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Bruce ~ The Big Call 5-12-2016 Transcribers – pinkroses & Artneto

Bruce ~ The Big Call 5-12-2016  Transcribers – pinkroses & Artneto

p.  Bruce call: Bruce: Happy to welcome everybody. 5/12 equals 8. A big number.
p.  Bruce call: Bruce: We have Kent, Steven, and Josef on the call tonight. Not a whole lot of intel tonight.
Art.  Bruce says that he does not have a lot of intel, but something special for u
p.  Bruce call: Bruce opening call with prayer
Art.  Bruce praying
Art.  Bruce looking to be notified of 800#
Bruce call: Bruce: NOt have the longest call tonight. Look for to be notified. See if that happens or not during this call.
Art.  Bruce / Kent starting Bible lesson
p.  Bruce call: Kent teaching lesson on
Art.  Bruce/Kent lesson is - Be grateful for what we don't have, and wait patiently for what is to come
p.  Bruce call: Yosef: Aloha means many things, affection, hello, goodby...Means your essence, breath of life, like you are truly showing yourself in your glory.
p.  Bruce call: Bruce: Kent, not very long tonight. Not much intel left.
Art.  Bruce intel NOW!! bringing in Yosef
p.  Bruce call: Yosef: Its quite a word, perfect word. Bruce: We are in a perfect time to give our Aloha out tonight we believe. A shout out, Aloha out to Bluwolf who has been in 12 years. Haven’t heard from him in a long time
Art.  Bruce/Yosef praising Bluewolf for his contribution. Bluewolf is from Puerto Rico and PR is in financial turmoil tonight
p.  Bruce: Our prayers go out to people in Puerto Rico where Bluwolf lives. WE are thinking of you guys there. Want everything to come out in a good manner, positive resolution in Puerto Rico.
p.  Yosef: Puerto Rico, an important Island for the United States. before we get into process of going in. Touch in a little intel
p.  Yosef: We know you come to this calls to hear something. Just know a handful of us in the community talk 24 hours. a variety different sources, banking, military, Europe, different banks feeding us information.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef intel is not magical tonight. Just know that information is coming from Europe, banks, military, political that they speak with almost 24 hours per day
p.  Yosef: We know alot of those types of institutional people with us tonight. Welcome them.
p.  Bruce: We know this going to bless not only us and our families but alot of people in humanitarian projects, employment, all classes of people will be benefited by this.
p.  Yosef: We been preaching the stewardship and great responsibility of great wealth. Not taken lightly. My deepest prayer is the audience and those listening for many years have attended a higher degree of love when they receive this blessing our hearts so big we can manage the blessing.
Art.  Bruce is welcoming the banks that he believes listen to Big Call. Bruce is thanking the banks for helping in the facilitation of the transfer of wealth. Also thanking Canadian banks. Scotia bank in Canada might be handling the Zim
p.  Bruce: WE want Josef when we go through this exchange, we want to partner with the bank. Not an adversary relationship. We want to work with them with humanitarian projects
Art.  Bruce/Yosef discussing partnering the banks for humanitarian and employment opportunities that will become available with these funds. It is not an adversarial process.
p.  Yosef: I am not a banker, accountant, Bruce: not an attorney, cpa, just doing this to give to the community.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef disclaimer about the POSSIBLE process that he is giving us. Yosef is not a representative of any bank. Just offering what he knows and believes as a gift to the community
p.  Yosef: WE are sharing what we heard, take it, leave it, pass it on, throw it away.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef On Tuesday they heard that banks are actively preparing for funds that will come into the banks within the next 6-7 days
p.  Yosef: WE understand the banks are actively engaged in preparation to receive the 20 million or so coming to the banks the next 6 or 7 days. B
p.  Bruce: Yes those paying attention blogs
Art.  Bruce/Yosef security perimeter will stretch for miles, not just at the bank/redemption centers
p.  Yosef: Also know the banks have confident security coming and going to the banks. Perimeter stretches 3, 5, 7 15 miles. When we go to the site and when we leave for our protection.
p.  Yosef: tremendous happenings in the world today. Apprehensive and removal of people that have stopped, interfere with, intentionally deceive alot of arrests and removal today all around the world.
p.  Bruce: round up of the bad guys
Art.  Bruce/Yosef lots happening in world to clean out corruption - arrest and removal of people who have breached, interfered with, and deceived. A round up of the bad guys.
p.  Yosef: WE shifted gear from playing defense to playing offense. Alot of people committed their lives for the like today
p.  Yosef: WE honor those we cant see, great acts of heroism and righteousness
Art.  Bruce/Yosef heroism and righteousness for the greater good
p.  Yosef: We also know that we not mention dates or rates on this call.
Art.  Bruce /Yosef no dates or rates.
p.  Bruce: WE dont because this thing is a process, we are really close, dont know the exact time, come as a thief in the night. The rates are changing upward. so we dont want to quote anything the rates subject to change.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef rates are changing, but changing upwards so Bruce does not want to speak on them. Yosef says better than you ever thought!
