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New Republic via a GCR: 23 Sept. 2016 Update

New Republic via a GCR: 23 Sept. 2016 Update

Compiled on 23 September 2016 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret, Author, "Twenty Two Faces," www.22faces.com, CEO, Child Abuse Recovery www.ChildAbuseRecovery.com

1. On Sept. 22 2016 Zap reported:

A. Money movements for releases were finishing. Tons of gold had been moved to position the new financial system and ensure the rollout was smooth. The magnitude of this rollout was far greater than originally perceived.

B. The rules and regulations of this new system prevented money laundering - a critical element of the drug lords and politicians (the Cabal) who needed to launder their money.

C. The Cabal were being caught by the hundreds as they attempted to circumvent the new system, not understanding that it was fully functional. The arrests and firings of bankers was getting to a position of closure as corruption was being wiped out in the banking system.

D. The Wells Fargo practice of opening accounts to gain profit was an unsovory act, but was not a major corruption issue. It was expected that anything to discredit WF would be attempted.

E. ZAP had ample experience with the HSBC in the UK where a particular banker was immediately taken out after being reported. A whole floor of corrupt people were fired or imprisoned. The ensuing investigation uncovered even more corruption brought to light.

2. On that same Sept. 22 2016 Fisher reported:

A. Key issues and decisions were made overnight, all very important and sensitive, which is why there would be no more intel from Fisher.

B. Landa Global Humanus had received their funding, as did other similar organizations.

C. There was a magistrate from the World Court in Reno to verify the transfers.

D. The Wells Fargo CEO was fired.

E. Zap stated, "If you believe anything for the next few days, believe that everything has been scripted for public consumption."

F. On that Sept. 22 a power outage continued for the second day in Puerto Rico where the IRS was located.

3. On the Sept. 22 The Big Call, Bruce reported: The Big Call

A. On Mon Sept. 19 at the UN, Iraq was told to revalue their Dinar immediately.

B. Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi flew home yesterday Sept. 21 and supposedly did a press conference. They were supposed to have celebrations today, but there was no word on that yet.

C. The new IEX was active - an international exchange where all the trading platforms across the world were connected and gave fair advantage to all world trading.

D. As of early Thurs. Sept. 22 morning, the threshold for Tier 2 transactions (SKRs, bond platforms) had increased.

E. At 8 pm Thurs. Sept. 22 Tier 2 transactions went up to over a trillion dollars.

F. The Internet Group was considered a Tier 3. Tier 3 wouldn't be given access to the 800 exchange appointment numbers until Tier 2 transactions were completed.

G. With the transactions that had happened over the last 24 hours, it was expected that the Internet Group would receive the 800 numbers in the not too distant future. They wanted to complete the Internet Group by the end of the month.

H. Bruce felt that this was the last Big Call he would have, although he would continue his work for veterans and have calls on Humanitarian work.

3. On the Sept. 22 2016 Situation Report it was reported: "EXODUS" - Intel SITREP - 1​4:00:00 EDT - Thursday - September 22, 2016

Philip Tilton: Gary Larrabee - Philip Tilton Situation Report, Electricity Restored in PR

A. Operation Catch & Release​ had begun. This was the final military special ​forces ​ops tactical sweeps against the Cabal and corrupt high profile targets such as military and government leaders, corporate boards and executives, sovereign family individuals and anyone else on the ​"​super naughty list."

B. September 2016 had always been the month for ​final implementation of all aspects of the Global Currency Reset. The RV and Paris Agreement were the key components.

C. October 1, 2016 marked the international legal and fiscal start of the new CIPS Satellite delivery platform.​

D. All monies had long been settled in accounts, and awaited mass release, though smaller releases had occurred. ​

E. All remaining military or political hot spots were expected to be resolved before Sept. 30 2016. ​

F. One hot spot was Russia, which had yet to submit its Paris Agreement ratification at the UN General Assembly. (which ram until Monday Sept. 26 2016). By last Wed. morning 60 nations had submitted their ratifications, but only 48% carbon emissions were accounted for.​ ​Russia's 7.35% carbon emissions rating being ratified would place the Paris Agreement agreement into force with 55%+ (i.e. in compliance.)​.

