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5-10-2016   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   We have always stated that currency reform must occur prior to the transition to a market economy.  Which is very important to understand since we know Iraq is trying very hard to transition away from oil and create a more diverse economy.   As part of the Balassa-Samuelson effect the growth of the economy and the appreciation of the currency are directly related.  This statement from the IMF report above further confirms this... "...The non-oil private sector remains relatively small and, consequently, has been only a limited source of growth and employment. Because oil is an exhaustible resource, new sectors need to be developed so they can take over as the oil and gas industry dwindles. Over-reliance on oil also exacerbates macroeconomic volatility..."

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    IMO, Abadi has completed everything that was asked of him from the WB, IMF, UN and USA for quite some time.

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   just thinking...the value of a currency unless under some sanction as the UN put on Iraq, follows the value of the resources of the sovereign nation. Im not sure how the banks having to be restored interacts with the value of a currency...availability yes, but not sure about value. The trade markets and all the taxation, tariffs, taxes, etc, determine the monetary value of the currency...if the currency is internationally accepted, the changes in international values happen in the market place, not because some one if afraid something bad might happen. The US $ changes value several times a day as do all world currency trading markets. currency traders move billions of currency every day. so i personally imo think that after the UN sanctions were satisfied, the currency should by economic principal have reached the international trading value.

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    Two separate trains on two separate tracks heading in the same direction...monetary reform headed to enter the economy/global markets and the governmental reformers ready to support Iraq going forward....Gold reserves still at 90 tons...getting a handle on the corrupt auctions...the monetary reform train is still speeding down the track towards the economy/global markets...."life is good"...

5-10-2016   Newshound Guru Islandg1211   There appears to be a calm after - and maybe - before the next storm in Iraq.  Sadr is suddenly being quieted. Abadi has at least five Ministers. The Kurds again used their threat to not show up, thereby denying a quorum, as a bargaining chip, to get paid. But, they seem set to go back to work.  Letting the RV go through independently, arresting Maliki, keeping Sadr quiet, and changing Ambassadors, may finally bring progress.   ...the RV is the first step towards rebuilding and diversifying the economy and moving towards a growing private sector.  Thus, the Monetary Reform which cumulates in an internationally recognized currency with value, prompts both progressive changes politically within the GOI, and the economy.

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  Article quotes: "Parliament sessions should not take place in the absence of Kurdish MPs, because Kurds are an important part of the Iraqi political process,"  "deputy from the Kurdistan Alliance said on Saturday, that the Kurds minister will not attend the Cabinet meeting scheduled tomorrow in Baghdad."  Kurdish MPs say they welcome Jabouri in Sulaimani and may hold talks with him but they are far from moving back to Baghdad any time soon. Sunni MPs are not ready to return to the parliament either "until they are reassured of their safety."  [Did I hear right somewhere that parliament was taking 2 months off?]   Not that I have read. Actually Jubourri calling to reconvene asap.  Waiting to hear whether the Kurds will end their boycott of Parliament and whether the Sunni will return to Parliament.


Aggiedad77:  Hello Family.....I hope you are JUMPING UP and DOWN with JOY at the NEWS today....WOWSER....it's been full of STARS.....I've only just skimmed it as I made my way to the end of the posts....but I'm EXCITED.....get there with me.....Abadi is moving forward indeed.......the COM met.....10 of them.....Abadi steps up to the plate and says I'll take on the Oil Minister's position....good for him

Oh before I forget the CC Notes from last night are below....enjoy    Aloha   Randy

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CC Notes from Monday May 5, 2016

Frank26:  As always what we do is we review…..let’s review very briefly what we talked about last Monday…..we talked about…..basically Security….and we spent like 15 minutes going into it to review it…..but no not today, we will pick up on just one subject….remember what it was….the two Holy Men….

I call them a Good Holy Man and a Non-Good Holy Man….Sadr is not a good Holy Man….but then again he is a good Holy Man…..he doesn’t like us therefore he is not a good Holy Man….but he has his reasons why he should not like us and he has his reasons….so who am I to judge him….but he doesn’t like us and he would much rather see us fail than succeed…..

Compared to Sistani who is working with the US and who brought in Sadr…..ok this is all old news, this is in your notes and you know all about this…..but we left off last Monday in telling that Sadr told the citizens…..bust  on into the Green Zone, just get in there and start causing trouble….which is what Sadr wants…..but not Sistani….sadly enough he was successful…..

