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Intel Highlights From The Big Call Tuesday Night 4-12-16, 12 APRIL

Intel Highlights From The Big Call Tuesday Night 4-12-16

PinkRoses:  Bruce call starting

Bruce call: Bruce: Welcome Everybody, we are in a good mood tonight. We are in a celebratory mode tonight. You will understand where I am coming from in a little bit.

Bruce call: Opening call with prayer, prayer request, then intel, then Q and A

Bruce call: Before Kents teaching, Guest speaker Sue. Bruce: I am feeling energentic, pumped. Also Robert on as guest speaker.

Bruce call: Intel now

Bruce call: Bruce: No dates or rates

Bruce call: Robert: I would say in my honest opinion we are where we need to be, in the moment, be ready so not to get ready. it is time.

Bruce: that is good, short and sweet. Things have occured in Southeast Asia, things occur in Iraq. Announcements have happened. Robert: Announcements happened in China

Bruce call: Dealers were told in Iraq to stop yesterday, if continued they be arrested. Banks ready, more than ready. Redemption centers set up and ready to go. Money has moved, and continue to move in large quanitites to prepare for this
Bruce call: Robert: Alot of money moving, this thing is happening. Bruce: We will try to answer questions.

Bruce call: Q and A now

Bruce call: Q: WE havent heard anything about the Rupiah, still part of the initial basket, and chance another sleeper with higher rate?

Bruce: A: not talking about rates. Q: would be okay to hold onto smaller notes of rupiah to exchange in the future?

Bruce A: Rupiah in first basket. WE have heard it come out at a decent rate. Havent heard an up to date rate, not say if we have it. Why hold onto smaller notes of Rupiah. dont see it as something drascially go up down the road. no reason to hold on to them.

Robert: I agree.

Bruce: get rid of them. redeem them.

Bruce call Q: Heard the currencies named by right Abbreviation. is it necessary to call them by Abbreviation?

Bruce: No. The banks know what currencies we talking about. Robert: We are in a whole new paradigm.  Bruce: Not required anymore.

Bruce: Realistically the word has changed from exchange locations to redemption centers. The Zim is being redeemed, others exchanged. I dont think it matters what word you use.

Bruce Q: Have any more exchanges taken place. Groups or individuals, A definite word that Iraq international and tradeable?

Robert: I have info some have exchanged. Iraq been tradeable awhile. Bruce: some have gone in, I do not know about groups, maybe some small groups but not large groups
BruceQ: Bank do background check or just on suspious characters?

Bruce: Background checks, I have heard that they know who we are in some cases to where they have already checked us out.

Robert: I have herad they all ready checked us out. But I heard depending on your situation there could be another one.

Bruce: Our understanding could be kind of thing exchange takes place, then they look deeply more into you how exchange went. I not expecting delays from any kind of background check.

Bruce call: Q: I am reading about usd dropping quickly as soon as yuan enters basket. I hear conflicting story that the USD is already gold back. what stories are accurate, we are being told get to bank asap.

Bruce call Bruce: The USD is going to make an adjustment we think it will go down. I dont believe, only my opinion, I heard the value of the dollar may drop, slightly felt, i heard 6 to 11%.

Robert: 3 to 5% i heard.

Bruce: enough to feel some, regarding the first part of question. The currency we understand it, if we go in for exchange, our actual dollars on the screen, digitally put on there are gold backed. the currency we may get we might get same fiat dollars for a little while till asset back distributed.

Bruce: Those dollars themselves are still gold back and will be at time of exchange. It is fiat but still backed by gold standard we are going to. Your hundred bill will be worth hundred dollars when it comes out. WE are so close to a change worldwide of the gold standard, we cant give the date on that, it coming up and not far from that.

Bruce call Q: We know the excutive order due to be renewed, if not renewed any effect on exchanging. have people continue to exchange and we personally know these people?

Bruce A: Excutive 13303, dont worry about it, already done with it, been allowed to participate in the Iraqi dinar,

Robert: mute point. Bruce: done deal

Bruce A: People continue exchanging? I think they are, but people called in by the bank Robert: they have massive equity. Bruce: it allows them to be consider major customer of the bank.

Bruce q: from Australia, Zim only exchange by WF?

Bruce: I think going to happen you got situation HSBC, ANZ is a player any of those two/

Robert: yes, absolutely

BruceQ: our currency gold back yet?

Bruce: It is and yet not announced yet it is. It is as for the purpose of our exchange, and about to be announced shortly

Bruce Q: when i call WF, they dont exchange dinar, nearest Chase bank several hours away.

Bruce: WF and most of the other banks are not going to announce they exchange the zim, dinar and other till it announced. When announced they will change their tune. Do Not call the banks until you get the 800 numbers come out. Then call, set appt, you tell them what you have, then go in and do exchange.

Bruce: I have told you this for years and others have. I will try to be nice again. this is a question so many times, We Do Not call the banks.

