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September 14, 2016

REMINDER … these are “HIGHLIGHTS” of tonight’s CC.  Please refer to AggieDad’s full transcript (which will be available later) for complete details.

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Frank26: On Monday … what did you think about our conference call?  Did you like it?
It seems like they become more and more powerful due to the evidence and opinions we gather from others. 

I wish that some of you would respond more on our forum.

Last Monday, we brought out many, many points.

want to show you something.

ARTICLE posted by Don961 -- “Minister of Fallujah … return of the displaced persons … thru September … competition and overcome all difficulties.”

These cities … maybe they don’t want you to see all of the people flooding back into Iraq yet – and that’s ok.

We have great analysis of the articles on our forum.  Please join us at joinktfalways@gmail.com

ARTICLE – “America Foreign Minister … ahead of the battle of Mosul”

He is there to discuss what will happen with that city.

The USA (IMF) have made some demands – (the week I was gone).

The meeting in Jordan, the IMF chewed out Iraq … and WS article supports it talking about the “immaturity” … in other words they must finish the economic and monetary reforms.

ARTICLE:  The Finance Committee … support the conditions … for LENDING them money.  It’s not charity – it’s a commitment.

These are like billboards of our Monday’s CC.

The IMF required Iraq to improve the economic and monetary policy.  TA DA!!!

We told you that on Monday … and today you see the articles.

Family it doesn’t get any better than this.

WS put up a beautiful series of articles!

We talked about the cost of a barrel of oil.  Yes, the IMF has a say-so in the production of oil.

Everyone wants Iraq to raise the value of their currency!

Slowly but surely they are showing you the economic & monetary reforms.

Now they say they are not going to print the 100k dinar.  LOL!!!  Why, did you get your butt chewed out?   Humm … in my opinion … they are trying to tell you about the lower denoms.

Sampson (one of our newshounds) posted an article about leaflets that were circulated in Mosul.  The map shows you … step by step to a clock.  We do not have any dates or rates here (at KTFA) … BUT THEY DO!!!!!!!!!

Today another ARTICLE … the IMF … repair the CREDIT RATING for NEXT MONTH!

A lot of the EVIDENCE is out today.

I believe that Don961 posted a link of the pictures of the celebrations for EID … beautiful pictures of Iraqi families enjoying themselves.  (Interesting … in a war torn area???)  LOL

You know very well that our politicians benefited very well with what happened with Kuwait.
Don’t you think our politicians want things to happen BEFORE November – so they can take credit?  IMO

As you know, Iraq got their rear-ends chewed out last week.  Delta translated the info on the Arabic side of the CBI website.  Iraq must do 2 things to get the loans.  The monetary reforms and the economic reform.

Delta called me Sunday night telling me that the “internet” is not seeing the translation on the CBI’s website.  Here’s what he had to say …

DELTA – … “it looks like we might have a window with the IMF and Iraq!!!”

Forgive me for this crass statement … but Delta said they the “IMF was pissed-off!!!”

Iraq no longer has the time to drag their feet.  They must raise their value!

Iraq will explode economically as other countries continue to pour into their country.

I hope that when they come back from this 9 day holiday … I think around the 18th … we will hopefully see more transparency of the monetary reform.

Why haven’t they given you Mosul yet?  Well … you know.

Dr. Shabibi (keyword) – said that Maliki stole everything. 

QUESTION – do you think the US Dollar will collapse? 

ANSWER – the American dollar needs to be adjusted.  We don’t talk about Fiat currency on KTFA.  We all know that the USD is preparing itself to support itself differently.  How’s that?

Yes … IMO … the USD will be weakened.  It could be gradual or happen in an instant.  Do you think the USD needs the IQD … or the other way around?   

The other countries that are waiting for this to happen, are waiting in the long line for this to happen.  We might be going thru a 1930’s experience.  

They always say we’re in a recession … but in fact we are in a deep-depression.  The 3 Musketeers may be a little disappointed because I’ve asked them not to post info about fiat currencies.  They are certainly welcome to post regarding other things. 

When the USD goes thru its hiccup – I pray that you are prepared for it.  I pray that you will stand strong as an American, salute the flag and be proud of it?

QUESTION – are they on track for the RI?

ANSWER – yes.  A dinar will always be a dinar in their country.  Outside of Iraq … that can be a different story.

QUESTION  -- what about the 2017 budget?

ANSWER – I hope it’s not at 1166 – or it will really piss-off a lot of IMF people.

