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TNT:Security features on Zimbabwe currency by zlynn, 7 APRIL

    • zlynn said
      09:54 AM Dec 15, 2013
    For those concerned about counterfeit ZWN, check for two vertical rows of small marks (sort of semicircles). These are on the front in the light blue box to the right of the rocks and on the back in the light blue box to the left. Hold the note up to the light to see if the circles match perfectly to form 100,000,000,000,000. This security feature is difficult for counterfeiters to duplicate with a perfect match. Also, look for a metallic strip to the left of the rocks on the front of the note. Turn the note slightly sideways to see the metallic shine. At first glance, it might not appear to be metallic. 


4-7-2016   Intel Guru Frank26   Abadi how long have you been telling us about the technocrats and your Cabinet...done...long time ago...ancient history...so what is going...let’s just say they are putting all these pieces together so they can officially come out with a GOI parliamentary structure that says...here we are...along with the Cabinet that represents the leadership of this government...Abadi the Prime Minister...change the direction of the Cabinet...change the direction of Parliament... mission accomplished sir...our TEAMS are focused on one thing...that is the three parts that create the structure of the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar.  I am very seriously looking for it this week...very seriously looking for it in the middle of this month...IMO...  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

4-7-2016   Intel/Newshound Guru Mnt Goat
   Article quote:  "The Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri called, in the (April 2, 2016), the parliamentary blocs to take its role in the study of names provided by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to fill ministerial posts in the new government..."   ...we now see some progress as the ball is in the court of parliament to review and ratify the candidates presented to them last Thursday by Abadi. Sadr has stated they have a deadline of 10 days to review them. This puts us to 4/10, next Monday for completion of this mandate.  Having said that I fully and strongly believe the next move by Sadr after the cabinet reshuffle in done will be to go after all those politicians who have corruption files on them that are now frozen (confined) in the green zone. Nori al-Maliki and his goons being on the top of his list. This seems the only way these criminals can be brought to justice in the current political situation. Iraq does not have years to play around with all the reforms they need to make. The IMF, WTO and World Bank wants to move this country forward and do it now.

4-7-2016   Newshound Guru mike   [...realizing that oil prices have dropped and that is hurting the oil-producers economies, does anyone want to take a stab at what the dinar should be worth today versus the dollar?  Even with it pegged versus a basket of currencies?]  That's a tough question... We all know that in order for a currency to have real value you need stability, security and a half way decent economy.   Iraq doesn't have very much of either right now. The next step would be to compare rates for those in the region and other oil producing countries, who's currencies have lost value because of the price of oil. At this point, I couldn't even guess what a "correction" to the dinar might be.  [What we do know is a correction to the dinar sure ain't 1182.]  Agreed...

4-7-2016   Newshound Guru Stryker   The IMF Staff continues their monitoring of progress under their Memorandum of Understanding and has stated that the government is doing its part on financial and economic reforms. Three out of the five items were achieved by the end of 2015 with other outlined reform measures will underway.


Aggiedad77:  Family here are CC Notes from last night....enjoy   Aloha    Randy

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice! We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

CC Notes for Wednesday 04-06-2016
Frank26:  Do I have dessert…..you want it….all honor and glory to our Heavenly Father for our last conference call it was good wasn’t it…..last Monday….I introduced it as an epic, historical conference call….and also introduced it to a degree, if I could make it my last call it would be very easy because all of what I shared with you on Monday should suffice, because you really don’t need much more.

You see our TEAMS are like soldiers who are taking cover…..you see our intel right now is not so much on the offensive, we are not charging ahead, we are not moving….we are sitting back in a defensive posture with all of our equipment and we look and watch as far as we can, very carefully at the CBI. 

A lot of you may be saying well shouldn’t we be looking at the GOI…..you can if you want to….but in all honesty it is the CBI that you want to look at….you know why….because they are talking…..remember when we told you when we get back on the 4th of April it would be like a cornucopia exploding, like a waterfall, a plethora….and sure enough that is what you see. 

Literally on the first we are back you see Dr. Shabibi presenting his resume, it actually said resume…..it had like 12 different paragraphs, this is me this is what I can do….this is what I’ve been doing….I’m qualified to be the governor of the CBI…..we know sir.
Then we shared with you that Allak lacks a lot of knowledge on being governor and it is IOO,(in our opinion)  it is our desire to share with you it is our belief that very soon Allak will hand in a piece of paper that says…..I resign….not that I quit….not that I want a promotion….not that I want something else….no…I resign….

Well good for you….because that is what you are supposed to do.  Alright we now have a void in the CBI…..do we….we think not….we merely have cleared the dusty seat of the true governor who will return….yes it is our strongest opinion that Dr. Shabibi will be returning to the helm of the CBI….taking hold of that wheel and with his other hand pointing to the Iraqi people and the international world saying…..look we laid the ground work for the RI with the IMF for many months….actually in many years….but especially in the last 8-10 months we have ironed it out pretty well….you think Rome had some roads….oh my gosh we have paved this road really well to the Monetary Reform….