Robert: It be lilke I running a resturant, I closing the Restrurant on Friday, do I tell my employees before? NO

Bruce: Banks have had conference calls the people who need to know it, know it completely. Robert: they do not want their employees to walk out becuase they been told it a scam.

BruceQ: receipt necessary for exchange?

Bruce and Robert: bring them, but keep in briefcase, if comes out, you have them. but not talk about them.

Bruce Q: after we exchange do we need especially as women extra security?

Bruce A: We are talking about after the exchange. If you are a woman and you going alone or with lady friend, good idea to have, not to be sexist, good to have a strong guy to escort you to the bank, to keep his eye out. There going to be plenty security at bank. At the Same time it wouldnt hurt you to have somebody escort you, and be there when you come out.

Bruce: done with the exchange and gone home and live new life, come down to type of life you want to lead. If going to live same as now, not much need to have security.

Robert: You cant never be too safe. depends on what your plans are after the event. If going to be low key, not do much, think not need it, but depends on your plans. I think that is what it is based on.

Bruce: How normal you can be after this? Robert: I would add not mention to one person where or whatyou doing. People need to be disappearing. dont make everything public. people going to pay attention, watching.

Bruce: If you want to lead a semi normal life, going to be difficult, may have security then or later. But if going to be flashy, travel in certain circles, be around people you not sure of, good idea to have security.

Bruce: When you have more than one person with you, people say check that out. that causes people attention too. the thing is not to draw attention to you. I dont know what it going to be like for us concerning security. Computers, have own server in your home.

Robert: do not check bank accts by computer or cell phones.

Bruce: Encrypted until you get your own server, consider getting encrypted email.

Bruce: Encryption for devices, laptops, tablets, computers, etc.

Bruce: When it comes to getting own security, get own server at home for maximum protection.

Bruce Sue: Book: How to be Invisible. Can get it on Amazon.  J. J. Luna

Bruce call: Sue: We will be offered Family Office at the bank Bruce: Family Office were set up with major private banks and wealth management departments for wealthy people.

Bruce: WE are coming into new found wealth, not generational or sale of business, but same concept apply to us. we work with creating our own team, like our own family office, or work with private bank as WF, that has family office concepts.

Bruce: The family office help with investment decisions, work with travel arrangements, help with real estate purchases, movement of money to other jurisdiciton like other banks, these people become full service family office that will take care of our personal needs.

Bruce: Like need a new car, deliver cashier check to dealership, they take care of that so we not bothered with it. They be backup for us for everything we need to do. You want to ask WM about family office after the exchange

Robert: What you said, perfect. People need to disappear.

Bruce: Im not a social media guy, not going to be one. You want to get your privacy back. Sue: You want to be expanding in alot of ways, under the radar.

Robert: Yes, under the radar
Bruce: Sue: that can be challenging. It going to be with some structure, alot more relaxing, easy, be yourself, more private, have privacy in place so you not be hasseled from people wanting something from you.

Bruce: You be in the background itstead of the forefront. You control things in the background, not in the front where you in the public eye.

Robert: Disappearing at the post office, the biggest thing.

Robert: What I did 7 years ago, I did the 120 form is where you have a PO box there, your physical address is the post office. What you do is you sign something so they sign for packages for you. People find you by physical address, Drivers license, voters registeration.

Bruce: 120 form at the post office?

Robert: Yes go in and fill it out. Then put house in trust, utilitites in the trust, all of that. Use your name for nothing.

Bruce Sue: Say we are moving, you want to be new car Robert: Create a trust for that, you buy through the trust, or lease it through your company. My name not on anything
Bruce: These are kind of questions your attorney in yoru family office can help you with.

Robert: Exactly.

Robert: this is all in my opinion. Bruce: Good idea, house in a trust. get with the attorney, he knows what you be looking at. Robert: can only do property in a LLC in some states.

Bruce: we are going to be under a NDA, not tell anybody what we doing, not tell experience we had, no rates, no social media. Guys you going to have to just shut up. Robert: they are not going to play around with that.

Bruce: yes, just dont do it. skype room, no, not even on phone talk to anybody about it. Only conversation you can have is in a private setting with some under same nda under same situation. no reason you should.

Robert: Just not smart.

Bruce: Q: Post RV NDA we are not to talk about each other at all about?

Bruce: not talk about any specifics, like rates. NDA may spell that all out what can be said. Get additional copies that you may need to use with your own people. A concept of an nda to use with people.

Robert: I already got one I making people to sign. Sue: I am hiring someone to create my own NDA. my privacy protected.

Robert: say you buy a new home, hire someone to take care of your home, have everyone sign an NDA

Bruce: anyone in your employee sign NDA

Bruce call: All questions answered

Bruce call: discussion about how going to deal with the magnitude of this blessing, how do we have that normal life we want to have with this abundance we about to receive so we not go nuts?

