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9-1-2016   Newshound Guru rcookie
    Article:  "Washington reveal the volume of trade with Baghdad during the 2016"   Quote:  "...in terms of trade for the current year it since the beginning of 2016 until the present month of August, the bilateral trade exceeded between the two countries Al2.6 billion dollars," pointing out that "the business of US-led American Chamber of Commerce, which has re-work sector recently he expressed great interest in investing in Iraq in non-oil sectors."  THERE IS A DESIRE AMONG AMERICAN COMPANIES TO INVEST IN IRAQ...$12.6 BILLION...

9-1-2016   Intel Guru Frank26
    If they do have the budget and they do have a 1 to 1 rate and they do enter the fiscal year with that budget...then their physical year, the calendar year of January 1st that is our turn...everything right now with an RI is in-country and the RV is outside of that country...and the RV won’t start until that budget is officially released IMO because it will have the 1 to 1 rate and it won’t be released to Iraq internally until January 1st...it will be visible for the international world in the fiscal sense...the financial sense on November 1st...so let’s see what kind of peek we get. When the budget was established in dinars it was in trillions...but the fact that they are now telling you in billions makes me feel...IMO...that it is in USD and if it is then we have a good chance of it being 1 to 1 with the Iraqi dinar.

9-1-2016   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [I have been struggling over the issue of the 50K note. Is this detrimental or a good thing with regards to our Investment ? If the Dinar was to RV in a relatively short order, why would they even need it?]  non issue.

9-1-2016   Newshound Guru rcookie   Quote:  "...but now the IMF since December has made it very clear it is 1 to 1...plus...every time an article comes out from the GOI or the CBI or some Financial Committee member it is always 1 to 1."  THE IMF HAS MADE NO SUCH THING VERY CLEAR...AND NEVER....EVER...EVER WOULD...  "EVERY TIME A CBI OR FINANCE COMMITTEE MEMBER SAYS ITS 1 TO 1" ...NOT A SINGLE SOLITARY SOURCE I HAVE READ HAS SAID THAT.  [reference Guru Frank26 post 2 of 3, 8-31-2016]

9-1-2016   Newshound Guru Adam Montana  [Is it true that Iraq's fiscal year starts on October 1st?  And if it does, do you think that makes Oct 1 a more likely date for an RV...?]  I don't see the fiscal year as an "RV Date", actually the opposite - they won't want to give anyone a "clue" as to their plans. 

9-1-2016   Intel Guru SteveI   Article quotes:  "...the meeting Abadi officials Kurds, seen to reach agreement on «hold technical talks between the Federal Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources in the province on the oil file»."  "...The «approve oil and gas law formula that satisfies all the political parties, would be a positive sign towards the development and construction of state institutions..."  Very nice to see all of this come together.

9-1-2016   Newshound Guru Islandg1211
  Additionally, the Council of Ministers have agreed on a draft for the 2017 Budget, and plan to send it to the Parliament by mid-September. The Amnesty Law was finally passed. Obeidi, the Defense Minister was fired over corruption charges.  Zebari, the Finance Minister may also be fired over corruption charges. The war on corruption is beginning with the passing of laws and the questioning and dismissing of high level officials. Iraq was lost because of corruption and terrorism, and both have to be addressed.     [post 3 of 3]

9-1-2016   Newshound Guru Islandg1211   Resolving the differences between the Kurds and Iraq has been a major hindrance to any meaningful progress for Iraq. The Kurds have always been able to delay laws moving forward within the GOI. The HCL could never be passed nor implemented without an agreement over the Kirkuk oil fields. Retaking Mosul could not have gone forward without an agreement with the Kurds. These two agreements with the Kurds is VERY important and is Real Progress. Finally!  [post 2 of 3.... stay tuned]

9-1-2016   Newshound Guru Islandg1211  We have excellent news!  This agreement with the Kurds over Kirkuk is Very Important! No RV until Article 140 had been resolved. Getting an agreement with the Kurds is extremely important. The meetings between Barzani and Abadi are going very well, with the two most crucial issues being settled. In a press statement, Barzani announced yesterday that an agreement over post-liberation Mosul's government has been reached between Baghdad and Erbil. Today, it was announced that an agreement over Kirkuk's oil was reached between Baghdad and the Kurds. Article 140 has been in contention because the Kurds wanted the Kirkuk oil fields. Today's agreement splits the oil in half and the expenses.  


