Sunday, September 11, 2016

Awake-in-3D Sunday 9/11/16 Conference Call Recording Link, Replay #'s and Partial Transcript Notes by Pinkroses


Conference Call Replay. Awake-in-3D with Yoni Spumoni in the control booth.

Replay for 9/11/2016

USA Dial in: 605-562-3149 - Participant code: 453972#


119 Minutes

Click READ MORE Below for Partial Call Transcript done by Pinkroses (Thank you mucho.

A Partial transcript of AWAKE 3D CALL Sunday, SEPTEMBER 11, 2016; about one hour into the call.
Transcribed by Pinkroses

Jose, a caller:  Private exchanges that been going on for sometime, I going to call them countries within the United States, that takes in territories, Indian reservations, all those that have been brought in, had the work done, been processed and all ready to go. The clarity of the possibility, and I use it loosely as you do, of tomorrow. Humanitarian side of where we are at is totally ready for liquidation within the next 24 to 48 hours. Again I cannot pin point it.

Awake:  I would agree with that 100%

Jose:  Humanitarian is not a factor, does not go through the banking system. Humanitarian is directly from the Treasury.  These funds have been allocated and put in place; all humanitarian projects will be addressed at that time within the private groups. Those are completely out of the banking system in control mechanisms. The humanitarian funding liquidation scheduled within the next 24 to 48 hours. Those have been addressed. The clarification on the 100 trillion and 50 trillion ZIM notes:  Private groups were advised to only buy those for easy transactions Clarity on the amounts. SKRs have been there for quite awhile now.

We    are actually looking at the account without being accessible. Once these humanitarians go in and that funds are released to the so called private projects, Indian reservations, Korean refuges, like you said there are thousands of them. Once they do go in, we are looking at probably 24 hours before the Internet will  find out because liquidation means funds available and they do not want these funds available unlimited because they cannot control double dipping. If we are to clear up how these exchanges are being handled we are going to say within the countries of the United states, territories, Church groups, private release funds. 

The Indian reservations come to mind because they will be addressed first. In each reservations have their SKRs all already in place.  Each tribe member will be brought in for their liquidation. The major groups are in route as we speak. So we can only guess at your time frame for tomorrow is applicable. 

Jose:  In our position, again we will be lead to the bond side of all exchanges. The ZIM falls into that category. The secondary question that I caught form you was the worry of the ZIM currency. The ZIM currency has been bought into country. It is not identified nationwide.  

When it comes in, all currencies have new factors and new energies come into the market at dollar parity in the market. Doesn’t say it will hold there, might even drop. That is the equivalent of the Iraqian lower note. They also will come out as 1 to 1.

Awake:  Thank you, Jose, because you have been able to say things I can’t.  Awesome. Much of what you just have summarized there is exactly my understanding of how this is going to roll out.

Jose:  I thought you would agree with that.

Awake:  Well, it is pretty close. Let’s see what happens with start tomorrow. I do like your statement regarding the rest of the notifications going out within 24 hours of this starting because I do know that double dipping is an major issue. That has been talked about a million times behind the scenes with the authors of the plan.

Thank you Awake 3D hugsss  (This is the only portion I transcribed)


9-11-2016   Newshound Guru Shredd   [...with all of this confidence why are they stuck at a B rating?  Any idea when that would increase?]   Rating agencies assess how likely a borrower is to be able to repay its debts and help those trading debt contracts (e.g., loans) in the secondary market (to investors).  It takes a lot to change a rating and I suspect their rating will not go beyond the lower end of investment grade until they have a more diversified industrial output. Having their economy rely almost entirely on oil presents risk.  As their agriculture continues to return and as infrastructure and commerce grow, they will demonstrate a more balanced country. That said, it's all about the data. As Iraq continues to repay loans with ease, demand in the secondary market will likely grow which in turn will pave the way for Iraq to fully participate no matter their rating.  [post 2 of 2]

