Wednesday, August 31, 2016

From islandg1211: We have excellent news!, 31 AUGUST

From islandg1211: We have excellent news!

This agreement with the Kurds over Kirkuk is Very Important!! No RV until Article 140 had been resolved. Getting an agreement with the Kurds is extremely important. This is good news!!!

The meetings between Barzani and Abadi are going very well, with the two most crucial issues being settled. In a press statement, Barzani announced yesterday that an agreement over post-liberation Mosul's government has been reached between Baghdad and Erbil.

Today, it was announced that an agreement over Kirkuk's oil was reached between Baghdad and the Kurds. Article 140 has been in contention because the Kurds wanted the Kirkuk oil fields. Today's agreement splits the oil in half and the expenses.

Resolving the differences between the Kurds and Iraq has been a major hindrance to any meaningful progress for Iraq. The Kurds have always been able to delay laws moving forward within the GOI. The HCL could never be passed nor implemented without an agreement over the Kirkuk oil fields. Retaking Mosul could not have gone forward without an agreement with the Kurds.

These two agreements with the Kurds is VERY important and is Real Progress. Finally!

Additionally, the Council of Ministers have agreed on a draft for the 2017 Budget, and plan to send it to the Parliament by mid-September.

The Amnesty Law was finally passed.

Obeidi, the Defense Minister was fired over corruption charges.

Zebari, the Finance Minister may also be fired over corruption charges.

The war on corruption is beginning with the passing of laws and the questioning and dismissing of high level officials. Iraq was lost because of corruption and terrorism, and both have to be addressed.



BGG (Highlights) :  I cannot see how anyone is actually following the financial details of this thing and not be thoroughly EXCITED about where we are (finally!)…
One point that gets missed alot – they have signed deals and agreed to remove and adhere to a more “international standard” regarding their internal MCPs… (…”multi-currency practices”)…
THIS IS HUGE… MCPs coming to an end…this is a big point in their whole “economic reform package” – it is a complete overhaul…
MCPs and currency being only one point of the program…even until recently – they are still (or have been) operating under some odd MCPs. The WB and IMF doesn’t like it…
They have agreed to change – are taking direct action and have taken on breath-taking reforms daily…it’s happening before our very eyes…and my final thought is this…
Once they step across that “currency threshold” moving towards a “singular currency regime” – the logical solution is for the IQD to be “on par” with the USD (which they are currently using)…
You do realize what I just said – RIGHT?
The IQD is widely regarded as “GROSSLY UNDERVALUED”… by noted world economists…
For them to move to a “single currency” there needs to be some parity once they do so…
They can’t come right out and say what it is they really mean (or convey their true intentions)… but  this is looking inevitable.


Tiffer: RE: AdminBill Wed.Update 

ADMIN BILL - that is info from one of your contacts.....but you, yourself, are you still hearing September 1st! Has the date moved out again? Are you no longer hearing the possibility of tonight? I realize this is just one of many intel providers and you are sharing what they said....but I am still hoping for sooner rather than later.


Sandnsea: In Kuwait they said no RV, and within 24 hrs they did. We wait and stay focused, while living.



Hi Everyone,
Here we are one day from September 2016 already. Iraq is moving at an exhilarated rate forward beyond my wildest dreams. Yes- they have a target timeframe for better security, better stability thus better days ahead. I can hardly believe the news.

I was told by my contacts that we should now watch for the HCL. I listen to them since they have never strung me along or gave me falsified information. So lo and behold what do we see in the recent news?

Recommitted work towards the finalization of the oil and gas law. Abadi and Jubouri are not going to stop until they get the draft oil and gas law ( or HCL), passed in parliament to become legal and a binding law. All the news points in a positive direction. If you can’t see the  priority then you are blind and I simply can no longer help you see the trees from the forest. I can only explain so much in one news letter as I build upon each news letter to paint the full picture.

I don’t mean to “bore” anyone with more news of HCL today and I hope you can stay awake long enough to read today’s news letter. It is what it is and so we watch and wait.
Amazingly after almost 8 years finally we experienced the Amnesty law passed last week. Now amazingly, another miracle is about to happen. We will soon see the HCL passed.
Don’t see the progress? Don’t you see the amazing miracles happening?