Art.  Bruce/Yosef ask yourself, how much is enough?
p.  Bruce: might change for the better, so be confident the rates great. Yosef: yes rates better than you ever thought. Comes a point how much is enough. WE want to encourage the public what number or lifestyle you want to live that will
Art.  Bruce/Yosef you don't want to hurt yourself by taking on the responsibility of too much money
Art.  Bruce/Yosef Just take what is needed for your lifestyle and to assist generations of your family. Do not feel obligated to take the maximum rate
p.  Yosef: create the greatest good. Dont take more than what is in your heart> Take enough money for generations of your family, dont feel obligated to take the highest rate.
p.  Yosef: Some people just want to grow their family, give local community. Some of you need to expand, if desire to help people to start business, communities, missionary work. Homelessness
p.  Yosef: some people will come up, some people will come down. Whatever your level is, think of it before you go to the exchange. If I walk out of the exchange with this so happy, with less not so happy, with more maybe feel uncomfortable.
Art.  Bruce/yosef doing the greatest good would be to take what you are comfortable with. Seek your threshold of responsibility.
p.  Bruce: to him much is given, also much required. more given more required of you, how I look at it.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef the more you are given, the more is required of you (Biblical) so take enough to meet the requirement that you are comfortable completing
p.  Yosef: The Chinese family that have guarded the wealth of the world, diplomat and govt stood up for us and our country, military, we have an obligation to fix our country. When we get the blessing you are responsible for yourself, your family, also your community and those who have nothing, the weak.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef you are responsible for those who have nothing, the weak, the meak, not just to yourself and your family
p.  Yosef: Not acceptable to walk pass those ones. Put that moral hazard on people
Art.  Bruce/Yosef God will be watching
p.  Yosef: Encouraging news the banks are prepared for us short and all programs that will help manage our money. If we have immediate needs, we can immediately infuse that with capital.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef banks have programs for us to complete our immediate, and long term project needs
p.  Yosef: This is an exchange checklist I came up with.
p.  Yosef: 1) when you get the 800 numbers by email, call etc. you have to select a bank.
p.  Bruce: We should get several different 800 numbers. Majority will use WF. Yosef: If you have Zim use Wells Fargo. NOt sure wtih Canada, so when you call ask if there is a bank that is specifically taking Zim.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef exchange checklist created by Yosef … #1 you must select a bank and they will give you 800# that corresponds to the bank of your choice. Wells Fargo if you have Zim. Period. IF in Canada, ask which bank is exchanging Zim
Art.  Bruce/Yosef over 5,500 redemption centers. even if you do not have a WF bank in your area, WF will have a presence in those 8 states that are lacking WF, so don't' worry about it
p.  Yosef: There are over 5500 redemption centers. You will have coverage with WF all over. Bruce: Use whatever bank you choose.
p.  Yosef: Bank asks for your zip code to know where you want to exchange, They want to make sure they place you properly with what currency you hold to exchange.
p.  Bruce: If you want to go out of state. Not tax professional. Our understanding this is going to be a tax free exchange. You want to minimize your travel if you can.
p.  Bruce: If you want to go out of state. Not tax professional. Our understanding this is going to be a tax free exchange. You want to minimize your travel if you can.
p.  2) Banks ask for what zip code you wish to exchange in
Art.  Bruce/Yosef #2 to those who are considering going out of state to exchange use a LLC in a state income tax free state (nevada New Mexico, Florida) - Bruce advises against it for safety reasons
p.  Yosef: Redemption centers will be available for exchange as the bank centers immediately
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - call centers will be open immediately once we receive 800##. As such, those with Zim will be pushed to the front due to time limits on the Zim
p.  Yosef: Some people have spouses they want to wait for, or traveling. if that is the case wherever you are try to get into a bank as soon as you can.
Art.  bruce/Yosef again, try not to travel. just get into the bank nearest you
p.  Bruce: When you call, let them know you have Zim if you hold Zim first then the other currencies.
p.  Yosef: You can bring someone with you if you cant see, need help in the door or scared of the exchange. Advise them no drama situation.
p.  Bruce: Suppose to be no more than 3 people at any one appt time.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef can bring someone with you if you have physical disability. However, No more than 3 people - only if needed. Also, advise those people not to be dramatic!