QUESTION – are auctions being done on their electronic platform.

ANSWER – no … still operating at a primitive level.   Iraq’s GOI is working like dogs … thru EID … because they know what’s at stake.

QUESTION – is it true that there is a certain bank called something like the VFI bank that was set-up to exchange our dinars.

ANSWER – no.  Stop it! 

QUESTION – Hawaii by the 1st of the year?

ANSWER – LOL – I don’t know.

QUESTION – banks of Iraq … are they ready?

ANSWER – yes!  They are advanced … but it’s all useless until they raise the value of their currency.

QUESTION – where will be able to exchange our currency?

ANSWER – many ways … exchange centers, etc …. Obviously NOT right now … study it … find the best option in your favor.  Will US banks be able to exchange?  Maybe.  IMO … there were 4 major banks, and IMO, one of those is about ready to welcome you with open arms. 


Hi Everyone,
Many are still confused as to what and when are the Iraq holidays. Really? After all these years of dealing with Iraq you still don’t know the holidays? Are you even sure about your intel and many wonder since you can’t even get something simple like the holidays correct.

​So let me clarify.

Holidays and festivals are a part of all our culture, tradition and nationality for all countries throughout the world.
However like many countries, the Middle Eastern region of the world has its own cultural traditions and they may vary slightly which are largely reflected in their festivals they celebrate in a year. These festivals are many. So for celebrating they do not have strict work ethics like in the western world where you are allocated only certain number of holidays off from work. Instead most of their holidays are mostly all connected to religion somehow and since the religion and state are so closely connected together and almost 90% of the population work for the state you can see how they get so many holidays off from work.  

Some of these closings are for festivals and some are for holidays.

They are celebrated to mark the birthday of religious saint or guru. The dates for these festivals keep on changing in a calendar year. Some of the religious observance is based on the sighting of the Moon. So now we are upon yet another one of these holidays and festivals celebrated in Iraq. Eid is one of the largest known holidays in the Middle East and takes on many forms.

So Eid Al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) is now underway and began yesterday on Sunday Sept 11th and will end on Weds Sept 14th. Not much get done while on holidays so we can expect a slow week ahead for information gathering. The good news for us is that this last holiday ends today.

So now let's get down to the business of todays real news......

So what are “Smart City Solutions” we read about recently for Iraq?

The article below is not clear and does not explain it very good. How can this be good for Iraq. So here is some more information on this topic to help. Can you see how this could improve the services in Iraq and prevent corruption? Can you see what they plan to do? Of course Tamami is heading this effort. Do not confuse this with the SMART card or the Qi cards. Very different efforts.

Another recent article told us the CBI is limited the sale of dollars to its citizens who plan to travel abroad. Remember the sale of dollars is actually exchanging dinars for dollars and these dollars must come out of the CBI reserves as the banks must go to the currency auctions and purchase these dollars using dinars. We also see that they now are requiring the banks to check for a valid passport and airline ticket prior to issuing dollars. So this is just another sign that the CBI wants to tighten up the sale of the dollars anyway they can.

Everyone should go out to this site and read the 5 year Strategic Plan for Iraq from the CBI for period 2016-2020. This plan was just recently placed on the CBI website www.cbi.iq site and is very interesting and available for your viewing. In fact they want you to read it. They are flaunting this information to the public, especially the would-be foreign investor.

Why would they put the plan out to the public now?

Someone must have spent a lot of time and effort to write the plan and publish it for our reading pleasure at this point in time, but why now? 

Here is the link below. Let me point out a few items to you. Please go to section on page 3,  “Key Features of the Strategic Plan”.

Just copy and paste the link in your browser subject line.

Is this not like a summary of everything we have been reading about in recent articles over the last couple years since Abadi took control as prime minister? In the past we read articles about plans to implement many of these objectives but under Maliki nothing every seemed to really come to reality and get accomplished. Now under the prime minister Abadi we know things have changed and we, as investors, must also shift our paradigm, as better days are ahead for Iraq.

Next look at their Vision statement on page 5– “Performance Excellence to Achieve Sustainable Economic Development and Prosperity for our Society and Citizens”

Folks this vision statement is right of the UN goals for sustainable development I talked about to you so many times.

Here is the link to the UN site again. Go read it again if you don’t believe me. So it seems Iraq is being lead and they are following international goals as set by the UN.

Just copy and paste the link in your browser subject line.

