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MNT GOAT NEWS LETTER             Edition: UU6918                  Dated: April 1, 2016
Title: “Quick Update –Where We Now Stand ”
Hello Everyone,
Spring is here in Bavaria as we can see a green haze already on the lower shrubbery as the leaf buds begin to grow. Soon they will be popping out. Spring is here in the alps and is a time of much snow melting bringing with it strong running fresh waters down the mountains.
The paths to my favorite hiking spots are clearing of the heavy snow too as I am already planning to venture out soon and explore my mountains.  
Sadly I must address many concerns you readers have and have asked me to address in my news letter. So I will today. 
So many once again feel it necessary to bash Mnt Goat. Seems they can not dispute my FACTUAL information that I bring to the forums and blogs so they must instead still search for defamation of my character.

First they called me a man and that did not work. So now they call me Dr Clark?  Really?  I have no clue as to whom Dr Clark is or want to know whom Dr Clark is. I have enough of my own news to bring you and this keeps me busy enough researching and writing my own news letters. I also do work for Dinar Recaps and this is simply just another game by some idiot to try to bash Mnt Goat when all else fails. They claim they want full disclosure as to who I am. They do not care for the safety of my family or our family business. They are greedy and only want what they want. They claim Mnt Goat hides her real identity. Yes – I admit I do and I will continue to do so. Sorry Charlie!
Yet these same idiots create bashings on You Tube and also hide their true identity. Seems they too have a concern about exposing themselves?  So why it is any different. I am not out to win a popularity contest. I just want to bring HONEST, FACTUAL news to this dinar community. I admit I am not always 100% correct but at least I know enough not to bring such ludicrous, ridiculous nonsense to the people in the form of “intel”.
So there is always a reason seems for trying to shut down someone who brings the truth. Have you noticed this? Seems they feel threatened and do not like someone who truly challenges them and their plans. Too bad Charlie….I am here to stay!
This of course is ridiculous and when will it all end? These of course are the same idiots claiming an RV everyday, any day and that the USA is on a path for a “new Republic”. Really? Well I challenge this concept!
First they told us security of Iraq does not matter, then it matters. Then the new reform laws do not matter, now they do matter. Then they said when they use the new Qi Cards it will RV. The cards are being used so where is the RV? Then they claim there is a new USA currency called TRN (treasury backed notes). But they don’t give you the entire TRUTH about these notes do they?
This concept of gold or silver backed notes is nothing new and has been used throughout the history of the USA monetary policy when the  national debt grows to such enormous proportions. It is a policy instigated by the Federal Reserve to ease tension on trading partners in payments. It is not about the beginning of the end to get out of the Federal Reserve and go back to strictly the US Treasury running the show. It’s all documented in the history of the USA monetary policies if you care enough to research and to read it. The fact is the USA government just agreed to a new long term contract with the Federal Reserve for their services. So this is NOT the purpose of the TRNs. Better go back and do your homework Charlie before you shoot off your mouth on this topic too!
Instead just don’t blindly listen to these people because they will lead you down a path of despair and disappointment every time. They take very simple concepts or events (truths) and then they try to own them and connect them somehow to their story of a “new world order” and what they are attempting to convince to you of change that is happening. Not FACTUAL and just a bunch of lies. I have proven it to you over and over again. They present it all as if they are behind these events. I can assure you they are NOT and there is absolutely NO correlation. They are powerless and have absolutely NO influence on the governments of the world.   
These people have a much greater agenda and we can now see that they want power over the people in great masses to support their ideals. They are struggling to get this critical mass. They are now using this inevitable IQD revaluation process to get you to listen in on their conference calls. They also use religion and a so called “GCR” (global currency reset) to get you to chime in.
As I explained many times they made up this concept of the GCR based on little know factual data of the efforts of the IMF to solve a pending doom of a global financial meltdown. The fact is the IMF has made great strides in formulating a “financial reset” including global banking reforms and much needed restrictions on capital flows throughout the world. What does the term “reset” mean to you?
Reset Defined: to move (something) back to an original place or position. : to put something broken back in the correct position for healing.
So the recent global financial objectives of the IMF has been to get these financial policies “reset” back to more tighter controls and restrictions to AVOID the financial calamities we all have witnessed since the 80’s when this process of deregulation began. The world is changing and with the advent of the electronic age data and  information can flow very quickly. This too creates challenges that must be met. There is the reasoning for more control and tighter regulation and so it is being brought back or “reset”. It is really that simple.
Yes- many countries were “seeded” with the IQD including the USA. Post –RV will boost the value of the reserves and balance out debt where needed.
Yes – Iraq’s economy is being used as tool for this purpose. Will other currencies have to adjust to the new value of the IQD?
Yes- and this process has already begun and tentative rates are calculated our of many, many different currencies. There is no factual data to show that any other currency will have such a tremendous rise in value other than the IQD.
Many of you have been suckered into buying ZIM or DONG and I have expressed my concerns before over your choice of these speculative investments. These same charlatans have told you many have already exchanged their ZIM and DONG. Really? Then show us all the proof!  Of course they can’t show us and will not be able to because no one has exchanged the IQD nor the ZIM or DONG.
No one is going to suddenly “pull a trigger” one day and suddenly the global economies all reset and are back on track and you have this wonderful world once again. Really? Is this what you actually think will happen?
Oh- and you all have insider information on it all too meaning you know which currencies will revalue as part of the plan? Really? Do you think the IMF is going to let his information leak out?
Oh – but these people say people are already exchanging on these very same currencies. Really? Again no real proof is ever brought to you when you ask them. All they tell you is THEY KNOW OF SOMEONE WHO EXCHANGED.  Really? I know of someone too that has exchanged. They exchange some EURO to USD so they can travel to the USA on vacation. So does this count? This is simply crazy talk and just another one of these events that these people conjure up connecting part truth to their own take on reality.
We see them infiltrating now in hosting many of these different dinar information forums under many different names. Most use religion, God and these ideas of humanitarian projects to get into your minds. This is sad but it is working too. It is only the first part of the brainwashing as the rest comes post –RV once you have your wealth. They will find ways to get it too, as this is their real goal of how to support their objectives since it takes a great deal of money to carry out their final plans.
What are their final plans?
It is a new USA but not the kind of USA you want. It is plans for a  complete breakdown of the country we know today, a country without sovereignty, morals, values, high in debt and low in freedom. It is tight gun control. It is a plan to take more taxes to support an effort to control you yet even more. It is all about control and power.
This nonsense has been going on now for over 20 years, it is nothing new and it will continue. You even hear them on the dinar calls now shying away from using their past terms like NESARA or a “new Republic”. Why?
Because we are now aware of their madness and when they spill the beans to whom they really are they know that we will know them and we will  chose to stop listening to them. So they avoid these terms. Listen to their calls see if I am not correct in my statements.
Their plans have no substance and they can provide absolutely no proof of what they tell you. Oh – they say they can not relate any more details to you because it’s confidential. Really? Maybe it’s because if you really knew the FACTS of what they plan behind the scenes (behind your back) you would chose not to join in and support it. The goal then becomes to keep you guessing and strung along.
If there was a GCR and it is all so secret,  then how do they know? They know because they already have been brainwashed and suckered into believing these high strung, corrupt ideals.  They attend regular meetings to coordinate their plans.
So you must keep questioning this nonsense and just don’t take it all as truth. Keep asking them more questions about their future plans and demanding more details.  If you don’t get the answers you need (as common sense tells you) then walk away from these people and forget them. Believe me there is no loss. If it was all truly for the “benefit of mankind” it would not all be so secret and “confidential”. This alone should trigger you to stay away.  
NO Hype, NO Rumors, just the FACTS.

