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Blackeyepea : How is everyone this great day? Should not be long now. Everything we see happening is positive..I'm going with between today and tomorrow. Some reason they like Tues-Thurs and the night. God is with us..that's why we are here. It's certainly not because certain people want us here!

Q: BEP heard there were issues with cips sysem. any truth? how long to fix?

Blackeyepea:  Crazy I haven't heard that but these guys are so intricate I'm sure we are good now. I caution you all don't necessarily think we will exchange into asset..be prepared for Fiat to Fiat..it will be ok..just prepare.

Blackeyepea : It's all digital anyway..at the end of the day it's alllll digital..it will all spend.

Cornerstone :  BEP, it makes me wonder what the difference between exchanging into Fiat vs Asset backed, if they will be 1 to 1 at the beginning anyway?

Blackeyepea:  Corner it probably won't be one to one..We have info all over the place..I do know we are very close to getting our numbers..other than that much of this is speculation. Let me say this too. If certain ones were that concerned about a robust economy this would have been done and.not fought like it has been!

Blackeyepea : All this 3 day weekend stuff has come and gone. We just need this done. I don't think at this point it matters. It's about to be too late to turn this Titanic around. We are on borrowed time

Cornerstone :  BEP, do you know of anything that could be deemed a reasonable explanation for the delay of the 800s?

Blackeyepea: Corner excuses like system malfunctions..certain banks not fully on line..the dog ate the button of the RV..the cat hair got in the button pushers eyes..you get it?

I hope one day all this comes out to show some how deceptive and demonic some have been towards humanity!

Cornerstone: BEP, yes, and CL got lost on her way to Reno, lol. Nothing seems like a valid excuse. Lets just get this done already.

Blackeyepea:  Corner I still haven't heard CL say anything. I keep saying NO ONE going to show the hand in any of this. Let's get through the night Rascal. If need be we may do one tomorrow Bruce's call. I will advise. Pretty much all Intel is saying the same. Some are differing on rates etc..but really what does that matter..if we get .11-11.00 to 100 on the zim..it's more than we could dream

Blackeyepea : If we go by what they are doing in the redemption centers then yes Ray does not plan on a call Friday and neither should Wing it. We just need to stop trying to will it to happen by our constant need of it and keep giving it over to our Lord.

Rascal..it's already done..Our challenge has been the unknown and the wait. But let me say this ..the person whom has waited the longest has not waited long.enough to receive multiplied millions and some of you billions of dollars. Where they do that it?

Hell if you make 50 per hour which most Americans don't..do that for 12 years that's not even a drop in the bucket to what you will earn in interest on your money two weeks after you exchange..Be thankful my people! God has favored you with a blessing of the ages!

BEPS' AFFIRMATION: " I am so happy and grateful now that have redeemed all our currency with optimum rates and we operate in divine wisdom! We are Wealthy in body, soul and spirit..and in our bank.accounts. God has graced us! By divine order."

journey : BEP so much talk about Zim whats rates on VND?

Blackeyepea :  Journey..enough to make you holla!! Last I heard anyway..I called the person a liar! I called him a liar and told him when he had truth..call me back..lol!well he called back with higher..then I hollerd. Put it like this..even if there was no zim And you just had dong. You would be good..look at what they are doing over in Vietnam..

ON EXCHANGE APPOINTMENT: Get in and get out! We will be in redemption centers.

2thefuture :  I'll take the 2.40 on dong.

Moonbaby. I'm with u future but it's higher.