Iraqi gov’t, Kurds to start talks on oil dispute
BAGHDAD - Reuters 

The Iraqi government and the Kurdish regional authorities agreed to start talks to resolve a dispute on oil revenue-sharing that is holding back the nation’s crude exports, according to a statement from the Iraqi prime minister’s office.

The statement was published after a meeting in Baghdad between Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG). 

Iraq’s oil ministry said on Aug. 26 it would consider selling crude through Iran should talks with the autonomous Kurds about oil exported by pipeline through their region from the northern Kirkuk fields to Turkey fail.

“The meeting dealt with issues related to oil production and distribution from the field of Kirkuk and the region” of Kurdistan, the statement said. 

“It was agreed to start technical talks” between the oil ministries of the two sides.

Iraq, OPEC’s second-largest producer after Saudi Arabia, depends on oil sales for 95 percent of its public income. Its economy is reeling under the double impact of low oil prices and the war against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) militants.

The KRG region produces around 500,000 barrels per day (bpd) on its territory and exports those volumes via Turkey. Baghdad would not be able to re-route those volumes to Iran but could order shipments of some 150,000 bpd via Iran that are being produced in the nearby province of Kirkuk.

Iraq’s state-run North Oil Company resumed pumping crude through the Kurdish-controlled pipeline to Turkey earlier this month as “a sign of goodwill” to invite the Kurds to start negotiations, Deputy Oil Minister Fayadh al-Nema said in an interview with Reuters on Aug. 26.

But the flow of crude extracted from Kirkuk by North Oil and pumped in the pipeline has been running at about 75,000 bpd since, or half the rate before it was halted in March, he said. It would only be increased if there is an agreement, he added.

The pipeline carries crude to the Mediterranean port of Ceyhan, where the Kurds have been selling it independently on the international market, along with oil produced in their northern region.

The KRG cabinet has been calling on Baghdad since March to resume the pumping of Kirkuk crude in full to help Arbil fund its war against ISIL.

Barzani assures infallible prov ready to resolve the outstanding issues with Baghdad
Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government , Nechirvan Barzani said the president Fuad Masum, readiness constantly holding meetings between Erbil and Baghdad to resolve the outstanding problems. “

He said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said Masum “received Tuesday, at the Peace Palace inBaghdad, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani and his accompanying delegation,” adding that “discuss the status of the region in general and the situation in Iraq and Kurdistan and the political situation by another meeting.”

The President Republic during the meeting, was pleased to visit the Kurdish delegation to Baghdad and met with Iraqi officials in the federal government, especially since it has been discussed a number of important issues between Erbil and Baghdad.

for his part, President of the Kurdistan Regional government pointed to the readiness of the region to continue to hold meetings between Erbil and Baghdad, to reach a solution to all the problems.

a delegation of the Kurdistan Regional Government had reached Baghdad and held meetings, including with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi series, the two sides agreed to hold technical talks between the Federal Ministry of oil and mineral wealth in the region on issues related to the production and distribution of oil through the region and the Kirkuk oilfields.

Political consensus to approve oil and gas law
8/31/2016 0:00 
Following the common understandings between the province and the center. 
morning the whole number of deputies on the existence of conviction among political blocs approve oil and gas law after he suffered from many political differences on the approval, stressing that the next few days will see the discussion of the law in the House of Representatives sessions. 
Calls to acknowledge, came after the political understandings that resulted from a meeting of Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, the provincial delegation, who visited Baghdad yesterday, and discussed a number of important files, including oil. 
The government spokesman, Saad al - Hadithi, have said »Sabah» that the meeting Abadi officials Kurds, seen to reach agreement on «hold technical talks between the Federal Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources in the province on the oil file». 

Said the Oil and Energy Committee rapporteur Adil Khamis: The «approve oil and gas law formula that satisfies all the political parties, would be a positive sign towards the development and construction of state institutions in a practical». He stressed in a statement »Sabah» that « the law Corner for several years on the shelves of the House of Representatives because of political differences it, but now the House of Representatives are now looking at the total broken laws -omnha oil and Algaz- as the backbone of the work of the state, and approval will organize state institutions work» .Khamis explained that «there is no intention and political consensus on the approval of the law; it will be a cause for resolving the many crises and the outstanding problems between the political blocs, including between the central government and the province will contribute to a starting job investments that will help in the development of the oil sector. 