G. Putin held the final RV release cards. Nations like Israel, Turkey, Ukraine and the USA must surrender all military objectives. Putin had cleverly waited everyone out in every major crisis area such as Ukraine, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Palestine to resolve the matter in his favor (because no nation good or bad could hydrate without Russia's ratification paperwork).

H. Russia's ratification not only implemented the Paris Agreement, but also activated the new global gold standard which was buried secretly within the Paris Agreement.​

I. Sources inside "The Committee" macro financial meetings in ​Beijing​ said that the Global Currency Reset had been an any minute reality since the start of Sept. 2016.

J.​ The Chinese and Russians were draining the cabal to ensure they could not fight back with a rehydration of funds.

K. To replace the now default USA, Inc, a plan was created and approved by the World Courts in agreement with the USA's major financial creditors - China and Russia (via US Treasury Bonds). Those countries had asked that the Republic of the United States be resorted per the original US Constitution circa 1776 (prior to creation of USA Inc and the Federal Reserve, a privately owned corporation that has used US tax payer dollars for their own evil purposes).

L. As a result leaders for the Republic of the United States were selected and have been running the affairs of Americans for nearly two years now without mass knowledge (for everyone's protection).

M. In October 2016, or perhaps a little before, public knowledge of this restored Constitution Republic will be made known.

N. It was expected that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would be removed from consideration as potential US Presidential candidates. New candidates were expected to enter the arena.

O. The plan was to lengthen the election cycle until January 3, 2017 per Congress' authority working under the original Constitution.

P. These potential changes went back to August 2013 when China and Russia began legal proceedings against the USA, Inc. These changes finalized when USA Inc. and their Federal Reserve in Puerto Rico defaulted in 2015. USA, Inc. was incorporated in Puerto Rico in 1871.

Q. Last Nov. 2015 Pope Francis arrived in the US for the first time, and declared the Golden Jubilee for the world ending on Nov. 2016. This was important because Rome owned all corporations in the world, and thus Pope Francis released all corporations in the world at the same time--including all governments and banks they covertly owned without public knowledge.

R. A few ZIM Private Negotiated Exchanges (PNE)​ for select redeemers have well exceeded four digit rates in Europe​, Canada and Australia. Keep that mind when asking for your rate. There truly was no financial ceiling. The bigger question was what could you handle comfortably versus what rate could you achieve​​ (with your Humanitarian Project. The Zim was a bond, not a currency, so exchange monies for the Zim had to be dedicated to Humanitarian Projects).

4. On Sept. 22 2016 Western States Open Mike Network AdminBill stated, "The news from yesterday was positive to be sure. There are several indicators that suggest that what has been said in various dinar information sites is accurate. The majority of us expect to see an end on or before September 30th."

5. Status of the Paris Agreement: See Status here The Paris Agreement was opened for signature on 22 April 2016 at a high-level signature ceremony convened by the Secretary General in New York. At that ceremony, 174 States and the European Union signed the agreement and 15 States also deposited their instruments of ratification. Currently, there are 187 signatories to the Paris Agreement. Of these, 60 States have also deposited their instruments of ratification, acceptance or approval accounting in total for 47.76% of the total global greenhouse gas emissions.

6. On Sept. 22 2016 One Who Believes reported:

A. We have the biggest most unprecedented change about to happen that the World has ever seen. The magnitude of this event can hardly be described much less experienced.

B. It takes the Co-operation of 209 nations all of which have to not only agree on a common goal, but implement this HUGE undertaking in a unified effort, despite language, cultural, and philosophical differences, not to mention geographic divides.

C. This HUGE Worldwide event has to be flawlessly implemented down to the last detail, without waking and disturbing the World population (General Public) and causing panic and unrest.

D. This HUGE World-Wide change has to be undertaken not only quietly as not to disturb the unaware World public, but it has to be carried out in total secrecy to avoid complete financial catastrophe if the General Public prematurely found out about the GCR before it was done.

