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Bruce:  Welcome all Big Call Country. I am excited about tonight. I am excited about where we are to our blessing. We are getting close. On Tuesday we had 41 different financial institutes that requested to listen to the call.

Bruce:  We had a little more Intel. It is getting quieter out there. Some blackouts form the banks and redemption centers. They are not allowed to speak we know of.

WE are getting a little bit of information.  There is a Federal Reserve meeting today in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They are there for a Federal Reserve meeting. There may be an announcement coming out form that meeting. We were told to keep an eye out for that. WE will see how that dovetails in with the rest of the Intel.

When it comes with this exchange, we know WF is the lead bank. Thank them for that. They are partnered with Abbott Downing, an ultra net worth wealth management division, high end of Wells Fargo.

They each have been saddled with the responsibility of heading up the exchange locations we call redemption centers especially the ZIM.  ZIM known as an historic bond. Notice I say historic bond. I like to welcome them back. They listened on Tuesday.

Bruce:  We also know that the growth of Abbott of approximately of 15 offices around the country to offices in every state because of the buyout of Merrill Lynch this last year. This way they were able to increase their force in the market place by absorbing those offices.

They plan on utilizeing 85 percent of the brick and mortar offices continue work of Abbott Downing being the brand name they will operate under.

15% of them will be leased out for other purposes. They have step up their game to handle the amount of this exchange. Intake of the ZIM all over the US how value that is and meaningful for their situation. They will tie in with HSBC, People Bank of China and IIB. Number of institutions will handle this for us.

Bruce:  Platform ZIM took place all over the country today. It is in trade now. Not too long ago, the Far East opened their market in the bidding of the platform as well as Australia and New Zealand. Since we are after 9 on east coast that should finish the bidding of that process. It speaks of that historic bond and will affect all of us. We learned a lot the last year about it. That is going on today. Very interesting.

Bruce:  When it comes to our exchange we are looking for one thing, release of the 800 number. Number of other banks, tier two banks, Canadian partners, Royal bank of Canada, TD bank and Scotia bank and maybe others handling the exchanges. Also in Mexico, Banks working under HSBC in the intake aspect of it.

Over 6800 redemption centers in Canada and US. May have increased to 30 percent set up for ZIM primarily for redemption. If you have ZIM and you call for you r appointment,  you  will  go to a redemption center in your zip code.

Bruce:  What we need to set your appointment. The toll free number, there may be more than one toll free number. We understand primarily one number for wells, but maybe others.  We will put it on thebigcall.net page. Will we put it out on recorded call? We don’t know. We could do it on a live call. WE could tonight if we get them.

We would put a fairly short recorded call, celebration call, put out a link on our website and few other sites to steer people to it. Maybe some expect an email. I am speaking primarily to the internet group.

Admiral group different animal all together. The banks are ready. The redemption centers are ready. Some double staff, full ready to start. Security on alpha alpha status which is very high level of security. We are set to be prepared as a country. Even Russia has mustered their military starting today to end of month higher level of alert as a result they anticipate as well the financial changes may take place as far as the exchange process.

Bruce:  As far as timing, you know as a disclaimer we don’t call it.  We can’t pick a date or day. WE have been wrong a number of times. IN past we thought we were going to go and we didn’t. We are looking for the release of the 800 number to go forward. Maybe a limited release for us to go. We are prepared.

Plenty of redemption centers. WE will do it orderly and forthright honest way. I think most part most of us realize this is a business transaction. Not a party in the middle of the street.

I am going to warn everybody not to do a July 4th approach to this. Do it soberly. As far as adult beverages, be sound minded. You been entrusted, chosen to what we are going to do as a community for the world, for humanity in large. Too much is given much is required.

Make good use of it. Do it safely, carefully, take the responsibility seriously. WE can have fun, celebrate, but just use good judgment. ‘Don’t want anybody who has come all this way. WE have lost people. I lost my wife. WE lost people through the process waiting. WE want everybody to make it over the finish line.  We will go forward together as a strong community.