Today’s News
Today is Friday April 1st   2016. Still no RV.  Sorry Charlie!  
Rumors once again there will be an RV this weekend. Really? I can absolutely, without a doubt tell you that there WILL NOT be any RV of the IQD this weekend. Why watch for an RV if we know there are still mandates for Iraq to complete prior to any RV. It is instead the completion of these mandates we watch and wait for as the RV is not the main objective here but just a by-product of meeting these objectives. I have pounded this FACT  into everyone’s head now for so long, so if you don’t still get it by now I can not truly help you.
So now at the week’s end we see a benchmark in this saga to obtain a technocratic government (an event that had to occur). We know that prime minister Abadi has met Sadr’s deadline of Thursday to submit to parliament the list of candidates to fill his cabinet….a sign of relief….lol…lol…
So how does this help Iraq? –
In the process Abadi has eliminated any official found to be involved in corrupt practices or who simply could not technically do the job. Instead Abadi has nominated “technocratic” people who are felt can do the job and fill his cabinet. Remember Abadi told everyone that after about a year he would come back and review everyone who he originally appointed as minister. He has done just this and so he does carry out his plan. Yes- there is a plan.
So the next chess move rests with parliament as they now have 10 days and the “ball is in their court”. According to the constitution, they must to ratify or reject the candidates posed by Abadi within this period of time. We wait and see what happens. This brings us to April 10th.
As I have told you the final conclusion of this benchmark would be at the end of the month of March and I stood my ground in the midst of all this other news of deadlines.
I am still firm on my mid March to mid April RV window of opportunity. It has not changed. We still have time for all the work to be done to conclude the needed tasks. I am a bit skeptical it will all occur but this is their new target timeframe not mine. If not I will then have to move along to a new RV window of opportunity when they give it to me.  I will first, of course, justify it and bring it to you why I feel I have to move it out. No secret sources of intel or news from the bank screens as this is all rubbish talk. We want just the FACTS.

Update: 45 Day Deadline for Technocratic Gov’t
 Article Begins
Wayne - Baghdad
Said Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi,  the House of Representatives has the choice to accept or reject or modify the cabinet reshuffle presented with the importance of negotiations between the government and parliament.