TNT: Ray's CC Cliff Notes, Wed., May 18, 2016

    • sunny said
      10:34 AM May 18, 2016
    Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.
    Ray:  Tweeted "No Intel" today.  Did not want you to miss one more opportunity for training till we go on the other side.
    Banks frustrated.   They are in a waiting stage to see . . . what and when it's going to happen.  I sent a request to TPB to wait until tomorrow to release since that is my birthday.  (Laughter) You guys, know I am just kidding.
    Ray thanked all the mods and those involved in this adventure and TNT.  Ray:  A shout out to the intel team, that we never hear from and you probably never will.  They came to us anonymous and want to stay that way.  Thank you to all who have been involved in this process.
    CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray:  Banks yesterday, said expecting and waiting.  We wait to see what happens over there (Iraq).  Push their currency through.  Now on an any minute, any hour, any day status with Iraq. 
    IRAQ:  IMF loan complete.  Quiet in the Green Zone. Everybody supposedly happy over there right now.  Nice and peaceful.  Citizens have accepted the current situation.  Ray:  They have enough money to finish the ER's.  When that happens is anybody's guess.  
    • CBI:  rumors Dr. Shabibi is back at the helm of the CBI.   Ray has nothing official on this.  Ray:  Nothing official, but information he is back in the lead chair.  That will help the acceleration, no doubt.   
    • Banks:   Rate changes in the banks 
    • IMF    
    • Rates:   After the recording ended:   ZIM:  Ray:  I'm talking "dollars" when I go in.  Not A Dollar.  I'm talking "dollars."  $10 - $13.  I would exchange it all at one bank, but I would not let it stay all at one bank.  
    ZIM Structured Payout:  Let's say there is a structured payout.  I've not talked to anyone that says it will be, but if there is. . .  If a 15% rate of return on that money I don't know where I'd get it anywhere else.  I can't train you guys on it because I can't get that kind of information.
    • EXCHANGING:   You are just changing your foreign currency for USD.  Ray:  You will walk into the bank a multi-millionaire and you will walk out a multi-millionaire.
    • Banks:  Ray has not heard from anywhere that WF is the only bank to exchange the ZIM!!!    
    • 800#'s:  No information either way, that we will or won't get 800 numbers.   
    • Packages:          
    EXCHANGING:  1)  Verification    Ray:  I'm not leaving it anywhere.  Whatever bank I'm going to exchange with that is the first and foremost - verification of currency on site in my presence.   Don't let your currency leave your eyesight.  Not until it's been verified, you have signed off and the USD is in your account.
    2)  Negotiation:  Ray:  I will negotiate anything and everything. Even the temperature in the room. 
    3)  Diversification:  If you can, diversify.
    MOVING FORWARD:   Ray:  First and foremost, recognize your life style is changing.  You won’t have to worry about foreclosure or people coming to take your car back. . . Put your money to work first and you will always be able to afford what you want to buy once you put your money to work correctly.   Use your heart not your head.  Don't miss out on opportunities.  Ask a question.
    More info Ray recommended at:  bit.ly/payingwithcash
    Q & A: TNT Forum
    Q. - I have a trust with a professional management group.  Can I have more than one trust? Ray:  Of course.
    Q. - Does Iraq really have so much control on this process/GCR?    Ray:  So far, based on what all of us have been able to see, hear and read, it is Iraq's wealth that has that much control.
    Q. - Is WF the only place to get the contract rates or exchange the ZIM?    Ray:  How often do we have to say this over and over?  Have not heard ANYWHERE that WF is the only exchanger of the ZIM.  Not seen anything in print or heard anything like that from WF.  If your hearing this from anywhere else, ask for it in writing.
    Q & A: Callers
    Q. - Is there anyone, anywhere that is trying to keep this from happening?    Ray:  I have not heard of any effort to block this or keep it from taking place.  I don't think there is any force out here that can prevent Iraq from RVing their currency.  We stand to benefit if no GCR.  I'm looking for that one currency to get back where it used to be.
    Q. -  Called several WF's and they told us no verification on the spot.  That they will send it off.   Ray: The minute a bank tells me, "no on the spot verification," I am going to another bank.  Is WF the only bank in your state?  Caller: No, it is not.
    Q. - Greetings from Round Rock, TX.  Happy Birthday tomorrow!  Personal banker told me it would be a great idea to have humanitarian projects to get higher rate on the ZIM. She said go to ??? to get some ideas.  Said she would go with us to the exchange. Ray:  Sounds like your talking to someone who really doesn't know.  She doesn't sound like she is involved in the process.  I’d have particular questions for them myself about the why of having a project.  Most folks don’t know as much as we know.  The banking people I talk with have made no mention of it.  I want to know the why and have some explanation for this.  None of my banking sources have said a word about it.  Not saying it’s not true.  I just don’t get any information on it.  I need more than what she said.  Ya'll need more than that.