Bruce:  The timing for this. I know we should go as the internet group.  The public that has no clue, that might have been gifted and  stuck in a drawer, not paying attention, those guys set to go first week in September, maybe after Labor day. A kind of thing they have planned out.

If that is the case then we are on a schedule then we should go fairly shortly.  Let this thing come to us. Intel is tight because it is quiet out there. Banks are on blackout. Iraq is up and running, lower denominations out. Last part of the amnesty law suppose to be voted on this morning. ZIM being traded today. It should be wrapped up.

Redemption centers are getting what they need. We are just looking for a GO signal. If we are blessed to receive the toll free number and allow to bring it to you through the call, we will do that. Otherwise stay tuned.

Bruce:  That is about it. The rates are basically good and soundly high. We will have 6to 8 or 9 days to exchange on the higher negotiable rates. WE are in good shape. Be prepared to take what you need. Don't forget your currency. 

Two forms of ID. A copy of utility bill with your name and address on it that you are a real person and a place to live. Go in wearing something business to business casual. Good time to dress up Ladies. I think you will look forward to that. Guys, shave too. Think of it you go in, get this thing exchange, couple hours.

I know Abbott Downing and WF going to make it pleasant as far as they can. I am looking forward to the perks. We do get perks, benefits if you will as far as the exchange process.

That is about it what I can think of now.  Special thanks to all the banks we will be working with. As this thing has grown we will be meeting with Abbott Downing and working with them a long time with the management of these funds.

Between WF and Abbott Downing the assets will skyrocket as far as both of them institution. WE are ready, they are ready.  Hopefully we get the go signal soon.



Hi Everyone,

I come to all you dinar investors today to give you some HUGE, HUGE news. In my last news letter I talked about  a Sept 1st to Jan 1st timeframe for an alert for the RV. I explained why I felt this way. No Hype, No Rumors just the FACTS !

I also explained once again the 2 step process that would be taking place meaning we would first see the new lower denominations launched and this would not change the value of the dinar as it would be a 1:1 exchange for the citizens of Iraq (i.e 4 x 25,000 notes for 1 new 100 note) (both still worth $100 USD). Then in a later step we would see a significant increase in the value of the dinar up to or more value than the pre war values. Why is this all taking so long?

As told to us by the CBI they must draw in and limit the amount of currency in circulation in Iraq. They told us this could take many years to accomplish and is a slow process with many measures to be put in place to facilitate this process. We all read the articles but our common sense was overridden with the BS from many of these so called intel “gurus” who told us all their nonsense of this everyday/any day RV.

In the articles below I bring to you today we can also see just what that Iraq needed to do prior to the IMF letting the RV happen:

1) reduce the money supply,
I quote from the articles below – “One of the difficulties facing is Iraq is withdrawing 30 trillion Iraqi dinars from Iraq’s market at the present time and to replacing it with new currency.”

2) limit the currency auctions, How many articles must we read from the deputy Tammani on this subject matter?

3) stop money laundering, counterfeiting
I quote from the articles below – “while confirming that the government is demanding guarantees for non-substituent return to currency markets and forgery.”

4) lower inflation,

5) decrease unemployment,
I quote from the articles below- “The Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) has been attempting to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency since 2003. This project has raised many concerns among the Iraqi public and within the business community, and Iraqi economists are divided. While some support the project and consider it a chance to decrease inflation and unemployment,

6) implement new banking laws,
I quote from a 2015 article below – “"The Bank is working on the mechanisms used to implement this project is expected to start by the beginning of 2017,"  

7) new investment laws, We know that parliament passed this law in record time but has not fully implemented it. They can not with an international rate.