And what did we do….we just simply backed off….remember I told you….and what did I call it….Star Trek….the Prime Directive….let’s see we can stand there with our advanced weapons that they don’t understand….or we can back off…..but we won’t disappear…..but if they cross the line we will stop them won’t we…..yes we will…..we did didn’t we….yes we did.
WOW…..so how did all this protesting come around…..how did it come about….one of the things the citizens are trying to tell the GOI is that we know you want us to stop the MCP…..but we are not in the mood to stop the MCP….you guys started it….why should we stop it…..shouldn’t you stop it first…..I’ll tell you what….we will stop the MCP if you stop the MCP.
So we decided to get together…..we being the GOI and the CBI….hey guys….what do you think about bonds…..they didn’t work the first time…..they are going to work this time….now if we do get rid of the MCP then these bond have a much better chance don’t they…..yes they do…..they will raise our funds and we will get the citizens in….why don’t we give toys to the children….maybe we will get the parents in….we told you that last week…..believe it or not….that is the Gospel truth.
So in all of this confusion and all of this madness….the truth…..the heart that beats for the Monetary Reform was talked about with the citizens and the government of Iraq….but the articles said this…and this…and this….and what did I tell you….what did I tell you to do with those articles…..so once again I tell you for the umpteenth time….you join us and say….you know you were right Frank….because I am here to tell you that those protesting that occurred were successful….

And I’m here to tell you that they accomplished something…..you don’t think the citizens also know they must stop the Multi-Currency Policy….how many times have we told you…..citizens will you please come into the banks…..no….citizens will you please open an account……no…..citizens will you please come and get these ki cards so we can communicate…..no…..citizens we got some bonds will you please bring in your 000’s…..no…..I mean the citizens are not stupid and they know very well…..and this little conversation….whatever the article might have told you…..we are here to tell you…..the citizens said…..we KNOW what you want….but you go first.
You want us to stop the MCP, the Multi-Currency Policy, we use our own currency…..someone on our forum asked….do the Swiss dinars have anything to do with what is going on right now……yes and no…..yes and no…..NO….because it has nothing to do with any currency they going to use….or are using…..but…..the Swiss dinar notes were actually used by the citizens…..it had Saddam’s face on it….but….they made funny faces on it and they made them into one’s, five’s, ten’s….whatever….I told you they had their own bartering system….they use gold….they use the  Euro….they use the USD….they used anything they could…..it was their bartering system….they created their own market with their own rate….you know that…..that is what the IMF said back in December…..stop this….stop all the nonsense for God’s sake….in fact….turn in your homework….we will be there in January and we will start this all over again and that is pretty much what happened…..or is happening right now.
Alright…..so the citizens said…..you go first…..we will stop using all these different currencies….but you go first you stop using it the auctions…..if you stop using it in the CBI’s…..if you stop paying payments with anything but IQD….you go first suckers….you show us the way….ok.
So here is what is going on…..they need to stop the MCP in Iraq….the government….so the citizens will say….ok….we will do it too…..because until the government does it….the citizens are going to say….UP YOURS…..we will continue to live in our world…..we will continue to protect ourselves….we have our own society…..we have our own niche….we have our own marketing system here…..our own value…..UP YOURS…..but….you are offering toys for the kids….is that true…..Top Value stamps….S&H Green Stamps….ok we will be in there…..no that’s not why…..

The reason why is that when they busted in their they were able to communicate about a lot of things….the coins…the LD’s….really….who’s got that stuff…..really….the Rafadain and Rasheed Banks….Dr. Shabibi is doing all this stuff…..really….you got a machine to print currency…..really……does anyone else know this…..no…..but you are going to tell the rest of the world….when…..Sunday….Monday oh really….that is good timing for Frank’s conference calls….ok….well that is fine with me.
So what are we going to do….we are going to get you into the banks…..no….stop it….no you stop it….listen to us….almost a year….almost two years ago you flooded the whole market here….you tried to drown our market….you tried to get rid of our black market…..you put all these laws and regulations on the street vendors….you tried to make it hard on us didn’t you…..but it didn’t work….almost two years ago you flooded our market with the stupid USD….you said to us….the citizens….come on in….we are flooding the market with USD’s you want to buy some…..sure….well come on in….bring us your currency….your IQD’s and we did….you know the stupid ones….the 50’s, the 100’s, the 500’s, the 1,000’s the ones that you didn’t want….and we hoarded all the 000’s…..you think you were fooling us, no…..we put what you wanted underneath the camel’s belly….

So you flooded us with USD….what do you want us to do…..you want us to give you our currency….our 000’s…..but you flood us with USD….and now you expect us to come back into the banks and give you those USD’s so you can give me LD’s and coins…..no….well we gotta work this out you guys….we gotta work this out together….so please let’s see if we can do this….no….but there is one way that we will do this….oh really citizens….what….the same way that the IMF is telling you….because we know what the IMF is telling you…..you want us to add value to the currency….YES.
I need for you to listen very carefully right now….because what I’m about to tell you is important…that is why I stopped.
Now I think that you know it already Family….and you should know it….but I see the evidence that you don’t know it…..and I want you to write this down…..here I will write it with you….get a piece of paper….get something to write with…..alright….check this out….let’s label….1, 2, 3, 4…but let’s do it not from the top to the bottom from the left to the right.
Flooded Iraq with USD’s….now we know why right….to collect the 000’s….but the citizens were too smart and they didn’t do it.