17 Goals to Transform our world! Click on the bar under Goals and they will be listed.

Seems according to their calendar there is an “International Day for Democracy” on Sept 15th. Yes that istomorrow. Is this Coincidental to the CBI now publishing this document on Sustainability initiatives for Iraq?


Back to the 5 year Strategic Plan for Iraq from the CBI-

Now go to page 11 of the 5 year Strategic Plan for Iraq from the CBI and read under one of their Business Objectives to have a “Stable and Steady Exchange Rate”. What do you read over to the right under Initiative and Projects in order to meet this Objective.

You read that they want to “Withdraw excessive cash from the market and to regulate sufficient amount of banknotes”. Did we not just read last week that there is shortage of cash in the market?  This was the second article on this topic. Did we not read also that they want to shrink the amount of banknotes now in circulation from 30 trillion to 1 trillion dinars?

I quote from an October 3rd 2013 article – “as saying that 2014 will witness the deletion of zeros from the Iraqi currency. He noted that the deletion will occur in coordination with the CBI, and that as a result of the project, the number of banknotes in circulation will be reduced from 4 billion to 1 billion.(that is in terms of dollars worth of IQD and this article remember was in 2003. Now we are in 2016)

I quote from the March 3rd 2015 article – “to withdraw 30 trillion dinars currently used in the Iraqi market then getting rid of them and replace them with new currency.”

If we continue reading under Initiatives and Projects we find they want to “Introduce Convertible New Currencies”. What does this mean to us?

It means they are going to someday launch the new lower denominations and coins. Don’t forget about the coins. Remember in order to launch these coins they must have a significantly higher value at least equal to the precious metals in the coins. If not the black market will melt the coins down for the value of the metals contained within them and the project will fail…again. Yes they already tried launching coins and it failed for this very reason. The CBI told us in article in the past they will not make the same mistake again.

Next we see another initiative of Authorise Responsible Department(s) to Perform and Utilize their Tasks and Duties in Purchasing and Selling of Foreign Currencies and Investment Tools.

I think this last initiative is one of those WOW initiatives. Just today they announced they would restrict the selling of the dollars to citizens for travel plans and limit it to $5,000 and $3,000 accordingly. This fits perfectly into this initiative and so we see right in front of our faces these goals being implemented.

We also know they now have a law to restrict and control street vendors with currency exchanges (one of the problems they had in controlling the IQD rate). See also another link on the CBI site for a PDF of these vendors that did not yet meet the regulations under PDF link called: Exchange companies that have been shut off from the sale and purchase of foreign currencies window 

Now these currency vendors must go through a licensing process and follow a set of strict rules.
My point is I am not making this stuff up folks. I find it quite amazing how this is all coming together nicely.
Also another WOW is the selling of Investment tools. Could this be the ISX and the various Bond programs they are talking about? Could this be the loan programs they have planned for small businesses and the many reconstruction project where foreign investors are welcomed into Iraq to help rebuild shopping malls, business offices etc.

Folks I could go on and on. You can read the remainder of the Initiatives and Projects on your own but I will add these are EXACTLY what we have been seeing since Abadi took office as prime minister. These are all part of his Economic and Financial Reforms. Read them for yourselves. I am not making this stuff up. No Rumors, No Hype just the FACTS.

So if anyone of these so called intel “gurus” tells you they have RV’s because they announced the are now going to implement their Monetary or Financial Reforms  you should just laugh at them and look the other way because they have no idea what they are talking about. Read my lips – THE ECONOMIC AND FINANICAL REFORMS ARE ALMOST ALL COMPLETED. What do you think they have been doing since 2014 once Maliki and his goons were neutered? Of course like any democracy these reforms will be ongoing for many and many years to come. In reality they never stop but when does Iraq meet it goals? This is why the CBI now issued this 5 year Strategic Plan for Iraq from the CBI. This is now almost a summary of what they already did and not so much what they intend to do in the future. Get it?

I want to point out one last item to you. If you did go to the CBI website www.CBI.IQ you will notice a very large sky scraper building. This is the newly planned CBI building on the Tigris River in  Baghdad. It is not yet built but planned for opening in 2020 just 4 years from now. Is this really the war torn Iraq we know today?

Just copy and paste the link in your browser subject line.