8) fight ISIS and internal corruption.
I quote from the articles below – “It is noteworthy that some economists believe that Iraq is not formatted for the time being for the deletion of zeros from the dinar, pointing out that the deletion needs to be a security and political stability as well as economic stability. “

I quote from the articles below – “For his part, Hilal al-Taan, researcher and academic, said “deleting zeros project was suggested by Finance Minister Bayan Jabr al-Zubaidi and could be studied and implemented as a medium or long-run project and could not be implemented without an economic stability and the improvement of the Iraqi dinars exchange rate.”

I quote from June 2015 article below – “"The goal of deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency is to support the Iraqi dinar and make it a competitor of foreign currency",
Also -

The new Prime minister Abadi then in 2014 came out and canned this process to institute these needed measures calling it “reforms”,  a new term he would use manyt times to refer to his future plans to REFORM Iraq. We are now in the third phase of Abadi’s reform plan and many amazing changes have since happened in Iraq. This all moves Iraq to working in an international platform, the only way they will EVER revalue their currency.  

Many still question this news I bring and doubt that I know what I am talking about. I can not bring my CBI contact from Iraq to write you a personal letter or send you a golden invitation to listen to me. This choice is yours. 

So today I will present some old articles to you. I have already presented these articles to you many times in the past. Where you paying attention? Do you remember? I am doing this at the request of the CBI in Iraq to help you understand that your investment in the Iraqi dinar is real and will soon be exchanged at a higher rate  (at a substantial higher rate). Yes – Iraq has postponed the RV many times already and this is real !

The problem with many of you being stressed, with high anxiety and doubts is that many charlatans are trying to confuse you and have absolutely no place in bringing you any news. Their news is wrong and they are being deceived and lied to by their sources or they are just irresponsible. Time and time again they tell you the RV has happened already, or that the lower denominations are already out in Iraq and being used. Really? How can this possibly be since the CBI itself just recently told us this is now yet the case.

These are all lies and there is absolutely no way these events could have already occurred. Oh but these same charlatans tell you they verified their news too. Really? How can this possibly be since the CBI itself just recently told us this is now yet the case.

Did it every occur to you these charlatans are not your friends, not on your side and want you sell back you dinars now at a much lower rate. They want you to give up. These are the recent scams. They are pushing you constantly to discourage you and make you feel like this RV event will never occur. This is the charlatans game. This is how they hook you in with their lies. This is their brainwashing process. You must get de-programed!

So my recommendation is STOP LISTENING TO THIS NONESENSE as a first step! 

So today I bring you proof of what is going on with the “project to delete the zeros”. There is no need for Hype, Rumors as I will bring you just the FACTS. Nothing but the FACTS.

As always – No Hype, No Rumors, just the FACTS.

Most of the articles I bring today are not new articles. They are old articles from the past since we have been tracking this investment, namely 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. They are articles all about the project to delete the zeros given to us from the news media in Iraq, from the CBI and the Finance ministry for the purpose of limiting speculators and keeping the general public informed on the status of these events so we can stay educated and informed. For there is really no need to speculate if you will just read the news they are telling us.

So all of you should believe that the CBI and the Finance ministry of Iraq have attempted the RV process and scheduled the project to delete the zeros many times already in the past, only to postpone it due to events that would hurt it’s progress and the needed intentions of it (reasons for doing it). So how can they talk about postponing the project if you think it will never happen?

At the end of reading all these articles today I also bring you some other HUGE, HUGE news of other recent much needed laws  for the reconciliation process and thus for the RV to ever occur. So Iraq is on the right path and I could hardly believe my eyes when I finally heard the news of the passing of the Amnesty law. Yes – this law did finally pass in parliament today 8/25. This law is going to make a HUGE, HUGE difference in Iraq. Like a pebble dropped in the water, the effects will soon ripple out in outer rings to all regions of Iraq and heal many of wounds since the war.

So next we need to see the Accountability and Justice law, combined along with the Amnesty law these two laws work together to bring the needed justice to Iraq. We have been told in the past that the council of ministers wanted these two laws voted on in the same session but had to break them apart due to necessity to get Amnesty passed.

