Wednesday, October 5, 2016


"YUGE'   SITREP  13:00 EDT  Wednesday  October 5, 2016
The 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change was just ratified in Europe!!!!!!!!!!!!
As Mr. Trump would say, this is "Yuge" because new global gold standard legalities are buried within the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change documentation; thus its ratification is the long awaited public announcement of the new financial system backed in Chinese Elder gold.
Check out the Paris Agreement Tracker on the UN website yourself. It's literally history being made in real time!
Look for news of its ratification to be plastered all over global mass media tonight.
That means the world can now legally receive those pesky 800#s at any time, and yes the beautiful but elusive Rachael Victoria (RV) is about to make her long awaited debut in our lives after years of hype.
Folks, this is truly great, great, great news. Life affirming news for those of us who stuck it out all these lean years.
Indeed, God is with us.



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Stardot:  Paris Climate Change Agreement Set to Take Effect After Quick Ratifica​tion Processhttp://time.com/4519895/paris-agreement-ratification-european-union/



Bruce:  Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight. Yes we are in the month of October, unbelievable.  We had 165 bankers on and financial guys that requested our dial numbers on Thursday night call. Welcome those in the financial world, banking structure and additional banks that will be tied in to with our exchange. We are looking at Big Call World and possibly Big Call Universe. Thank you for listening and glad you are here.

Bruce:  Anyone new to the call, we pray, have a teaching, praise and prayer requests.  Then we talk about what we are going to talk on the call, then Intel information. Get a good size paper and marker ready. You will want to make notes. I appreciate anybody that is transcribing the call. We appreciate all the help you guys render to us, the Big Call. Secure a pad or unless you are good transcribing, grab something like that.

ruce: We want to put out the most up to date information without compromising anyone or any source and not do the bank's job. If we are used to assimilate information, we want to do it clearly and accurately. That is what I am doing. That is what Sue is doing. That is what we are doing as a team. Some things I am going to say tonight maybe in opposition of what you have heard on another before or on another call.  That is my disclaimer.
Bruce:  Hope everyone has their pen and pad and ready to go. Opportunity to take some notes.

Bruce:  General terms of the Intel we were getting today and even this evening.  My understanding from my sources is the Paris Agreement has been ratified. It hasn’t been announced yet. It is good to go and ready for what we are hearing. It is not something we are waiting for. It doesn’t mean that exchanges have not been taking place.  They have been. Couple days ago some of the sub groups began to the exchange process two nights ago. We understand they went through. Some people stayed with those groups and some left those groups because of the NDA they were believed they would have to sign.

Bruce:  When those sub groups started throughout the country, you would think they have started the 6 day period redemption. My opinion is it did not start that. My opinion is the 6 day period, for private negotiable rates are to start after we receive the toll free number to call to set our appointment. That is my understanding. That is not a new understanding. That is something I have known for quite awhile. We will see if that is the case.

Bruce:  That is we should have a full private negotiable redemption period of 6 days possibly 7. But I hearing 6 days to do that. Now, do they want the ZIM holders in first? Yes. They do. They want to get the ZIM off the street in the first 72 hours. That is 3 days. So if you have ZIM, you will mention that you do have ZIM. Consider that the redemption period is set to begin once we receive the toll free number. We know even though some sub groups have gone and we thought we would go immediately when they went, that has not been the case. We have not started yet. We can feel confident we are next. Even though sub groups started, we should be next. We understand Prosperity Packages are to go out the same time we go or slightly after we start.