Bruce call: Sue: discussing what she is doing now to prepare herself

Sue: just begin to think about having a family office, takes administration duties in one place, going to have talented, dedicated people. The key is ask yourself where have you trusted yourself, some area where you have done something really well, start with that place, you can expand that,

Bruce call: Sue: I assuming I can handle it, it going to be a blessing, not a burden.

Bruce call: Bruce: I suggest, we not doing it alone, not alone in this if you get create a family office, give them as much authority you feel comfortable with. This blessing not only for us, family, but help people, depends on how your heart reaches out.

Bruce call: Sue: transformational leadership. what is going to be important and you set this up, you want them to know you setting up a culture with them. You want to be close to them, connect with them, it not transactional, but transforming.

Robert: too, make sure you create the proper situation so to speak, where you not alone making major decisions. Giving Example: creating board members, surrounding yourself iwth proper people to make those decisions so it not all on you.

Bruce: May take time to build team.

Robert: It is not all about us, it about humanity. The masters behind the plan care about saving humanity. not about us.

Bruce: WE are living in a day and time that has been perfected for many years, time of great blessing. Greatest wealth transfer in the world. It is our time to go. You were called for such a time for this. Step up to the plate, batter up ready to go. You have had the time, practice, wisdom, all you can do ask for wisdom to deal with this.

Bruce: Not going to be burden, do not treat it as a burden. You’re going to have great responsibility with this. Create a team, family office, whoever you want to surround yourself with, connect with them, make sure create a bond of trust with the people. have fun doing it.

Bruce call: Sue, Robert Kent and Bruce discussing their future plans and projects

Bruce: WE will do it collectively if you want to do it, we will have money not have to work another day in life. but get joy of helping others, may not be pounding nails, but a lot of it facilitating, hiring the people to do the jobs to do this work.

Robert: If one person helps 10 people, think how it will help the infrastucture.

Bruce: dont have to do everything first 6 weeks. not into throwing $!000 tips on tables, to get people to follow you. not agree with that. use discernment how you tip and gift to people. try to make it not open, not trying to get noticed, trying to get unnoticed

Bruce: If people find out you have money, they will constantly come up to you for money.

Bruce: You dont need everyone to know you as money bags.

Bruce call: Bruce: final comments

Bruce call: Sue: something creating a vibrate food supply in every city so everyone can have healthy food. I hope all like call, i think as we pointed out, there is a tingle in the air because of where we are, all the announcements, we can allow ourselves get a little bit more excited than the last couple of weeks.

Bruce call: Sue: I mean in a joyful expectancy wise way. A center joyful wise, it is close, here.

Bruce call: Robert: I would say be ready so not get ready, have final plans ready and be on highest alert.

Bruce call: Kent: I cant top last two. I am among excellent company with great wisdom. appreciate Sue and Robert. we are a team.

Bruce call: Bruce: Kent, you are a absolute valuable asset to this call. Appreciate you....

Bruce: In summary, like Robert and Sue said this is nigh upon us. maybe even waking up to a new day. see how it unfolds. Looking forward to whatever this blessing brings us, let it bring joy, happiness, fullfillment, change we embrace we look forward to, new relationship, world of opportunity for all of us. let us be a beacon of hope, beacon of joy that see our light.

Bruce: I want you guys to enjoy this. We will be in touch with you. We will let you know on our site what is going on. I want you guys to get ready for an exciting new life. We plan on doing call on Thursday, if advisable not to do call on Thursday, we will post info on our site.

Bruce: thank you everybody, thank you Big call listeners, for being faithful. Thank you Sue, Robert, Kent. Kent take us out in Prayer

Bruce call: Kent praying call out

The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456


Aggiedad77:  Here are the CC Notes to last night's call....enjoy  Aloha   Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! *** 

CC Notes for Monday 04-11-2016

Frank26:  There was a moment in our military history that General MacArthur made a very famous speech, in fact it moved me when I first heard it…..it was a very well prepared speech. 

In fact I stepped on a spot on a ship, the USS Missouri that is moored in Pearl Harbor….on this spot that I stepped there was a very famous signing of a historical document that ended World War II between the Emperors of Japan and our leaders.

When the Constitution of the United States of America was written it took a lot of thought….and when it was finally read…..oh my goodness…..it stimulated a lot of thought. 

I believe the Magna Carta was another important document that when it was read became extremely important.  The Gettysburg Address was so powerful that it changed the nation.  I believe when Moses saw our God write the Ten Commandments in stone and then he read them to the people below that had to be one of the greatest speeches ever made.
Family I am here to tell that the last time we were together I left you with three things I wanted you to be aware of and we actually included a fourth thing…..