Also with the new technocratic minister of energy just appointed, he has told us already there is no need for any delay in getting an energy law (HCL)  for Iraq as it is now written and only needs to be presented to parliament for a vote. So we should watch for this law too in the coming days once the dust settles from the Amnesty law.

So how do I know the RV process is a two step process 1) launching the lower denoms then 2) increase in the value of the dinar to follow?

I quote from the articles below – “The step to delete zeros from the currency has been postponed several times, leading the parliamentary Economic Committee to demand that the CBI accelerate this project, as Al-Sharqiya reported. In a news conference held July 6, the Economic Committee confirmed that the deletion of zeros will lead to an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar and will have positive repercussions, including a 


GB:  (Not certain where it originated but this was sent to me this morning in an email and while there will be some who don't agree with it, it definitely resonated with me and perhaps will with a few others as well. As I too have witnessed many of these 'too good to be true' Guru's come and go throughout the years. So I felt it only fair to post a viewpoint from the 'other' side of the Fil.)

Anonymous:(Edited)  There have been many 'Hopium Guru’s or HG’s”' that have come and gone throughout this journey. Far too many. And they all follow the exact same pattern. Rather than a roller coaster, I tend to look at their 'ride' as more of a Ferris Wheel.
In that it starts out slow and on a relatively small scale. Initially they fall from the sky, seemingly out of nowhere, full of lots of hopium. How can this be? Don't ask. Well, if you must know, they were finally 'released' and are now allowed to tell their story. as if they've been in some sort of virtual lockdown, but have now escaped and therefore are free to tell their story.
Then slowly, they begin to build steam. After all, it's gonna be a long climb ahead. They begin to make the rounds and 'befriend' other well known Dinarland mouthpieces, sharing their sumptuous secrets with others that already have built in followings.
I mean, why reinvent the wheel when you already have captive audiences ready and waiting for the next latest and greatest rumortel. And these “ HG’s”  continue to build these relationships with their new and out of the blue friends, creating even more and more warm 'n' fuzzies as the weeks and months pass.
These other Guru's they befriend begin to buy in to their stories as well. After all, these 'HG’s” are helping to build their following as well as comfort their existing audiences. So what Guru in his right mind would say no. Exactly... not many. At least not until they awaken, that is.
And as the time passes, the 'wheel' continues on its climb to the highest of highs, with promises of mega riches from these newly revealed unfathomable rates. Not to mention all of the wonderful things that only 'believers' will be able to accomplish to help save the world and all of society. As long as they continue to believe, that is.
And as their following grows, the stories become more and more grandiose. After all, they simply have to if they want to continue to hold their audience captive. Because during all this time, not a single one of their 'predictions' ever comes to fruition.
Not one single piece of factual information ever surfaces to support their stuffium. Not one bit of proof ever makes it to the surface. And yet, people continue to believe. And their following continues to grow.
Why? Because they're sellin' what all the believers so desperately want to 'buy'. Even some of the non believers, those who want so badly to believe, almost get sucked in under their spell as well. That's how powerful these messages are.
After all, he's got the fairy dust on full throttle and even though it's above and beyond anything this (or any other planet for that matter) has ever seen or heard, who's to say he's wrong. So who in their right mind wouldn't believe. Or at least want with everything they've got for him to be right. For him to be real.
Yet, unfortunately, as time passes and the stories grow in grandeur, still not one ounce of proof ever bubbles to the surface. And while proof of anything in this journey is without a doubt difficult at best to come by, one would hope for at least a nugget of something. Somewhere. Some type of corroboration. Even just a confirmation from another Guru, saying "Yeah, I'm hearing that same thing from my sources." At least from a Guru that isn't simply repeating his spiel. Still, nothing ever appears. But that works in their favor.
It's basically a Get Out Of Fail Free card for these “HG’s.” If they can't actually be proven to be spreading false hopium, then they must be telling the truth. Right? I mean, what else is there. Well, they're telling something, that's for certain.
Before you know it, their 'stories' eventually have to reach a crescendo of some sort. A height higher than even the highest of dreams can manage to get to. "What's that you say? A rate of $65,000 isn't enough for you? Aw, what the heck. Let's go with a 'No Zero Lop', just to add a bit of icing to the cake. Sound good? Thought so."