    Q. - I want to buy a car.  Put large down payment on it to get my credit up.  Then you said to be the controller, not the owner.  Can my credit still be built?    Ray:  If your going to live the lifestyle of a controller.  Your personal credit will mean nothing because you'll hardly ever use it.  Entities, organizations will be doing most of the purchasing so you would not need to have (personal) credit.  Slow down.  Don't rush to get everything you want on exchange day. What do you need credit for?  If your trying to disappear and go under the grid, you don't need credit.   You have a lot of things you need to learn.  Could get a rental car for a few weeks.  You don't want to be the owner of that vehicle.  Just be able to drive it whenever you feel like it.  That's being in control. 
    Q. -  If we don't have 800 #'s how will we find the currency exchange locations?   Ray:  Call the banks and ask them for their exchange locations.  Ask if they exchange foreign currencies.  Don't mention dinar.  Use Canadian, etc.
    Q. - Is there a list somewhere that shows what countries are RVing their currency?  In the 1st, 2nd basket?    Ray:  No, I don't know of one anywhere.
    Q. - Where is list of 11 things to do?    Ray:   Go to:  tntsuperfantastic.com  Click on Forum and you'll see one link you can click on.   This is available for non-members to have access.
    Q. -  Hearing millions of Exchanges going on around the world?  Millionaire friend in Switzerland not been able to exchange.  Ray:  Millions, no not going to believe that.  Private exchanges, I can believe that.
    Q. -Talk to DC?  Have you heard Federal Reserve building closed down and UST taken over?  People in DC say you can go to the building and see it's closed and no one working there.   Ray:  Is this the same group that say the White House has been taken over and the Pres and VP replaced?  Even if it were closed down, it would not justify all these other things.  That's something that could be easily found out.
    Q. - Sang "Happy Birthday Baby," to Ray.  She has a good voice.   
    Q. -  I'm a Canadian.  Anything holding this up?  Been on baited breath, waiting and waiting for this to happen.  Why hasn't it?  Complicated with paperwork?   Ray:  I really don't know.  So many times it was scheduled to go.  I don't think anyone else on the call knows either.  We don't really talk with the people who make decisions.  Caller:  Want to help so many people. Salvation Army. At Ft. Murray, Canada, 88,000 people displaced.  (she was crying)
    Q. -  Dealers too supply us with 800 #'s?   Ray:  Never heard that.
    Q. -  Hard to believe they have kept banks staffed to exchange for as long as we've been told.   Ray:  Some exchange locations are branches and they are just conducting regular banking business while they are waiting.
    Today's focus is the three "tion" words.  Verification!  Notification!  Diversification!
    Now on an any minute, any hour, any day status with Iraq.  As of yesterday evening banks, were anticipating and waiting.  Now that Iraq - could be tonight, tomorrow.  Time will tell.  We will just wait it out guys.  Hold on.  Keep the faith.  Keep believing.  (played "I Believe").
    FOLLOWING the recorded call and music ending:
    Q. - Have heard about the Republic.  It's always been here but the corporation over it has been removed.  My daughter worked in it.  The United States of America corporation has been removed because it's been corrupting people.  That song, "I Believe."  My life has been about this.  A crucifixion.  I feel in my heart of hearts this is our time.  The evil doers have been removed.  People who have love for one another will be able to heal themselves.  I do know in my heart these things are real and true.  That's what I wanted to offer.  Namaste'.  Ray:   Thank you for sharing.
    Q. -  Good call.   Ray:  I didn't like it.  Didn't say when the RV was going to happen.  Caller:  Anything more about Dr. Shabibi being back in the right place?  Ray:  Nothing official but information he is back in the lead chair.  That will help the acceleration, no doubt.
    Q. - Initially told we could exchange a single 25,000 (dinar) note and have funds for needed items.  Still in play?    Ray:  Don't see there is a need to do that now.  But you could exchange one note on Thursday, do what you need to do, and then on Monday exchange the rest.  Inclined to believe if it comes out at $3.47 you know it's going up.  If you don't like the rate wait.  Sit on it a few days and see where it goes too.  I'm exchanging the other currencies to buy the dinar at $3.47.
    Q. -  Told dinar serial #'s tracked and so you could not exchange a 25K note and buy more dinar.  That was double dipping.     Ray:  That's not what we said.  Double dipping is buying the currency at the old rate.  That is why they shut down Sterling.  To my knowledge no one has a program like the lay-a-way that Sterling was doing. For instance, I would take Rupiah, at $1.05, exchange it and buy dinar at $3.47.  That is not double dipping to buy the currency at the new rate.  Just waiting for the new rate to go higher.
    Q. - Sometimes I'm on the call and yelling at the phone.  People just don't listen to what you have to say.  Appreciate the way you try to get people to go out and work.  They forget they are the person in control.   Reminded, someone who said, "Don't come to the field with your needs.  Come to the field with your knees.Appreciate your technique.  No real hype.  Praying for you Tony, DC, Pam.  Ray:  Try to address what they have a need in and work from that capacity.  
    2nd closing of the call:  Ray:  I sure hope and you have no idea how much I hope to give you a call on my birthday.
    (played, "Walk Into Your Season) 