NetGlobal: According to Dr. Clarke the Dong was to increase in value this week. Time will tell but the week is running out.

Becky: I would LOVE Dr. Clarke to be correct!!!

Peaceday:  Teller at bank yesterday said the Dong would have a change (didn't say what) at Noon today, don't know what time zone although I am in Mountain time…. So maybe Dr. Clarke is correct, we'll see

The Tank and Yosef Wednesday Evening CC Replay 8-31-16, 1 SEPT

The Tank and Yosef Wednesday Evening CC Replay 8-31-16


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Global Supply Chains Paralyzed After World's 7th Largest Container Shipper Files Bankruptcy, Assets Frozen

... today the largest casualty finally emerged on Wednesday when South Korea's Hanjin Shipping, the country's largest shipping firm and the world's seventh-biggest container carrier, filed for court receivership after losing the support of its banksleaving its assets frozen as ports from China to Spain denied access to its vessels.



Aggieadad77:  Good Morning Family.....here is a little something to go along with your Cheerios or oatmeal or scrambled eggs this morning....the notes from last night's dessert....enjoy
Aloha  Randy

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 CC Notes for Wednesday 08-31-2016

Frank26:  Here’s what I’m going to do…..I’m going to ask you to ask me questions….the last few days I’ve noticed….boy oh boy….I am very proud of you KTFA Family you have asked some astute questions….you’ve seen me back off….I’ve let you guys talk with each other….throw ideas back and forth with each other….some of them I scratch my head at and I go…what…where did you get that opinion….and some of them I literally stand up and applaud and do the Snoopy dance…

Im very proud of you all….and I think you are doing good in your studies….so I’m going to tell you just one or two things…..not much…..but I would like for you to type some questions right now on chat….and if you would, my wife will write them down and I will answer them….and if there are no questions….no worries.
This is a reminder that we won’t be with you anymore this week and we won’t be with you next week…but we will return back with you on September 11th at 7:00 pm eastern time…..the Monday CC prepared you for me to say goodbye to you today.
I’m not sure how many technocrats that Abadi has onboard right now, but I do know that he reduced the cabinet from 22 members down to 12….and I’m going to guesstimate that he has about half of those.
I’m going to talk to you tonight about Dr. Shabibi…..as far as loans go at 7% what importance do they carry….well stop and think about it….loans normally are not even given out and when they were remember the interest rate that was paid back to those loans….it was high…but they haven’t been around for a while….in fact if you have loans coming out even with a low interest rate to pay them back should tell you something.
I do not know if we will see an RV this year or not…but I have told you very clearly that we are in the RI state for the fiscal part that starts on October 1st….you will see God willing the budget and things next month in September in the middle that will guide us and tell us more about that…..