Articles follow:
Smart city system to end the bureaucracy
{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced its intention to apply the Baghdad governorate smart city system to end the bureaucracy in government departments.
A statement by the Baghdad governorate agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of " The governor of Baghdad , Ali al - Tamimi held a lengthy meeting with the Organization of {AGI} German to discuss the signing of a joint memorandum of understanding for the application of smart city system in the capital." 

Tamimi said during a meeting with the German company 's delegation that " the province Baghdad plans to sign a memorandum of understanding with the German organization for the application of smart city system in the capital. " 

He said , " we seek to develop actually administrative in the capital to raise a large number of administrative episodes straining citizen Baghdadi during the accomplished transactions in government circles as well as the bureaucracy, which had exhausted citizens.

Article Ends

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Increase Control Over sale of dollar in Iraq

The central bank determines the limits for sale of the dollar to $ 5000 for citzens across the bank Rafidain and Rasheed.
Baghdad/tomorrow Press

An informed source at the Central Bank of Iraq, Tuesday, for the latter, seeking to determine the amount of limit to $ 5000 sold to citizens in a bank of good government and .Mesopotamia exclusively while the remaining amount limit of $ 3000 dollars in private banks

The source said, for “tomorrow press,” that “the central bank boosted bank balance Rafidain and Rasheed dollar in order to direct the sale of hard currency from the dollar to citizens traveling outside of Iraq.”

The source added, “The central bank is seeking to determine the amount of the purchase b ($ 5,000) only every citizen,” adding that “the dollar sale remains at the exchange of $ 1200 dinars per dollar, and the remaining quantity sold in the private banks are ($ 3,000), in order to strengthen control over the sale of the dollar.

The source explained that “the dollar sold is for the Iraqi citizens traveling abroad to cover their travel expenses,” noting that “the central bank controls and instructions to sell dollar for the citizen and of providing valid passport is valid travel with ticket enhanced one of the supporting documents.”

The Iraqi Central Bank announced on Tuesday (September 6), the processing bank Rafidain and Rasheed exchange of foreign currency to the dollar expansion of cash sales outlets to citizens via their branches in the capital Baghdad and the provinces.

Articles End

Just in case you are wondering I am still on the path of window from Sept 1st 2016 to January 2017 to see a significant rise in the value of the IQD. I firmly expect to see between now and January to see the launching of the lower denominations (but no coins yet). When the CBI does launch the new notes (lower denominations) the IQD value will not change. I repeat will not change and the swap (or exchange) by the citizens within Iraq will be a 1:1 meaning the value will be a swap of 1 dollar value for something worth one dollar value. example: one $25,000 note work $25 USD today will be worth the same $25 USD in the lower denominations.

When can we expect a value change?

I am being told by my CBI contact that if all goes according to plan we can expect a 90 cents to $1.17 USD rate change within a couple weeks after the newer notes are launched, but only when it is launched AND finally moved to the international exchanges. At this time the plan now is that the currency will be on a float and will no longer be stickily pegged to the USD (as it is today). Instead they plan to move it to a "basket of currencies".

Won't all the hedge funds and investors scoop up the currency and cause a rush on it?

Yes -  I am told this may happen and the rate could go very high over a period of time. The float, however, will be a "fixed" float meaning it will have a limit. They are not telling me the limit as it is sensitive information...of course. But we did hear Dr Shabibi say in the past that the IQD could sustain up to a value of $16 USD per dinar. This is all we know as FACTUAL and so I will not spread any rumors, hype or speculation on the future value of the dinar.  

No Rumors, No Hype, just the FACTS, as always!
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All, 
Mnt Goat


SandnSea Update:

i met with the branch manager, privately in his office. Bottom line, he took notes, was quite interested in what I was saying as he only knew what clients were telling him and wanted to do more research on his own.

He wanted me to meet with the S. Florida Wealth Manger later in the week. He assured me that the WM must know something. To order foreign currency this bank he must order it from elsewhere.

Though it is a large chain bank in many states, it's not big on currencies other than ours. He Asked where he could get additional info. I felt like his teacher. He was willMing to learn all he could,but could give me no additional information. i will see if this next meeting brings anything. I will keep you posted good or bad as I promised. 