And the MP that « the next few days will witness the launch law for debate in the House of Representatives, in the presence of conviction among the blocks on the importance ofthis law and the benefits that could accrue to Iraq, including political stability , pointing out that« the Kurdistan Alliance has sufficient conviction to approve the law , although some 
observations ». package laws as confirmed by a member of the legal Committee parliament, MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Amin Bakr, the intention of parliament to approve a draft oil and gas law in the coming period. Bakr said in a press statement: «we have a package of laws , including the justice and accountability and financial laws exempting companies from taxes and oil and gas law» adding that «there determination to approval ». region and the provinces for his part, said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Zaher al - Abadi: that« the federal government withdrew a draft oil and gas law , because they need a consensus between the provincial government and the provinces, and therefore there must be harmony and visions of substantive enactment of the law ». 
He pointed out in a statement to morning that the House of Representatives is determined to legislation discreet bill that would preserve the rights of the province and the center and the provinces and therefore need time for legislation. 
The MP added that the law will contribute to resolving many of the problems and help to achieve the ambition of the people especially in the installation of provincial rights and benefits would benefit the whole of Iraq», pointing out that «the law is passed in this time will be by political blocs , as legislative.  
I quote from the article above – “pointing out that the law is passed in this time will be by political blocs , as legislative (meaning legislation and a legal law).  

 am emphasizing one more time to everyone. The HCL is not yet done since  they are telling us in the part I quoted from the above article -  there become legislation and voted and passed in parliament to be effective. What does this statement mean?
I keep telling all these so called intel “gurus” who always want to jump the gun and keep telling everyone that a particular law is done, when in fact it had not even passed parliament. Don’t they know how democracies work? Don’t they know they must be passed in parliament to become law?

Just like months ago they kept telling us Amnesty was done too. Really? Now they come on their calls and apologize for their mistakes and make excuses for their ignorance and mistakes. Is this responsible reporting?

Not having a legal binding law in place has been the key blockage for effectively implementing HCL in the past. There was no legal, binding law. Get it?  Now they realize this and are putting the final touches on the draft law and they will finally finish it and get it passed very soon.

These backroom deals and handshakes don’t cut it. There must be a legal law in place.
I will not say it again – pay attention to the progress in HCL. Read my lips…PAY ATTENTION, PAY ATTENTION. This too in needed for any RV going forward. I have said this in the past and it has not changed. It is a mandated requirement to move forward with this country. They IMF and the USA will not sign-off on the RV until the wealth of the Iraq country is secure and being utilized as it should for the benefit of the citizens and not just for this bunch of pirates who have taken over Iraq since the USA pulled out in Dec 2011.  
Other laws too are on the agenda and coming soon.

So there is a deadline. I know the target date and so we see the progress moving at a very rapid rate now. There are consequences too if Iraq can not get their full government established. It is not a pretty consequence and probably will result inoccupation of the and very possibly the establishment of an occupied government again. We have already see references of the USA and coalition forces go from “adviser” status, to being called “combat troops” to securing 5 large bases in northern Iraq.

Personally I do not believe Abadi or the other honest politicians will allow this to happen.
Mnt Goat


AdminBill:  AUGUST 31, 2016 (9:30AM MDT)

This observation is from one of my contacts (Edited):

We are entering a six week marathon of constant change and a struggle for power between countries. The United States will lose its crown of unconventional monetary policy. Germany will Brexit the EU join the bricks Silk Road. Look for Turkey to leave the United Nations (NATO?) also.  China to expand into the Middle East and the seven country's to join the bricks, Iran, turkey, Iraq, etc. and so much more. Cause and affect take a little time so don't look to cash in right away. 9/23 to 10/1 are dates to watch.



DPChamp:  Beginning 8:43pm CDT  ~~Chat with Rocker and AdminBill 8/30/16~~
Rocker66 : Guys, so complex but is sitting on go. What we thought was a shot gun start turned into other things

Dedar : Thank you Rocker. Looks like the 1st September is very significant.

Splash : Rocker; Could there be any precautionary measures we should be taking re: banks, protecting savings should this extend a few more weeks?

Rocker66 : It's been sitting on go for probably 10 days

Rocker66 : Splash, no as that is over thinking things

Rocker66 : Just need to hang tough here


Pavy : Rocker a lot of excitement for this week , what are your thoughts

Rocker66 : Pavy, it's been since last week so yes for excitement

Dedar : AdminBill is everything still pointing to the 1st September?