p.  Yosef: Then when you arrive: show id, allowed to drive on the property, security you will see and security you not see. Alot of both plain clothes police, military. very well protected.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef show your ID to security to be allowed onto the premises
p.  Yosef: Get into the exchange center. Present your ID, currency, and trusts, llc. wise to bring gift letters.
p.  Bruce: Picture ID, at least one utility bill with your address and name.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef once you are inside the facility, you will be on a list. Bring gift letters (may not be necessary to show) as many photo IDs as you can, even if out dated. At least one utility bill with your address and name on it.
Art.  Yosef: They will put your currency in the Delu machine. They will ask you exactly what you wish to accomplish. programs will be discussed.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef before they quote rates, they will ask what you wish to accomplish
p.  Bruce: If you have a plan that you have put out, typed one page situation you can leave a copy with the person in front of you. you keep a copy you read out loud. you have a one minute presentation.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef if you have a plan typed out - leave a copy with the person so that you can present your humanitarian project. While you explain the project, they can follow along with your written plan.
p.  Bruce: If you dont, you can tell bank you wish to do projects with the bank. Take approx. 50% leaving with the bank for humanitarian projects, 45% with job employment opportunities, keeping people working, putting people to work, They will be very much interested in that component.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef 40-45% for job creation, reviving old businesses, keeping people working, etc. 50% Humanitarian, 5-10% liquid for your own personal use
p.  Bruce: 5% 10% that is the amount liquid for your own uses. CAnt go into the programs. If you have 5% leftover for your immediate needs. WE taking about with the large rates available, huge amount.
Art.  Bruce/yosef 5% for immediate use is a HUGE amount of money. Plus, you will be earning money that is still in the bank.
p.  Bruce: Plus earning money with the money still left in the bank.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef some rates are so high that you many only need 1% for personal use - especially if you have Zim
p.  Yosef: Agreement with that. RAtes so high especially with Zim, I plan on taking 1% in equity. 99% for rest. EVen break up the 1%. WE are in really good hands. Its okay to trust the person across from you.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef then you will reach an agreement, that will be reduced to a written, contract, NDA
p.  Yosef: NDA not too complicated. Even if you go into a skeleton trust with the bank. Sign the contract, equity in hand. ask you if you need cashier checks, a handful of them.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef they will ask if you want to cut checks to pay bills, tithe, send to another bank - just a handful, not 100! Just get 3 max if you need them
p.  Bruce: Just get a couple of cashier checks. I’m getting one or two just to open another acct at a bank. Paying of bills, debt can do with your other bank.
p.  Yosef: You can deposit the cashier check on the way home. Keep line going and respect the process.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef get cashier’s check for another bank, then go to that bank to shut cheeks to pay bills. Be respectful of the line of people behind you. don't take too much time
p.  Yosef: They will ask you if you want to follow up with a trust officer with the bank, option to set that up at that time.
Art.  Bruce then they will ask if you want to meet with WM, asset manager, etc, they will schedule at that time
p.  Yosef: Can also receive some cash. Bruce: Yes, up to 9,000 dollars or so. I wouldnt try to stuff your pockets with the cash. You will have a debit card option. Not going to need thousands of dollars necessarily to leave with.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef can take up to $9,000 cash. Bruce believes will walk out of bank with debit card, so don't need to walk out with thousands.
p.  Bruce: I would guard against having too much cash, flashing cash, makes you a target. There are black cards to be offered. They enable you to do alot. Realistically if you went to your local normal restaurants you been to, put out your black card, you can be compromised.
p.  Bruce: They say this guy loaded he has a black card. You dont want that. Just get a normal bank card. Yosef: I want to blend out. less is more. People in sales or in using their personality to networking, alot of us have developed those traits.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef banks may offer Black cards with no limits. Bruce believes bad idea because if vendors know what the card is, you are now a target. Everyone knows that you are rich because you paid with a Black card. Best to blend in with normal people - gold card, platinum is just as good
p.  Yosef: When this happens, you dont need to attract same kind of energy or attention you use to because you not looking to profit from someone. Your facebook, social status have to be alot more selective of those around you.
p.  Yosef: Alot of phone numbers, emails get changed. If you show up in area where not alot of wealth you show up in a shiny new Cadillac.. Bruce: Blend into the neighborhood.