Unfortunately, just like strawberry cotton candy, the pink cloud begins to disappear. Oh no, say it ain't so. Sorry, wish I could. But I can't. The dream is real. It's really a dream.
And so, as we begin our descent back to reality, the not so fresh and fruity stuff begins to surface. More and more 'holes' begin to show up in their pink cloud. A bank restriction here, a skeleton trust there, and next thing you know, the bank is going to 'hold' 99% of your exchange proceeds because you're obviously incapable of dealing with such a high rate on your own.
After all, the Bank knows more about your hopes. Your dreams. Your ability to create your own Team of experts than you ever could. But hey, just be grateful for the one percent of the $65,000 rate you're going to... ooops, hang on, there's been an amendment to your rate.
In case you haven't been keeping track of the Rate Chart, your rate has mysteriously dropped from $65,000 to $571 but that's still pretty good. In anbody's book. And yes, the No Zero Lop still applies. So again, be grateful for your 1%, get back in line and keep your mouth shut. After all, you don't want to appear GREEDY do you.
Oh, heck no you don't. Anything but greedy. That's pretty much a four letter word in Dinarland. Because after all, you never bought your currency in hopes of exchanging it at a higher rate. To actually make money with your money, now did you? Good, I would certainly hope not. Because that wouldn't be right, now would it.
You worked hard, you sacrificed, you went without the 'extras', month after month, year after year, just to make sure the banks get to 'hold' 99% of your returns. You good Dinarian, you. Because remember, the last thing you want to be is greedy.
And as more time passes and less and less of the pink cloud remains to support his soapbox, the 'blame game' starts. "Those such 'n' such's lied to me! They promised me they would release this thing over the weekend. And they didn't. I can't believe they let us down. They let EVERYBODY down like that." (Cue the sympathy card)
"I mean, you have to know I never would have blatantly blasted out to all of Dinarland that this stuff was going to happen unless I had it on very good authority that it WAS going to happen. Now, would I?" Hmmmm....  would you?
"Yes, I realize I've sworn up and down nearly every day for the past 9 months that every day was THE day. But please understand, according to my super secret sources, sources that not one other Guru has privy to, it was guaranteed to go down. So how could I not share that with you. It's my duty. My mission."
"After all, I want everyone to share in my bliss. This wonderful feeling of knowing it's done. And that all we're waiting for are the just around the corner, soon to arrive, 800#'s and we will all be released from our shackles and set free to save humanity."
"Still sounds all dreamerifficly beautiful, right? Ok, good. Didn't want to have any of my followers unfollow me. Because that would mean they stopped believing in all this 'too good to be true'ness'. And we can't have none of that, now can we."
But neither can we have the blame game continue on for too long. After all, this might not be our actual goodbye, so we don't want to taint our reputation in any way. Just in case we need to reappear once again to tie up any loose ends.
After all, we never know when our super secret sources might dream up some new and improved super secret stuff. And like any truly dedicated Guru, we just might need to reappear to deliver the goods.
And so, as this ride begins to slow down and as we reach the platform once again, please remain seated until the ride comes to a complete stop. We will then release the safety bar and you may depart.
Also, please be careful when exiting your seat as the platform, once having been a beautiful pink cloud when we first set off on our journey to the highest of highs, is now basically a block of swiss cheese. With more holes than anybody can count. And I'd hate to have anybody twist an ankle when we're oh so close to OUR time of redemption.
And just as quickly as he arrived, he's gone. Off in to the Dinarland ether, almost as if he never existed. But he did exist, didn't he? Please tell me he did. Please tell me he was real. And just as quickly as he fell from the sky, poof, he magically disappears.
But don't despair folks because as long as this journey continues on, there will in all likelihood be yet another “HG” to come along real soon. Someone to take Dinarland on another magical journey to the stratosphere and back again.
Will he (or she) ever be able to reach the heights that 'this' HG” has reached? That could be highly doubtful. He's going to be a tough act to follow. The air gets pretty 'thin' up in those parts and not many are strong enough to handle all the space debris flyin' at 'em and still continue to deliver their message. Not like this one did anyway. I'll give him that.
And with that, I guess it's time to say farewell to our current “HG”. To bid him adieu.  After all, we have to make room for the new and improved “HGs” arrival. After all, what would Dinarland be without our Hopium  to keep us going.
One Who Really Wanted To Believe But Just Couldn't Wrap My Mind Around It