Ebadi said through a hosted session in the House of Representatives hearing , which was held today, "The House of Representatives has the choice to accept or reject or modify the cabinet reshuffle presented with the importance of negotiations between the government and parliament, in order to reach agreement."

He noted that " the coming phase will witness naming heads of independent bodies within two weeks or a month, and stay away from acting appointment and restructure some of the positions of general managers " .

Article Ends
Article Begins
A list of candidates for Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi to the new ministerial cabin handed over Thursday to the chairman of the parliament for examination within 10 days and display to vote and give them confidence.

And the names of the names of the candidates are as follows:

Ali Allawi - Finance Ministry
Abdul - Razzaq al - Issa - The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
Sharif Ali - Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Nizar Salem - Ministry of Oil.
Yusuf al - Asadi - the Ministry of Transport.
Hoshyar faithful messenger - The Ministry of Construction and Housing and municipalities.
Hassan al - Janabi - The Ministry of Agriculture and water resources.
Ali al - Jubouri - the Ministry of Education.
Akil Yusuf - The Ministry of Youth and Culture.
Mohammad Nasrallah - the Ministry of Justice.
Alaa Dshir - the Ministry of Electricity.
Wafa James Baldwin - labor and immigration.

According to a source familiar with it,  it was in the government 's new limbering integrating both the ministries of Finance and planning, and transportation with communication, and working with the Displacement and migration, and agriculture with water resources, and youth with the culture, and industry with trade ".

Article Ends
I find this next article interesting because just last week Abadi announced he would reduce ministries down to 22 from 32. Now we hear he is down to only 16 ministries. Also no more proxy positions in his cabinet which is also telling me this is the new attitude to prevail in all jobs to run the government. So when will they force Ali  Al-Allaq (acting proxy governor of the CBI) to resign? This is key to the RV as I have said many times already. I believe we may be on a path to see this happen in the coming weeks.
Article Begins
[Wayne - Baghdad] 
House of Representatives voted to reduce the independent bodies to 15 the board.
According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that " the parliament voted to reduce the independent bodies to 15 the board, in addition to the reduction of ministries to 16 ministries."

He noted that "the House of Representatives bind Abadi end proxy appointments.   

Article Ends

Article Begins
Iraqi women, supporters of Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, take part in a protest outside Baghdad's fortified Green Zone on March, 30, 2016 (AFP Photo/Ahmad al-Rubaye)

Baghdad (AFP) - Iraqi Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr Thursday ordered his followers to end a two-week sit-in at Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone aimed at pressuring the government to carry out reforms.

"End your sit-in before the gates of the Green Zone, with thanks and appreciation to you," Sadr said in televised remarks, calling on his followers to make an organised withdrawal.

The announcement came after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi presented a proposed lineup for new cabinet ministers to parliament -- a measure which Sadr had demanded.

Sadr's supporters began the sit-in -- which he himself later joined -- on March 18 at entrances to the Green Zone, which is home to parliament, the prime minister's office and various foreign embassies.

The scion of an influential clerical family from the holy city of Najaf, Sadr first made a name for himself at the age of 30 as a vociferous anti-American cleric who raised a rebellion and commanded a feared militia.
His influence ebbed after the 2011 US pullout but he retained strong support among the poor and is now casting himself as the champion of the fight against graft.

Article Ends

Update: Fighting ISIS
Article Begins
Iraqi security forces vehicles move toward the town of Hit during a military operation, in west of Ramadi, …

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraq's counter-terrorism forces backed by army troops and U.S.-led coalition air strikes advanced towards the western town of Hit on Thursday in an attempt to dislodge Islamic State militants, the military said.

A senior officer from the counter-terrorism forces, the elite U.S.-trained units which led the recapture of nearby Ramadi three months ago, said his troops were one kilometer from the town center, 130 km (80 miles) west of the capital Baghdad.

The recapture of Hit, strategically located on the Euphrates River near Ain al-Asad air base where several hundred U.S. forces are training Iraqi army troops, would push Islamic State further west towards the Syrian border, cutting a connection to the northern town of Samarra and leaving Falluja their only stronghold near the capital.
Baghdad has had success in pushing back the militants in recent months and has pledged to retake the northern city of Mosul later this year, but progress has often been fitful. Another officer, on a frontline less than 3 km from Hit, said the operation had begun at 0600 (0300 GMT) and was progressing swiftly.

"There are some IEDs along the movement but it's still good to go and we are moving," he said by phone.

In a statement announcing the advance, the military said the offensive was backed by airstrikes from the Iraqi army and air force as well as the international coalition fighting Islamic State in the areas of Iraq and neighboring Syria where the militants declared a "caliphate" in 2014.

The statement called on civilians in Hit, thought to number in the tens of thousands, to move away from Islamic State positions: "Those targets will be destroyed".

