Iraq is moving in the direction resembling normal, civilized societies and finally they are enabling investors and trying to kick start the economy and this is just another part of it.  Getting foreign investors to invest in a housing market does no good unless you have consumers to buy the product. So the government is investing (thru the CBI) in the market since bank liquidity is low and the private banks have a difficult time financing the housing market. Of course this on the other hand is not very good and also gives us a bad signal too in that Iraq still needs the flow of money to happen through the private sector and not just the CBI)

Abadi adviser suggests the development bank to finance private-sector trade and calls for the central bank to study proposal for line of credit

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Financial advisor to the Prime Minister suggested that the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, on Wednesday, the development of a commercial bank to finance private sector trade by opening letters of credit, rather than transfers, while calling the central bank to study the proposal, stressed that the Iraqi dinar exchange rate in the parallel market rate exceeds the central bank's ten price points.

He said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that "the Iraqi dinar exchange rate in the parallel market rate exceeds the central bank's rate ten points and the overall level of prices in Iraq remains stable, despite the presence of two prices for the disbursement of the dollar," noting that "the difference is not reflected strongly the general price level basis, inflation is still a level of two percent, the lowest in the history of Iraq. "

He attributed the favor, reasons that "Iraq imports from dollar areas of the world as East Asia, which suffered from depression in the goods", suggesting "the development of a commercial bank to finance private sector trade contribute to the civil and government banks to finance trade by opening letters of credit, rather than transfers."

Financial advisor Ebadi pointed out that "everyone will benefit from this bank and we will get rid of the speculators and speculation, accusations and controversy that never ends," calling on the central bank to "study this proposal."
(the financial advisor is recommending to the CBI  in this article is to get rid of the currency auctions, (he calls them transfers), and instead use “letters of credit” to finance trade with the outside world. Remember Iraq is operating under sanctions in a closed economy. The “two prices” of the disbursement of the dollar he is referring to includes the market exchange rate vs the currency auction rate. He goes on to say the market rate is 10 points above the currency auction rate and by having letters of credit instead of currency auctions to get the dollar to pay outside debts, they can begin to bring these two rates closer together to one common rate. Folks this proposal is NOT new. They have kicked this can down the road before. The CBI maintains they need to control the dollars more tightly and do not favor letters of credit. This has nothing to do with the RVor the launching of the lower denoms, just so you know.)

Kirkuk, Kurdistan receives from $ 80 million a peer petrodollar

Twilight News / announced the head of the Kirkuk Provincial Council-and Kalh- Rebwar Talabani, received the amount of more than $ 80 million share of the petro-dollars.
Talabani said in several Building Council press conference, "We have received the amount of the Kurdistan Region through meals."
The Kurdistan Region and Kirkuk oil is, and export it towards the port of Ceyhan, which usually has an average of 150 thousand barrels per day. While it is producing fields in the region of about 500 thousand barrels a day.

He added that the Council (council of ministers) decided to allocate a sum of the petro-dollar budget for a month to pay teachers' salaries arrears from the province of Kurdistan in Kirkuk, schools and the formation of a joint committee of the relevant Board of Directors and the Directorate of Kurdish study to examine the mechanism of implementation of the resolution and put controls in this regard and to find a radical solution to this segment.

(this is nothing more than the federal government of Baghdad paying the allocation of oil revenues to Kurdistan under the HCL agreement. It is also telling us that Article 140 is being enforced since the money is going directly back to the Kirkuk region and is from Kirkuk oil. They even said it is money from the 150k barrels/day of oil from Kirkuk vs 500k barrels/day from the Kurdistan region. So this news is all very good. But we still look for the official HCL to be passed in parliament into law)
Articles End

I   know the CBI decision is to remove three zeros from the currency of Iraq beginning in 2017. They themselves have told us now over and over again and just recently again. Today is less than a 1 ½ months from this time period.

I have waiting for this period since the CBI first announced in December of 2015, that they would postpone the project to delete the zeros till early 2017. Oh… but many of these so called “intel gurus” said I was crazy then and they would never wait that long. Once again so who is correct and who is wrong.
But of course they will counter claim it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong and that we all should be in this together to try to figure it all out together. I could not agree on this point more.
However I do not want to be in it with them.  No – I am not part of them. We are not in the same category nor do I ever want to be asssociated with them. I have tried over and over again to reason with them and to help them gather information and analyze it. But they are persistent.
Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!
Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat



Bruce:  Welcome everybody to the call. Thank you everyone for coming in tonight. We have expanded our international audience. We have about a couple of hundred banking institutions that have requested our numbers even outside the United States.

Bruce:  We try to our best to put out the best up-to-date information we can get so our listeners can be prepared for their exchange of their currencies. It is exciting and exciting times. In the process of waiting we have learned a lot to be patient, and more about the process and what we would be doing after the blessing comes as working together with certain projects.  We will be touch.  