1.) We are looking for the resignation of the proxy governor for the Central Bank of Iraq…..Family….may I say to you that in my opinion….that documentation of resignation exists…..I believe more in the documentation of resignation of Allak than I believe in the Loch Ness Monster….than in Big Foot….know what I mean…..I just wanted to give you my opinion about that.  General MacArthur said old soldiers never die, they just fade away….that is the part that got me when he said that.  General MacArthur was a great man.  So anyway….we left you with the idea that first you need to see Allak’s resignation and IMO it exists….

2.) We needed this reshuffled cabinet that belongs to Abadi to be shown to you….actually let’s dissect that out….remove that for a second if you don’t mind…..

2.) Dr. Shabibi no long hidden behind the cosmetics of….or the verbiage of “keywords”….you remember about four years ago when I told you Family when you see “keywords” it means Dr. Shabibi…..it means Dr. Shabibi coming back at the helm of the CBI….and remember he handed in a resume that explains why he could be….should be the governor of the CBI…..

3.) LD’s are IMO being guarded in the Green Zone and IMO they electronically moved for a couple of months….January, February, and the first week of March….but then IMO these little puppies were escorted to certain banks that had flags over them in certain cities…..well I’ll be darned….you talk about three positions…..Allak get out of here…gone….Dr. Shabibi replacing him….got it….number three….LD’s you got your final resting places….yep….

How about the 10k’s…..we aren’t going any further than the 10k’s….we already got the 25k’s set….is that why you guys are set to release the information….yeah….we just want to let you know the 10k’s also have all the safety features on it….well what about the 50k and 100k that Allak was talking about….Allak is a bozo….oh ok…..so up to 10k huh….yeah….they are going to phase out anyway….we don’t need those 000’s….but we want to protect everything….that was the IMF plan when we turned in the new mathematics….cool….so the 10k’s are up state and secure…yep….along with the other 000’s….yep….that are below the 10k……yep….ok….well below that would be the LD’s….they been secured for quite a while….cool….are the LD’s in their positions….in their banks…have they been moved….because we saw the evidence they were moved electronically….

But have they been moved physically……what did you say I can’t hear you…..look at the pretty blue sky….tell us please…..well what if I say something then you say something…..here is what I would say….LD’s locked and loaded…what do you say to that CBI…..the reciprocal….what did they say….reciprocal….what does that mean….turn your words around….we would say the LD’s are loaded and locked….oh snap…that is profound….yeah….let’s just hope that they do find them.
So there is your lineage…..

1.) Allak…goodbye….

2.) Dr. Shabibi we back….

3.) LD’s hey here I am…and then….

4.) that we threw at you on Wednesday and many of you caught onto it….congratulations….it encompasses 1, 2, and 3 and what it is….is that we need this reshuffled cabinet that belongs to Abadi to be announced….well they are announcing them….no not really they only announce the positions and what they will be doing….you need the names.
So in my strong opinion…..once you see Abadi announce to you…..this is my cabinet….check them out…wow within nanoseconds you are going to see 1, 2, and 3….the resignation papers of Allak…..Dr. Shabibi saying I am back at the CBI…although I would like to tell you I am only back for a little while….in fact I would like to congratulate the Holy Men…..you guys had a lot to do with this….the reason I am back is to tell you what we are about to do with the reforms…..

Abadi has told the Holy Men what he is going to be telling you….and I am here to tell you what I’m going to do with the Monetary Reform….would you like to know.
Well we want you to know we have amazing security and our technology is even far better than in some of the European countries and maybe even in America…..the other reforms I don’t know much about that is Abadi’s job….that is the GOI’s job….I’m not sick….I’m just sick and tired….and I believe it is time for me to head in the direction that Frank26 mentioned….from the east to the west….that would be wonderful wouldn’t it…..

yeah….I’m not going to die, I’m not sick….I’m just going to fade away….I love Iraq….I love her people….and the proof of it all is that I’m here telling you this….so this is our reform and this is what we are going to do….so get ready let’s go.
Family….let us see this group, this cabinet of advisors, technocrats, these leaders….then this 1, 2, and 3 combination that we told you.  I do have one more thing to tell you, but I’ll leave it till the end…..it is about the Magna Carta, the Constitution, the Ten Commandments, MacArthur’s speech….so remind me to tell you at the end.
But allow me to sandwich this in….check this out…..the United States Congress intends to investigate whether President Obama has given Iran secret nuclear concessions in exchange for signing the agreement….who is doing this….well the Obama Administration wants to make sure that this does not occur….well tell Obama to shut up….because of course it occurred….of course that is how we give them sanctions…and you know darn well Obama that it is all part of what is going on right now in Iraq and you are just mad because you are not a part of it….shut up….IMO kindly sir thank you.
Meanwhile, Abadi, the true core of what we study…..check this out…..Coalition forces say that Abadi’s program is ideal if there is seriousness to achieve them…..well of course….it all started with the homework that was handed in to the IMF at the beginning of January who then gave them back a plan….this is your plan follow it….and Iraq said well we will follow it….is this what you want us to do before the end of the first half of 2016……yes it is….are you guys going to help us….yes we will….are you going to give us the loans to launch the RV….no we won’t until you finish the RI and enter Article 8….ok….and….that is what we are seeing.
Abadi how are you doing……well I’m getting a sore throat….my cheeks are tired from smiling for all these photo ops….is this why you are talking about all these new reforms….well we don’t call them reforms….but we are talking about what we are going to do with the new cabinet…..they are reforms….yeah we are talking a lot….it is the time to talk.
I mean we did pretty good with the CBI….hey CBI we did pretty good with those internal bonds didn’t we…..in what three days….oh in hours they were all sold….we the GOI and our new cabinet with our leadership Abadi, we loved it….we raised money and it’s going to raise money for you guys too….why don’t we do more bonds….in fact let’s not do them for just a few billion….let’s do them for how about 1.5 trillion…holy cow…that’s a new rate….well we aren’t saying that…..sure they didn’t work the first time….but they did work the second time….even with the citizens……