The jihadists have regularly used civilians as human shields, a tactic aimed at slowing the advance of Iraqi forces and complicating air strikes essential to the ground advance.
(Reporting By Stephen Kalin; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky)

Article Ends
Most importantly please, please, please let’s not forget to keep praying for the success of THESE IRAQI AND COALITION SOLDIERS. I believe our prayers are in part some of the acceleration of the process we are now witnessing.  
Remember too to pray to the princess of peace – Our Blessed Virgin Mary. She has the ear of Christ and she can intercede in heaven and bring us the peace we all desire here on earth. We can not do it alone. I believe that if we all make this our daily prayer you will see change. It is already working even in the short time since I have been publishing this prayer section. It does not matter what religion you believe, if you pray then to your oven beliefs entity it is still the same powers and good for all of mankind. Ultimately it is all the same God anyhow.
“Lord, protect Abadi and all who stand with him in righteousness, the Iraq and coalition soldiers who are fighting the good fight against terrorism, that they would be shielded from the enemy and would be victorious against them in the battle for Mosul! We ask that the victory comes swiftly and healing of the Iraqi peoples and all whom have been effected by these evil doers can begin!
We pray for the speedy process of all reforms against gov’t lead corruption and that all those responsible in the past are brought to justice. 
We pray for currency reform, the full implementation of  the Iraqi economy to full  international status and the bringing of prosperity and wealth to its people“  Amen!
Till next time…. Auf Wiedersehen!
Peace and Luv To Ya All, 
Mnt Goat


Highlights of TNT conference call.  Updated as the call progresses.

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Opening Music by "finesse."  That's his board name.
Ray:   No new intel.  I know quite a few folks were looking for something to happen this morning.  I was not looking for it.  I did not have any information telling me that it was definitely coming.

On some of these sites, blogs, skype rooms, you've heard everyday, "it's been released, "live in Reno," "800 numbers released."  We're still looking for a public release.  Looking at Iraq, I don't believe we will have one before they have one.
Tony had a good birthday.  We talked that day and everyday.

CURRENT WINDOW:   Ray: They (banks) are still on notice and waiting to see what happens.   Look at Saturday.  I don't think they will do anything public without having their government fully seated again.

IRAQ:    PM Abadi provided names for consideration.  Parliament has 10 days to approve.  They are meeting again on Saturday.  If that is the hold up, possible on Saturday it will be resolved.  Ray:  We've not heard anything that replacement of the cabinet was affecting the RV . . . but a fully seated government is necessary.  There are some pieces missing for me.
  • Cabinet positions were renamed with the exception of Defense and Interior.   
  • Banks 
  • Demonstrations:  Sadr had everyone stand down.  Ray thinks Sadr may have left the Green Zone.  Waiting to see if the appointments will be satisfactory.
  • Rate inside Iraq:  Ray:  I've not heard anything about it moving. 
  • China:  Is the President of China here for more than the Atomic Energy Conference?  Ray:  I have no idea. 
  • Rates:  Dong rate is holding at the same and the Dong is still scheduled to be in the first basket.  ZIM will be exchanged at multiple banks.
  • 800 #'s:  None of have been released.    
  • Banks:  are largely compliant.  Ray:  Imagine some are fed up.  Some still excited.  They are still on notice and waiting to see what happens.  Other banks still saying they are waiting on the lead bank.  There is no NEW banking information I can share with you. 
  • Packages:          
Q & A: 
Q. –  Do you know why it did not go at the end of March?  Ray:  No.  New window?  Ray:  No.
Q. -  Is it true we should not leave the bank unless our funds are in a holding trust?  Ray:  No.
Q. -  Can each parent gift individually $14,000 to siblings?  Ray:  Call IRS and ask them.
Q. -  Does the Kurd situation have anything to do with delay of RV?  Ray: No mention of this to me so I don't think it has any impact or bearing on it.
Q. -  Do you think there is such thing as the cabal?  Ray:  I believe there is some truth.  If 100% true remains to be seen. Another caller suggested reading, "Creature from Jekyll Island."
Q. - Any other dates your hearing?  Ray:  Not yet.  One or two sources going to get with today about that. 


Summing things up.  The information I had was they want this done by the end of the month.  Things indicating, leading up to that.  End of the month was yesterday.  Could it be that what they wanted done by the end of the month was done.  They have a rate over there.  Could it be they wanted to revalue the currency?  Did new cabinet, end of corruption interfere with what they wanted done.  I just report the information.  
At this stage it is the best information we can get for you.  we tell you what we are hearing.  #1, you said that's what you wanted to hear - what is coming to us, with the exception of what is "iffy" at best or just outright rediculous.
Want to give you the information to keep going but not pump you up.  Anything you pump up deflates later.  So, we work earnestly at getting good information you can receive and digest.  Not always exciting information.  Sometimes not what we want to hear.  
For those who want to hear anything and everything, that's what those other sites are for.  Some things I don't hear they share with you.  Some of the things you've heard in the last two weeks, how much of that has come to pass?  I'm not knocking them, just giving you what I receive.  