5-18-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   "Allak...who is the governor of the CBI by proxy...taking bonds to Beirut with the head of the Parliament Committee for Economy and Investment, as well as the head of Iraq’s Business Council and Allak lays out to these people a plan to pay Iraq contractors with these bonds”   ...in other words they are calling them government debt bonds...now seriously contractors are you going to accept these bonds at 1166...of course not...you didn’t the first time and you aren’t going to do it again...so why would a contractor be willing to take a bond based as payment on a worthless program rate of a country...what is it that these contractors know...what are they being promised...


5-18-2016   Intel Guru Bluwolf
   Rates looking good...Date in God's NOW and it doesn't get any better than that...high will be the rates and all will be served.

5-18-2016   Newshound Guru Mountainman
   Article:  "Urgent Central Bank of Iraq will get $ 15 billion in loans" Quote:   "Keywords and said in we meet press...Iraq is expected to happen this year at $7 billion or more, and at the present time there are international approach to support Iraq..."     ...the ARTICLE Is WHAT We WANT IN INK...That says it {ALL}...IMO...SLAM DUNK DONE...Man this is AWESOME.l



Mountainman:  We See The IMF Set IRAQ in A Position to to Take the Necessary Steps to COOPERATE and NOTICE****{COORDINATE} the Loans that Tells Me that (THEY) are Proceeding FORWARD,(NOT) BACKWARDS w/the INTERNATIONAL PLAN for The GLOBAL MR and IRAQ'S Path Into the GLOBAL ECONOMY...

IRAQ has AGREED to Do what They have Been Told to do In ORDER to Receive the LOANS....I Sense A NO NONSENSE -We Are Moving this MR to It's Objective and the Reality that IRAQ is COOPERATING/COORDINATING w/ the IMF shows the COLLECTIVE Mindset of PROGRESS FORWARD......

 Notice the LOANS Still REFLECT From NOW this Year over the NEXT 2 Years.......

I believe the GLOBAL MR will Move FORWARD w/or W/out IRAQ......In Spite of Yesterdays Bombings.......The WORLD ECONOMIES Cannot  and WILL (NOT)Wait ANY LONGER and IRAQ Knows It ........In the END.....The NEW REALITY will be Just that ......A NEW GLOBAL REALITY.....With or Without.....IRAQ......IMO

Blessings,Mountainman  (8)=New Beginnings.........for A NEW GLOBAL REALITY........

BenBlessed1:  The Currency Reset
In My Opinion, we need to be aware of MASSIVE changes coming to the world's economic systems; especially ours in the USA, and so we hopefully are aware and prepared due to all the wonderful news and updates here from Frank, BackDoc, MM, PJ, ReddStar and Thunderhawk (And so many more- forgive me for not listing you); but have we planned for an extended shutdown (Say a year- like the lady who had a visitation from Yahshua was told to store food and water for 1 year) or even martial law which some politicians might prefer?

I am not fear mongering because we are commanded to ONLY BELIEVE! However, for some it is wisdom to plan ahead for our loved ones.

With asset backed currencies that have been in the making for over a decade (and perhaps some gold and silver) we will or should be able to survive severe financial losses that could lend to chaos for us and our families.  

Now In My Opinion, if you live in a country whose currency value will soon be increased due to the assets determined by the G-20's formula- you will have massive growth and opportunity; with increased purchasing power- but if not, you will need to dig in and brace the hopefully temporary storm of financial upheaval.

Some countries, IMO (USA, Canada G.B. etc.), will have their currency values go down Vs. (In the case of the USA likely DRAMATICALLY) other currencies values for trade- meaning higher costs for IMPORTS, but will allow for INCREASED sales of our products as they will be cheaper for other countries to purchase, allowing the return of factories and productivity based on USA ingenuity and insight.