9-11-2016   Newshound Guru Shredd
   Article:  "The World Bank will lend Iraq three billion dollars as "very low interest rates," the end of 2016"  ...this is a good sign. A loan by the WB for a long term and low rate shows not only support and confidence in Iraq as it continues to rebuild it's economic infrastructure but it also demonstrates trust and faith in Iraq's ability to repay...lending and borrowing is what the global economic machine is all about. For the lender, interest income and for the borrower, stimulus to push progress/growth as quickly as possible and the kind that ensures the ability to repay is in place and protected. This shows us once again Iraq is continuing to mature economically. It continues to prove that a lop or redenomination due to a failing economy is not the case for Iraq. This shows us and demonstrates to future investors that Iraq is a vital participant in the global economic construct. See the trees in the forest! It's all good.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

9-11-2016   Newshound Guru firefly   Article:  "Prime Minister to the IMF Resident Representative in Vietnam 09/01/2016"  Quote:  "Prime Minister to the IMF Resident Representative in Vietnam Pm on 08.30.2016...has a meeting with Mr. Jonathan Dunn - Representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Vietnam...At the meeting, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc appreciated the help effective, practical IMF for economic development - economic development of Vietnam, especially in the field of financial reform..."    especially in the field of financial reform!!  [sounds so good.]  It is beyond good ...keep the faith and look at the BIG picture.



Ecubucs :  I received a terrific personal email last night from one of my best sources and she is excited for what is soon to come. And can be backed up!

We've been Blessed over these years with some Terrific connections... I'm more excited for our futures now than I've ever been since i've been invested!

Have y'all been noticing HOW MANY Commercials are now being put on TV about owning "Black" & "Gold" Cards!!! You've got to ask yourself, why would banks be spending this money for national air time to introduce these cards to the masses????   
Dinara : ecubucs...They must know there will be a lot of people that can use them and pay on them

Ecubucs : A Lot of wealth mgr commercials are on now a days!!!


Fuze:  i don't know who Dr. Clarke is, but that piece he sent in IMHO was one of the best over all intel and perspectives ive read in Dinarland..

CovanantBrige:  yes but wasn't Dr. Clark stating that this won't go until Mosul is liberated? And was it his report that said they weren't going to start fighting until Oct and will be finished by the end of the year? Did I read that wrong? So isn't he going from the last week of Sept to now end of the year?  whereas several other intel experts have told us Mosul is already liberated.

Fuze:  No covenant, hes saying September, he was just referencing what the articles arw saying ans what they want us to believe…… Covenant Clarke really did say in Jan 2016, that September 2016 was the time he was looking for this to pop and although a lot of the media points to 2017, hes still Sept 2016..interesting..

Fuze:  Covenant once we passed April I too started looking at Sept for several reasons, one reasin is that the IMF for whatever reasons have traditionally used those months for big monetary policy changes..



JerseyBoysFanin:  One person brought in on Open Mic this morning that he had five different confirmations from bankers saying the zim is now showing at $.42. I pray that's the international rate!!!

Freeway2:  JerseyBoys That would be a good rate.

Pearle: I would stand on my head for .42 for the zim.

SassyD:  Investors Brace For Volatility After Friday Stock Market Sell-Off -- ​September is the worst month of the year for stocks... Investors just​ got an unwelcome wake-up call. -- September 10, 2016 -- http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2016/09/10/investors-brace-for-vol​atility-after-friday-stock-market-sell-off.html


Fisher : there is no cabal anymore, quit listening to the nonsense

Do you not all understand that contract law is and has been everything for years and years?
All countries were foisted on their own petards, so to speak

That is the end for now, we wait and see how long they are willing to dally and dance

Canes2017:  The silence has been shattered. The International Court in the Hague issued an order that overrides O. Redemption codes were entered this morning and exchanges begin today. There can be no more delays. …. Most people have heard this so many times that they are numb ... but today is the day and it cannot be stopped
Fisher: The Hague received a similar writ weeks ago, before the accords agreements were signed, and did nothing at that time

Let me be blunt, everyone is at an OH CRAp moment tight now

Sanctions are very tough in this one