If you want to hear it you know where to go so you can be excited and then disappointed when you wake up in the morning.  We;ve been down that road and back.  How many times you want to go down that road.
Every month or so there is a new johnny come lately.  It's easy to say what somebody told me to tell you.  At some point we information providers have to take some responsibility for what we provide.  As long as this ride has been there is no fast buck to me made at this.  Know your in this for the ride.  Those who have been in this 3, 5 10 years know that.  It's for the new ones - we stepped up to be information providers and we know about the boy who cries "wolf" everyone.
Sooner or later we have to look in the mirror and ask are we part of the problem or the solution?  I know the members of TNT are not interested in listening to the boy who cries "wolf."  And then come to find out false alarm

Some of that you will hear today, because it's April Fools day.  Try not to get hooked into that.  This is still a real opportunity.  We have learned a tremendous amount on this ride.  We have learned how our government and other governments operate.  
Let us continue to search for the information we can bring to you as we wait for that date and not listen to just anybody who stands on a soap box.  Because I won't blow smoke up your leg some will go looking for that because that's what they want.
We are going to give it to you as straight forward and honest as we can.  One thing is for certain, when we stop listening, they will stop talking.
Can anything happen?  Sure it can.  We could be going to the bank.  Looking for the public release.  Look at Saturday.  I don't think they will do anything public without having their government fully seated again.  I have to look at that.  Public release or private activity?  We have to look for that.
Whatever it is, we will share it with you.  Tweet or full scale share like on this call today.  Your either on this ride or your not.  If your on this ride then you agree with me, because we believe (played "I believe.")
After the music:
RAY:  I am excited about your future.  Transcribers rest.  This concludes the official call.  
C:  Heard Parliament made decision yesterday on same day they gave them the 10 days.  On the site they said it.  Ray:  What you maybe referencing is they voted to eliminate all the proxy positions.  