I’m telling you KTFA Family….Abadi has the support of everyone over there…and for those who don’t like it…..and don’t support Abadi….here is the door…and don’t let my boot kick you while you go out that door….

As for Maliki trying to form another bloc….that’s all proving he has no bloc that is supporting him in the first place….that is why Maliki is trying to create artificial blocs out of things that have no power….no reality.  It goes back to bin Laden, Saddam, Maliki….all these people think they are free, but they are not….what we do with them causes us to live rent free in Maliki’s brain but we are soon done with him and when we are…..look out….anything could happen to the guy…..

We couldn’t go in and do anything about Maliki…..until we were asked….and even then we didn’t….instead we helped Abadi to remove the powers that Maliki had in the GOI in order to be where we are at right now….and it caused Abadi to plant flags all over Iraq…everywhere…..from Mosul to places in Iraq that can’t even be spelled….but you only want to know about Mosul….but that is the point….they are everywhere.
Abadi….working with Dr. Shabibi and the IMF and the US and other three initial organizations….even security initials…from Interpol to the FBI and more….that security was what we needed so badly.
Remember I was talking to you about Bluestar…..about seven years ago he was at a meeting with Dr. Shabibi and he raised his hand to ask a question……in fact that video was just put back on our forum for all of you to see it again….did you study it…..really study it….everything we do is for a purpose….not just on purpose…..

When Bluestar asked Dr. Shabibi….sir when do you have plans for raising the value of your currency….the first thing that happened to his brain is that it got short circuited….we even saw smoke coming from Dr. Shabibi’s ears….after a long stuttered pause he said….when we get security……when conditions are right in our country….in Iraq….we would find interest in raising the value of our currency….but we need security within the government…within the CBI….we need stability….do you understand Bluestar….he was cool with that….we are cool with that…because IMO that is why Dr. Shabibi is coming back……I have been gone for many reasons….one was that my country was not secured enough….and that which I take care of was not secured at all….but I’m back….and when that happens….I think it will be like fireworks going off in a chain….you can’t stop them….they all go off no matter what….

When that happens you will see a plethora of explosions….or I call them reforms….will happen all over the place….because their budget is full of stars….and all that we needed was security back in Iraq….we got it to the point where the Monetary Reform can exist and survive and flourish and fuction….we don’t need 100%....understand.
The Panama Papers that were just released…..I can’t tell you they were a part of the Iraqi Monetary Reform with the Iraqi dinar…..I can’t tell you that so I won’t….not even in my opinion…..but I will tell you what Dr. Shabibi wanted he got….and I told you two weeks ago that Abadi got everything he wanted…..do you think security was one of them.
The Panama Papers are security at a PHD level.
From Obama to Hillary to banks around the world that stole money that belongs to other banks….especially to other countries and their currencies….no more cheating….Basel III is rescue from many forms of terrorism….for many nations…..for one basket.
There is a currency basket that is unfortunately unstable….it is too unstable for the world….but it is anticipated by the world’s powers to be rekindled soon…..the world’s power of a certain number were weakened….this is an uncomfortable position to be in for man or animal…..these currency moves….or the metamorphosis of these currencies will not fail….the currency food chain will not fail….and we at the bottom of this food chain will benefit….not from generosity….but from a well planned effort.
We told you Family, Dr. Shabibi was replaced by “keywords”….”keywords” was given to us to give to you….all of this is IMO…..over the years you enjoyed them didn’t you…..and even as some came in and threw rocks and said you are stupid…..we kept our cool and we guided you…and it is in these days where you can walk now and  you can see….oh my word…they were right….so if we gave the “keywords” to you….it is my privilege to take them away from you.
Dr. Shabibi will start talking and you don’t need any “keywords”….they are gone….TA-DA.
“Have gone to great lengths to keep the dinar bank notes secure with the latest technology and features”……who said that….”keywords”….Dr. Shabibi just recently….why….why do you come out now Dr. Shabibi….why are the “keywords” being replaced with….the bank….the CBI says…that is HUGE….why are you now talking….”Banks will put a lot of tools in Iraq currency there will be no more forgery or counterfeiting we are spending money with companies to secure us”….for 1166….what for…..for 11 years you never bothered….I know what for….thank you Dr. Shabibi.

