Tuesday, May 24, 2016


5-24-16 WHAT TIME IS IT: Well it is exactly 14:21 pm est down here in Puerto Rico and I must say that I am like most of you are quite disappointed with this Admiral fellow in Reno.

Close but no cigars to say the least. I honestly don't know what the h*** this guy is waiting for to get our current situation moving. Now I wonder or am put to think if this guy exist or if he doesn't, if he has any power or if he doesn't. 

You wonder why hasn't he come forward to let you guys know if we are near or not. I know I am real and I volunteer to get the job done in an instant if given the chance. 

I just wish that these cloak and dagger crap would just stop and these individuals would just come forward and do what has been expected of them. 

And the Chinese well if you really want to disperse this God sent wealth to help humanity well use your damn power and get this thing moving . 

And if there is a real change in government already established as a couple of these martyrs have expressed, so why in the h*** are we seeing the same people still delaying this BLESSING OF GOD. 

Now let me be strait and to the point, I don't give a crap if there is a general or an admiral behind this,I just will give you this message from my commander in chief and His name is JEHOVA GOD OF ARMIES and He is giving this last order " GET IT DONE NOW OR ELSE "(YOU FILL THE BLANKS) 

You know I honestly feel sorry for these guys if they don't get this thing done now,for swimming against the tide and not following what God has instructed you,will only get you in some seriously down straights. Na'maste Bluwolf


5-24-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   Certifications...SWIFT codes...this is all good.  The BIS told Iraq a long time ago to go ahead and raise their value. The IMF is watching Mosul.   I told you...give me Mosul..and you’ll see INTERNATIONALISM!  ...we believe that is a precursor for the RV of Iraq. When you see Mosul...BOOM!  The confidence in Iraq is changing everything.  Abadi is building confidence in the GOI and the INTERNATIONAL world.  The citizens are pouring back into Iraq with tears of happiness to their homes.  They know about the reforms.    IMO – they are ahead of their time line...we believe they are ahead of the conditions that they agreed too.  Iraq is going through a propaganda campaign with the citizens. The purchasing power is about to change inside of Iraq! In Iraq...a Dinar is a Dinar.  You need to grasp that.  IMO – they will come out at 1 to 1 inside of their country.  Then 3 days later, you’ll take it. They are about to enter the “INTERNATIONAL” world. 

5-24-2016   Newshound Guru mike
   ...Somebody asked me once, "how do you eat an elephant?" I had a couple smart aleck answers but his reply was, "one bite at a time."  For me, that's where the IMF is at with the Iraqi's, one step at a time. We're entering the sixth month of 2016 and Iraq's finances are unraveling on a daily basis. Now that oil has dropped and stayed at such a low level, they're stuck.  If the IMF can clamp down on corruption, implement income taxes and get Iraq on the straight and narrow, it's worth $5 billion to them.  Heck, half of that money Iraq has already contributed to the IMF fund, sure there's risk but with oversight, it diminishes. These guys are still driving the car with no oil in it, at some point it has to dawn on them that change is needed, not for profit, but for survival. Oil is a commodity and they acted like they could ignore basic market principles and the open market economy and it's backfired in a big way. Those days are over, they need long term solutions.  IMO.

5-24-2016   Newshound Guru rcookie   Articles:   "The start of the meeting of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives on Tuesday with the heads of the blocs, but without the presence of Kurdish deputies."   "Kurdistan Alliance: MPs, ministers will not return to Baghdad until after the implementation of the "benefits"..."  Kurds were absent from attending parliament sessions. Abadi meet with 9 ministers only!  KURDS RETURNING TO BAGHDAD WHEN CHECK IS IN THEIR HANDS AND INK IS DRY....

5-24-2016   Newshound Guru Frank26
   The Jordan/Amman meeting...they agreed in principle...(with conditions)...before they could get the loan...so the IMF could then turn it over to the Board of Directors of the IMF.  They had to complete the list for the monetary reform.  Iraq knows that they WILL NOT get the loan unless they complete the list for the monetary reform.  All of that info is on the ARABIC side of the CBI website.  The instructions are all there...and they are implementing them!  So Iraq is moving pretty fast...   I don’t think it we’ll see it this month...but we don’t think they’re going to wait until July either. I believe that Iraq is ready.  The timing is right for them to raise the value/exchange rate.    [post 2 of 2]

5-24-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   They got a LOAN!  IMO -- This loan is the equivalent of Article 8...What is the definition of Article 8?  The completion of their financial reform. The only way they could qualify for the loan is to do the financial reform... They got the loan...a shadow of what they needed to do. All of this to establish a CREDIT RATING. They DO NOT need the money...They DO NOT need the loan...They have more assets up their “wazzoo” then you’ll ever know.   They needed the credit rating...and they got it...and in return they got a little “chump change”.   15 Billion does nothing for them...but establishes a credit rating for them...for the INTERNATIONAL world!  Better credit rating = INTERNATIONAL BONDS = INTERNATIONAL RATE.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-24-2016   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23   We see that Kurd region banks have now adjusted their rate to 131,000 IQD per 100 usd...was 128,000 to 100 usd... What we knew was the CBI intentions were to hold at 1305...  ...explaining what it means...Just take it as the KRG region is now exactly what the rest of Iraq is...which means all the banks are on CBI protocols.