TNT Call notes 1-April-2016

RayRen:  [New TNT Rap] [audio checks]  Good afternoon, TNT super-fantastic family!  It is Friday the first of April, 2016.  This is RayRen98 here, working the controls and going over the information as best we can. 
How did you like that first song you heard?  That’s a tune I put together in my office a week ago.  No, that was from that guy who was on the call last Wednesday;  he sent it to me and I thought it was catchy, so hopefully he heard it this morning.  I don’t know his board name;  I’ll try to find that out if anyone wants a copy of that.  Hold on, that music was from Finesse… he just texted me.  That’s his board name if you want to PM him.  Several members have already texted me to say they love the piece.  Finesse, you may be on your way toAmerican Idol.
There is just a little bit of business.  There is no new intel.  If you are only here for the intel, see you later!
You know what today is – and if you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you!
From the Iraq side, Abadi has provided names for consideration (for the new Cabinet).  Parliament is meeting tomorrow, so if that is the hold up it might all be resolved.  The demonstrators… I couldn’t get in touch with anyone this morning to find out if they came together.  The leaders came out of the Green Zone with a ‘stand down’ message to the demonstrators.  We’ll see if this is enough to deal with the corruption.  All but Defense and the Interior were changed.  Those would be coming later in the month.  Meanwhile we are waiting for the dinar to increase in value.
In the US, the banks are still on notice, waiting to see what happens and how soon.  It sounds like a Friday to take it easy and see if the Iraqi parliament approves the new cabinet, and if that resolves the rest.  Let’s see what happens over the weekend and what we can sink our teeth into.  I’ll answer a few question and then we’re just going to go into the weekend.
Q:  Is this the status:  the banks are waiting for some kind of authorization from the lead bank, and the lead bank is waiting on someone else in order to go?  A:  Yes.
Q:   What are your contacts saying is Sadr’s main reason for leaving the Green Zone?  Is this about not having a fully seated government until Parliament votes on them?  What is the continued pressure?  A:  Probably.  I don’t know that effect that might have on the revaluation of the currency.  However, at one time they were told that a fully seated government had to be in place, and then the people revolted and demanded different people in the government, then maybe that is an argument for this delay.
Q:  Do your sources say that they are waiting for the Iraqi Parliament?  A.  No.
Q:  Do you know why it didn’t go by the end of March as expected?  A:  No.
Q:  Is it the plan for the banks to hold your money in trust?  A:  No.
Q:  Are the US banks compliant?  A:  Largely so, yes.
Q:  Do you think the Chinese premier is here for the Atomic conference?  A:  I guess so.
Q:  Can a trust give to individuals, and if so are they limited to $14,000 per recipient?
A:  Call the IRS directly and ask that.  Call 1-800-829-1040, and get answer directly.
Q:  In one of the articles, the person gave a back wall of June or September at the latest.  A:  Why did they say June or September;  then we can discuss it.  It those are just arbitrary, then there is nothing to discuss.  Give me some substance so I can relate and make plans for those times and dates.
Q:  If my sister gives our siblings $14K per year, can I do so as well?  A:  Call the IRS and ask them.
Q:  I want to know about holding trusts and the Pay on Death (POD).  Do I need a trust to create that POD?  A:  Ask the banks.  You can have a POD on any account.
Q: Do we have to wait until the GOI is re-established?  A:  I haven’t heard anything on that.
Q:  Is there any new banking information you can share with us?  A:  No.
Live callers: 
610 caller:  I guess you were able to pay the conference call bill because you are here! 
RayRen:  Yes… and today is a new month.
Caller:  Go to www.tntsuperfantastic.com, hit DONATE and make a donation today!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  and NC BBQ!
550 caller:  If it goes today, we can walk into the bank, and say the dinar is a scam… and then say April Fools.  That might be fun.  A guy I know ordered some zim, 10 billion zim notes, and he received 10 trillion zim notes.  That suggests that they will come out at the same dollar amount, if they take six zeros off the trillions and three off the billions.  Are those songs posted anywhere?
RayRen:  The TNT superfantastic song is downloadable for 89 cents, I believe.  The first one was from finesse (on the board), he sent that to me directly.  You say you cannot access the forum to get that?  Do you have my email address?  It’s the same as the gmail address, only at aol.  Email me and I’ll send you the link.
Caller:  I have a 13-year-old with currency and I’ll probably have to act for her as the guardian;  will that affect me and my exchange?
RayRen:  I don’t think it will affect you.
Caller: Can Tony receive cigars?  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
RayRen:  No, just mail.
702 caller:  When will we meet in Vegas?
RayRen:  It depends on the time of year and which facilities available, and we aren’t sure we will be able to do it at all due to NDA issues.  That’s why we mention it on every call, to make sure we have the capability to do it.  Registration will be on the websites.
Caller:  I bank with WF, and they are not all foreign currency exchange locations.  Now, I looked at zip codes and locations, and it brings up all the branches and ATMs.  As of yesterday, the website now says ‘foreign currency exchange’. 
872 caller:  [chit chat]  I’ve been reading some articles, and one in Reuters talked about the Kurds and how they want autonomy.  Are they doing anything to hinder this process?
RayRen:  There has been mention of that to me, so I would say No, no impact or bearing.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Negotiate!
813 caller:  I want to comment on that first song – I like that a lot. 
RayRen:  It’s called “What Keeps You Cool”, by Finesse.
360 caller:  I’m a first-time caller.  This is my hobby for 8-9 hours per day.  Do you think there is such a thing as a ‘cabal’ like all these hippies are saying?
RayRen:  I believe there is some truth in it – it’s just how much is true.
571 caller:  With everything going on and how we are proceeding, with this being April 1st, you said that if we get this far you said you’d be asking about new dates or windows…
RayRen:  Not yet.  There are a few sources I will try to get with by the end of today.  Since it didn’t come through on the last day, then maybe on the first, then there is all that Cabinet activity… if they put that to bed tomorrow, there is nowhere to look but forward.
Caller:  You always say to be your own resource and do your own research.  So I try to look at certain sites, and they were talking about that being a smokescreen, or at least that it’s not necessary fro that to transpire, that we were waiting for the meeting between the Chinese President and our President… So, any update on the 800 numbers?
RayRen:  There are none, at least none that have been released. If you are on all the other sites, blogs and skype rooms, then I know you have heard about 800 numbers every day, that it’s live and released in Reno… because people call me and ask those things.  If there is something that happened a couple of days ago, I don’t think you have to ask anyone. There have been claims this has already happened.  If we’re looking for the public release, we still have to look at Iraq to see what’s going on.  I cannot see us moving out publicly before they do.  But it all depends on what you are subscribing to, what you follow and believe in.  People have good intentions, but don’t’ tell you all they are hearing.  I don’t tell you everything, because some of it doesn’t make sense, and other things will get you too excited, and then when it doesn’t happen, who do you come back on?
Caller:  Happy Birthday to Tony.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Negotiate!
RayRen:  Tony did have a good birthday – we talk most days.
512 caller:  Is everything the same with the dong?  Are the rates still the same?
RayRen:  Last time I checked, yes, and they are still in the first basket.
860 caller:  I heard that the zim could only be exchanged at WF;  what do you know about that. 
RayRen:  How could that make sense, that only one bank in the entire US could exchange a currency and make a killing doing it?
Caller:  You have to be careful where you get your information, I guess.
RayRen:  Chase employees were told that Chase would exchange zim at the appropriate time.  So that would discredit the reliability of that source’s info.
Caller:  That’s why I listen to your call.  Do you have any reasons why it hasn’t happened?
RayRen: It could be political, but as we don’t’ have all the information, all we can do is speculate as to why this thing hasn’t reached it’s ‘mature date’.  All we can do is guess. When we finally find out, we probably won’t care because it will be behind us.
Caller:  I’ve had second-hand information that some groups have received liquid funds.  We’ll see how that goes.
RayRen:  I believe that has taken place, more times than once.
Caller:  That’s progress. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
865 caller:  I have a word laid on my heart. [read statement about having a heart of gratitude and hope]  “Some can go today but not all.”  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
707 caller:  I have an answer for the caller who asked about the cabal. There is a great book Tony recommended called The Creature from Jekyll Island.  It’s very well written and substantiated if he wants to learning about the cabal and the banking system.
602 caller:  I was looking back on some of my  notes from last year, when Tony said the RV was on the books for April 22, 2015.  He said it was all laid out with a plan and an endgame.  We are now headed towards that 4-22 date.  They will hopefully get the majority of the cabinet seated and vote on Defense and the Interior later in the month.  It almost makes sense that we would be in and out, and then they could go public on 4-22.  You mentioned three things:  the government, the rate and ISX.  Anything further?
RayRen:  Yes, ISX went offline because the rates rose too rapidly.  I haven’t heard anything more about the rates over there moving, although I might hear something later today.  I don’t’ know why they haven’t named the ministers of the Interior and Defense.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! 
RayRen:  Where are we?  That’s a good question.  Information I have is they want this done by the end of the month.  That was yesterday, and it’s not done according to what we would consider done.  Could it be that what they want done has been done?  I don’t know.  Have all these activities got in the way?  I don’t know.  At this stage, we are getting information from people in the street, and we tell you what we are hearing because that is what you said you want to known (unless it’s iffy or ridiculous).  We want to give you good solid information that will keep you going, but not pump you up with stuff just to keep you floating.  If you are pumped up, then eventually you will burst and deflate.  So we try to give you good information – sometimes it’s not exciting or what we want to hear, but it’s what is good for you to hear.  If you want any and all information, that’s what other sites are for.  How much of what you heard in the last week or two weeks – how much has come to pass.  Those sites are giving you what they hear, and I tell you what I hear, if I feel I can trust the intel and the sources.  We’ve been down the road of ‘it’s happening now’ and then everyone is frustrated when it doesn’t happen.  Maybe other intel people haven’t been here long enough to assess what they are telling you.  We are not into making a fast buck here, we are buckled in and ready for the ride.  We already know these things, and we have a responsibility to the newer people not to cry wolf.  Look in the mirror and ask if you are part of the problem or part of the solution.  We try not to send out false alarms, and of course this is April Fool’s Day.  We are still learning as we go along, and there are still things we don’t understand.
Enjoy the weekend.  On the private side, we could be going to the bank any second.  ON the public side, let’s see what happens on Saturday.  I don’t think Iraq will do anything until their government is seated again.  We could experience public and private going together, side by side, or not.  When we hear what’s happening, we’ll send it out by tweet or set up another call. Until then, you’re on this ride, or you’re not.