Also, under TPP, we will have our intellectual rights protected against thievery from other countries. Under the TPP trade agreement oil prices will be controlled to stay lower- not likely $100 oil. (Likely $55-$75 bbl. for the next few years) They will be able to control OPEC and their price gouging. When Saudi Arabia depegs from the USD (All planned) the USD will- hmm...how do I say this gently?

Crash is not a good word- but DEVALUE greatly---along with many countries debts to us---AND OUR COUNTRY'S DEBTS! GONE! Then, as we recover, we start over with a NEW ASSET BACKED CURRENCY - possibly called the TREASURY RESERVE NOTE- likely or possibly doing away with the Federal Reserve... all planned- can you see the plan loved ones?  

Just now media (All news is now pretty much controlled by six corporations) is calling for audits and accountability for the Fed Reserve Bank- owned by the 13 families.  They are willingly doing this as they cannot print money at will anymore based on the new formula agreed to by the G-20.

Blessings and Shalom loved ones- we FEAR NOT! Yahweh is in charge. He has an agenda- finance His places of refuge for the WILDERNESS and finance His end time’s harvest of souls into His KINGDOM! 
Shalom to your heart, benblessed1

PS the Iranian Rial is low priced imo and I expect it to go up in value similar to the Iraqi dinar, as they are trading partners and Shi'ite brothers...hence we removed sanctions. So In My Opinion, it is a bargain!


Mountainman:  Very Well Stated and IMO......CORRECT.....PREPARATION and PRUDENCE is (NOT) A Fatalistic Perspective......Just that, One who has A"FAILURE to PLAN is A PLAN to FAIL" ...... MINDSET that can CAUSE Unneeded Heartaches...... IMO

Blessings,Mountainman  (8)=New Beginnings........for A PLAN.......







Dyoungdc:  Did we get confirmation Of CL.announcement and if so what it was?

Misskitty05:  dyoung on Bruce's call someone said the CL announcement was made on Sunday night on bloomberg but it was not out there for long ... they removed it. Multiple confirmations from people who heard it. CL said the world was going gold backed….. I guess they don't really want it out there until it IS out there but at least they can check the completed box on the checklist now.

Lostnq8:  GM = millions worldwide outside the US per bruce have exchanged - how much longer can the US hide this?

SnowLeopard:  , I believe that today's statements by AdminBill was significant. The GCR must incorporate a formal, structured process and conform to international implementatiaon best practices. Each step will be scrutinized by legal teams to ensure legal compliancy, prepared to withstand audit readiness. The Master Plan dictates the deployment steps


Saintly:  Oil up but a slow creep up this morning....The DOW is down but a slow creep as well.....all is positive (if these factors actually matter to the "button pusher")....and with the Iraqi banking system needing to comply to the IMF by the 1st half of 2016 along with other positives....Another day to stay positve for May!

RaginCajun:  Saintly- yes, you are correct, i thought oil would go down yesterday but it surprised me, let's see what today brings. I'm still excited for this month until the end of the first week of june….i really like memorial day weekend

Saintly:  Memorial Day wkend does go along with the 3 day wkend theory we have been hearing for years....so yeah....easy to believe for that one for sure!


Native001:  "If and when the banks within this web of debt begin recalling their outstanding liabilities, they may set a non-stoppable avalanche in motion – leading to a chaotic end of the system.

This end-run may have just begun. We have seen a gradual build-up since the end of WWII with the armament of the Cold War farce, and a high point with the manufactured sub-prime crisis of 2007 / 2008 / 2009, prompting an artificial and endless global economic  crisis which may come crashing down in 2016 / 2017."

Excerpt from: The Collapse of the Western Fiat Monetary System may have Begun. China, Russia and the Reemergence of Gold-Backed Currencies

http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-collapse-of-the-western-fiat-monetary ​-system-may-have-begun-china-russia-and-the-reemergence-of-gold-backed​ -currencies/5521107


Intel Highlights from The Big Call Tuesday 5-17-16

PinkRoses:  Bruce call starting

Bruce call: Bruce: Welcome everyone.

Bruce call: Praying call in

Bruce call: On call Steven, Sue, Josef, Robert. Bob might make it on the call.

Bruce call: Bruce: Here we are on a Tuesday night which could be our last night before our manifestation with what we have had verified. We are in a very good shape.

Bruce: Intel now....!

Bruce: We want to move forward with our investment. The blessing is nigh unto us. With that being said, lets get Josef opening comments

Josef: Welcome everybody to the big call.