SandnSea First Post  

From islandg1211 - Iraqi Review and Update , 14 SEPT

From islandg1211 - Iraqi Review and Update
The IMF met with the Gov of the CBI, Allak and the Finance Committee to assess Iraq's progress to date in meeting their requirements.
To review, the IMF required that Iraq did a number of things, including determining their 2016 and 2017 Budget, passing laws, banking reforms, and monetary reforms.
The IMF stepped in last December with a LOI that covered the first half of 2016, then in May/June, the UST, WB, IMF, US and other nations combined in a coordinated plan for an umbrella plan for Iraq in which Iraq would get loans. The meeting last Friday was a review of progress of Iraq meeting the requirements.
The IMF is completely taking control of the structure and conditions they expect their plan for Iraq to be implemented. The IMF does not want to lend money without Iraq doing what they need to do. That's they message that came out of Friday's meeting.

So, how is Iraq doing implementing the IMF's plan?
The Finance Committee has been working with the CBI and the IMF to draft their 2017 Budget. The Finance Committee is saying that they want to submit the 2017 Budget to Parliament this month.
The biggest issue with the Budget is setting the expected average price of oil per barrel. On Friday, the IMF set the price per barrel at $45.00 for 2017. There is progress being made in this area, namely that the 2017 Budget does cut spending, does reduce its reliance on oil, is being reviewed and set by the IMF, and is being drafted on time. That's a lot of progress.
Also of importance, is that IMF audit of the CBI's foreign reserves found that they had an additionally $10 billion. So the IMF is pleased with the Budget and the foreign reserve level of the CBI. (Also the passing of the Amnesty Law and a few new technocrat Ministers was real progress the last couple of months.)
The IMF will hold their next review meeting in October.
The obvious biggest question is when is the IMF requiring the CBI to RV?
Unfortunately, they don't directly state that. They stated in their December 2015 LOI that they wanted Iraq to join the international community "by mid-year." Their June LOI states that the IMF wants the CBI to cut out their Multiple Currency Practices and move to Article VIII compliance - which requires the RV - "by the end of the year."
The IMF is on top of exactly what Iraq is and is not getting done on time. That comes out through these articles on Friday's meeting.
Today, Abadi again comes out pushing to get things done.
It's another ( Eid)Holiday through next week.
The GOI is in the middle of questioning Zebari, the Finance Minister. He's a Kurd. The IMF and US has liked him. But, he's corrupt and not a "techonocrat." Zebari pointed the finger at Maliki (Shiite) during his questioning in Parliament. Barzani doesn't want any investigation nor replacement of a Kurds.

Meanwhile, the citizens and Sadre and even Allawi just want reforms and want to get rid of all of these top level guys because they stole Iraq's money.

Articles are coming out pointing the finger at Maliki for stealing hundreds of billions of dollars and letting ISIS in, backing Iran and intentionally disenfranchised the Sunnis.
The battle of Mosul articles are stating that it will take place October-December. Progress is being made daily. Over the past couple of days, 100 ISIS were killed, some oil tankers of ISIS destroyed, and the Russian-US Syrian agreement was signed.
It's so discouraging that Obama pulled out the troops and put Maliki in charge. Maliki immediately turned against the U.S., began stealing and completely undermined the nation building unified democracy plan.

Maliki not only allowed ISIS to take Mosul, he ordered his generals to arm them. Maliki stole from the CBI, exiled Shabibi who was RVing, completely reversing the monetary reform. Now, the U.S. and IMF has to go back to Iraq and fight yet again a third war there, and again try to get the monetary reform back on track.

Without an international,y tradable currency, Iraq remains in economic isolation and can't rebuild, which further leads to unemployment.
Yet, ISIS is expected to be defeated in Mosul within the next few months. Abadi may be able to slowly but surely finally get his technocrats in and the corrupt out. The UN oversight on corruption maybe able to make the arrest and return some of the stolen money.


Bruce:  Welcome everybody for tuning in and being part of our call tonight. All those listening in, banks, financial institutions, etc...

Bruce:  Iraq. We know all the major bills and laws been finalized and entered in the Gazette and the gazette has been published. Maybe a situation that they may not have released that information to us yet. They want to release it when we get notified with the 800 numbers. It is known in Iraq.
They have been actively using their lower denominations, key cards, received back pay back to January. Things are happening in Iraq.  Moving right along. Still some terrorist’s issues they are working on. To some extent we are helping in that and some together with other countries helping in that fight.

Fom an Iraqi perspective, the linchpin has been pulled that everything is ready to pull now. If there is an issue, it is not one we know of.
The international exchange is up and running to all exchanges around the world. Everything is working directly with the new satellites and computers so all can be protected and work as a system as it should. The CIPS system is functioning beautifully.