PuraVida : Rocker66 If not a shotgun start are they working through group hierarchies?

Rocker66 :pura, yes they are

PuraVida : thank you Rocker, very encouraging

Starchild: Gold - What Happens Next?

Historically, gold bull markets last years and as you can see in the following chart from Casey Research we are still in the very early innings of this one.



Greenrage: Ron Paul ! Financial Martial Law In Progress! Prepare Yourself! Undeniable Proof!

 Published on Aug 29, 2016

Quote, “history has shown us that when the government needs to save itself it won’t hesitate to STEAL your money”

I follow a lot of alternative financial experts like Dr. Jim Willie, Peter Schiff, Jim Rickards, Dave at X22 Report, Gregory Mannarino, Greg Hunter, and many others. They all pretty much have the same opinion concerning the state of the economy. They believe the government will go to great lengths to prevent a collapse of the dollar, including raiding your IRA and stealing your money. Many people don’t think the government could legally do this, but they have done it many, many times over the past 200 years. People are just not educated or aware of when it was done and how.

In this video Ron Paul gives many example of when and how the government has stolen money from the people. It is undeniable proof of what is coming. He states, “If you don’t believe it go look it up in the history books”. This is one of the best videos I have ever seen because Ron Paul gives so many specific dates and details about the government doing the exact same things many other times in US history. (see below)

He stays away from many of the conspiracy issues that Dr. Jim Willie and others often touch on and just sticks to US present and past events. He goes over many of the laws the government has already put in place to confiscate your IRAs, pensions, and bank accounts. He gives recent example of other countries that are doing exactly what he says the US government is about to do. He also says that he expects negative interest rates. The thought of negative interest rates seems impossible to most Americans, but all you need to do is look at Europe and Japan. Negative rates already exist there. That means you pay the bank to put money in a savings account. It’s insane!

Ron Paul is one of the most creditable, knowledgeable, and politically connected people in the United States.

Historical Proof:

Government creation of Continentals (dollars) became worthless in within a year

Again in 1861 President Lincoln authorized the creation of greenbacks as currency. The value dropped 66% over several years

In 1933 President Roosevelt gave Americans one month to turn in all their gold to the Federal Reserve. People lost 41% of their savings in one day.

In 1971 Nixon unlinked the dollar to gold with the stroke of a pen. Since then the dollar has dropped more than 90%

Present. Bank bail-ins, pension confiscation, and negative interest rates already happing in Europe and Japan.





Bruce:  Disclaimer: when we bring in Intel, I speak about what I hear; I want everyone to understand this. I try to glean what I perceive to be the truth from what I hear. I have a number of different sources. People I trust that are out there that bring solid Intel to me.

I have a desire to bring accurate, as accurate Intel message as I can on every call. Sometimes we don’t get it 100 percent.

We don’t give rates because rates change. I know the timing has changed from what it was coming to be. So no sense to call it.  If someone comes on in the past as Robert and Yosef, they are their own men.

They represent their opinion when they say something. Where Yosef and I have a lot we agree upon, there are some areas we disagree upon. Some areas we not in complete unity about. Doesn’t mean we don’t get along. WE get along great together. Some things they tribute to the Big Call or Bruce, they are not from me, not tribute to the Big Call. We are going on 5 years.

Most of you I want you to think for yourselves. There are some calls and sites I wish you wouldn’t listen to, because I don’t think they are not accurate. But that is not my call to influence you in what to do. We try to put out as much as we know is accurate. I know a lot I tell you guys is accurate, without a doubt.

Some things not for sure, but I know you guys as adult should look into the Intel, evaluate, pray about it, determine in your own minds and hearts what the truth is. I know one to say your truth is that, mine is this. But God is truth. I don’t go with all these variations what truth is. Same time there are some things appear to be true and up to you guys to discern the truth. That is why we not try to judge. We not doing that, but we are to discern. To see what light is relevant, what is appearing to be true.

The Intel you hear is primarily filtered through me. What I hear and bring to you in a way easy to process and understand. I want you to see that for what it is. I have no motivation on this call except to bring you what is relevant, truthful for you going forward. Understand what my heart is, where I coming from when I bring you something.