5-24-2016   Newshound Guru Chattels
  Article quote:  "The extension of legislative term came into effect since last week, and there is legislation files must legislature accomplish passed quickly within the current chapter."  I have speculated that the extension of the legislative term will be only until the Ramadan recess ( June 5 ).  My belief is that the "current chapter" of Parliament will end on or about June 1.



 Family ... please keep in mind ... my notes are NOT like AggieDad's ... they are merely HIGHLIGHTS.  Great call Frank!  Hi Tink!



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Frank26  I’m not going to go into review like we usually do.

ALL of what I am going to say tonight is “IN MY OPINION” -- [IMO].

EVERYTHING is in my opinion.

The y got a LOAN!

IMO -- This loan is the equivalent of Article 8

The fact that they got this loan is significant
The only way they could qualify for the loan is to do the financial reform.

WalkingStick made it very clear to all of you … not all of Chapter 7 was lifted a few years ago.  There were some conditions.

What is the definition of Article 8?  The completion of their financial reform.

All you want is a raise in their value.

They got the loan … a shadow of what they needed to do.

On top of that … they REDUCED the loan … I think it started at like at 18% … gave them 13%.

All of this to establish a CREDIT RATING.

They DO NOT need the money family.

They DO NOT need the loan family.

They have more assets up their “wazzoo” then you’ll ever know.

So … they jacked up there credit rating … and qualified for the loan.

They did something.

They needed the credit rating … and they got it … and in return they got a little “chump change.” 

15 Billion does nothing for them … but establishes a credit rating for them … for the INTERNATIONAL world!


Dog-gone-it … if they didn’t do it!

This is tied into some cities.

What did I tell you?  Give me what? 

IMO … they got Fallujah weeks ago.

As soon as they get the 2 cities back … they’ll tell the citizens something else.

The timing for them to tell you that the enemy is collapsing … that they are succeeding in their expectations … incredible!

We’ve flattened things … so they can build the monetary reforms
This has strengthened Abadi within the INTERNATIONAL world.

Would anyone in their right mind invest a billion dollars in Iraq?  Heck no!  But, once laws, rules, regulations in place … yeah!  Abadi has proven himself.

IMO – we’ve cleaned up everything “militarily wise” --- and now all Abadi has to do is take credit and simply take a bow to the INTERNATIONAL world!

EO 13303 is for you and me … family. It was also for Abadi and his country. 

It was supposed to be with Maliki … but he got poisoned by money.  Just like Saddam.
There is a video that you are going to see … I’m not going to post it … you’ll see these terrorists running down the alley … and then then turn around … and run back … and then BOOM!  When you see that video … understand they were flushed out a long time ago!

Rasheed Bank is telling their employees they want them to get their Qi-Cards and their MasterCard’s.  The citizens are curious now.  So the employees went first.  These are INTERNATIONAL CARDS!  The citizens will follow right after that.

So citizens … do you think you can come into the banks now?  Maybe.

Remember the market traders that were selling currency in the streets?  Business is dead for them. 

The INTERNATIONAL world is understanding the word INTERNATIONAL rather than REVALUE.

RedStar brought us an article about Insurance Companies … using the terms INTERNATIONAL … not REVALUATION.

Fitch Credit Rating Agency said that the CBI is entering the GLOBAL BOND MARKET. 


Why would they finally get all of the Taxes and Tariff’s set?  Welcome INTERNATIONAL WORLD!!!

The Jordan / Amman meeting … they agreed in principle … (with conditions) … before they could get the loan … so the IMF could then turn it over to the Board of Directors of the IMF.  They had to complete the list for the monetary reform.

Iraq knows that they WILL NOT get the loan unless they complete the list for the monetary reform.  All of that info is on the ARABIC side of the CBI website.   The instructions are all there … and they are implementing them!

The INTERNATIONAL world wants to come in … use the banks … and their equipment.

Last Monday I told you that they would finish it as long as it was “CONDITIONAL” – and it’s conditional.  So Iraq is moving pretty fast … they way they can get their money.  I don’t think it we’ll see it this month … but we don’t think they’re going to wait until July either.  Hurry up!!!! 