AdminBill:  THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 2016 (9:30AM MDT)






GESARA"  SITREP  16:00:00 


​Dear Currency and Historic Bond Community,
With a gleeful heart I bid you all ado.  I suspect my detractors will be thrilled, I love you anyway.  I suspect my supporters will be saddened, I love you anyway.  Whichever you are, know that I always attempted to give you transitional era intel that somehow I was privy too, always with Christ love, and always pointing you towards a deeper, fuller relationship with God that comes only with an absolute surrender of self.  
If I have offend anyone along the way, please forgive me.  I am flawed and working on my deficiencies as a person.  If I encouraged anyone, please encourage someone else.  We all deserve praise and appreciation. 

If I helped anyone reconnect or receive Christ, know that you have helped me complete my soul's sacred covenant as a perpetual servant of God.  Thank you for the opportunity of fellowship.
Remember, Yosef is just an Internet Character who is actually exists as a real person who is painfully simple at his core.  I was just trying to put the puzzle pieces together like everyone else.  I believe we ALL did our very best to share whatever inside intel we though we had (right or wrong) as it came in, as well as offer whatever specialized interpretation we felt relevant based on our own unique skillets and experiences. 

Yosef was no different.  No better.  And now no more.
Truly, no one on God's earth has more or less value than anyone else.  Plus, we all hold a string in the tapestry of life, and thus we all matter equally as together we woven our future. 