Bruce:  Really from a system point of view, banking point of view, everything is rolling along beautifully. It is just a matter of when it is our turn to plug into the system

Bruce:  You heard of tiers. There is a new version of the Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. We are, those paying attention of private groups, internet group, we are considered  to be Tier 3.
Sovereigns and humanitarian sources have been fully funded now.  Finished up at 10pm last night. Tier 2 redemption of SKRS, they were handed hand to hand to get those released to them to have their accounts liquid. Those occurred slowly hour to two hours for those.

The redemptions took place quickly, 230 to 260 per hour. On an average were running 20 some seconds per transaction. Those wrapped up about 5:15 pm EST.

Bruce:  Tier one and Tier two are complete. Tier 3 is in the queue. We are in line for it. We are just waiting for the go signal. The release of the toll free number, and to go in and exchange.
Some 213 prosperity packages went out two nights ago, and 200 some ZIM holders that were to told to come in after midnight last night to do so. We don’t know if they did but should have occurred. Have all the prosperity packages gone out? No. Those where dealing with humanitarian causes. They went out the same time when the last funding was funded for humanitarian projects.
 The remaining prosperity packages to go within the hour of the notification what we are expecting. Thus an hour of margin. They do not want anyone to receive their prosperity package and double dip essentially and buy more currency with their funds. That is why they will be release within an hour of the notification of the toll free number for us.

Bruce:  Dealers.  There are about 27 dealers of sellers of currency like on EBay, Amazon, and other collectible type dealers selling ZIM and other currency. They have been given a code to use to allow them to come off line and automatically enter that code, and they can come back up with automatically new rates. Those will be done with the codes they will have to enter. They have those codes. So everything is coming together beautifully.
Bruce:   From our perspective where we are anxious ready to go to start our projects, start new lives, we have to expect this is a process.  I am glad it didn’t occur before on 9/11. We don’t want this blessing taint the memory of what happened on 9/11. I am glad this was the case. It was not the time for us to receive our blessing, and not even yesterday. 
Today, on the 13th, there is possibility to come through for us before the end of the day. That may be the case. It is on the way. That is what we believe. That is what we are hearing.

Bruce:  The rates on dinar and dong did go up a little bit. Not have confirmation on that till recently. The ZIM rates also went up higher as well. Everyone in the situation where you have the ability, if you have humanitarian projects and the ability to create jobs or maintain employment in business, factory or create new employment situations that is going to be meaningful as part of your project pitch to your bankers.
You want to speak comfortably and authoritatively what you want to do. Have 2 to 3 page outline, have copies to share with your bank partners. Explain what you wish to do with the money. If your interest is in the privately negotiated rate particularly for the ZIM to make a good case why you want the money and what you plan to do with the money.
It is about the total amount of dollars you will receive and plan to use for the next 15 to 20 years for the programs you want to do. You want to set up your program so you have longevity. Go 50 to 100 years without blinking an eye.
Bruce:  From an Intel perspective, rates going up, time is near, we are excited because we know we are right there to step into our new lives and new role as philanthropists to create jobs, lift all boats in a tide. There are pockets of poverty all over this country. We want to give everybody a shot of a meaningful beautiful life, and do the same thing around the world.
So if you have a particular love for Honduras, or particular area of the world as in India, Africa or any particular place, your humanitarian projects can go beyond the United States to the whole world. We will be able to benefit these people as well.

That is really where we are. We could be in the moment right now. We will see how it goes for the rest of the call.

2nd part of the Intel:
Bruce:  I did get another call. I have a little bit of Intel. What we have right now is we are getting confirmations not only in the United States, but in Europe which is by the way Europe began to exchange yesterday.  I had confirmations of that last night. We know it is on the way.
 I will tell you that what we are hearing now bonds and boxes of bonds have been facilitated and awaiting immediate liquidity. We are finding out the Prosperity packages ready to go out, fines and penalties ready to go out, Farm claims ready to go out.  All funded, all accounts liquid, all ready to go awaiting toll free number release, to go all together.
I am thinking we are in position to receive toll free number any time now.  It could be tonight, tomorrow.  It is that close. We can’t call it that it is here this second, but it is very closing approximate for us to take advantage of this blessing. I am excited where we are at and where we will go in the future.
Thebigcall.net will post the 800 number if allowed; maybe a celebration call of sorts and final posts to put out that it is finish. I am excited to tell you I am anticipating good news very soon, and I know you are anticipating that also.


The Big Call Replay line: #605-562-3198 Pin #123456