RayRen played I Believe:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DYrqOUKLtA  

Highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 3-31-16: Guests are Sue, Yosef and Robert., 1 APRIL

Highlights from The Big Call Thursday Night 3-31-16: Guests are Sue, Yosef and Robert.
Transcription by Artneto, Mangelo, Visionary1  and others

Bruce: No more delays! We've had enough delays! I think...the delays are over! We hope they are over. I sure think they're over. We have a great call for you tonight. What I said earlier was that I hoped we'd be able to have our celebration call - that can still only fully happen if this goes down during the call tonight, which it could. We are on alert for the possibility of things happening.   Bruce Call: Intel pending...

Bruce - this still could be a celebration call.   what needs to be in place to back our currency is in place.   we are in the last moments.   it is ready to POP!

Bruce: Announcement by Sec of Treasury...Evidence of new currency coming out...  Have heard it is out in different areas of the country..

Yosef - Process to gold back currency GCR. On April 22, 2016 will be complete. Many things had to be checked off list.

There are 4 elements to bringing GCR

#1 - Banking/corruption/technology/new currency

#2 - getting all countries to agree

#3 - Military around the world to make exchanges safe and to settle private wars by those who want to stop GCR

#4 - government corruption

Every 6 hours something has been checked off that list to accomplish the RV/GCR.  We are close, about an inch away. we have accomplished alot.  take a step back and look at how far we have come. We are fortunate to be here. Many have died along the way. Many have suffered tremendous loss along the way - reputations tarnished, families / church leaders / best friends.  We are ready to walk across the bridge to our Blessing.

 Yosef - 2004 dinar was over $3 but because of Desert storm it was made worthless. Dr. Shabibi was trying over 12 years to get gold/oil back and back on international level
Yosef - now money can come back to Iraq and return to Iraq. However, process is that all countries must approve Iraq on international level in order to allow us to trade at new rate, which will return the money to Iraq

Bruce rates over $4 in Iraq as of today

Yosef rates will be higher in some countries who helped bring about Iraqi freedom

Question - Budget rate in Iraq was $4.58 as of today. How does that relate to us going into the banks. Bruce says it does not. Our trigger is different

Robert - our trigger point is what? - what are we waiting on? - a systematic release of that 4 point checklist that we spoke of earlier. There is NO DELAY. We are at the finale
Robert - the amount of coordination of those 4 things to happen in order to allow the RV was a tremendous undertaking