Add value to the IQD…….The citizens now say, especially these past weekend where they busted down the doors to the GOI….they say to them….we will work with you….but you got to do what the IMF is doing….and you know what they are doing….so #2 is ADD VALUE TO the IQD….so what is this….Article 8 of the IMF…and remember anywhere you write IMF also write USA….USA…..so we know they screwed up a year and half ago and the citizens are angry….so things have gotten closer though and the citizens have talked and said what we want you to do is what the IMF is telling you…add value.

So the citizens will very willingly and very gladly bring in all our USD, all our Euro’s, our 000’s…..all our garbage for our currency….we want our nation’s currency…..we want pride…we want to show off the history that is on it….Kurdistan you want to this don’t you….yeah…..but hey you screwed up….add value…and we the citizens will come in if you add value….how much….I don’t care…it’s a speculative investment we are not going to talk about a date or a rate….but the citizens want value….don’t you want value….do you think the citizens know what the value will be….I mean we can have opinions and the logical opinion is 1 to 1.

LD’s and coins….with 1, 2, and 3 above….finally what will you give us….well we will give you your currency that has more value to it….we gave you our 000’s…what will you give us….we will give you LD’s and coins, the one’s, the five’s, the ten’s, the twenty’s….in the US it doesn’t even go past the 100…maybe we will stop there.
So the next thing you know the other countries are looking at Iraq….and you are suddenly thinking…..those countries are going to go ahead of Iraq…..I don’t know…..it’s a speculative investment….I do know….I’ve always said that IMO….the IQD will go first…..but check this out….MCP’s….Iraq have you done yours….no….who is asking….the IMF….hmmm….Vietnam did you do your MCP….yes we did….Indonesia did you fix your MCP……yes we did…..you did…..hmmmm…..USA did you fix your MCP…..well yes years ago…..so many countries have obeyed the IMF…..I wonder if they have the opportunity for their currency to go up in value very soon….they are being obedient to the IMF….everyone is being obedient except Iraq.
Iraq may I suggest that the other countries could care less about your Monetary Reform….they could care less if you finish it next week, next year, 10 years from now….you know why…..because they are finishing theirs now….with or without you….

IMO…..my opinion has been altered….my opinion is being upgraded in your notes…..do not think that anyone is going to wait for Iraq….and Iraq knows this and now they will work to finish their MCP and only have one currency….with its own rate not a program rate that is artificial from the IMF.
Abadi even said a while ago we are going to stop our MCP….but I want you to know….not in my opinion…I want you to know…..this is #1 on his agenda….it is way up there on the top of his agenda to remove all of the currencies that are in Iraq….he needs his own currency to pay his own salaries, his own armies, his own bills….and by the way…these steps Boom….BOOM….all of these steps can be done all at once it is like flipping a switch.
Dr. Shabibi tried to talk with you this weekend Family….there was an article that was posted that talked about the year 2017….did you see that….the article said that basically we are done with Phase 1….do you understand what that is….IMO….that is the Reinstatement of the IQD….he talks about the next phase…and IMO…..that is the Revaluation….the RV….we are walking out of an RI into an RV of the Monetary Reform of the IQD.
And I apologize that I messed up…..I made a post and said we are walking into the RI…..I made a mistake….sorry…..

We are walking out of the RI and walking into the RV….you see the RI is at 1166 a program rate being held and controlled by the IMF….but the RV is their sovereignty….it is their prerogative….it is their privilege, their right to do that…..to do what….to raise the value of their currency…..do you understand Family what I am trying to teach you…..Doodlebug says thank you God as we watch this happen….and that is so correct….there is nothing you can do Mr. or Mrs. Speculative Investor.
I want you to know that DELTA is going to talk to you about a report that came out of the CBI website on the Arabic side…..we are fortunate to have DELTA who can read many if not all of the different Arabic dialects in the Middle East.
He said Frankie….Frankie….look….I said oh my goodness….you want to put that up on the forum…..yeah….he did….and then very rarely does DELTA respond to any of you….you know that….we protect him…..he saw the article and put it up….then someone asked…what does this mean that they are bringing in printing machines….and DELTA actually answered that person…..now I won’t take away his thunder….so when our brother DELTA comes on I want him to say what he needs to tell you so it doesn’t come from me…..but I will say this….one of our TEAMS thought this might be a DeLaRue machine…..

We have information to tell you….you see very strongly….very strongly in our opinion……on the 28th of April they got the approval to do this and many things they are doing right now….they got the plates….they got milk…..I got cookies….but the bases are being covered for the future…..for the long run of the revaluation of the currency that is soon coming….IMO…..