And my buddy over there, Abadi…..he got every reform he wanted…..one of the reforms is the Monetary Reform so that is why now I step forward to say to you….the proxy….well he’s gone…the true governor of the CBI….tis I….and what do I have to say to you…..our RI is complete….and the RV is about to kick in….now here is the date and here is the rate………so LET HIM TELL YOU.

There is a third part to this structure….we told you in our caveat form that once upon a time that the people who are laying the ground work….the Roman roads that lead to the Monetary Reform and all reforms in Iraq….this entity back in 2004 demanded that deLaRue, a printing company at that time, print the new currency for the country of Iraq….was it given to the CBI….noooo….was it given to the GOI…..noooo…..was it given to Maliki…..noooo…..so who was it given to….well who demanded….who placed the order….look in your notes….the IMF….so the IMF possesses it…..owned it….keeping it somewhere on the east coast….protected by US….at certain bases….

Then a certain time came alone when we said Family….I believe that on December 21st LD’s will be moved from their position of protection and brought to the Green Zone of Iraq and placed in the embassy and placed under guard by US….ok that was nice Frank….big deal….and as time went by you saw the plan with the IMF and what they have been doing….and we can now tell you that during that time they moved the LD’s electronically….we’ve been hinting but now we can freely tell you….they moved them through the auctions and that is why the auctions are so low…and the other reason is that Iran started to boast and brag….will you shut up…

You see we told you they are the Siamese twins…..you can kind of relate to them in quantum physics….string theory of quantum physics says that when one atom moves the anti-matter of that atom also moves…if the puppet maker decides to move Pinocchio’s right arm…then Pinocchio’s twin would also have his right arm moved instantly…..everything that Iran was saying….IMO….was exactly the same stuff as Iraq…..please SHUT UP….eventually they did because they were given a gift….sanctions lifted….test your nuclear weapons….knock yourselves out….

They came in and cleaned up the thievery that was occurring along with US….not only that….they fought side by side with US up to a point where we told them it is time for you to leave….and they obeyed…..their militia left….interesting how when it comes to making money…..yeah….even Cinderella would probably kiss her mother-in-law….so….with all of these things occurring the LD’s were electronically moved…that is the third part of the structure we are trying to present to you.  Know that IMO…..they have physically moved them.

These three things are now next for you, students of the Iraqi dinar…I really don’t care too much about the Cabinet….that is so ancient history that you could call it Greek mythology….the Cabinet was selected by Abadi and US a long time ago….it is done….they want to entertain you and say they are appointing and voting and in 10 days LALALALALA…..knock yourselves out and be entertained….that is not important any more is it.
Abadi how long have you been telling us about the technocrats and your Cabinet…these are your people….this is you….done….long time ago….ancient history….so what is going…..hmmmm…..let’s just say they are putting all these pieces together so they can officially come out with a GOI parliamentary structure that says….here we are….along with the Cabinet that represents the leadership of this government…..Abadi the Prime Minister….and we told you on Monday….change the direction of the Cabinet…..change the direction of Parliament…..mission accomplished sir…that is why we could care less about any of that…you keep enjoying those articles….but our TEAMS are focused on one thing….that is the three parts that create the structure of the Monetary Reform of the Iraqi dinar.
I am very seriously looking for it this week….very seriously looking for it in the middle of this month…..and even though it is IMO….I am very serious about my opinion.
I also want you to know that our technocrats are there….and we’ve been there for a while….so they are starting to tell you about it now….our technocrats from DC are in Iraq…..I want you to make sure that you understand exactly what these guys are doing there….these guys are making sure that Abadi gets his reforms done….got that….they get them done….we aren’t saying that he gets them….we are saying that he gets them DONE….

He’s got everything that he needs….and there is tons of news coming out trying to tell you that Family….there are many technocrats and that is about as far as I’m going to go with that….you already saw Obama trying to take credit….of course he’s trying to take credit…all the work is done….this is when people like Obama show up….Biden….you think Biden is very proud of Obama…..you think Biden is pleased sitting next to Obama as he says….my main focus is to get rid of ISIS….what does Biden do….he sits there biting his tongue….it is embarrassing isn’t it….

You know doggone well he knows what is going on….now Obama comes out saying ISIS is number one on my list….shut up….you make $400,000 a year and you buy homes that are worth millions….congratulations….the Panama Papers know all about you and Hillary, and Allawi….congratulations Obama….congratulations Hillary….and you thought you could get away with it…..at the last nanosecond with Iraq, Obama shows up….toward the end of his eight year term…saying….I want credit too…..you know what the soldiers say to the Commander in Chief.