p.  Yosef: Really wealthy people are very subtle how they go about their business. Safest thing is immediate (?).
Art.  Bruce/Yosef The REAL wealthy - you don't know their names because they operate through trusts. they are anonymous
Art.  Bruce/Yosef - now you are leaving the facility. Do not go get drunk/drug!
p.  Yosef: You completed your redemption, left the redemption, on way home. careful of excess like drink, narcotics smoking that can wear the body down. Your health comes very critical now because you not only worth alot more, but worth to the community to help.
p.  Yosef: signed a private contractor with the bank serves as a nondisclosure. Cant go out and tell people. Bruce: you cant get on the phone, texting.
p.  Yosef; at bank, no electronics. phone, ipads, etc
Art.  Bruce/Yosef NDA prohibits you from texting people, FB, calling people with details about transaction. Oh, you will have to leave phones in car, or surrender to security, before entering facility
Art.  Bruce/yosef be humble around people who have not redeemed.
p.  Yosef: We are very aware remaining humble around people who did not redeem. Others did not train for this race. Almost everybody you know. You suddenly a superman, superwoman that you have a cape that says RV on the back and you cant bring it out.
p.  Bruce: YOu got to just chill, be humble, meak, compassionate, try to be your old sefl in that sense. Find the opportunities to give. Dont do it where the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef You are suddenly a superman/woman. Stay in phone booth! Don't come out trying to save the world, publicly. Be humble, and stay anonymous. Try to find people to help, but don't make a show of it
p.  Yosef: somebody talked about leaving big tips. I wouldnt do that. Tip generously, pay meals, do it walk out the door.
p.  Yosef: You can unanimously give at like a church event. IF you put your name on it it be like showing a black card saying I am rich. We not have had this wealth before. It is wise even the strong amongst us that they humble themselves more.
Art.  Bruce/yosef It is easier to find God in poverty than it is to Find God in Wealth! You will need God more when walking in the footsteps of a giant
p.  Yosef: We will be the leaders instead of the oppress. transformation.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef this is what the Bible talks about of being bold in Christ, becoming angelic in our words and deeds. Here is our opportunity
Art. Yosef: Surrender to your highest power for the event because it is easier. I care about your soul, you enjoy this experience. Everybody wants you to thrive in this blessing. If you ever sad, dont know what to do, go out and help somebody.
p.  Yosef: You cant feel bad when you are helping others.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef That's the end of the list.
p.  Bruce: That is it. WE really think we are at the point to utilize this. looking forward to receive the 800 numbers shortly. If we do get these numbers, be on our website under banking.
p.  Bruce: email: ministry@thebigcall.net.
Art.  Yosef: appreciate all on the call tonight. Thank you Kent, Bruce
Art.  Bruce: I am not corresponding by email at this time. Kent receive them.
p.  Bruce: Thank you Yosef for coming in. Kent appreciate. Lets us all believe the timing is right for this to come tonight. Thank everybody in the community that helped us and been there for us.
Art.  Bruce/Yosef Be Ready! Extending great love and appreciation for those who have contributed over the last 4 years.
p.  Yosef: On behalf of all the mods, people that have come like Bob, Sue, Pastor Steven, and others, we want to extend our love and appreciate for your heart and steadfast service. You always kept us focus what was truly important.
p.  Yosef: Helping our brothers and sisters, pray for people even those we dont know. On behalf of everybody want to express our love for all you have done.
p.  Bruce: Thank you, I appreciate you, Josef. You have made a huge contribution to the community.
p.  Bruce: I do want us to continue to get together and talk, projects, extend the bigcall beyond the redemption process. I know Kent, and Yosef be there, and Sue. Look forward to a smooth transition.
p.  Bruce call: Kent praying call out
Art.  Bruce - Kent is praying us out. Call is ending