Bruce:  That is another thing too. As you know, I am not super studied up on the Prosperity Packages. I just know the basics. I know who and where they are delivering etc. They are part of the shot gun start. Will they go exactly with the 800 number or follow the 800 number or will they lead?  It is hard to say. I have heard all 3 ways. Take your pick.  I do not know which one to believe right now.
Bruce:  You also have the rest of the group, the internet group.  The group I speak to, the ones who pay attention on blog sites and calls. That information is out there for you.  We should be able to go basically at the same time as other groups go.  It should be a shot gun start. What is a shot gun start?  It comes from a golf term that everyone has a team, 18 holes, they shoot a pistol or shot gun where everyone starts on the different hole at the same time. The term has been used for a long time.  That is what we are looking at as far as getting going on our redemption.
Bruce:  How soon when the 800 numbers come out to have appointments be made? It is approximate 45 minutes after the toll free number is put out the first appointments are to be set. Approximately 45 minutes. People that happen to be close to a redemption center, that has their act together and ready to go; they could be on the first or second appointment.
Bruce: Since the redemption centers are 24/7, you could go during the night.  If you are not the night owl say2 to 5 o’clock in the morning, then schedule your appointment during the daytime. I want you to be aware that we should be able to begin redemptions shortly after the numbers are out.
Bruce:  The 200 Quadrillion question, when is our toll free number coming?  We don’t do rates or dates. What I am hearing is the 800 number is the next step as we said for us. It could be right here anytime now.  It could happen any day now. Just can’t name it, can’t say it is tonight, tomorrow, or Thursday. The intention is it is to be right here.
Bruce:  Some Intel to support that. We have heard that some time has been given for tonight. Some transactions we have heard being done in the banking world should occur tonight and complete in the morning, and should experience the new rate to occur. I don’t have this verified.  We did hear the new rates maybe on XE.com already. I can’t confirm that yet. I like to know if that is the case. If so, we could be right there.
Bruce:  My understanding is once the 800 number is put out, we could put it out on this call, could come out online on various neutral information sites like ours, thebigcall.net. It could come out possibly through twitter. It should be email out to people who are part of a group. So that number may come that way. Just realize this, if we have the privilege to get that number we would treat it with honor and only put it out as long as we are suppose to. They may utilize the number where we know it, where we can find it maybe for only a short period of time, a few days. 
Bruce:  To set appointments may be only a two day period to make those appointments. If the 800 number comes out tonight, tomorrow, it might only be out there online, for a 48 hour period. The appointment themselves would be made the following 5 to 6 days. Would you wait a day or two for your appointment?  I wouldn’t. Only if you are in the hospital, out of country, etc to set appointment on the 4 or 5th day.
Bruce:  Carefully and methodically get the number, set your appointment and get ready to go. Get your act together. That should be our goal, Set appointment and go. Some want to go the first hours, some the first 12 hours. I would be thrilled to go the first day. I want you to know that it is my understanding that is the time frame we should be looking for.
Bruce:  The private negotiable rates, sovereign rates we use to them. True sovereign rates are used for countries. I am referring to the ZIM. We have the ability to negotiate very high rate on our currency as well. Not only the ZIM, but also would apply to the dinar, dong, and rupiah as far as I know. You have that as well. Afghani?  No. That is not going to apply. Doesn’t mean they won’t exchange it. It is at a good rate.
Bruce:  We are very close receiving that information.  I hope it would work we could get it on a live call. If not, we would put it out on a recorded short call of 15 to 20 minutes and post that call on our website and other neutral sites in the community. That is the overview of it. Hearing from various sources it is tonight. This is what we are hearing.  Maybe, maybe not. Don’t want people to be on a roller coaster.   I don’t want to be on a roller coast. I speak this to keep you sober, grounded, so you can be calm, peacefully excited and thankful when this comes through.
Bruce: Sue, you had some information we received. Some information . This is a source I have. I going to have Sue will read each point and I going to comment on them.  Hopefully it will be transcribed accurately. If possible jot down some key points of this information. 
Sue: I think we just want to give a shout to our friend and contact that provided this for us tonight.  We want him to know he did a great thing for us to prepare for our exchange. The information is called:   
Sue:  When toll free number is at hand, call and make the appointment.
Sue:   Identify yourself, what zip code you will be exchanging in.
Sue:   Let them know what currencies you hold starting with ZIM and you are not required to tell them the amount. Just tell them what currencies you have.
Bruce: Let them know first that you have ZIM dollars and then the other currencies if may have. Do not give the amounts.
Sue:   Let them know if you have an existing Wells Fargo account.
Bruce:  Many of us set up accounts online. If you are existing customer may help in terms of know your customer rules for the bank.
Sue:  Make your appointment for within 48 hours.

Br uce:  The 48 hour period we are talking about is really the time we should have to set appointments. That is what that means. You can make your appointment for the next day, two days, or 3 days. Good idea to set your appointment especially if you have ZIM they want you in the first 3 days.

Sue:  There will be a mandatory 35 to 45 min from the time you call and the time you arrive for our appointment. 