If they do have the budget and they do have a 1 to 1 rate and they do enter the fiscal year with that budget….then their physical year, the calendar year of January 1st that is our turn….everything right now with an RI is in-country and the RV is outside of that country….and the RV won’t start until that budget is officially released IMO because it will have the 1 to 1 rate and it won’t be released to Iraq internally until January 1st….it will be visible for the international world in the fiscal sense….the financial sense on November 1st…..so let’s see what kind of peek we get.
When the budget was established in dinars it was in trillions…but the fact that they are now telling you in billions makes me feel….IMO…that it is in USD and if it is then we have a good chance of it being 1 to 1 with the Iraqi dinar.
There was a bad guy that was caught yesterday wasn’t there Family….I want you to know that this man…..this second in command of ISIS….it was important that not only was he killed….but that it was made public….normally something like that is kept quiet for a while….I would like to tell you a little about him in just a while.
Forex chart has shown some fluctuation in the Iraqi dinar value on a daily basis with a rebound back to 1188, today there was no rebound and it closed at 1134….this is the buy and sell ratio rate of the Iraqi dinar on Forex and yes it is being traded but not on an international level.
This man that we just mentioned that was killed was a second in command of ISIS and it was either by coalition forces that hit him or it was a drone strike, that hasn’t been revealed yet in its entirety, but he was killed in action in a city called el Bob….isn’t that ironic “and Bob’s your uncle”….el Bob is actually a district in Apollo.
Ok, regarding Mosul….it is being used as a deterrent, it is sitting in front of you to block certain things….what are those things….many things that we have reviewed already…..from something that is called mopping that is ugly and that I don’t talk about….all the way down to banks and what the citizens are doing and how the military is de-arming them from medium and large weapons…it is all in our notes….go and read them….please.
With regard to the IEX starting on the 2nd……yes we are excited about it….I’m excited about the digital currency starting in that same time frame….I’m excited at the budget coming out and having the potential of being 1 to 1….because if it is the IEX and the ISX and Forex and everybody is going to take this and it is going to go crazy outside of Iraq.
Once the Iraqi dinar goes 1 to 1 will it within a few weeks, months, a year hit its pre-war level of 3.22…..I don’t know I would say within a year it might hit 2+….and then to tell you the truth it might hit its original 3.22 rate within a year too….the world is salivating to get a hold of this….I mean that…they are wanting to bust down the doors of the borders of Iraq to get in….but you know that everybody is in a long line….and the evidence of that long line makes it very simple to understand what they are doing with their Monetary Reform….these people….these countries….these companies are not speculating and guessing….and they are not just simply making educated guesses.
Also, will it peak and drop back and then rise….I doubt that very much….not with the way oil is being reduced right now so it can have a springboard effect once it goes into the RV state….can you imagine if oil goes up what it will do to the dinar.
Some mentioned that USD may be going down in value should I exchange into quarters, dimes, and nickels….LOL….I wouldn’t exchange my dinars IMO….I would exchange my USD into dinars because then you can bring them back to USD’s when you want….and I find more value in the Iraqi dinar than the USD even if they are pegged  1 to 1….I think the IQD will surpass the USD….and I think that is why it is 1 to 1….not so much because Iraq needs us….but because we need Iraq.
The statement that Dr. Shabibi made regarding enough money being stolen to build enough houses for 30 million people was an older article right….well an older article in that the topic was brought up before from Allak and other members of the CBI….but never from Dr. Shabibi which I will talk about tonight.
So back to this commander that was killed….I don’t like to see any of God’s creatures die but there is a sterilization process going on….and to get this one man….this guy in that district area….this is good…..you know for other districts to be liberated and here is why….if you think they can track the second in command of ISIS….how hard would it be to track everyone else….so this is the time framed for these kinds of things to happen and I don’t want to be around to talk about it.
So what was one of the things we told you about three months ago in which…in fact one or two people actually threw back in my face and it bothered me because I thought….how dare you….if you don’t trust us then go away…..if you don’t trust us yet you want to be among us….then just be silent….but I told you that Dr. Shabibi was going to start coming back….but what month…..you beat me by one month you son of a gun….you couldn’t wait.
Would you keep your value in dinars and exchange  as needed to protect value….is the American dollar going up in value…..do you think the Iraqi dinar is going up in value…..then you understand why I told you what I told you.
So as I was saying….what did I tell you about three months ago….just before we introduced the 2 by 2 by 2’s….we had 1, 2, 3 and remember we added 4….remember all of that….I told you that Dr. Shabibi was going to be coming out right around September or October and he was going to be making a speech to you….TA-DA…..BA-ZINGDA.
Iran is not on track for the prom and they already told you….we are not going to do anything with our currency until around March or April….they told you that.
So the President is where again….you know what he is going to Hawaii I think next week…..all my friends out there are really angry….right now they are getting ready for a bad hurricane that is about to go through Oahu….but they said they would rather take that than Obama….when he goes there the whole place is shutdown for security…and it makes their lives miserable…..because there are only so many roads you can travel on…he was just there this summer….unbelievable….plays golf while we have other emergencies….anyway.
If the CBI is concerned about corruption and thievery why don’t they just raise the rate wouldn’t that control these things…..well you have to control the cancer before you stitch up the body…and the counterfeiting, the stealing, all the bad guys, the ministers…and all of that is cancer and that is what they are doing is removing all of that….so once they remove all of that they can go ahead and change the value….and those that are replacing the cancer that is good stuff….technocrats….serious people that know what to do as a government representative.
I talked about the subject….cold turkey….yesterday please read the notes from yesterday.
Obama can’t go near the Middle East….nowhere near….you know what he did in those first few months….and ever since then it’s been….go to your room….well I’m the President…..go to your room Mr. President….and he was stuck in his room….the only place they would let him go was the Orient…that is it….China four or five times….Vietnam a couple of times….