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5-12-2016   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG    For all those pointing to the bombings of today as some kind of "major" reasoning for no RV...This is classic ISIS strategy - every time Baghdad gets close to some kind of resolution... they do their best to throw a wrench in the works.  It is in their best interests to keep Sunni moderates and Shia progressives at odds with one another...They almost HAVE TO HAVE this chaos to survive... ironically (and this is why many are saying Maliki needs to go to jail) Maliki needs the same thing...  What the bombings tell me - ISIS is worried about some coming "alignment" of the GOI - Sunnis and Shias... ALSO - Maliki's "sitters" (protestors in Parliament) are contesting every single move by MP's trying to get things done for the Iraqi people...this all becoming more and more obvious to the average Iraqi. Bad news for crooks and terrorists.

5-12-2016   Intel Guru Frank26
   Imagine if this would have happened three, four, five years ago when it was supposed to...alot of people would have missed out on the opportunity...now that time has gone by from when they were supposed to do it...I think that the popularity of this subject has really grown.

5-12-2016  Newshound Guru Breitling  Lots of great info out there…principle based investing…Iraq is not going to take a 180.  Iran compared to Iraq.  They are competing in the same oil.  Iran does not have as much oil as Iraq…that's one of the scenarios you have to understand and look at.   The other is in order for Iran to pull out a barrel it's $15…for Iraq it's $6…there you go it's half the price for Iraq to be able to do it.  So not only does Iran have not as much oil it cost more to take it out of the ground.  So they are not about to compete with Iran on that level and if they [Iran]  do sell it on the Euro in the end it's not going to mean anything…70% of the economy of the globe is running itself on the US dollar.  32% of the world's economy is the United States.  One country 32% of the world's economy.  70% of the currency used in trade around the globe because it's internationally used [is the US dollar].    


5-12-2016   Newshound Guru Mountainman   The WTO Awaits the CELEBRATION of the Ceremony in June...So EVERYTHING else we see Culminating Now is The SIGNS We Need to See...PROGRESS for the FINAL VOWS...So to Speak...IMO.

5-12-2016  Intel Guru Bluwolf   There is only a one rv basket with only 20 countries to revaluate, the rest will either devaluate or make minor adjustments to there current currency values.  all will move sistimaticly and are synchronize to go into existence simultaneously...THERE WILL NOT BE ANY DOUBLE DIPPING WHAT SO EVER.   ONCE the revaluation is official those rates will be maintained for a time lapse of no less then 30 days.  ..."this shall come to pass as a thief in the SILENCE of the night." And not before!  


There are in the United States 28 million dinarians and in one of the territories 1,900,000 dinarians which = 29,900,000 Americans.

That being so I just got a call from a person that states that a certain fellow in the SOUTHWEST  has stated that once he passes the groups that he represents that no one else will be able to exchange.

​Well please teach or instruct me on how all of a sudden you my friend has been redeem as the almighty king and that let's say your 2 million or less groups will be the ones to  only have the privilege to get exchanged or redeemed . 

No need to contact me to explain this situation, inform us all through one of our dinar medias,for it is the people that you represent who are giving us your divine and kingnish message. 

My friend according to our original plan ,a plan built by Studley and many of us,one thing I can say is that watch out for how all the 29,900,000 of us will be stampeding on your kingnish parade.

We will have our 800#, we will exchange according to the original plan and you will apologize and respect all 29,900,000 of us.

Cause you ain't a entity that has any power what so ever,how dare you make these types of statements.



DELTA:  (From Monday CC)  ...a month ago a columnist in Iraq said that all the citizens they know something has to happen...that they are expecting a revaluation...

This columnist was saying he was expecting something within two months…

This article was a month to a month and half ago so people are expecting change.