We have a good email list of over 4,000 of our callers. I want you all to realize that we are ready to take you over the threshold of this blessing.

Once that occurs what will we do after that?  What will we do together? 

If   we get together now how would we connect?  That be through an internet way, coming together to lend a hand to the wheel and not necessarily try to reinvent the wheel.  Do projects for the world and put our plans together starting with the United States and going internationally. 

We want to help in the rebuilding process of America.  That is what we will be working on. The concept I had is having 5000 Big Call listeners who want to participate and who want to adopt 100 cities in each state.  My theory is we each can adopt a city and pick up the depressed real estate and housing in that city. Hire people to rebuild, refurbish those dwellings and put them back like Habitat for Humanity.  We can make a dent in these cities around the country.   

Of course the market comes to mind where manufacturing have left that area.  The housing needs to be helped out. A concept we will let you know about when we get further along, but I want you to think about it in case you do not have a project of your own.  This is something you can be part of with the Big Call.  It is something we can all be proud of in rebuilding America in terms of our cities and small towns.  We can do it in the United States and around the world. We will be in a financial state that it will not be difficult at all with our humanitarian projects and creating jobs.

Bruce:  Where are we since Thursday?  A lot has happened.  It is the 15th, and normally we get the UN Operational rates on the 15th.  What happened yesterday in preparation for that, the screens maybe it was the front screens of the banking institutions in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, meaning North America, all went dark. 

They went dark maybe not all day but for hours for a period of time they went black. Why? 

It was because the rates were being updated, reinstalled onto the screens to be used at a later time which we thought would be today.  I don’t think they have been indicated today yet.  But that can occur today or tomorrow.  That is really interesting. 

It not only happened in North America, but at some point in the afternoon or last night it happened around the world.  All the banks around the world were reinstalling the rates.  That never happened before.  I think it is an important event that took place.

Bruce:  Today, the United Nations Operational rates were supposed to be effective on this date.  So far we are waiting for that to occur.  Maybe there been some rate changes. Maybe some rates, but still not up yet. I am sure there is more we are looking for in that area.

Bruce:  When it comes to Iraq, Iraq over the weekend was having firework displays throughout the country.  Two cargo plane loads of fireworks from China were distributed throughout Iraq for firework displays.  Someone from the United States was put in charge of setting them all up.  Those fireworks have gone off the last 2 to 3 days.  They are in celebration mode. 

Bruce:  Also we have heard today that there was a rate change made in Iraq sometime early this morning about 4:30 am EST. It indicated a higher, much higher rate on the dinar.  That was put out to where it could be attached to certain transactions.  Those transactions could be complete.  These transactions involved Iraqi bonds. An actual value on those bonds. 

I don’t know what the rate is, but it is higher than we thought the dinar was.  It is a good indicator that is taking place. That is essential for the evaluation of the dinar. The rate itself is made public as far as I know.  Let’s see how that manifests. 

Bruce:  As a result of that occurring, we believe it is just a matter of time for us to see the money start flowing.  It could be while we are on this call, later, or tomorrow that we are in that position for that to come through. 

Bruce:  Now what else is different that we heard yesterday is an article in the effect that the Zimbabwe currency, the Zimbabwe dollar essentially is allowed to be reinstated and revalued in the country of Zimbabwe.  The Zimbabwe debt has been completely been forgiven by the IMF.

What happened in the beginning of it taking place mid October and completed to where the value of the currency with no debt in the country puts it in a much better place.  Anytime a country like Zimbabwe is debt free allows them to reissue a new currency to stand alone to have a much different value because of no debt.  Zimbabwe has incredible value in minerals in the ground as diamonds. 

It is so vast that their currency in conjunction with the Chinese Yuan are the two reserve currencies for the entire continent of Africa.  That is a huge thing. The value of the ZIM is much higher than we ever thought from years ago and even recently.   The value of the ZIM bonds that we have as a currency, but really are historical bonds are incredible high. If you have them you are in much better shape. It is a positive thing.

Bruce:  Also we head in some of the ZIM currency or bonds are in trade platforms.  Some of these platform trades are going on today. They are trading and paying out.  Not all are paying out, but began to pay them out.  A very positive move to pay out the ZIM currency platform trades. 

Bruce:  In terms of this country, we survived the election and are moving through that process. We understand out west all are moving along well.  Whatever document was needed has been supplied.  Those people involved in that process are underway.  Those are ready to be put out.  One other thing we heard this morning that occurred early this morning before 4:30amest,

Hong Kong Monetary Authority released the document that allowed the trade platforms to begin to pay out.  The trade platforms that the accounts were seen but not liquid enough for access.  The letter that came out early this morning stated it was go time for those to pay out from those platforms.  A very positive step. 

The funding that has come from the global matrix funds, that funding going around the world not just the United States and Canada, but banks around the world has come to the point the number is so big I had someone look it up.  Imagine that it had 52 zeros behind the one or ten.  That is how big of number we are talking about. 