What about Ramadan?  Will that delay things?  Lay off Ramadan … it’s not even a holiday.

  It’s a period of fasting.  I don’t believe that Ramadan will interfere with anything.  The IMF doesn’t practice Ramadan.

You know the meeting that the IMF had with Jordan / Amman?  Over 170 people were killing in Iraq last week.  Did that stop the meetings?  NO! 

Despite all of the demonstrations … the meetings went on … even in Abadi’s house.

The IMF is still meeting with the GOICBI.

Some cities are well secured!!!

Iraq is telling you that they are reducing the ability for theft within the GOI.  There were too many ministers.  Abadi trimmed all of those down.  Now the Technocrats have been told to trim out all of the waste. 

The GOI has changed.  Abadi has trimmed the cabinet, ministers, budget, subsidiaries, control the oil, etc.  That’s why Fitch gave them a better rating. 

You get an increase in credit rating by paying your bills.  Iraq didn’t.  So how did they get an increase?  LOL

This loan will establish a LINE of CREDIT for GLOBAL needs!  15 Billion is chump-change.

INTERNATIONAL vs. REVALUATION?  It’s the same thing!

The funds will have rebuild the infrastructure of Iraq.

The confidence is growing in Abadi … and everything he is doing.

The money is for the citizens … to help them gain confidence and get on board.

The next article you’ll see is that the citizens are not hoarding their money anymore.

LOL – the loan was for like 3 years?  (“Raspberries” … that’s stupid).

The only thing left in Article 7 is Article 8.

They had to have done something … which they haven’t shown to the world yet.

They have to enhance the value of their currency.  They must lift the 3 zeros.

What a masterful plan Dr. S.

Are you happy IMF?  (Of course).  Back in December the IMF made it clear that they would be complete by July.  Let’s just say that the IMF’s bosses are happier.

The IMF wants Iraq to have an INTERNATIONAL relationship with the GLOBE.

That’s why all of the banks have a certificate to do business with the INTERNATIONAL world.  Iraq just needs to implement some “conditions” in the next three years that is tied into their monetary reform.

The IMF does not use the term “revaluation.

So you understand Chapter 7?  All that was lifted was done except Article 8.

We can see where they are going … can’t we family?  You can jump, scream, cry, etc.   We need you to be focused.  This is God’s money and you need to be very serious about what you are going to do.  You need to pay attention to your stewardship with God. 

I think we’ll see a lot of “lottery-winners” – but they’ll lose it all.  Can you afford a million-dollar insurance policy/maintenance on a million dollar home?  Don’t lose your money to the bank.

Look at the shadows of Article 8.

I believe that Iraq is ready.  The timing is right for them to raise the value / exchange rate.

We all know that Iraq is as stable as an 8.3 earthquake.  They will always have bombings because of their theological issues.  Iraq [government officials] is just a bunch of families that hate each other, tribes that hate each other. 

The citizens on the other hand are beautiful.  They will take care of you if you are in danger, feed you, care for you.  The middle-east culture is a beautiful culture.

The middle east will always hate each other … but this INTERNATIONAL status will not solve all of these problems … but Abadi has told the citizens they will see a change soon … although it will be a long-road. 

IMO – I believe that over the years … they will fuse together because they will see how they can make money together.

We are building embassies all over Iraq.

Money is the root to all wars.  Iraq – fix your money.

Certifications … SWIFT codes … this is all good.

We have so much to share, but we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

The BIS told Iraq a long time ago to go ahead and raise their value.

I told you … give me Mosul … and you’ll see INTERNATIONALISM!

The confidence in Iraq is changing everything.

Abadi is building confidence in the GOI and the INTERNATIONAL world.

The citizens are pouring back into Iraq with tears of happiness to their homes.  They know about the reforms.

IMO – we who brought liberation (US Troops / Coalition Forces) – we aren’t going anywhere.  This must and will seen as an Arab victory. 

Meanwhile the USA sits there … [HOORAH!] … “what’s next?”

Article 8 … is that next?  No family.

What is?  Mosul!  That was my battle-cry … “give me Mosul!”

IMO – Mosul has significance for the GOI and CBI for a strategic form.

IMO – they are ahead of their schedule.  I don’t think they’ll go into July.

IMO – they are ahead of their time line … they’re aren’t saying anything … but we believe they are ahead of the conditions that they agreed too.

On March 28th – the BIS gave Iraq some conditions.

In Oct 2015 – the IMF got everything rolling

In February – the World Bank gave them their approval.

Jack Lew pretty much sign-off on everything.  Look at the Paris debt.

Will spend some time tomorrow … about 30 minutes going into more.

Do you remember Dr. S talking about 3 days?

Dr. S in 2012 talked about lifting the value … 3 days … holiday … remember that?