Josef: Intel: Military helping, testing readiness, big birds tech to make sure we are safe in and out of redemption centers. Military presense as well as plain clothes. Good shape as far as security.

Josef: We heard staggering things about the blessing that await us. No dates and rates on the big call. We dont want to hyper stimulate you, not want you to lose control of being grounded.

Josef: We want you to be prepared. If you were thinking of different leters. If you were thinking of a M, think of a B, If thinking of a B, think of a T. meaning million, billion, trillion.

Josef: the banks we are working with WF as the lead bank as well as HSBC, bank of China, they have everything set for us. Dont want to misrepresent their position. WE know what we need to do, to bring, to perform. The banks looking forward to working with us.

Bruce: TD bank, Scotia bank in Canada. Citi bank and B of A. Looking forward to get us initially set up to move forward. Not an adversary relationship at all. WE will be treated very welcome. A partnership with the bank more than you ever thought before.

Bruce: We will be friends of the bank.

Josef: Community, time for us to draw near to the moment. Start looking around of our community to see all that ails us. If given the resources to give jobs, etc. if given magically that ability awesome time for your highest greatest good to come out.

Josef: Let your new highest greatest good go forward.

Josef: When the people see the rates on the screens they will have that moment. I hope the big call and it beyond the money, the training kicks in. I know the Govt agencies respect you, Bruce. WE do not always get it right. WE are like weathermen.

Josef: Neverless we try our best. That is my understanding of it. Bless the Hawaiian people. A wonderful time, Bruce. It is falling upon us, and let it absorb us, the Aloha of the moment.

Bruce: Beautifully said, Josef. We know everyone wants to be healthy. WE all sort of open to the concept of longevity. Keep in mind to be healthy to move forward.

Bruce: Sue, number points to go over what has transpired from last Thursday call.

Bruce call: 15 significant events since last Thursday morning

1.There has been 7 international narcotics treaties signed by our President to design and eliminate drug trafficking

Bruce: A real effort being made to go after drug lords, after people that would enslave us with drugs.

2) The swift system, stand for society for worldwide ... was quickly terminated and replaced outright by the cips system out of Bejing.

Yosef: If going to change out a financial system go from fiat to gold, make sense to change out the technology in the process. Apart of the delay or seem like the delay, dragging on the RV alot due to who prints and controls the financial system.

MalJV:  In case someone else is curious what CIPS means: The Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payment System (CIPS) is a payment system which, offers clearing and settlement services for its participants’ in cross-border RMB payments and trade. It is a significant financial market infrastructure in China.

PinkRoses:  Transactions that use to take 10 days or more take less than a minute.
Josef: Computers being so fast with cips, super computers incrediably fast, throw a bulk of money at it, in and out in matter of minutes. High frequency trading is why they had to develope cips, because what use to take days now takes less than few seconds.

Bruce: And it is more transparent than way better than it used to be.

4) Ownership of over 1500 metric... gold placed in Texas, The treasury reserve note, and US note is now gold back.

Josef: If US want to go sovereign gold, you have to have gold. Federal REserve created for 99 years to print our currency. They had seized all the gold in Fort Knox.
Federal Reserve started in 1913. They havent told the public it is gone. It is all there if you want to read it.

5) USN notes first seen when the new $20 bill is released. On the bill front the federal reserve not printed on it.

6) New USN is printed under the new treasury and backed by gold.

Josef: Long time ago a real threat to the world. Efforts were made for humanity. At this time when we see 1500 metric tons of gold, it is a moment like this if you understand the history is part reserved for this time. NOt just US, any country that is lacking.

Josef: Seems like the end of the end of a check list. Everybody listening, no one expected to go this long. If we had known how hard the road...

bruce: I know we had a little bit of activity in 'South America that been righted that needed to be to move froward as a world wide community.

8) This gesture of good faith after two world wars, the difference now the entire international system is being regulated by the Chinese elders from China not ? from EAstern Europe.

Robert: My comment would be we have been chosen to do our part for humanity. Shouldnt take it lightly. That is why we need our ducks in a row.

Bruce: Robert,, I know you have close relationsips with people in the east. so much of this belevolence come from China.

Josef: what do they expect from us, Robert?

Robert: They view us as people with this funds to do the right thing for humanity.