The beauty is these global matrix funds are paying out that are being tranched every day if not every other day.  We first heard them in the octillions, then higher trillions.  Now we heard amounts so large to completely hydrate all the currency holders.  Enough money moved to our banks in the United States to handle easily 5 million people’s transactions regardless of the denominations.  Those are very large numbers. 

We look at that the funds are there to have this move forward.  Money in the Paymaster accounts to begin the redemption process.  That is what is happening.

Bruce:  Also we heard that the Jubilee year is to end around November 20th.  So for that to be a benefit for us and others, we kind of need this to get started with the exchange process if we are to have that as part of our lives this year by November 20th. 

All the money moving, release of the trade platforms, profits of the ZIM being part of that, there is a lot of movement around the world right now.  I am in a position where we are really at the point the only thing we are looking for is the notifications.  How they will come out is still somewhat is a mystery.  We have some idea how they will come out. Until we know it is hard to comment on that. 

We are looking for a notification in terms of the 800 numbers to call.  The process is such that each will call the 900 number. They will ask you what you are calling for.  You will tell them what currency you have.  If you have ZIM you will let them know that.  . If you have ZIM, they will give you a specific number to call.  Then you will give them your whereabouts, zip code and any other information they require from you to set your appointment. 

A two step call in process.  First step is 10 to 20 seconds.  The 2nd number you call is based on your location and if you are a ZIM holder or if you are not a ZIM holder.  If you are a ZIM holder let them know. They will put you in a ZIM redemption center that can handle everything.  If you do not have ZIM, you will be given a number to call and you will go in to another type of redemption center that is not ZIM specific

We are looking to be notified. We told bankers on this call many times that we are available to do that job. I would consider it an honor to be part of that process if they want us to be. We would adhere to any protocols with that process honor.  To let you know if we do have that ability  to do that we would put it out as directed to help if we are so honored to do that.

Bruce:  We have extremely high rates on ZIM. The other currencies also have high Privately Negotiate Rates. We talked in the past how to achieve high rates if you have humanitarian projects, employment opportunities the first 5 years. Be realistic about the people to be hired as a result of the project you are putting together. A lot of the projects I am putting together involve the veterans. It will help them to be employed. 

There be 80% veterans and 20% non veterans.  We want to put people back to work. We want them to have decent wages, not starting wage. We are going to give them real jobs with real income. And hope the income tax is seriously reduced or done away with all together. We would hydrate the world with projects, food, housing, clean water, job opportunities and education.

Those 5 categories we can do here. Start at the hardest hit areas of the country like Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, and anywhere that needs help.  Then working in other countries as well. We will work in housing, food production, making sure everyone has the basic needs met. Then education like vocational education for a trade like high tech jobs. 

A variety of opportunities not necessarily to a 4 to 6 year university. We hope to create great job opportunities with technology, energy, and cures.  All types of things we know is out there already to go. Transportation, railway transportation.  The sky is the limit. I think again to ask everybody to use their imagination.  Do a little dreaming of what is possible. That is what I really enjoy doing.  Trying to use my imagination and come up with new ideas how we are going to put those things together.

Bruce:  As Intel goes, maybe some other Intel at end of the call. For right now, we are in super position for this to come through at any moment. We do feel from what we have hear that people that should be available at the switch are there. The people are there in their position to let this go.  Let’s see when the actual timing is that is.  Something we just don’t know. We are in the season to be close.

Bruce:  I just want to give you a bit of final Intel that I am getting in the way of a text. It is that we are understanding that there is a couple of people  in  Iraq, Assistant Director to Shabibi were indicating Iraqi dinar found a new value against the dollar and is coming out much higher than previous rates .

Bruce:  Changes taking place that we are hearing about right now in Iraq. We heard about this earlier in a post and article I was told today. This interview taken place is just that reinforcing the Iraqi value has changed and is in position to be a much stronger currency and much higher than it was before the Iraqi war. 

Bruce:  The timing of this is right around the corner for us. The money movement, the banks are ready and redemption centers are ready.  All we need is the 800 number so that we can set our appointment and begin the redemption process. I am excited where we are. We hoped to get it on this call tonight. Not receive it yet but should very shortly.

All additional information keeps coming in strengthening the position we are in.  It is going to be here before we know it. Stay positive. Stay in faith for it. We will keep a watchful eye what happens tonight, and I will put it out on a final celebration call and if we are allowed post the 800 call numbers on our site.  It will be simulated once it gets to any of us. It will probably go viral in 5 to 10 minutes top. You will see it.

Bruce:  Thank you all for coming in tonight. I admire your faithfulness and appreciate all of you. I appreciate you, Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, Tank, Ken, Rob, Yosef.  Thank you all for what you are doing for the team.  Thank you everyone.