He’s an embarrassment to the Arab world…..the Arab world will hurt him….remember when Abadi came over….last summer or two summers ago and he sat on the front lawn of the White House next to Obama and some other person….and Abadi is sitting there with his assistant….the meeting was over and all four of them stand….Abadi turns to Obama with his hand extended and Obama turns his back to him….to Abadi and does other things and literally walks off the front lawn….and Abadi is left there twiddling his thumbs…

He had his hands together….ok what do I do because I want to hit this man….he looks at his assistant and his assistant shook his head….I got that video…..and they just turned to the left and walked off between the rows of chairs that were sitting on the lawn….the Arab world has never gotten next to Obama again…that is why Obama sends a lot of his people over there.
Am I delusional to think it could be 1 to 1 for all of us before the end of 2016…..that is what I have been suggesting….and it all depends on what happens when the budget is released….if not we stay in the RI state for this year and we walk into the RV state next year….God willing.
Is there any indication that the international investigations will lead to any arrests outside of Iraq…..yeah….IMO not only are those names on those files that are in the hands of Abadi and the court laws…the Amnesty Law and the Immunity Law that are dealing with these bad guys….but the connections….because they sent money out of that country to different banks…..to different countries….to different people….yeah they are going to get in trouble IMO.
Again back to this man they killed…..he carried a big responsibility….and here is a little caveat to Mosul….yes we are looking for Mosul Family but I don’t think you are going to get the Monetary Reform until all the provinces are liberated…..but look you are getting Qayyarah….you had never heard of that city had you….but it is liberated….a lot of these provinces are being liberated as they come to the center of Mosul…this is great….Apollo district where this guy was killed in the city of el Bob….that is very close to Mosul.
Talking about Dr. Shabibi….yeah Family we told you around this time was when Dr. Shabibi was going to be coming and giving you a speech….I believe you are seeing the beginning steps of the former governor of the CBI because I believe the proxy governor Allak doesn’t count….and in my heart I truly believe we have a governor….a new governor that is about to be announced and appointed and that is why you see Dr. Shabibi coming out and doing what…..remember that punk Maliki…..that is the reason why I left…..really sir….yeah we remember….remember that punk Maliki….the corruption and everything and he wanted to kill me….he said they wanted to kill me….yes sir we know all of that….