Our wonderful news hound WalkingStick…check this out….”The CBI said today, slowly Dr. Shabibi is coming out….back to the helm of control of the CBI”….in fact it is being boasted….there are many forms that the CBI is using to tell you that Dr. Shabibi is coming out….back to the helm…..here is but one example……”Iraq dinar banking systems and techniques are way ahead of lots of European countries”…..well that’s not fair….that’s not fair they should be so advanced of Iran…but Iran is being a good boy….so don’t talk about them….you told them not to talk about you….we know we are just being a pain.
Also Family….check this out….this is all “keywords”…..we have already talked about Abadi…..we talked about the east, now we talk about the west….”keywords”….Dr. Shabibi….CBI…..”Be careful to not allow any rigging of the Iraqi currency and allow the USD to pay our bills”….of course…this is all the plan….and this is all being said….not by “keywords”….but by the Central Bank of Iraq….who is Dr. Shabibi.
What else can you say to us Dr. Shabibi…..”Opportune time for single currency rate”…..whoa…..wow…..repeat twice….because we like things in threes…..yeah we don’t need all that extra….what do they use, the Euro, USD, gold…..come on guys….it is time for this.
Well thank you for all your ideas but the CBI and the IMF will soon show you through Dr. Shabibi…..a speech….and that is my gift to you for tonight.
IMO….a wonderful speech is being written right now…..that will change the hands of the clock….that will cause time to stop….because a change is coming….a speech by a man we have all been waiting for….a speech based on instructions of a plan from the entities that were nothing more than his boss….the IMF.
Then in the same breath……”Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industry Mining says we want markets to decide the currency rates”……Tehran what did we say….shhhhhh…..we got this….this is exactly what we are doing….we got this….we are catching up to you guys….be cool.
May I suggest Family…..SQUIRREL……do you pay attention to currency rates…..well of course I do Frank….I always look every day to see what the rate is of the Iraqi dinar……not just that one…..because….thank you Iran….thank you all the others….we got this….just wait for the speech.
“The CBI is using two German companies right now to protect their bank notes from counterfeiting”…..why…..well that is what Dr. Shabibi wanted….stability….security…..isn’t that what the GOI wanted….they got it.
Alright sounds good……are you sure we got this security…..let me show you a form of security that we can’t even talk about…..so why tell me….because it is already out….it was released last night, I’m not sure, maybe today.  North Korea who hates the USA and anyone else associated with them….one of their top military generals just defected….he came over to our side….do you know how much security that means to the world.

Part 2: 

Frank26:  Even Big Brother is sitting back and just waiting….yes the proud son of the USA….oh the Kurds….yeah….they are approving everything left and right, it doesn’t matter what they put in front of them….no matter who it comes from…..no problem….but this is about the gas and the oil….no matter just sign it…..we agree….Abadi, GOI, cabinet, Parliament….we agree….no problems….Turks you agree….yeah they agree too.
If that is not security then little green apples don’t grow anywhere.
We do all of this to prevent forgery says the CBI….who cares….who cares if you forge toilet paper….well it’s not toilet paper any more you knucklehead…..well then say it….there’s a speech being written for it….shut up.
So is this why there is so much interest and so much talk now….like the Kurds were asking 12 years ago….where is the USA….what do you mean….look you guys the USA put this guy Saddam in power and now he is using mustard gas killing all of us….where were you when we needed you…..so why show up now to get rid of Saddam (2003)….because the opportunity is right….why are you guys at the CBI talking so much now…..because the opportunity is right.

 love this part…..we are doing all of this because the CBI goes out of its way to promote the sovereign currency of Iraq….what did you call your currency…..it is a sovereign currency….you know that is the first time you’ve ever said that….yep….well the guy from the US….the tall skinny guy he told us to start saying that…..because…..you know….whatever it is that we are about to do.
And you know what…..all these guys that came over from the US….we listened to them….but they were astonished with us….how were they astonished with you…..wait a second…..”keyword” come here…tell them what those guys said to you…..well they were astonished that some of our politicians in government did not want us at the CBI to use our nations sovereign currency…..

They don’t want us to use our sovereign dinars to run our country…..to pay our bills…..they said what we are doing is basically stupid.  So they told us to stop wasting the time of our advancements with all of this nonsense. 