Bruce: This 35 to 45 minutes is the time from the time the 800 numbers are out to where the first appointment is to be made.  It is simple as that. It is for early first appointments expect to make 35 to 45 minutes from when the number is first put out. End of story.

Sue:  Addendum. They need this time in researching who you are, explore you. That is why they need this time. 

Bruce: Based on giving them your name, they can look you up, see how much currency you have, etc. A way to check you out.

Sue:  At the exchange, you will identify yourself and meet those assisting you which will be up to 5 people.

Bruce: When you call to set your appointment, you may be under somewhat an applied NDA. What I mean is that you are not to tell anyone who you spoke with at the call center, can’t tell anyone where your redemption center is located.  Just make sure that any information you get on your initial set up call, appoint setting call that remains to you. It is private.  It is something you should not share with anyone other than the person that is going to the appointment with if there is such an individual.

Sue:   Identify your projects and purposes. For instance you could have 75% humanitarian, 15% business creating jobs, and 10% for yourself.

Bruce: That was an example only.   Of the funds you are working with, you are exchanging, the total amount is. Whatever this mother lode of exchange turns into, you can set a certain amount of that, as a percentage for your humanitarian projects if you are trying to get a private negotiate rate. You might have 75% set aside for humanitarian projects, 15% job creation, employment, 10% for your personal use. You will be the one to decide those percentages. This is only an example. Some people are going to literally use 95 to 99 percent of their exchange for humanitarian projects and 1 percent for their own personal use. You have to find where you fit in this mix. Could be an 80/20. Could be 65 to 75% for humanitarian.  Play with some numberstonight to see where you would be breaking down the amount of the exchange into humanitarian, job creation, and personal use.

Sue:  Agree on the rates.

Bruce:  You have to agree on the actual rates for each of the currencies at this time. Agree on the rates, and write that rate down on your own pad so you can remember that and retain it. If you have a small business calculator you could calculate the basics. Say you have a lot of dinar, 20 million dinar. Instead of using all those zeros, just go 20 times the rate and that is based on 20 million dinar. Do same thing with ZIM. The rates are substantial.  I hope the bank has calculators.

Sue: I was going to use the banks.

Bruce:  Do some practice numbers knowing the total amount of your currency and run some numbers by it. If dinar comes out at this and I have this much of it, or the ZIM comes out at this, and I have this much of it, try to get a feel the how much you except to gross in the exchange.

Sue: IF no Wells Fargo Account, no trust or foundations set up, use a skeleton trust for 45 days. 

Bruce: This is important. If you do not have your own structures, meaning LLCs, trusts, foundations already set up, this is going to be the time of the appointment where you will be talking about that. If you don’t have those set up yet, you would put the money in a skeleton trust, bare bones trust, just a basic trust. You may set up some sub trusts from that trust initially with the bank. We are suggesting 45 days because this is what the bank suggested that you have your trust in place to insert instead of the skeleton trust. You will supersede the skeleton trust the bank has to protect your funds. So when you walk out of there everything is protected.  You will be working with a new attorney unless you have one, new CPA or more than one unless you have one. You can use the banks or your own. The bank will help you set up a number of structures at no charge. I don’t know what the number is, say 5 or 6 trusts, 5 or 6 LLCs, maybe a couple of foundations. Consider now what your trusts name might be. Come up with 6 to 8 trust names for your trust so it can be called and registered for you. Some names may not be available. Be creative on your trust name, maybe something off the wall. Find something you understand. I wouldn’t put your name necessarily unless it is a family foundation or trust. Other than that I wouldn’t put your name on it at all in the name of the trust.

Bruce:  You have 45 days as a suggested period. You could say I need 60 or 90 days to have my trust work or my structures put together.  Let them know that at the time of your appointment.  So that skeleton trust can only remain for so much time. Some of you guys have had the where with all to go ahead set up your trusts or a foundation or LLCs or have exciting LLCs  certainly you can use those at this time. You can tie your account to those structures. Your account would be tied to the trust. You can have more than one account with a trust. But each trust should have an account set up for it.

Sue:  Scaling, 90 percent into checking.


Bruce: The amounts are based on exchange of 50 trillion dollars. If going to have more than that in your exchange you will have to set up your percentages and your amounts accordingly. If less than that amount, then you will be able to change your amounts accordingly this only an example based on 50 trillion dollar based on the total exchange:

Sue:  90 percent in checking, 10% in saving per account. 