Question - is it true that sanctions against Iraq have been lifted? If so, can tellers see new rates? Robert - yes, yes

Bruce we just need to be notified and release 800 numbers

Question - when I exchange can I get 4 cashier's checks and cash Bruce - yes. Cash threshold is over $5K

Q - how can call center handle volume of calls coming in? bruce - some calls will be forwarded. They are prepared for the volume





Question - I have great connections and none of my people say they have spendable funds. Can you clarify? - Bruce and Yosef said they know people with spendable funds at exchange or who had SKR's that were made liquid


Question - Difference between Cap and structured pay out? Cap = only get so much dollar value in exchange. There is no cap. Structure payout = protect sudden wealth. Average person does not have training to handle such a huge principle and it will hurt them. Allows you to adjust to the wealth


Yosef - Zim is main problem for banks because rates are so huge in relation to face value. People do not know what they are getting into! Banks are trying to protect people from themselves!

Question - if take international rate on Zim, must we take structured payout regardless of amount? - Yosef - no on smaller bills. However, the larger shareholders of Zim - over 500M or maybe 1B require structured payoff. depends on your rate. Even whales, who already have millions/billions and team of people to manage are required to take structured payout

Yosef - banks want to slow us down so that we don't make mistakes

question - how much time and how slow will you go with projects? Robert - I have number, had lawyers create charts of projects from 0-6 months, then 6-12 months, etc. and placed number for each. Very strategic so that it is sustainable.

Yosef - give to God first! How much money do you need for the rest of your life, per year. give that to wealth manager to earn interest for the rest of your life, based upon that plan/amount needed to live on per year, for rest of life

Robert - separate trusts for each - personal, charity, investments, etc.

question - have two zim notes that have been soiled, or have serial numbers on sled, (sorry, could not understand) should I still take them in? Yosef - YES, Chinese elders want you to prosper, so will probably take them

Question - where to go to buy more currencies online. - Bruce - currency from sterling are good and exchangeable. Cannot tell you where to buy more. Google dealers or go on Ebay. But most dealers have shut down

question - i bought many 100T zim. At exchange I will have over 200 Billion. Is Wells Fargo only place to exchange? Is there a cap. Robert - no cap, but yes structured payout

question - put dinar and dong in separate accounts? Bruce - long ago was told that dinar would be tracked by IMF differently from other currencies, but that may have changed.

Robert - don't need separate accounts for different currencies because technology is better today and easier to track and trace currency

question - banks still report $10K withdrawal or deposits of cash. Is this still in place? Bruce - that rule was made to track drug dealers. Mainly for customers who do not ordinarily withdraw or deposit $10K. Robert thinks those minimums will go up when the new system is implemented.

question - Dr. Clarke said this will not happen until late April, or early June. Is he a plant, or real? If you and Ray Ren said that people have already exchanged, so how can you all be correct?

Bruce - will not comment on Ray or Dr.C, but I will comment on whether we are weeks away. Robert - we are WITHIN HOURS!! That's the intel that he has received

question - WF website said no plans to exchange dinar. I called and spoke with someone at WF who said its a scam and be careful. Robert - they want us to believe it was a scam. When Kuait revalued, there were lines out the bank because employees quit. The banks will not admit it until there are no more lies to tell

question - dong and zim in first basket - Bruce - Yes. and banks will offer you a trust. Robert - before you leave bank, make sure all currency is in a trust but you do not know what will happen when you leave. A HOLDING TRUST to keep funds protected. then get cap, trust attorney to modify

Robert - exchange took 45 minutes for one of the whales to set up structured payout. Don't be afraid of it . It is a good thing for us. It protects us

question - guru said dinar exchanging over $4 in Iraq. where is proof? I don't see it on Forex

- Bruce - will not show up on forex until later on. Proof is that Iraq citizens can use their cards in USA and that was rate of exchange.

Question - who is holding it up? Bruce - there are some security issues they are working out, but the process is moving and we are almost done. Yosef - if you are struggling with your faith if you are still asking that question. We are on the other side believing in faith that it will happen.

Robert: as of this morning 84% of the prosperity packages have been delivered to the donors (i.e to the people who will give the funds to the recipients)

question - Whales/elite groups are receiving preferential treatment being allowed to exchange early. bruce - some don't believe that's fair, but that's the way it is. God is just so look at it that way.

Bruce - don't know details of structured payout, but just some parameters. Yosef - go into bank as a partner with bank. Tell them what you want to accomplish and bank will help you get there. Don't approach it as a fight with bank.

question - discuss bank perks before exchanging, or wait for wealth manager? Bruce - we will pay 2% fee we will not see it - perks are a bonus based upon amount of money you leave with the bank. Mostly wealth manager will handle specific needs

question - Can i get $1 on zim without NDA? Bruce - screen rates are higher than $1. No NDA if on screen

The big call Bruce replay is 605-562-3198 Pin #123456