E. This HUGE World-Wide event has to not only happen in secret, but it also has a delicate balance to maintain in Dinarland between what is disclosed and what is kept secret. Then you have the millions of pesky Dinarland detectives, calling top sources, banks, watching the airports, monitoring the foreign press and countless other ways they are seeking and finding out information they shouldn't have (yet). Not only do they find out stuff that is supposed to be secret, but, then they blab it all over the net and to others who aren't supposed to know.

F. The final and some might say biggest hurdle, is protecting the sleeping public from the Desperate CABAL who want to not only hold on to their power, but they also want to kill off 70% of the World and will do anything to accomplish it.

G. Then take all these important factors and mix them all together with the ever shifting circumstances. What is absolutely accurate Intel one minute is outdated a minute later with the blowing up of a bomb, someone getting killed or some other party reneging on agreements they signed. It is the most fluid event ever experienced on Earth.

H. Then throw into the mix the Disinformation from the bad guys to dishearten the World, and the Disinformation from the Good Guys to catch the Bad guys, and who knows what is what after all that.

I. Then you have a few Information Providers like Bruce, who do their best to walk that tight Balance between informing Dinarland with what they want to know while at the same time protecting sensitive information from getting out to the Bad guys. God bless them for all they do for us.

The Big Call Recap from 9-22-16, 23 SEPT

The Big Call Recap from 9-22-16

Bruce  ...remember the G20 meeting couple of weeks ago?  Many signed on, 30 different treaties. The Paris agreement. The climate change, RV and GCR were in that agreement and all signed off on it.

 Iraq...They were told to go ahead and revalue their dinar immediately. They were given full sovereignty; all sanctions lifted, and told to revalue their dinar... bring their dinar as an International currency rate up. 

We also heard after Abadi went home, they did a small press conference yesterday. Iraq is ready to go from all the information we have from their perspective. In the large scheme of things this is a worldwide event.

All these countries will be changed with the first basket. Rates are ready, redemption centers are ready to go, and banks are ready. We are ready to go. Rates are quite good. I think things are still moving along at a good pace. I can see this coming to an end.


DELTA:  IMF Statement on Iraq

September 21, 2016

Mr. Gerry Rice, Director of Communications at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), issued the following statement today:

“IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde met on September 21 with Iraq’s Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi in New York on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meetings. During the meeting, they discussed Iraq’s IMF-supported economic reform program that was approved by the Executive Board on July 7, 2016.

“The Managing Director welcomed the Iraqi authorities' economic program, which is being supported by a $5.34 billion Stand-By Arrangement (SBA) from the Fund approved in July 2016. The Managing Director and the Prime Minister exchanged views on how the SBA can help Iraq address the shocks posed by violent attacks and the drop in global oil prices. The Managing Director reiterated the importance of strong commitment to sound policies and decisive action on key reforms that are crucial to yield the largest gains for Iraq’s population.”

IMF Communications Department


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Robdel:  Did the FAT Lady become a swimsuit model now?

Macgork: to tolerate any violation of Mosul in the upcoming battles
New York - Iraq Press - September 22 / September: Brett McGurk US envoy to the international coalition said against al Daesh he was"uncompromising" with any torture sectarian or other violations operations may result from the attack due to the restoration of the Iraqi city of Mosul , the main stronghold of the organization tough.
McGurk said during a meeting on the sidelines of the annual UN meeting of world leaders that " the coalition has already taken steps to ensure the non -recurrence of violations that occurred in the wake of the restoration of the Iraqi city of Fallujah in June."
The testing of persons fleeing the city is important to ensure that the general population of the aid and are not subjected to abuses."
McGurk said the meeting "must ensure that the screening process in Mosul conducted professionally , with some observers from a third party in the examination centers this is what we hope happens."
Mosul is the largest civil gathered under the control of the militant group and was once home to some two million people. He says Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi said the restoration of the city would be tantamount to defeat actually organization in Iraq.
McGurk said that "Washington was working to ensure that the many security forces are participating in Mosul who are trained by the coalition agreement and that is the role of the various forces such as the process that may begin in October."
"We want to plan for the worst case scenario. We can hope for the best , but the plan is (scenario) the worst. We do not know what he would do Daesh in Mosul. " Q ended