Bruce: Yes, we will do the right thing with these funds for humanity. We didnt know 10 years ago what we are looking at. Now, the sky the limit. WE are moving in an era of abundance.

Robert: It is okay to take the higher rate.

Bruce: The banks have structured bank payments that will allow us to have that longevity not only for ourselves but families of generation wealth that we will be able to pass on. That is good to know the resource there for us.

Josef: Not only to pass on to our family members but our community.

Josef: talking about using trusts to manage your wealth.

Josef: I speak of big things, big numbers, you will have the legal ability to hire to help. Who better than us to get it. No one on this call high rollers.

Bruce: We are stewards of this blessing, that is how we have to look at it. The banks will help us, then modify it as we need to do it.

9) Individual citizens of the world will have the opportunity to redeem at high rates. A new begining of the healing of the earth.

Sue: Stewards of this money, really have the opportunity to extend life, community, west to east. That is really our job, that is why we are on this call, to step in the role of our love, faith, healing, setting up this new potentials for humanity. I think that is why we have been given the high rates.

Josef: We will have the faith and courage to take the next step, then after that the next step. There are very courageous people that have the heart to serve.
Josef: Those in first in line will have the courage and the calling, that is why they are getting the rate.

Sue: Even if you havent done anything up to date, now the time to step forward. Exciting time.

10) American citizens will be assisting int he restoration of America when they participate in the higher rates, job creation = 45%, humanitirian projects - 50%. 5% ?

Bruce: those numbers will vary depending on the person helping their community, job creation, etc. These are ratios suggested we might take a look at.

Bruce: I like the idea of working with our local community. But also we have our woldwide community.

Josef: Say I am the average Joe. I have my immediate family, people I am physcial around. Then my circle of community I live, homeless, job creation, micro finance, single mothers, animals, etc.

Josef; Third: Always desire to reach every soul on the planet. NOt everybody has that dream, but it allows you to do outside of the borders of our community, race, religion. YOu will have the resource to accomplish.'

Josef; Personalize, community, global stregedy.

Bruce: I think on the big call we will try to assist people. We will be moving forward in these areas.

11) It has been comfirmed CL , IMF made an announcement to the world stating clearly all the currencies int he world are gold back

Josef: This represents the peaceful transition of power. This very important.
All prosperity claims, historical bonds, currency redemption,e tc. will begin the same moment

Robert: basically everything is parallel, everything will happen the same time.

Bruce: We are hearing for example the cips system havent been completed the system in place and ready basically to start. We understand the all the different countries are connected now with some new codes.

12) All prosperity claims, historical bonds, currency redemption,e tc. will begin the same moment

Bruce: Helps the system to function as it is intended. It is a very cool positoin we find ourselves in, a brand new system in place and I think ready to go.

Bruce call: Josef chit chatting

13) Over 8.5 million currency holders have redeemed already around the world including zim holders.

Josef: we heard it is our time maybe even today. Sometimes we get info we cant verify. The reality is so many beautiful souls have sacrificed their lives to give us this gift.

JOsef: Military leaders that have deflected, politicians that have stood up, lawyers, accountants, bankers, soldiers, the amount of people working in your behalf to give you this over centuries is so staggering, I walk all day in utter gratitude for the abundance provided for me by so many I will never know.

JOsef: They sacrificed their entire life for me. If you ever feeling you not getting what you want, think of those people, those families.

14) Over 30 million currency holders are expected to redeem in the first 3 months when the centers open worldwide.

Josef: not everybody getting the high rates, maybe 10% will. Many will get international rates.

Josef: depending on those who stuck this out. will be rewarded.

15) the ultimate purpose of the Chinese elders and European sovereign family have been to a new financial system of transperancy.

Bruce: Good moving in the direction of a new transparent system.

Bruce: Thank you Sue, thank you Josef. Sue: Thank you our intel providers. JOsef: Yes alot on that list, all the military, secret service. all these types contributing to this call.

Bruce: A group effort, a team, no I in team, all about all of us. Thank all of you for your contribution to the call tonight. I think we put out a lot of good info for ones to take with them.

Bruce: Again not calling it, we have had some good indication how close we are, but until we receive notification, we are standing by ready to exchange as soon as we are able.

Bruce: the plan to have call on Thursday. Hopefully this be our last information call before we exchange

Bruce: Thank you everybody, Robert, Josef, Kent, Sue, Steven
Bruce call: Kent praying call out

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