On the Arabic side only of the CBI website they are posting announcements.  The Arabic site is talking a lot.

We feel that the reason Dr. S. wanted 3 days … it will appear on the spreadsheet of the Arabic site … because legally he doesn’t have to release it until 3 days later.

He releases it to the citizens first … then for the rest of the world to see it.

hen we saw the article on Fallujah … we were happy, excited, emotional. 

If they tell you about Mosul … we believe that is a precursor for the RV of Iraq.  It would be seen as a flow-of-pride for the citizens and the rest of the world.

IMO – when Mosul is edited … then you and I … and the INTERNATIONAL world will see a FULL-RUN on the economic reforms.

The IMF is watching Mosul.

Iraq is going through a propaganda campaign with the citizens.  They are about to enter the “INTERNATIONAL” world.

We will tell you more tomorrow night.

Report of Maliki … an Ambassador of the US met with Maliki … (do you want a deal or not?)  Stay tuned for more tomorrow.

When you see Mosul … BOOM!!!

Tomorrow … (this topic may be a little touchy) … but I think we need to talk about it.  IMO – they will come out at 1 to 1 inside of their country.  Then 3 days later, you’ll take it. 

In Iraq … a Dinar is a Dinar.  You need to grasp that. 

We’ll talk  about it more tomorrow.

The purchasing power is about to change inside of Iraq!

CC ended in prayer.

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Message from Bluwolf, 24 MAY

Message from Bluwolf  

 5-24-16 WE MUST REACT TO THIS INTEL: It is a fact that there will be SOVEREIGN RATES but like all things it has been given a time stamp till the 31st of May to capitalize on that rate.

With yesterday now gone (where we expected our 800#) we are now schedule for today if God permits.  But see my point is what if for some reason,we don't get the number today,then we fall short another day. Which means that our crippled institutions are actually trying to shorten the actual time frame of this wonderful world event for humanity.

Now I know that these critters lurk around these sites and that being so,please place your concerns under comments so that they my react on and do right by all of us and right by humanity.

And for the Chinese dragon society you now know what is our problem,use your leverage today a lets get this done,for God wants this dream for the world to become a given today,not tomorrow but "TODAY"


Na'maste Bluwolf



Wmawhite :  Folks...you can take your "countdown clocks" for the end of June and throw them in the trash. 

Q: [why because it will happen before then?]  

Wmawhite:  The "it" to me has always been what the IMF stated last year..."that Iraq WILL enter into the economy market during the first half of next (2016) year." 

The "it" has been happening and IMO, with this agreement and the statement the IMF made...Iraq has walked through that door and has entered the economy market.

Quote: "...assumed that this loan helps to strengthen the credit worthiness of Iraq, and raise the credit rating, the building "umbrella financial | pave the way for the establishment of the seven major industrialized nations (G7) to provide credit facilities for Iraq " 

The Group of Seven (G7) is an informal bloc of industrialized democracies--the United States, Canada France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom...

First of all...IMO...they have entered (past tense)...done, they are in it, they are negotiating with the G7.

Second, IMO, a change in the status of the IQD will be a result of this action.

And why do I say this? Because Iraq has told us this very information.



Raindance777:  While I know that the wait is frustrating to all. Lets concentrate on the great stuff we (KNOW) (There are exchange centers) They are being staffed NOW) (WHY)???+ (SOON)!!!! Over the years we have NEVER) been talking to people in EXCHANGE CENTERS until recently. Focus on that folks. This is as real as it gets

Look at it as waiting on a bus. We know the route and that we are in the right bus stop. Bus is just taking longer to get to our stop due to the extra stops for pick ups due to the extra people waiting. (LIKE THE ALL COUNTRIES)!!!BUT THE BUS IS HEADED OUR WAY!!

MDS1965:  THE REAL TRUTH CALL:  LINK  ( Yosef/Fisher start about minute 53 )

I believe the replay number is as follows:605.562.3149 with the access code of 14153#

Myeyesadoredyou:  I'm listening to the Real Truth Call and Yosef just said all of the trades from today on the stock market were not able to be funded because no one is willing to accept US dollars. Is any of this real?

Myeyesadoreyou:  The first 50 minutes or so is them trying to figure out their members. Then Yosef pops in, then Fisher comes in.

Fisher just said yesterday (Monday) was the death nell for the US markets if the RV doesn't happen now.

Yosef said what is going on in the markets is the proverbial currency war and in the final countdown. Supposedly should be resolved at midnight.

Lostnq8:  dow up about 200 pts this morning - doesnt look like a crash so far today


SophieGirl:  I was really excited last night while listening to the call about new ways to help others that I had not thought about

Bob:  I just hope people are planning on 3.71, 2.27 and .65 for the rates they will get once we do exchange. Anything more is gravy.