I don’t know when….but it is close….look the IMF is showing us….we asked them to give us their homework in December….and we are now basically done….at the end of this month of May the IMF is going give you a concluded review report of the homework of the IMF and Iraq…..but you know something….this report will also talk about the lifting of restrictions in Iraq….and who is doing the report….the IMF….

Well the only restriction I know of is the program rate of Iraq…..and at the end of this month…..it is not my opinion…..I am telling you….they will be giving you a concluded review of the homework that has been done between the IMF and Iraq….and are you ready……that report could not have been given to you unless the Bank of International Settlements gave this permission….

That is why we told you…IOO….on the 28th of April the World Bank and the BIS gave Iraq permission….now that is why you see this report from the IMF coming out at the end of this month…..none of this could have happened if we did not have the ok from these two agencies….which we believe happened on the 28th of April….

From the 28th we have slowly moved forward from the RI into the RV…..

DELTA’s going to report to you about this machine and he is going to report to you about what is happening on Iraqia television….I will not take that thunder away from our brother….he’s going to talk to you about the economic side that is moving very well in Iraq….and how they are telling the citizens how it is moving very well regardless of the political garbage and unrest…they are telling their people.
Now to be honest with you….this information that DELTA is going to bring you is about two or three months old…..Abadi made it very clear that we were going to walk into this phase…..Abadi tried to tell us this….but we are so tuned to swallow every piece of information that we can and sometimes we miss important things.
The machinery that is being brought…..DELTA and I are going to talk to you about it in depth….after DELTA talks then me and DELTA will talk back and forth….so that you may again have a further understanding….and if they are going to receive the funds that are coming…..and you know from who….this month….in May as the IMF wants to conclude everything this month….well then these are the processes that we like to see…..like these new printing machines….oops I just spilled the beans didn’t I….I said machines didn’t I….sorry.
Family….it was a mess in Iraq….and when we went back in September, October, November….the IMF and the USA….let me say this…..you can’t clean your house…..unless you are inside of it….and the US and the IMF are inside of Iraq making sure that things are getting done.

They are leaving the RI and walking into the RV.

Did you notice that oil is going up dramatically…..just like we told you….almost exactly as we laid it out….from week to week….from the second week of December of last year….we told you Family….write this down….we plotted this out….January, February, March, April, going into May…..we showed you exactly where the price of oil would be…..I mean it was just my opinion….I mean I got lucky ok…..pure luck….but I also told you at the very end….there would be one more thing to stimulate it.
May we as a KTFA Family….may we take our prayers to God concerning the disaster in Canada….our Canadian friends need help Family…..let us pray about the Canadian fires….and by the way….the price of oil is going to explode even more because of these fires.
Yeah we are leaving….IOO a certain phase…..we told you last week that the Rafadain and Rasheed Banks were reporting 98% complete….and we told you they were 98% complete of the RI….they are walking into the RV….they need to make payments on their with their own currency….so a printing machine is a good idea for the RV.
Family this is our hot topic and then what DELTA about to bring you concerning the new machines....and the MCP and these machines…and think about it……hey Iraq….what….stop using other currencies….only use your own currency…..well give me something to print it with…oh…..these two are Siamese twins….as one brain has a thought the other brain understands it….the RI and the RV are Siamese twins with each other….they know what they need from each other to move forward….to be rid of the MCP….this machine would be a good thing.

Now Family I want you to know something….part 2….of the demonstrations, riots, break-in of the Green Zone….as we told you….we backed off….now when we backed off that only allowed the citizens….and they were the wrong citizens by the way….they were not the clean cut citizens that you have been seeing…..it was other ones that came from Maliki’s buffoons and bad Sadr decided…..ok let them in…and these were the guys that destroyed everything and we backed off….IMO….when we saw the violence that was occurring….hey why not take advantage of a good situation….IMO….maybe they will get the ministers too….well IMO….they scared them to death….many fled….

But I want you to know that Abadi was confronted a few months ago by another gang that busted into the Parliament area and they accosted Abadi and scared him, causing him to increase his body guards and there were reports remember that talked of assassination attempts on Abadi….but hey…..Lone Ranger and his guards….he was well taken care of….but it is important that you know that this morning they murdered a minister….yes he was found murdered in his office this morning….

I’m not going to go into it any further than that…..except to say that it is working….I’m not pleased about this….the death of any human being is not good….murder is worse….you want your investment….these people want peace….I don’t know if there will be more….I don’t want there to be more….I want them to be at peace….but it is possible the Green Zone storm worked.
I also would like to tell you something else….the Pentagon is reporting that al-Baghdadi is dead….the commander of DAASH and three other leaders were killed and there is a gentleman by the name of Pete Cook a Pentagon reporter who is giving us this information…..but I need for you to not get excited….remember last week we told you….if this is true….it is going to be pretty good for security in Iraq no doubt…but then what happened all of last week….every time you looked up the word Baghdadi you couldn’t find anything on him….which told us….uh-oh…..so  we knew what to do…..we backed off….and we didn’t talk to you about Baghdadi until now….