Bruce: Exactly opposite of what I thought. I'm going to throw those numbers out. I think having a separate checking account maybe valid, maybe important to do that, but to me not necessary. The savings account, I don’t know what to do with the word savings in what we are talking about. We are looking at huge numbers for investment. Seeing we are talking about a savings account seems strange to me. Although I can see based on some of the numbers we are coming up with, I can see how it can be as screwed as a savings account.

Sue: What is the difference between what this is than structured payout?

Bruce: Guys we have heard and we have mentioned on this call the concept of structured payout. I am here to tell you as of now we understand from the lead bank, structure payouts are not a concern for us. That there is no necessarily a structure payout for us.

Sue: That is breaking news.

Bruce:  It is. I am going to try clarify this and try to make this understandable. It caught me off guard today as I heard about this. Fully prepared to do the structure payouts. My understanding now is it is not something we need to be concern about. Unless there is some change I don’t know about. This is what I am getting from people in the know, direct. This gives you more access of the funds you are going to need for projects. However, realize some of these numbers are so large the vast majority of these funds will stay in safe bank accounts or investment accounts as you move some funds around and leave some fund where they are in trusts accounts. Because you are either the executor of your trust, and because you are a trustee possibly of your trust, you have control over the funds in that trust account. It is your money. It is God’s money, but you in charge of it. Without the structure payouts to restrict you, you have the authority in how to assimilate those funds as you become a Philanthropist, employ people, hydrate countries of the world with humanitarian projects. This is saying is you should set this up with yourself as trustee, and trustees with people you trust.  These trustees will help you to manage those funds in your trust, and you should have access to the money in these trusts unless you are in some type of investment that keeps your money locked up for a while.  You will have access to the funds. A major change of what we thought we were looking at here.

Sue:  The appeal of the structure payout was that we were going to be delegating to the bank how that money would be moved, how it could be processed, how it could be distributed.  With the trust, the funds available, who is going to immediately take over for the responsibility for that? Can it be Abbott Downing to work to be our representatives?

Bruce:  That is with the structure payout scenario, the work was basically being done for us and we had not as much as control of it. Under the new scenario if we work with Abbott Downing which you would especially if you have ZIM. I would say I need some help from you in the initial management of this trust. I might be the executor or one of the trustees. You might need someone at Abbott Downing to be a co trustee to help you move those funds or have authority in conjunction with you to move those funds. This is where the attorney and CPA can help you with especially in a follow up appointment with Abbott Downing. Initially you are the ones in control of these initial funds. Don’t think you will take out millions, billions, trillion dollars right away. Just take out a little bit and think how you want to fund and hydrate the projects you created or affiliated with.

Sue:  What you are going to be doing is acting as the founder of this trust, the creator and you want to have a trustee acting as the experience CEO, running, managing working with you to design how to giving out your money, everything about that trust. You basically going to be and I would ask this who I will be working with as my primarily executive trustee to design how this trust will function, how to implement how this trust will function

Bruce:  Remember it is up to you to find that person. Now Abbott Downing can help you who that trustee can be. They will hopefully help in that role.

Sue:  It is basically going from a garage soft ware designer and meeting with the creators of APPLE. Abbott Downing, say to them you know the pool of people in ultra high net worth, I want to work with you to find the people to find the people how this trust run and manage. That is really important language.  They need the role how this money going to get move.

Bruce:  What we need to try to do is take some steps. These are some of the first steps to take. You don’t have to do everything right away. You want to find the structures you want to use with your attorney in 45 days. Set up and make any changes you need to make to replace your skeleton trust. You are going to need some help with this. That help should come from your attorney also. Whether the attorney they going to loan from Wells Fargo and Abbott Downing, your attorney will help you supply where your trustee come from.

Sue: You can hire deep experience. Even if you don’t know what you are going to be doing, hire the experience you need to help your knowledge. There will be people for hire, and get ready to know that is what you will be doing in a non structure payout trust approach.

Bruce:  This is like learning a language, thrown in a foreign immersion. It is being thrown in a pool and not knowing how to swim. This is where let them know, don’t fake it like you know what you are doing. They will see right through you.  Let them know up front you will need some help with this. This is new to me. They expect that form 95 percent of us. Don’t be afraid to ask for the help Make sure you realize you are could be in for an immersion experience.