UP to you to glean the truth from what I bring you or from anybody that comes on our call. It is up to you to form your own opinion, do your own research. I can’t read because of my eyesight. So I can only bring from what I hear. Until I am healed from this and get full eyesight back, I am limited to read on my phone. I am stuck on that.

Bruce:  The first thing I tell you is that it is very quiet overall. WF went on lock down couple days ago. They have been very quiet. Redemption centers on lock down, no info in or out. This is a good sign.

Bruce: Abbott Downing went on lock down about 5:00 yesterday. Attorneys on lockdown 9:30am yesterday. No info from WF attorneys. They were told they couldn’t even contact higher officers in the bank. Communication or leak of information that would come out occasionally is non existence, not getting it. That is a very good sign, closeer than we have Been.

Bruce: WE understand there is a time line and we are at the end of the timeline. Believe this is to be complete at the end of the month, tomorrow. That is a hard deadline. We will see what happens as far as that goes.

Bruce: There are negations as powers to be or powers were for their own survival. This is getting down to serious business. WE have heard that Vietnam, but can’t prove that they made a reinstatement of their rate if not RV. Understand being aired in other countries something to say about that. Could be true could be rumor.

Bruce; Same thing said about in Mexico about our current form of government, situation of that. I think there is some truth what has been said but leaked out yesterday. That is good information, close.

Bruce: We know a lot happened in Iraq that is relevant to the timing of this going. The passing of the judicial law, passing of the amnesty law. It not only passed, enacted but in the Gazette. The key cards have been out; the rates on these cards are over 5 dollars. Iraq has plans to go up on their rates from where it is now.

There is the international rate, market rate, contract rate, then the private negotiated rate changed from the sovereign rate being called. Higher rates will be in effect two time frames. This is what we picked up.

Either from the 1st to the 9th for private negotiated rates (September) or the 2nd to the 12th for private negotiated rates. That is very encouraging. We got 8 days to 10 days of the high rates. Set your appointment right away. They want to get the ZIM in the first 72 hours.

Bruce: Abbott Downing, shout out to Abbott? Downing, WF, HSBC, IIB, TD, Scotia Bank, all the banks involved in this as Chase, B of A, Citibank. There was some chatter about yesterday the role Abbott Downing be playing regarding the ZIM. There is no change in that. They have been training for 20 months. Doing the intake on the ZIM as the exchange process.

There is maybe circumstances they work with their current clients and offices. I think they will more work with us than just investments. I see that more with WF with the structure payouts. I don’t want to worry about investments but rather with philanthropically projects.

I think /Abbott going to do my opinion they will be working with us in the family office, Concierge services, primarily that what we will be doing with our Abbott Downing representatives. Keep that in mind, because they are looking to take on a lot of new clients primarily ZIM holders. We can look forward to having a good banking relationship.  I am excited about that.

Bruce: We know the time frame for the higher rates from what we heard. WE know Iraq has passed and enacted the two laws and printed in Gazette. There is one more thing that may include concerning the rates of the Iraqi dinar, the federal banking act. That is something plan to be discussed along with other things should be printed in the Gazette tomorrow. I think that will take care of what Iraq needed to do. Keep that in mind too.

Bruce; Iran has already started to put out their smart cards, debit cards, 1500 to 1800 cards a day every 3 days. They will do this for a few months. Iran is not going to be in the first basket but in a subsequent basket. They will have a rate close to what Iraq will be because they have quite a bit of oil under the ground.

Bruce:  The biggest thing happening now is the discussing of the amnesty, forces that resisted this is sort of been minimize, done away with. Brazil president was impeached on a vote today. Things being handled that should not be a problem moving forward.

We should plan to go for our blessing in the prescribed time. Happy tomorrow is the last day of the month. They want certain amount of exchanges completed before G20 which is September 4th. WE are coming down to the wire. Stay confident, in faith, pay attention to what should be going on here the next little while.

Bruce: With that being said I like to think all are prepared for the exchange process, what you going to wear. Some people are going through this like a dress rehearsal, trying on the clothes, doing a drive run so you are comfortable and see yourself having exchanged already. See yourself coming out of that bank happy, tears in your eyes. When you celebrate do it soberly, be careful.

Last thing we want to lose more people as a result of this. Be smart about the exchange, sobriety in this.