And here is what I will say…..if it is true….I think we need some more verification…and the verification that I am talking about is kind of like the same thing they did with bin Laden….you need to be sure….so maybe we are checking out some DNA right now….you know what I mean….IMO….but I am asking of you….we will not speak of this subject again until it is official…..take it to God in prayer…..they also got other commanders last night in Mosul…..one of them with his child….war is ugly.
So this member of Parliament that was murdered was a friend of Maliki….he was the ringleader of all of the attacks against Abadi in Parliament sessions and he was found murdered.
DELTA comes in.
Frank:  First of all Family DELTA is going to speak to you about an announcement from the CBI website….then he is also going to report about what they are doing and telling to the citizens….then DELTA and I will talk back and forth about this topic and others as we have for the past two Mondays…..the floor is yours DELTA.

Part 2:

DELTA:  Greetings everyone, I hope everyone is in good spirits and in good health…..I’m going to cover 3 or 4 subjects today…..before we get started I want to say that I apologize if you are asking me questions when you see or think I am there, often times I am not….

I never log off so sometimes I am there but other times no…..but recently you saw me bring an important article to the forum after discussing with Frank that this was the right way to do this…..so I’m going to talk about the CBI report about the arrival of the Swiss equipment to print Iraqi currency…..

Now I did read that in Arabic and specifically they are stating that those pieces of equipment they will be for printing of Iraqi currency….now I know many of you had questions and some of you were confused…..because if we know the LD’s are there….then why would they be receiving these machines…and I am here tonight to answer this question and concern that many of you may have.

irst of all I want you to know this report came up on Friday….we all know this equipment would not arrive there on a Friday….we feel it arrived a long time ago….just as Frank has told you that many of the articles are old when we see them….especially those that have to do with the Monetary Policy….currency denominations….information from the CBI….whatever you see that is after the fact….

So we believe that equipment was already at the CBI…..so what is going on here, we all know that Iraq had a currency a long time ago that the citizens liked back when Saddam was in power….but they had to cut currencies….one of them was the Saddam currency….the other was the Swiss notes……

Why the machines from Switzerland….I think I have told you this before that Dr. Shabibi has a dual citizenship with Iraq and Switzerland and we know he has a residence in Switzerland.  We all know they have printed the LD’s.  I did talk to Frank the day after and gave him this example….we can all remember the days when you have a camera, you load it with film, take your pictures, then remove the film and take it somewhere to be developed, then you pick up your developed photographs but you also have something extra, the negatives in case you want to make more prints later…..those negatives belong to you in case you need more prints….

So these machines they received are very close to this example Family….Iraq has printed it’s money….but now they have to get the plates….and they need those specific machines that were associated with those plates if they have a need to print more….like when the revaluation or the RV takes place….

We do believe they will have a large demand for certain denominations…..so with your concerns….you might be asking…do they really trust Iraq to do this printing…..you have to keep in mind that Iraq is not in charge of the Monetary Policy….they basically had signed like a power of attorney over to the IMF….a contract with the IMF….the IMF from November 2015 all the way to the end of 2016 they are going to be in charge of every single Monetary Reform and policy in Iraq…..

So when Iraq needs to print more money it will be under the guidance of the IMF….you need to be understanding and do your due diligence and homework….I see many asking questions that if you just go back and study and review what Frank and I have explained to you over the last 3-5 years you will find your answers
I want to clear up an important item….someone posted on the forum….how come Iraq is going to take bailouts or loans if they want to revalue….keep in mind Family when Iraq revalues their currency it is not going to help Iraq right away…..it will help them in the long run….and keep in mind the government of Iraq they have no dinars….they live check by check from what they receive from oil….there are really only two entities that have dinar….the CBI of course…and the citizens….the CBI says the citizens have about 70% of the supply….but I do not believe that number….I know they have quite a bit but I do not believe it is 70%....IMO….they may have 30-40%....but still that 30-40% of 30 trillion that is a lot of money.
So when the CBI lifts the 000’s and revalues the currency…what is going to happen…..the people who have invested from outside like us….we stand to make a good deal of money….but what happens to the government of Iraq….do they become rich overnight….of course not….remember they are getting maybe $3-4 billion dollars from the sale of oil right now with current pricing….they need about $7 billion dollars to make ends meet…..

When the CBI lifts the 000’s and revalues the dinar….they will not be giving them away for free….the government of Iraq has to pay for them…and since we all know the government has no dinars and we’ve seen there is no liquidity….all they have are some dollars….I don’t know if you have seen this or not but the last few months they have not paid any salaries because they have no money….there just isn’t enough liquidity there…..I’m bringing this up because a lot of you seem to believe the revalue of the currency will solve Iraq’s problems overnight….but no that will not happen….it will be in the long run…and I’m going to explain how.
When they revalue the currency and they are Article 8 compliant what is going to happen Family…..that is going to make the Iraqi dinar tradable internationally and it will make the investors outside of Iraq look seriously upon Iraq for investing in stocks, properties and many other things….so when they do that….they will go to Iraq and inject a lot of money in Iraq…and this is how the government is going to open up many market economies on an international basis…..