Meanwhile, the GOI rejecting Abadi….what did we tell you about this on Monday….this is silly that it is nonsense….that it is so ancient…they got nothing else to say or do…..so we….who is we….us ministers….you guys aren’t even ministers any more….well you know….we just want to cause trouble…..oh shut up.
Abadi got everything Family….everything….no one is taking anything from Abadi and I’m not even going to waste your time on that any more….nonsense.
You better pay attention to the Panama documents….you better enjoy Hillary and Obama….while they still have the freedom to do so.
Meanwhile, Allak resigns…..Dr. Shabibi gives his speech….and the LD’s are told you about the BBB’s….good and I am hoping they tell you all of that this week….maybe next week….but you know what….you aren’t going to see those three…..you won’t see those three until you see Abadi appoint his Cabinet….until you see Abadi say…..here they are….I told you Monday how many there were….I just didn’t give you their names.
So you want the TRIFECTA again….here we go with our one, two, three….Allak, Shabibi, LD’s…..IMO….nanoseconds after Abadi tells you about his full Cabinet….and you have a structured GOI, Parliament functioning and ready to go…..do you see that CBI….yeah we see it.
Family, you know what makes the world go round….oil….and you know who owns the oil….12 families….do you know that the 12 families own the central banks of this world….you do….do you know that the central banks lend money to the world based on oil….so that the world can go round and round….you do.
Well let me ask you something….what is the business of a bank….what is the purpose of a bank…..may I suggest that the goal of a bank….any bank….is to conquer you….to defeat you….by the percentages through their loans…..they desire that you fail in your payments….so they can take everything away from you.
So now that you know that….I want you to know this….those technocrats that are over there right now….I won’t go into names….they will let you know who they are one at a time….they are not going to allow Abadi to fail….I told you at the beginning of this part…..that we are over there to make sure that Abadi gets the reforms…..DONE.

As far as the Secretary of State, John Kerry, you call it increased pressure….increased pressure on what…..well we want to make sure they finish their Cabinet and vote on it and introduce their Cabinet….you silly rabbit….if that is what you are here for fine ok….you are actually here talking to all the politicians aren’t you….yeah…but I’m here to talk to Abadi to congratulate him and put a little pressure on him to make sure he finishes what he is doing….well what about all the other senior officials from DC who are here….are they doing the same thing….oh I don’t know….I just know what I’m doing here….fine.

There are hundreds from the US over in Iraq right now holding Abadi by the ear…by the hand…whatever you want to call it….come on junior….I don’t care if this hurts your feelings….you are not going to fail this time….so call it pressure….treat them nice….whatever….Kerry, Biden, senators…oh wow I didn’t know you were here too…I guess every politician in the US must have an investment in the Iraqi dinar.
So Barzani we told you on Monday has said….we are cool….Article 140….we are good….so take down all the BS…..so let’s remove all the attempts to remove Abadi….Maliki and all your people….stop it….don’t even try to create any problems…..stop it Maliki….even Iran says….enough….they pulled back their militia….we take care of business says the USA….we take care of business and we take care of Abadi.
We told you for months Family….Iraq and Iran….wait till Dad gets home….well guess what….we are Dad and you are junior and that is why we got everybody by the ear to get everything done through your Holy Man, through your Fatwa, through your laws, through us, just get this thing done….as it was started in October of 2015…..

Abadi you will not fail….not this time around….Abadi you can take it as a command….as an order….you can take it as a threat….I really don’t care Abadi….you know the same way you didn’t care when we were telling you….raise the value of your currency….well with that same defiance Abadi….we are here to tell you we love ya…and we are here to tell you that you are going to do this now….do what….ALL YOUR REFORMS….you are not going to fail US any longer.

Finally, Christine, how are you doing girl….I’m doing good….you are looking good Christine….tell me something Christine….how is the 7th house of 12….especially on the 14th and 15th of this month…..along with the operational rates of the UN on the 13th and 15th…..I don’t know….I think we will find out….especially by the end of the month….I think so too Christine….in the process Christine….

It is amazing what WalkingStick put on post 7 on our thread…..”Agreement on a comprehensive change excludes Abadi and takes into account the balance and refused categorically to merge ministries…..wow….agreements on a comprehensive change…..oh you mean the plan with the IMF, GOI, and CBI….yeah…and well it excludes Abadi…..well yeah….because we are taking junior by the ear….and you are taking into account the balance….really the balance….oh the math….the reforms…and refuses categorically to merge the ministries….well heck yeah…why do you think we got these new ones…they are smart….and they are just what the doctor ordered…ok.