Sue: We are trying to simplify it.

Sue:  Allowances: Only an Example of 50 trillion dollars:  Allow up to 20.5 trillion per trust based, your amounts will vary.  Set up at least 3 trusts. Set up at least 3 foundations.

Bruce: I don’t agree with that. That is more foundations most people will need.
Sue: allow up to 10.5 trillion LLC, set up at least 5.
Bruce: Going to depend on a person’s own desire or needs whether they have more than 3 trusts and LLCs.  You may use a LLC inside a trust. I am not an attorney or CPA, these are just suggestions that have come from up high. Just work with a number of LLCs trusts and foundations that you feel you will need.
Sue:  When I go in, I going to say I want to set up what you recommend as the simplest framework initially, maybe 1 to 3 trusts. Simple and effective as possible
Brue: We need this to be made function able, simple and not complicated.
Sue:  When you control your funds you mandate your own payout schedule.
Bruce: This is referring to in fact you are a trustee of one or more of your trusts. You mandate, or order, controlling the payout of funds and as the funds comes in from investments or interest paid on those funds you control where the money goes. You and your trustees will control that.
Sue: Use every other month disbursement for 3 to 4 new bank accounts. I think what is important in this are the names of the banks mentioned here.
Bruce: Set up the amount of the accounts that you feel you need that you can manage or your trustees can manage. I am not going to set up super number of accounts just to have a bunch of banks to work with. I may only have 3 or 4 banks to work with initially, and have a few accounts with each one, maybe two in each bank. I am trying to keep it simple.
Sue: It mentions these branches to set up other bank accounts with:  TD bank, HSBC bank, American Express bank, American Bank to be consumed or taken over by Wells Fargo in 145 days, and Royal Bank of Canada.
Bruce: RBC may have banks in the states. TD Bank certainly dose have banks in the States. The American Express bank is a bank that will be taken over by Wells Fargo in 145 days. That will give Wells Fargo an extremely important credit card with American Express. There are some other banks, 5th third bank, tier two banks, home town banks.
Sue:  If you feel a need to set up one or two non interest bearing accounts you should execute these in 45 days of redemption as we are now in October,  but with 10 percent going in savings account the interest and taxes are minimal.
Bruce:  Because we are in the 4th quarter of the year now, the theory is if you want to keep your tax obligation down for this tax year. This is the question for the CPA. You may want to use a noninterest bearing account if you want to minimize the taxes you will pay. The interest the bank pays you even if it is in your trust is taxable. If you earn money inside a trust the trust does pay taxes at the corporate rate. The only point of that is that if you don’t want to have tax obligation or much of one you can use a non interest bearing account through the end of the year.
Sue:  Go and review your notes tomorrow. Get it solid. The next thing you want to do is see yourself going to the exchange meeting with an Abbott Downing representative. One day a week  or afternoon a week to set up and say to my accountant what do we need to get the taxes down, or who do I need to hire to manage the trust to be the trustee,. Give yourself half a day once a week to know this what you are going to be doing with this money so it is manageable in your head. It can be as simple running it one afternoon a week. That should help you to manage it.  I hope that is helpful to you.
Sue:  Use discretion when offered perks or concierge services so they are reflected of your well being and life style.
Bruce:  Pronounce the G in concierge.  (LOL) All I saying is you do have some perks and you want to make sure whatever you ask for in terms of your list. You will have a two page list of perks that are freebies, things you can take advantage of.  Don’t go nuts with them. Make sure they are things that match of our life style and who you are.
Sue: Make sure they are reverent. Such as private air, great tickets, 24/7 attention would be reverent.
Bruce: These are things that are supposed to be available as perks through the family office of Wells Fargo and Abbott Downing will have. The top credit cards have concierge services. Tickets, restaurant reservations, etc.
Sue:  No Black Cards.
Bruce:  The No Black Cards is you have to make sure you do not flash it. If you took a black card keep it at home and keep it safe. Only use it for big purchases, or going to be in a high end area where it is not uncommon. Otherwise not give it to a waiter to take it to the back and ring up a 40 dollar dinner.  Wouldn’t use it. That is why NO black card.  Be safe even with your debit cards.  Don’t do something nuts just because it is cool.
Sue:  Or status.
Sue: Gold or platinum cards are fine.
Bruce; I know the line of credit these are not as high as black card. You can get the limit raised. That is what your bank would do for you. Talk to the bank and say I like my $5000 day limit but want to bump it up to $20,000 a day.
Sue:  American Express and Centurion Bank card
Bruce:  Centurion Card is through American Express. They have the Delta Sky Miles.
Sue: Black card has no credit limit, card used by invitation only.
Bruce:  Black card limit based on your ability to pay. If they see you have billion dollars in it, you have carte blanche, no credit limit.