Nobody in their right mind ever knew we would be made to wait so many years to redeem, and when we did, receive such incredibly high sovereign redemption rates (especially the ZIM, which has gone shocking upwards daily)--with up to 100 year structured payouts from Abbot Downing--let alone be able to redeem at 7,000 North American off-site exchange locations. 
Seriously, all of this kind of beyond amazing when stop and think about it.  the RV in its most pure form is just so hard to conceptualize let alone work with on a daily basis.  Lord, give us the strength to continue.  Lord, give us wisdom to participate with dignity and grace.  Lord, give us those freaking 800#s before we all collapse under the weigh of endless anticipation. 
Look, I wasn't always right.  I wasn't always wrong.  But I was always dared to be brutally forthcoming, as deep down in my heart, I believed you deserved to know what I knew, and as much as you desired if you were willing to keep seeking the truth.  
Now here we stand, One of One on pre-RV day.  Praise God.  As just existing in this moment alone, wherever you stand and whomever you have become, is nothing short of a miracle in my book.  
Why I felt the need to go on this journey as surrogate RV voice when I was quietly tucked away enjoying obscurity still baffles me to this day.  Chalk it up to the Holy Spirit filling my lungs with passion, and fingers with fire and brimstone.  Remember my first post written at 4am?  I don't.  Not a word.  
Hopefully I left nothing in the tank, used every club in my bag to share whatever reasonable intel I was given, and did so with agape love via each sitrep, post, article link, video, song and poem.  If I could dance, I would have done that too.  But if disco comes back, I'll be there.
So the final RV release timeline appears to be rolling out as follows:
Sunday August 21
Full USN Global Release (also Christ's True Birthday in Palestine)
General Dunford releases the USN in the restored Republic of the United States.  Bricks trucks then begin unloading additional USN pallets of currency to all American bank branches staring on Sunday (8/21) for September 1, 2016 public change over of USD to USN currency.  
August 22 - August 24
Final System Checks and Last Minute Preparation
All call centers and redemption centers are made to go over final release protocols as well as test all IT diagnostic systems which we are told has passed the mustard.  Federal Marshalls were also put into position to disburse the last batch of Prosperity Packages, Humanitarian Funds and Farmer Claims (aka fines and penalties), which we are told should be hitting doorsteps simultaneously with the RV toll free number release.  It's still a shotgun start, but no one knows the time because we're running on an elusive autopilot release mechanism known only to AOP (Authors of the Plan).
August 25 - August 31 
First Basket Private Currency Redemptions (OFF SITE)
This includes appointments and hydration for all Internet Currency Holders, remaining SKR holders and private contracted groups (WF, Admirals, etc).  Only appointment setting currency holders will be eligible to receive higher sovereign rates, and they must know to ask--as sovereign rates won't just be offered up without prior knowledge.  Know that all ZIM holders will be burdened with astronomical amounts of capital.  Thus, the general rule of thumb (morally speaking) is take 1% for yourself and family, and place 99% of your redemption into a humanitarian and job creation trust for 100% interest disbursal.  This way you never feel compromised to take more from the greater good kitty, plus it gives you freedom to give more freely, without concern for pinching pennies for personal gain.
September 1 - October 1
Public Currency & Bond Exchange (IN BRANCH)
This is where all straggler currency holders, as well everyday USD currency holders, exchange USD and loose first basket notes (including singleton historical bond SKRs) convert into digital TRNs and physical USNs.  All will get whatever their contracted rates call for, and/or convert at the screen market rate depending on what country they reside, and which currencies / bonds they're attempting to convert or leverage (international rates may also apply).
October 2 - Ad Infinitum
Implementation of The Gold Standard Treaty (PERPETUITY)
This is an ongoing period whereby final implementation and collection begins for all international gold value as it relates to taxable income via the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change Treaty.  This period also begins in the fiscal 4th quarter for global accounting.  
Expect to finally hear that global gold standard announcement out to a worldwide audience.  Ironically, this will be long after all the dirty work of getting those fiat currencies, bonds, and other historically defaulted assets have been taken off the streets and burned.
Also, it's wise to prepare your mind and imagination for GESARA (GESARA = Global Economic Security and Recovery Act; NESARA is the
​Republic of the United States sovereign version of GESARA, as it is the ​
most ground breaking reformation to sweep not only
​our Republic,​
 but our planet, in its entire history.  

Below are a few changes you can expect to experience immediately following the RV … and permanently: ​
  • Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a"golden jubilee” or forgiveness of all usury ​debt. 
  • Abolishes the income tax. 
  • Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area. 
  • Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes. 
  • Increases pension ​and health care  benefits to senior citizens. 
  • Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters. 
  • Reinstates the original Title of Nobility amendment. 
  • ​E​stablishes new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days after NESARA's announcement. The interim government will cancel all National Emergencies and return us back to constitutional law. 
  • Monitors elections and prevents illegal election activities of special interest groups. 
  • Creates a new U.S. Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States, Incorporated​ initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933. 
  • Forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation. 
  • Initiates new U.S. Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law 
  • Eliminates the Federal Reserve System. During the transition period the Federal Reserve will be allowed to operate side by side of the U.S. treasury for one year in order to remove all Federal Reserve notes from the money supply. 
  • Restores financial privacy. 
  • Retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law. 
  • Ceases all aggressive, U.S. government military actions worldwide. 
  • Establishes peace throughout the world. 
  • Releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes. 
  • Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security, including free energy devices, anti-gravity, and sonic healing machines. 
​Look for a final email from me with 800#s, rates and instructions will be attached.  
The email will be entitled TETELESTAI -- which is Latin in origin and means "paid in full."