So let’s say as an example the CBI revalues their currency at 1 to 1 or whatever the rate is it will then take the government of Iraq at least six months to see the effect of the revaluation….they will not see this right away….people like us…as investors yes…..for Iraq though this will be the first step to bringing many investors who will dump a lot of money into Iraq….they basically have no way around this sort of recoup of their efforts right away because this is what the IMF has told them.
Now regarding these machines Family….a few months ago one of the Iraqia tv channels did a report where they went into the CBI into one of their many departments that just happens to have the machines that count and sort and detect counterfeiting of currency, they showed this department live on TV….these machines are huge…..it was explained in detail what was going on…..remember about 4 or 5 years there was a tender from the CBI wanting to buy six DeLaRue machines….so this CBI representative was explaining how these machines can do many things….and we noticed from this report there were only 5,000 and 10,000 notes….we did not see any 25,000 notes from that report and this is huge Family….the reporter asked why he did not see any 1,000 or 500 dinar notes….so it was explained that for those lower notes we have other machines but they are not here….he was saying that the 5,000 and 10,000 notes were the more popular notes at that time.
I hadn’t talked of this in the past because the timing wasn’t right, but now with the articles about the equipment coming from Switzerland…..I’m bringing this up because we believe this equipment will be for the LD’s….these machines are brand new….they are huge and there are like 6 or 7 of them….part of the work of these machines is to inspect each note for damage and if any is found it is kicked out….so this is why we believe these machines are not the same as what they already had….but are for the LD’s….this is huge information.
As Frank has explained to you we believe from several very reliable sources that the BIS has given Iraq approval on the 28th of April to move forward with the Monetary Reform.

I don’t know if you remember a year or so ago I did explain to you the process for the nation of Iraq….at that time they had to figure out what they could effectively support with regard to the revaluation of the IQD…they furnished a report to the IMF and the IMF agreed with the report, saying it was reasonable….then they had to send this on to the BIS….that was the final approval….the BIS last month saying we are going to approve it….because of the conditions the IMF has to go back to them to the country in this case Iraq and say here are the conditions you must meet…

But now with the approval of the BIS, they report back to the IMF and the IMF follows up with that nation that says you got the green light to move forward….now IMO…and I could be wrong but I believe from the time of the IMF report they have 30 days to implement their plan…

it is much like buying a house, initially you must prove your income…..but then before you go to closing you must again furnish proof of income before they will sign the papers so you own the house…..if you don’t do this the process starts over from scratch…..Iraq…could be the same way with at least 30 days to apply the plan…..all indications show there is a lot of progress going on here….and you see very good articles about the Monetary Reform is totally separate and totally independent.
Finally I would like to address a few things about Ramadan….I’ve seen posts stating there is never anything that goes on during Ramadan is not a holiday….it is a time of fasting for 30 days where they reduce the working hours….even outside of Ramadan you do not see the same working hours you expect to see here in the West….often times banks are only open from 8 am to 12 pm…..go back and look at 2013….the CBI during Ramadan dates came out with the new designs of some of their currency….let this be an example that if they want and see the need to do things with the Monetary Policy that Ramadan will not have anything to do with it…..if they don’t accomplish much during Ramadan it is not because of Ramadan but because they are lazy….just remember right now the IMF is the one in charge and directing the Monetary Reform and Policy of Iraq.
Remember Family why we are all excited about this month….because the fact that the IMF told the whole world that inside of the first half of 2016….Iraq has to be international…..and this is basically what they are trying to do…..and we do know that one of the reviews will be at the end of May…and we believe that any more homework from Iraq has to be completed before the final review.
One of the things that Iraq was told to do was lifting the restrictions from the exchange regime….but wait how can Iraq do this if they do not have the approval from the BIS….so this wasn’t even in Iraq’s hands, they needed the approval of the BIS on April 28th, to move towards a market economy….what is a market economy….they need 100% of their currency to be international and be in Article 8…..being in a global market…..we showed you an article from the Iraqi Stock Exchange that stated by the end of this year you would be able to buy stocks from your house anywhere in the world….and we all know you can’t do that unless you are Article 8 and have a tradable currency….because if you are in the US and want to be Iraqi stocks you have to be able to convert your USD to IQD and if they are not Article 8 you cannot do that.
Remember Family the Iraqi Stock Exchange was supposed to go live in April….but what happened….they extended because they knew they could not move forward without their currency.
So a lot of exciting things coming up soon Family…..do not get discouraged over the politics….even if the revalue happens right now the politics will continue to be ugly in Iraq it will not be fixed overnight…..Iraq has some of the most diverse culture and religions of all the world and trying to convince them all to get along is going to be very difficult….and this is all why I believe the Monetary Reform has to move forward….for the sake of the people and the nation of Iraq.
The government of Iraq is literally broke, they have no money, and what money they get from oil sales right now is just not enough.
I am done Frank.
Frank:  Beautiful DELTA…..remember we said back on the 4th and 5th that we said they were preparing for the 8th, 9th, 10th, and 11th…..remember that….well here is the evidence of it….these guys are following the IMF….they are following the reforms for their currency….and as much as they are not lying to us….they just are not explaining to us.
Now let me add a little bit more to what DELTA brought us Family…..this information I believe is on the CBI website…..they have 75% of the 000’s originally printed back in 2003….75% of these 000’s have already been drawn into the CBI…..so another reason for bringing in these printing machines is because of this action…..we call it the lifting of the 000’s….in the IMF and the economic world it is called velocity….