Sue:  Use UPS store mailboxes for physical addresses

Bruce: Good idea to use the UPS store for your mail box.

Sue:  Get a copy of JJ Luna How to be Invisible book

Sue: Register with the NRA

Bruce:  A lot of people are registered with the NRA.  If you are somebody going to purchase or has a firearm this something you may want to consider doing.

Sue:  Get firearms register in the state you reside in or you are planning on moving to.

Sue: Have access to 6 personal safes in 6 different locations.

Bruce: This is a personal choice. This is the thing having gold, jewelry or anything nice you have to protect it, keep it safe. You may need to have several safes in different locations. It is going to depend on you.

Sue:  Allow for 6 safe deposit banks in 6 different banking locations.

Bruce: You are not supposed to put currency in a safe deposit box. A safe deposit box handy for documents. You only have access to that when bank hours open. Consider that. Most of the banks you are going to work with say 3 or 4 banks at the level you are, they would extend to you a safe deposit box at no charge

Sue: Look into a personal body guard, liaison, and or assistant.

Bruce:  Good suggestion. Can the body guard blend in so where it doesn’t look like you have a body guard? If they are dressed like secret service it might not be best. It may not be the way you want your body guard to be dressed. If look like a guy you hanging out with, or a woman that is fully capable and armed that is the way to go. Try to blend.

Sue: Everybody, I know these may sound strange. Think of it as we are putting out new design, like new consideration for you to think about. You are going to be in a different kind of design. You don’t have to do these but they will helping you to think of new designs you want o incorporate.

Bruce: If your life style does not change dramatically that much and you are comfortable more power to you. We are just giving you suggestions you might consider.

Sue:  Look into a personal driver.

Brue:  A personal drive is someone who would drive you around instead of you driving yourself. They drive a car for you because you may be older it is a great idea having someone else driving. Or if you have vision problems you might want someone else to do the driving. Some people just want to do other things while in a car, like be on the phone, texting, looking at scenery, etc.  

Sue:  Acquire 3 different vehicles and alternate every 5 days.

Bruce:  Rotating your cars is so no one follows you and gets picked out. You just want to try to mix it out so you not spotted to have the same car every day.

Bruce: That is an important list. Main thing is the understanding of the concept of the trusts you are controlling these funds with trustees, and you may need help appointing them.  That is where Abbot Downing, attorney, CPA may give you help. You will need trustee if you have 3 to 5 or more trusts. This information put out so you can be prepared in your mind what the redemption process look like. These are the basic you should know going into your appointment.

Bruce:  We are thankful to bring this from high bank management source. I think where we are is very close according to what we heard.  All I can say is if it is not the next day or so, it should be here this week. Keep that in mind.  We will plan to do another call Thursday. If this happens between now our next call we may do a short recorded call and put it on thebigcall.net and the 800 number if we get it in time. We expect to put that out on other sites for information and put it out before Thursday call. Stay in faith as you have. Just start visualizing yourself going through the exchange process as Sue suggested. See yourself in doing putting everything you have together in one place. Easier to access. See yourself in the outfit you may want to set aside so you are able to get right to it when you are ready to go to your appointment. Have a clear head, warm heart and have you thinking of being a good steward of these funds you are being entrusted. May take couple weeks off after this happens to get situated ourselves, but we will put further call information on our website. We are expecting a change in calling in number maybe after Thursday. Make sure to check the website for new call in numbers. I don’t have them yet when they will be in effective yet. We will let you know as soon as we can on that.

Bruce:  Everyone, thank you for coming in tonight and listening to the Big Call. Thank you

Sue, Bob, and Pastor Steven for being available and right there with us as part of the team. Thank you others out there in Intel community gathering information for us that we can utilize. We appreciate you very much.

Bruce: Thank you Big Call country and Big Call universe and any special guest we had on our all tonight.