They told us we need to exceed the sovereignty of our country and not recede it….and as the governor of the CBI it makes sense…and Abadi we are in total agreement with what they are telling us….we should use our currency….we’ve been talking with the citizens now for about a month and half….with both those “S” guys…those Holy guys….two months we’ve been at this….are you guys going to do any more of those protests on Fridays…..no….really….no….well thank you Holy men that is just wonderful.
We don’t want to use the USD we want to be proud of our nation….we need to support the nation’s currency….this is sovereign pride….this is the next chapter of our lives….we must now be proud….we have an army that kicks everyone’s butt.
We have a currency that is going to be very powerful and kick everyone’s currency out of the basket….we have more reserves than we know what to do with…..you want some….well start buying our assets…..oil….that is chump change….we got more things than you could ever imagine here.
Yes we are about to EXCEED our sovereignty….we are not going to recede anything….we are about to become the most powerful nation….the world will bow to us…..in fact I think before any political decisions are made in any country I think they might want to turn to us and ask our permission…you want food….oil….technology….medicine….bow to us…infidels….you will always be infidels.
We are doing all of this to prevent forgery…..to prevent counterfeiting…..all in order for Dr. Shabibi to come back….in order for the Monetary Reform to come back….why….because the opportunity is right…..

You taught us that with Saddam….you taught us that with bin Laden….you taught us that with Allawi….you taught us that with many things….yes the world was watching….they watch right now as the world markets merge to us right now…how you like them apples…..

And let there be no doubt of all these nations who look to us….who watch our national sovereign currency…..you know the same one who is identical to the twin….Iran….they are the best to watch right now aren’t they….because the world runs on oil….and it stops revolving on fear…and at any moment we can trigger fear right back….but right now we are very happy in the direction we are going…..don’t forget to bow to me.  From Maliki to ISIS….from currency and the GOI and the CBI that is now our nation’s pride.
Dr. Shabibi can you include this in your speech….but of course I have.
So Family what Dr. Shabibi wanted for him to give you one of the most powerful speeches on this planet….from the Panama Papers to Dr. Shabibi’s Papers that are soon to come out….yes it has been a long trip from the east to the west.
Meanwhile businesses and markets say the following…..”It is an opportune time for the single currency rate in Iraq”…..this has been our plan says Iraq and we’ve really been focusing on it the last few months.
Meanwhile, we are voting for the cabinet…..the sinks….the drawers….LOL….we are voting for cabinet members…..but “keyword” continues to add words to his paper…..oh but wait….”keyword” wants to talk…..I just want the international world to know that we have many very competent global companies to get the CBI currencies….sovereign currencies back….and ways of protecting it……Dr. Shabibi isn’t that exactly the reason you left and the reason that you have wanted in order to raise the value of your currency…..

YES….because 1182 is not our true rate.
Yes islandg1211…..a member of KTFAlways.com…..the best thing about the sun travelling from the east to the west is that it cannot be stopped….it is a lava flow….very good by the way….I liked your post 118….and I want you to know that the lava flow was from the Middle East to China from the east to the west. LINK
We are done and I am done with your CC as I end by saying just a few things….Holy FATWA Batman…..No….Holy Law of S and S….we did not kill Superman….we created two “S’s”….that were very super and their FATWA became more powerful than any law that was written or unwritten in the nation of Iraq.
Now says the two supermen of Iraq…..let us remain silent….and let Friday’s remain silent….so that the final “S” can do his speech….no not Sistani….or Sadr….but yes Dr. Shabibi….the true Superman of this whole study of ours.
The IMF met with Iraq today….and they talked about many things….but it was mainly…..99.99% about stability of a sovereign nation….it was about the plan that contained the new math..…and about many reforms.
I told you back maybe in January when someone asked….Frank when do you think the Feds will raise their rates….and I said probably in June…..and you asked me why but I didn’t answer you….more than likely IMO it will be in June because in my opinion Iraq will take it up to the very last nanosecond….they do have the first half of 2016….and Iraq will not complete something on schedule….they will work it up to the very last second…..why…..because it is in their DNA….don’t think they are failing us…..that is just how they think….and you don’t think that way.
I want to read you something Family…..this came out I think on the 9th…..now I know you may not catch certain articles that WalkingStick puts out and that is ok….you know what…..the Internet steals them….we know because we stamp our articles we are very organized and professional in what we do….but listen to this article from WalkingStick…

.”Forming a Government that satisfies all parties will lead to political stability and the effects where of one high exchange rate subject to change the value of the dinar is linked to the financial situation which will be determined by the price of oil in the next two months.”……

With all due respect….what more do you want….that is HUGE……that is saying that of course we use oil in budget and that is how we pay our bills and we are going to raise it…..when….in a couple of months….so will they wait to the last nanosecond….of course they will….it is the ME…..and when you asked about when the Feds will raise their rates and I said in June…..now you know why I gave that opinion.
We have a member on our forum named islandg1211…..and this member wrote post 118 on our thread yesterday…..

Islandg1211:  ”You know what's wonderful about the sun moving from the East to the West? It can't be stopped or delayed.  We see evidence of this movement of the global monetary reform from many different areas. 