This is what has been occurring in the last 10 years….bringing back in 75% of the 000’s that were originally printed….these new machines will not only print….but sort and count….and deal with counterfeiting as well….Iraq is an area where counterfeiting is predominant because of the MCP….it is easy to create false currency when there aren’t enough rules and laws to control it…..

Iraq is infested with fleas that are currencies from other countries….this is being done with these machines…they are not lying to us….they just are not explaining every to us because they don’t need to explain the Monetary Policy to anyone except the citizens of Iraq and that IMO is what they are doing right now.
DELTA:  you explained that very well Frank, the report is on the CBI website about the 4th and 5th….they talk about the RTG….the RTG is about the clearance on a check as we do here in the US….the Iraqis are working on this….what the CBI report is referring to is that for you to get a check to clear you need to get the work don on the 4th or 5th, because you will not be able to do so between the 8th and the 11th…..so IMO….looks like something could be happening after the 11th….the bank is saying why they are doing this is a holiday….but that holiday was on Tuesday….this past Tuesday….so for the CBI to be telling people about these dates….maybe the auctions will stop….or something else really huge….remember when the value changes…..everything has to change, they have to drop the 000’s from everywhere.
Frank:  I agree, based on these three things…the demonstrations, the printing machines that are being explained to the people….the next logical thing would be to stop the auctions…and they have really be going down tremendously so that is encouraging.
Two or three months ago Abadi told us they were going to do this….and another thing my brother…..based on the fact that this is a reinstatement of their currency….we have no idea how many LD’s are going to be needed when they walk into the revaluation…..once they RV….God only knows how fast the currency will grow…..we don’t even know if they have enough of what was printed in 2003....they say they have 75% of what was printed…but they are not telling us what they printed…..

It is possible that another reason for these printing machines is so they can get ready because they may need a lot more than what they printed….now the IMF is going to control everything until the end of 2016….therefore the IMF is guiding Iraq…..with these printing steps the IMF is holding the hand of Iraq….to make sure they print this currency properly….for whatever need it may be….and like I said we are going from an RI to an RV and no one knows how much they printed….they are simply getting ready…..here is another horse being taken to the gate.
I love the fact that the article came out and said……listen…the two series will remain legal and tender until the old ones are naturally worn out….whatever the series is….they are preparing themselves for a need for physical cash.
DELTA:  Absolutely Frank….I would like to add and you can say that DELTA said this….when they do this their LD’s will be one of the most popular currencies ever….believe it or not it will have a greater demand than the one we have right now…..even since the printing back in 2003, the 25k and the 10k are some of the most popular currency in the world right now…..back when Dr. Shabibi was still the governor of the CBI he was asked on TV if gold is the best investment for the people….he stated…why gold….the best investment for the people is the Iraqi dinar