What do you think Family….I can keep talking….but you now have a good idea don’t you….you know what to look for…from your foxholes….don’t worry too much….and if you see the Cabinet announced….not talked about….not that they need votes….not that they are going to review them…but if you hear and see these Cabinet members announced by Abadi, with their names, with their positions, with their history….if he plants that flag….then the next thing you will see is the resignation of a man who IMO resigned three days ago.
Dismissed with a prayer.




WINGIT: Wed - Fisher on The Real Truth Call, 7 APRIL


Z0x0:  Wed - Fisher on The Real Truth Call

I just listened to the real truth call. Fisher comes on at 102.40 mins. about 26 mins of information.

These notes may not be perfect but I nave the major points:

 "We are in really, really great shape"    - Fisher

• currencies rved wed at 5pm - multple confirmations 
• bank tomorrow

• private notification by email to us overnight before banks open
• zim - unbelievable rates!

• exceptionally high zim rates at beginning through wf or wf affiliate bank
• all banks settle later with a lower zim rate

• e-mail sting results in massive arrests of bankers on Wednesday - evidence of double and tripple dipping (tank's email intel used) - vast network of cabal influence is neutralized

• a popular intel provider / guru can no longer talk about currencies or rates - nda confirmed

• on monday - massive teleconference to bankers and wealth managers across the country  - told of the currency revaluations - fallout - people upset and angry - employees feeling lied to and many quitting jobs

• treasury documents needed signing and overnighted tues night to iraq

• many private individuals and big names exchanged wed.

• public after 15 days - gives bankers a chance to rest

• get a good night's sleep because we may be very busy tomorrow.

The truth call:  Monday - Friday 9:00pm - 12:00 midnight (est) 605-562-3140 code: 143153#
The Replay number is: 605-562-3149 code 143153#




Inkmaster91: GM all went in to the bank yesterday when my banker called me it was strange we went in to a room where sat the manager and 3 other people they questioned me about my zim I'm first.
They where in disbelief on the amount I have on stone they called me in.
They asked me what notes I had and as I told them 2 people where typing like crazy and like oking back and forth at each other and asked me where is it now ..in a safe?  I said no ...I  told them I had some in my briefcase with me they asked if they could see it so I showed them and you could here a pin drop
They said those were the notes that show on their screensAt the time of me showing them the zim they saw the other currency I had ....then it turned in to a show and tell.

It ended up with 6 people were in the room with me ...my currency was validated documented and they asked me to leave it in theie vault

I told them they could exchange it for me and then it could stay there lol
Sorry y'all I'm at work so I'm trying to slip it in I gave y'all my word I would share what happened.
They said the rates where locked right now.
They did say just as soon as they unlock them I will get a call to come in.
They couldn't believe the stuff I knew but I didn't tell all lol.
And they said they will give me the BEST rate they could.
Y'all will not be disappointed trust me I'm not.
Needless to say I'm at the top of their  list ....they Only showed me the screen because I shared a little of what I know.
Ok y'all they wanted to exchange yesterday BUT I wouldn’t get my money till its a go for all

zimalong: Ink so if you would have exchanged yesterday your rate would be locked, but was a good rate right?
Inkmaster: Yes but there's better rates on there



I have been asked by the Caretaker of the Names and Information on the
List of the Major Group which includes the GEN64/STUDLEY/WF list to
make the following clarification:

Wiley Morgan and KCMANA stepped down from the daily operation of
assisting with the groups for the sole reason of handling their own
humanitarian efforts as these efforts take up so much of their time.

There is, nor ever had been any conflict between the GEN64 Group, the
Caretaker with Wiley Morgan or KCMANA and the departure request was
accepted and the Caretaker wants to extend his appreciation for all of
the hard work and all of the countless hours Wiley Morgan and KCMANA
have put into the efforts on behalf of their group as well as for the
entire group as a whole.

There are tense times as we wait for this blessing to occur.  Do not
let little remarks made by people who are not in the know sway the
way you perceive the facts.

We all should be grateful for the amount of work Wiley Morgan and
KCMANA have done for all of us during this journey.

"Your names and email addresses are as safe today as they have ever been and absolutely NOBODY has access to these names except for the people authorized by you to have
them and they will be delivered personally by the Caretaker when this blessing is processed. You have my word that, in no way, has this list ever been altered or compromised and will be 100% intact when it comes time to serve you as intended."

"Thanks again to Wiley and KCMANA for all of their help and hard work for the many years and to the memory of Studley who was involved until his untimely and sad departure from this earth.  We will make sure that none of these people's work will ever be in vain.... we all owe them greatly for their efforts."

Now, as we enter what we consider the final phase of this long awaited
blessing, let us all turn our hearts to the good and quit listening to
the bad.  United, we will shine and be able to continue our own
humanitarian efforts once this blessing is bestowed upon us..

God Bless all of You and GOD BLESS THE USA