Starting with China, we have seen their completion of a parallel system to the IMF and World Bank and Swift Codes. They are now included in the IMF, soon to be   of the SDR basket. And, they have their own gold market. That's quite a "Sunrise" in the East. That has an effect over the global markets. 

We are watching Vietnam, Iran, and Iraq all go through the same steps outlined by the IMF. Inflation lowered, debt restructured, 2% compliment, privatize banks, new currency with security features, single national currency usage, ready to RV. Monetary reform movement from the East to the Middle East.

Then it will come to set in the West on the USD. A final glimpse of the "Green Flash."  Will the reforms be delayed? I posted yesterday, that time is up for all the corrupt politicians and terrorists in Iraq that would try to delay the reforms.

The monetary reform is a planned and wanted change by the PTB and the IMF. The IMF prefers April to RV countries. Yes, this is My opinion. But, like the sun moving, the monetary reform globally isn't going to be delayed in Iraq or elsewhere any longer. We can finally watch the last of these corrupt politicians take their final bow and yield to the progress of reform. Good riddance and Amen!”…..

Wonderful, brilliant, superior thank you for this.

This is from WalkingStick post 8 in today’s thread……this will be the end of our conference call……it says Iraq has been working with the IMF program….well first of all….yes….isn’t it amazing that many things in your notes are becoming self-confessions by many of these entities…..no doubt….check this out…..

”this decrease during the three years expresses stabilize the price fit to be a foundation for the start of changing the currency, and before the period of stability ,this was hard on direct monetary authority the process of changing the currency because the period of stability were not realized, so the preferences to keep the currency without the change was more realistic, but after a period of stability of this expectation by continuing the situation has completely changed, and should be noted that inflation is a crucial variable in the process of switching the currency as the return demolish all the efforts.”….

There is no effort to demolish raising the value of your currency….just as we know their inflation rate is not a factor…..so there is no problem….raise the rate…..another example of self-confession….what is this….confession week in Iraq….again this is HUGE.
So what is the moral of this story…..you know about 1,2, and 3 covered by 4……now you know that there is a 5….IMO…..Dr. Shabibi is writing a speech that he is about to come out and read….and there have been many great speeches on this planet earth….

The Sermon on the Mount was probably the greatest one of them all….but there is another one coming out by Dr. Shabibi and it is going to affect all of us in many ways…..do I know when it is coming out…..I have a good idea….my idea/opinion….it is within this month of April….

Do I know the rate….IMO….it hasn’t changed….they will start at the level foundation…that all basket currencies should….1 to 1…and then the next part which will become the hardest part….are you willing to use this money for God’s Kingdom….or will you use it to become a king of your own……are you going to help people or are you going to become like Howard Hughes….are you going to love human beings as Jesus wanted you to….or are you just going to love yourself being a human….

Do you know how to protect yourself….because once you have value….vultures will flock over you….you don’t even know that they are already doing it….and I tried to tell you….IMO….that they are called banks….look at your notes from last Wednesday…..I asked you why does a bank lend you money….to do business with you….no…..to destroy you….their hopes and wishes and desires are that you do not pay them back….if you paid them back they made chump change….and it took them forever….fascinating isn’t it…..did you like your CC.
Dismissed with a prayer.





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  Bluwolf:  And most ask themselves is this RV going to bear fruit, are the changes expected to happen to this world going to flourish?

Are the people who are struggling going to get some kind of bailout? Will our country finally be rid of the corporation that constricts there eliminations every move?

Will we see justice being done for the common good? Can we see peace happen?  Will all people be treated with equality and common sense respect? The answer to all of these questions is YES.

When? That answer is just a turn of a key away.

Many men will start to walk through the corridor of shame in the US and their power shall reign no more, their influence shall be nil and there power shall be nonexistent.

We are now in a evolution state and in a prosperous environment. So we wait for a few. BLUWOLF

TNT:(UPDATED from Chat and OM) TNT RayRen98 Tweet - Tuesday, April 12 12:43AM EDT by dinarblessing, 12 APRIL

    • dinarblessing said
      09:45 PM Apr 11, 2016
    Iraqi currency exchangers "shut down" from exchanging dinar or suffer severe consequences - effective Monday. Say what? #wearethepeople

    (Answer to the Monday question in the tweet) .. RayRen98 wrote  MONDAY...YESTERDAY NOW

    Will someone ask shut down in Iraq or shut down here
     in USA also.
    RayRen98 wrote
    nicky82385 wrote
    I'm confused as to why they shut down their own
    exchangers can you please explain rayren?
    RayRen98 wrote
    gizmosmom wrote
    Ray werent the Iraq currency dealers supposed
     to shut down
     a month or so ago
    RayRen98 wrote
    Question on OM: With Iraqi dealers shutting down, would that cause rate change?
    Ray on OM: Good assumption
    Caller on OM said his friend received the same info as Ray's tweet 15 mins after Ray tweeted it.