rank:  Imagine if this would have happened three, four, five years ago when it was supposed to….a lot of people would have missed out on the opportunity….now that time has gone by from when they were supposed to do it…..I think that the popularity of this subject has really grown.
You say that the dinar is very popular…..if I were Abadi or Dr. Shabibi I would take advantage of that….you want your currency to be popular….here is a currency at a program rate of 1166 and it is the #1 currency in popularity in the world….somebody must know something….because it has now been over a decade that this currency has been groomed….has been treated like the most pretty girl at the prom…and now again….”the two series will remain legal tender alongside with the circulation until the old ones are worn out.”…..that is what they are doing…they want to lift the 000’s….and another thing….”as needed for immediate expenditures.”….in other words to run the country….we are about to print the stuff that we need….because we’ve done all that we are supposed to by the IMF….we are qualified we are going to go into Article 8….we are going to add value….we have every horse lined up at the gate….this is good DELTA.
DELTA:  I agree Frank, this is nothing new to you and I and the TEAM who have been in tune with this from day one….they have a contract with the Paris Club and things will coexist as they say.….all these currencies will co-exist until they are phased out….and I would like to state about the articles that spoke of not lifting the 000’s until 2017…that is correct….remember lifting the 000’s is different than phasing out the 000’s…..again they are not going to cancel any notes….they will just phase them out…..so do not worry about such articles….lifting of the 000’s has nothing to do with the exchange rate….the revaluation and exchange rate has to come way before….remember that article spoke of the CBI entering that phase of lifting the 000’s….it is telling you indirectly they are in this phase….and we all know they can’t be in this phase without a revaluation.
Frank:  I love how they slip up at times and say things they probably didn’t intend to say…..I think we have made the points that needed to be covered, we can continue to talk but….look…..we screwed up a year and half ago by flooding the markets….trying to collect the 000’s…you guys rebelled…..now we’ve talked to you citizens face to face….you are killing us….we are getting rid of the bad guys…..look stop it please….we will lift the value of our currency….how about 1 to 1….does that sound like a good opinion and if we do that you know darn well you are going to rush into the banks to get the LD’s and give us the 000’s that you’ve hoarded….and then our country is going to explode….our currency is so popular….and what makes a currency strong….add value….yeah…but it also needs to be popular in a sense that it needs to be used by other countries in their reserves….this is what allows it to be stable, grow in value, to have more security and stability….our currency right now is at the level where every currency on this planet wants to be….but it has no value…..that tells me that everyone who has dinars right now has some good information about it’s value.
Continue to be students and continue to study…..and let’s see what these guys do over the 10th, 11th and into the 12th….we will be in contact with you all the time.
DELTA:  In closing it should be very interesting the days of this week coming up…..to see if they are going to do something this week or into next week…..

Remember the middle of 2016 is the end of June and they need the money….so all indications are showing that something has to happen….not because of rumors but because they told us so….they do things for their citizens….for their government….they must create a market economy….

Let me remind everyone too that a month ago a columnist in Iraq said that all the citizens they know something has to happen....that they are expecting a revaluation….this columnist was saying he was expecting something within two months…this article was a month to a month and half ago so people are expecting change.  Just as when Abadi took office saying that things had to change and people needed to once again be prosperous like it had been before….as Frank has stated we will bring anything we find to you.
Frank:  Did you like your conference call…..please take it to God in prayer.
Dismissed with a prayer.


Dr. KillPatient:  Real Truth call replay link


GJHHOnor:  Fisher starts at about 70 minutes

Tulips:  GM everyone. I listened to Fischer. He said the Chinese are in the U.S. They flew over here to oversee this blessing. (I'm paraphrasing). It was supposed to go Friday, then Sunday. Monday started their 1st quarter and very upset it didn't go these last two tries.


BB8:  Basil III is about assets, not just gold. All countries have them, and believe or not the US is one of the richest…. It includes real estate, GDP, oil, gas, minerals and a multitude of other assets, not just being gold backed.

Beloved:  We have to remember when we talk assets that they may be inflated today. When we do truly go asset backed we may find that the value of those assets has also been adjusted.

Lami:  Here is another little tidbit I read somewhere-the Zim is planned to be used to develop all of Africa...and you may be VERY surprized at the resources in Africa….

GEG-dinar:  Lami, do you actually believe the idea of 8500 per Zim? In whose world does that make any sense even if it's backed by some Chinese dude with some bucks in a safe?
Cheif53:  Remember though that you can also monetize what is in the ground, not just what is in hand

Lami:  GEG-YES I DO..........Africa has been neglected by the West for a long time...so the resources are great…. The structured payout is exactly that-controlled so it does not create inflation-but JOBS.

Lami:  GEG-IMO the stats for ZIM resources may well support that BOND VALUE for sovereigns…..remember sovereign rates-typically what countries exchange for.

Tulips:  If I can add a point. You will be interviewed some are saying for the sovereign rate...that rate is not too far fetched if you take your projects and duplicate them many times into other areas.


Lami:  GEG and Admin-yes that is apparently the street rate. Neil Keenan also reported that.

Dedar:  I just wanted to point out that in 1980 the zim was on par with the USD 1:1 until Mugabe took over and ruined the economy. Wouldn't it be feasible that the rate would return to what it was in 1980?

Lami:  Dedar-I did not research what the original value was in 1980-but may be right.The thing is-t was all fiat currency as everyone went off gold standard.So will be interesting to see how this gets calculated.



Jehová I expect that your skies open up in abundance for all the worlds countries and all the worlds people, I expect for good to eliminate evil on this day.

I expect that all papers needed to be signed off as an international covenant for freedom in the economical scale to be signed and put into play immediately.

I expect for the world shifting of gold to be executed flawlessly with any further delay. I expect for the GCR to be implemented officially today and announced by all world media.
I expect to receive that which was promised to all our revaluation 800 # and the total send off of all trusts and prosperity packages.
Na'maste Bluwolf