Well they got papers on this sucker….you feel more comfortable in coming back and talking now sir….so this new governor may be announced after the announcement of Mosul….the MR will travel at a much faster speed and there will be more clarity and I believe that will happen because Dr. Shabibi will bring a lot of Windex to a lot of windows.
The government IMO has not taken part in any holiday and they certainly will not in this part of Eid that is coming up….and this part of Eid is part of a weekend and it looks exciting but we’ve played that record over and over again until that LP has gotten so scratched that we don’t even talk about that anymore…..but if Dr. Shabibi wants to talk to you about a three day weekend when he comes back and starts talking….I think we should all listen.
Mosul is a deterrent.
Common sense is not so common in the Middle East….no….argumentative structure is much more important in their communication.
So anyway….Dr. Shabibi is talking once again through this article and he is pointing the finger….he is starting right where he left off….look I got kicked out because of Maliki….and I ran for my life because of Maliki….but I would like to tell you that this guy stole more stuff than you can ever imagine….remember when we talked to you about how much and you could buy all those condos and things….yeah that is what he did….and I got more to tell you about it….and he will….what goes around comes around.
Is TEAM Chat still possible…..next week on Friday definitely not….but this Friday coming up…..yes it is definitely possible….I give it about an 80% possibility….it might actually happen on Thursday night….we will see.
So what goes around comes around….and Dr. Shabibi seems to be picking up right where he left off…..he’s mad at you…..and he’s very….very pleased IMO that there are files that are now poised and in position….and now a government ready to come after you…and the relationship you had with Iran has been exhausted IMO….it’s payback time….what goes around comes around….so yeah I’m happy….the legalities will now take care of Maliki….the time framed as part of what we told you….we told you that Dr. Shabibi would come back and talk to you….we broke it down into 1, 2, and 3 but then that 4th one was him.

On  our Monday conference call we suggested IMO that there are about 4 billion 000’s out within Iraq underneath the beds….and they are trying to collect them so that no more than one billion is left….and these boxes and boxes of corruption files are going to retrieve a lot of dinars too….are they waiting for that….I don’t know….logic says they are….that is what they are doing right now in arresting a lot of these people who are just plain flat out criminals….not only did they steal money….they carried money out…the buried money deep in caves and under the ground….they counterfeited money….they exchanged money for different rates that wasn’t under IMF regulations…these are just very bad people….and billions upon billions of dinars are coming back into Iraq as we speak.
You have to get these guys arrested, you have to bring the charges against them, you have to put fear into them but keep them from running away…..and if you can remove them with legalities their structure of corruption dissolves….you know….cutting the head off of the snake…and it looks like they are doing this because that is the only reason that Dr. Shabibi would come back….because he would feel safe enough to come back and say….hey look here is where I left off….then….see ya….good soldiers just fade away…..and that is what he is going to do….his dual citizenship….I don’t think he will stay in Iraq….I think he will go and retire in Switzerland…..but yes this is all part of speeding it up as soon as you get Mosul….what have I said….the Monetary Reform will come down like an avalanche.
Another thing about things that go around come around….I told you about President Obama and how he treated Abadi….and now you also see Abadi basically doing the same thing….you saw the Vice President Biden….you saw the Secretary of State Kerry….you saw them all come over and say….hey Abadi you are doing good….here’s the plan to liberate Mosul….and we said….shut up…..what are you coming out here with a plan….what are you Iranian and trying to take credit where you shouldn’t…same thing with the Iranian army….shut up…get out of here….and they got out of there…..

I like Abadi….and the same thing with the people who represent Obama….hey we got the plan….we already have done the plan….well we want to make it look like our Administration….look forget all the plans….just get this done….before the elections….up yours…what….up yours….we are doing it with the IMF….we are doing it with the US Treasury….but then you get Abadi who comes out…yesterday or today….and what did he say….yeah…..

Abadi says the US election and Mosul have nothing to do with each other….he should have said….Obama and the Monetary Reform have nothing to do with each other….nope we are not going to help this jerk….yeah but what goes around comes around for Maliki and Dr. Shabibi…and for Abadi and Obama….you sure need him now don’t you Obama…..yes you know very well you guys are going to win.
Taxes and tariffs should be released in the budget….and we pray it is released sometime in the middle of next month….and then we can see evidence of what they have done with taxes and tariffs….especially if they announce a new rate….if everything is still at 1166 those billions will not work….and what did they do with their budget last year….not all of it was complete…they had a deficit with it too….so I pray they are not silly enough to go through the same growing pains with this new budget of 2017….and I pray they release it around the 9th or as Abadi says before the 10th which would be the 9th…..let’s see if that happens.
We are just going to put this away and add to it while we are gone…and God willing we will get to do a video and release it to you sometime next week…maybe one or two.
Dismissed with a prayer.